I Survived an Airplane Crash

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Our Founding Liars
Our Founding Liars - 2 months ago
Amazing. We need to make future airplanes out of her.
Ben Parton
Ben Parton - Day ago
N O - 3 days ago
Wait... out of the girl??? With like, her arms as the wings??😂 jk
Mona Minor
Mona Minor - 3 days ago
Time to Think
Time to Think - 16 days ago
Elon musk will make it
ani mac
ani mac - 20 days ago
😂😂😂😭 Yasss
Er Yong Jie
Er Yong Jie - 16 minutes ago
You Have A Nice Music
You have A Sad Story
You Have A Nice Hair.
Er Yong Jie
Er Yong Jie - 18 minutes ago
Your lucky. But next time you WON’T...
spencer myers
spencer myers - Hour ago
You just pulled this out of a book no one reads
JJ Culture
JJ Culture - Hour ago
My opinion: it's good but you should have put some emotion on your voice while telling the story
Sabrina - 2 hours ago
She must be terrified but she knows that she is strong and keep going on i want to hug her and tell her that she did great and did the right thing
King _Tuber
King _Tuber - 4 hours ago
So how did the airplane left wing broke?
Agustiawan Agustiawan
Agustiawan Agustiawan - 5 hours ago
is this true story?
Barb Mac
Barb Mac - 6 hours ago
2:02 i always thought snakes lives on trees or something
alexandra mori
alexandra mori - 14 hours ago
Im from peru
MasterONT - 15 hours ago
This is not her. I think... It's just someone acting
pugs love me and you love em
badd video
JVN - 17 hours ago
Lmao I got a airplane ad
Savashtan 1
Savashtan 1 - 18 hours ago
This is faker than my abs
Mia 2006
Mia 2006 - 19 hours ago
Wow this is amazing and im so sorry for your mother😔❤️
Sasha Lur
Sasha Lur - 19 hours ago
Soda Pop
Soda Pop - 19 hours ago
Its ok it's all over :)
Timofei Tatarintsev
Timofei Tatarintsev - 20 hours ago
Kira - 20 hours ago
The voice is not the person to whom this has happened to, that's why she sounds too 'happy', it says it at the end.
little lily blogs
little lily blogs - 23 hours ago
Was that about the person who made the vid or somebody else?
4024jackie - Day ago
Juliane Koepcke's story beautifully narrated 👍
Gmxx1217 Gaming
Gmxx1217 Gaming - Day ago
It's a miracle that you've survive instead you pass away
Daris X
Daris X - Day ago
Hello, Juliane Koepcke

Is that right?
Sarah Channel
Sarah Channel - Day ago
i feel really bad for her mom 😢 i hope I never be like that
Sk8 Tech Review
Sk8 Tech Review - Day ago
The story is about 1971 Juliane
Virmoon Chan
Virmoon Chan - Day ago
One of God’s Miracles..
Lina Farah
Lina Farah - Day ago
Wait how the hell did she see burj khalifa and was in a jungle I’m confused 😂
JayJay Planes&Things
What jet engines??
Zailetsplay Is the best
I feel really sad for u and your mom
Unknow Beaty 3268
Unknow Beaty 3268 - Day ago
Alize S
Alize S - Day ago
Such a brave person I wouldn’t be able to amagine how scared I would be and shredding into tears from my dead mum
Lupita Mendez
Lupita Mendez - Day ago
Nobody cares just kidding
Everything Victoria
“With only one shoe” CRISTINA YANG WHOOO
you would get this if you’re a greys anatomy fan
Amy M
Amy M - Day ago
-Storybooth has left the chat-
craig 45
craig 45 - Day ago
Acually happend
hot chicken boi
hot chicken boi - Day ago
*_When you think this is a fake video and you get hate comments_*
My Eyes
My Eyes - Day ago
The wander she survived: GOD
noor merheb
noor merheb - Day ago
Vanellope Von Schweetz
The Megalosaurus king
So heartwarming
Some Think Different Animation
Maria Felner
Maria Felner - Day ago
Never travelling on a plane again
Eleanor_ Glamour
Eleanor_ Glamour - Day ago
I bet you ever went on a plane against
boubacar O_cool
boubacar O_cool - Day ago
I feel bad for the people who died
Ben Parton
Ben Parton - Day ago
francois pignon
francois pignon - Day ago
😭😭👌👏👏👏👏 nice
charflow1979 - Day ago
Why am I watching this when I’m going on a plane tomorrow
naveen bhatt
naveen bhatt - Day ago
अदभुद आवाज़ और कहानी भी।
Tillie Fenlon
Tillie Fenlon - Day ago
Julia copper
Aelinn Nadya Delcour
Is her mom still alive??
VastSecritiveYT - Day ago
What is a survive?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - Day ago
Got an airline ad
Frozen Knight
Frozen Knight - Day ago
Wot arline flight
Diganozz ozz
Diganozz ozz - Day ago
Erm I'm at a airport
Arvand Dillon
Arvand Dillon - 2 days ago
Pls the narrator and the girl is different person
Zek TMK - 2 days ago
This story is real... I forgot about her real name
Raggnakk 040817
Raggnakk 040817 - 2 days ago
You do???
Chantelle Guest
Chantelle Guest - 2 days ago
Why does she sound fake and happy Maybe this is a story thats not hers
Putri Delaila Darina Syamsuriadi Bahrinor
Shes lucky I want to be like her if I crash in a airplane! :-)
Sumeja Hošo
Sumeja Hošo - 2 days ago
I thought the person next to her is her husband...
SlimeyBlox - 2 days ago
Watching this 2 months before going on a plane...oh no....
Xero Xyn
Xero Xyn - 2 days ago
Is this real, though?
Oof pacito
Oof pacito - 2 days ago
This was... what I call a planeoofpacito
Nica Zabala
Nica Zabala - 2 days ago
I am crying when her mother flew away with her
ʕ•ع•ʔSadPotato ʕ•ع•ʔ
Damn god really loves you!
Marley Urdhatyaga
Marley Urdhatyaga - 2 days ago
dairil harraz
dairil harraz - 2 days ago
superhero origins 101
Ayden Geist
Ayden Geist - 2 days ago
*You're filled with...*

