I Survived an Airplane Crash

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Vianca - 7 hours ago
I probably should not be watching this a day before I get on a plane...
CHEZZA WOO - 7 hours ago
Girl if u sein trees dat look like broccoli.... U already not gonna survive 5 days...
Astonishingparis - 9 hours ago
the aircraft in the video look like a boeing or a airbus yet the real plane is a lockheed 188a electra
Astonishingparis - 9 hours ago
pilot: we have some minor turbulence
youtubers: i almost died in a plane crash
Lene Xu Karlsen
Lene Xu Karlsen - 10 hours ago
Poor Girl im happy that she is alive
Aleaha Xox
Aleaha Xox - 15 hours ago
watching this before I go on a plane woooop
Simple - 21 hour ago
Why am I watching this when I’m going overseas at Christmas
PsychoAmtrakFan - Day ago
This is why I don't fly.
Greta Howard
Greta Howard - Day ago
Desiree Gulston
Desiree Gulston - Day ago
It was a miracle god has a purpose for your life
1000 Subs with no video
bring this to I shouldnt be alive
Rebeca Croitoru
Rebeca Croitoru - Day ago
It's one story in a book full of story about that . In Romania is called "Supravietuitorii" it's first story in book .. i read that and i know the "horror" story . *sorry about mistakes .. i don't know english so good*
Dark Kermit
Dark Kermit - Day ago
No-one cares
Dark Kermit
Dark Kermit - 20 hours ago
Series - The Animated Cinema
Dark Kermit omg ur so mean!
Wali Adam Zeerak
Wali Adam Zeerak - Day ago
Series - The Animated Cinema
Wali Adam Zeerak no it’s not fake! Even ask the girl who was in this vid. It’s real and she even said that
TGRGMNG - 2 days ago
Water goddess?
Sara Fazlovic
Sara Fazlovic - 2 days ago
Mhhmmm ....... It's truth
Miriam D
Miriam D - 2 days ago
I'm going on a plane next week 😓
Deante Lilly
Deante Lilly - 2 days ago
you ssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
BeBearAwear - 2 days ago
Is this a story from Escape Room
max 492830
max 492830 - 2 days ago
Seeing a dead body F I L L S Y O U W I T H D E T E R M A N A T I O N
Mararet Hayward
Mararet Hayward - 2 days ago
Gerry Merika
Gerry Merika - 2 days ago
You dad really love you 😢
Potato-Gamer321 - 2 days ago
Maggots? Yuck.. But she was lucky.. i wish i was as lucky
Alin Popescu
Alin Popescu - 2 days ago
I was praying to her mother. PLEASE DON'T DIE .
Series - The Animated Cinema
Alin Popescu me to
Bella Lanning
Bella Lanning - 2 days ago
And that’s why I hate planes
ヨンティ三yonti3 - 2 days ago
Once my plane was next to a plane that was crashing. I saw it happen
This Cute Picture Is my DOG
I really feel bad for your mother... This is sad, Nice video but I feel bad for the people and your mother
Honja 65
Honja 65 - 3 days ago
Let the maggots eat the dead flesh so you don’t get gangrene
Ugnyy Jfveu
Ugnyy Jfveu - 3 days ago
*I Survived A Plane Crash 0,1 Feet From The Floor*
Lavender Krackerz
Lavender Krackerz - 3 days ago
Is this real? B cause if this is a true story, we need to discover new ways to help strangers.
PnB Yonuel
PnB Yonuel - 3 days ago
So was this on the new btw did not watch the video yet
leaf stones
leaf stones - 3 days ago
i got an airline advertisement for this video
Zoe Hargrove
Zoe Hargrove - 3 days ago
God help do you survive
mrxxlegit - 3 days ago
This is fake
Addisonloves AJ
Addisonloves AJ - 3 days ago
I was on a plain while watching this

I am so great full this did not happen
Unicorns4u Unicorns4u
Unicorns4u Unicorns4u - 3 days ago
I shouldn’t of probally watched it ....I’m going on an 8hr flight tommorow ....