Kit - Kät
Kit - Kät - 2 days ago
DJ Kiddie Vlogs
DJ Kiddie Vlogs - 2 days ago
I have never been on a plane and if I did i might be scared
AnonymousTrollingz - Gaming
Good thing planes are now made of a metal that wistands lightning
Lexi Marie
Lexi Marie - 2 days ago
My mom met god today 😞
Spider Man
Spider Man - 2 days ago
Lil Alex
Lil Alex - 2 days ago
" *It was like hearing the voices of angels* "

(Not hating but wow)
Itz Liv
Itz Liv - 2 days ago
*Who else cried*

*God bless you*
Desmond Coke
Desmond Coke - 2 days ago
That's a miracle
M̶ E̶ J̶ U̶ S̶
M̶ E̶ J̶ U̶ S̶ - 3 days ago
lih ann too
lih ann too - 3 days ago
So sad your mother die
Blue Pat
Blue Pat - 3 days ago
Good for for survive but not good for the sick
Lauv Yip heng
Lauv Yip heng - 3 days ago
Your mother
Screepy Growtopia
Screepy Growtopia - 3 days ago
In the video : jet plane
Real life : turboprop
AltoQuartet Animations
AltoQuartet Animations - 3 days ago
Maybe they were at the back right
Tristan Higuera
Tristan Higuera - 3 days ago
That so fake
FEAR-SHADOWZZ - 3 days ago
Im sorry for your loss😢
trash panda
trash panda - 3 days ago
I feel so sorry for the
trash panda
trash panda - 3 days ago
Err I mean you ... Sorry about that
Hi I’m Connor
Hi I’m Connor - 3 days ago
I survived LIGMA
Sophie D
Sophie D - 3 days ago
Omg that’s so scary
The whispering Panda
The whispering Panda - 3 days ago
Well I don't want to go on my first plane trip tomorrow now
Елизавета Михайлова
Omg that's the most painful thing I've heard 😨😫😩😭
wolf moon
wolf moon - 3 days ago
This is a scary nightmare..... who agrees?
Crystal The Changeling
Crystal The Changeling - 3 days ago
''I was so happy for seeing a dead body for the first time ''
That girl needs some therapy. Wow
Crystal The Changeling
Crystal The Changeling - 16 hours ago
+Hawa Sankoh but why would she be happy if her mother died anyway
Hawa Sankoh
Hawa Sankoh - 17 hours ago
It’s because see thought that it was her mother
Poptart KawaiiCake
Poptart KawaiiCake - 3 days ago
Omg I feel so sorry for you
S F - 3 days ago
So unwatchable, Sad story, annoying voice, music
Mango_ Baby
Mango_ Baby - 3 days ago
I hate planes
You are strong and I could never did what you did
MOmo - 3 days ago

**megalovania plays**
sehaj pasricha
sehaj pasricha - 4 days ago
U r mentally, physically veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy strong.
Sir. Black, Knight of Soleanna
...welcome back to us, veteran...
BlueDragon - 4 days ago
Tuhan Yang Tau
Go Ld a
Go Ld a - 4 days ago
Mikayla Mac
Mikayla Mac - 4 days ago
This plane crashed 24th December 1971
Mikayla Mac
Mikayla Mac - Day ago
and there is a narrator
Mikayla Mac
Mikayla Mac - Day ago
meme songs and at the end it says credit voice:Mithril
Mikayla Mac
Mikayla Mac - Day ago
*face palm* search up Juliane koepcke
meme songs
meme songs - Day ago
lol there's many plane crashes, definitely wasn't this one bc she sounds pretty young
Mikayla Mac
Mikayla Mac - 3 days ago
Search up the plane
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