laura guinez
laura guinez - 3 days ago
Oh god😣😣😢😢😢
Nellie Heinen
Nellie Heinen - 3 days ago
I shouldn't be watching this two weeks before flying in a plane. :/
Irish Twins
Irish Twins - 3 days ago
Going on a plane in 3 hours I hate myself
Edit : I made it home but there was turbulence and lots of lightning 🌩
Kenya Turnquest
Kenya Turnquest - 3 days ago
Ethan is Homeless
One Like one dollar 4 him
randoom Killers
randoom Killers - 3 days ago
that should be a movie
Hyper Nova
Hyper Nova - 3 days ago
Imagine you staying nearly 1 month alone on a island
Wendy Shadows
Wendy Shadows - 3 days ago
My sister broke her neck and her spine then she died
Wendy Shadows
Wendy Shadows - 3 days ago
I crashed in a plane before
Wendy Shadows
Wendy Shadows - 3 days ago
That is so sad
aquapinkbot - tv
aquapinkbot - tv - 3 days ago
katana Sword
katana Sword - 4 days ago
Like for all the people that died in that airplane
Lusy coach
Lusy coach - 4 days ago
Wait a minute this video is not a minute and the channel was called minute videos
Emily Jessup
Emily Jessup - 4 days ago
This is sooooo sad
Anaissa Molina
Anaissa Molina - 4 days ago
And I can't even survive a day at school....
fake fake
fake fake - 4 days ago
Actually the maggots help.they clear out dead flesh
Layla Jw
Layla Jw - 4 days ago
Bro the maggot part got me gagging hardcore 🤢
Daniel Laguna
Daniel Laguna - 4 days ago
Was this on the news
24 Arrian
24 Arrian - 4 days ago
lmao so fake
lianna lay
lianna lay - 4 days ago
I think there was a book about this
Joanna Ramsey
Joanna Ramsey - 4 days ago
Why is happy music playing on the backround
Veronica Arteaga
Veronica Arteaga - 4 days ago
You darw cool and real
Star foxy
Star foxy - 4 days ago
Isidora Stefanovska
Isidora Stefanovska - 4 days ago
This is kinda fake but its intense and sad af☹☹
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I always had this question, if you were in a falling plane, and last minute you jumped out before the plane crashed, would you survive?
Two dogs and a cat
Two dogs and a cat - 4 days ago
Apparently maggots can actually help clean your wounds no matter how disgusting it may seem
Fox Fur
Fox Fur - 4 days ago
I'm so sad...... Your poor mother... :'(
Arcane Gaming
Arcane Gaming - 4 days ago
isn't this from "Girl against the jungle"
Mustafiz Fahim
Mustafiz Fahim - 4 days ago
This is fake
Mustafiz Fahim
Mustafiz Fahim - 4 days ago
Why does your mom looks like a GAYYY!!!
Shrek Memez
Shrek Memez - 4 days ago
I didnt see this in the news
Ghaliyya AL Ali
Ghaliyya AL Ali - 4 days ago
I am from Dubai
Nicole Roblox ånd msp
Nicole Roblox ånd msp - 4 days ago
Omg im scared after watching this (im going on holiday in 8 months
Gaming Kaite
Gaming Kaite - 4 days ago
I think they told us to same story at school.
Forestowodoggo lol
Forestowodoggo lol - 4 days ago
Omg wow... I'm so sorry that happened but you're amazing
Angelyn Solis
Angelyn Solis - 5 days ago
I feel bad for your mother
Stories,Memes, And Gacha With Kate
This makea me have second thoughts about our trip on Monday especially since its going to be raining...
Imma person that loves animals
ilike trains
ilike trains - 5 days ago
I made the mistake of watching this before I went on a plane ride
Victoria Boguszewska
Victoria Boguszewska - 5 days ago
This is so sad 😥
Harmony C
Harmony C - 5 days ago
I’m terrified I’ll crash while in an airplane. I’ve flown before but every time I get still scared.
Puppy Bee
Puppy Bee - 5 days ago
Wait... this is a book...I read it... It’s exactly like this... 🤔
Anne-sophie Mukosa
Anne-sophie Mukosa - 2 days ago
Like Hatchet?
Ejejd Mdkkdkc
Ejejd Mdkkdkc - 5 days ago
Gaming whith me
Gaming whith me - 5 days ago
Does anyone else saw her story on the Spark 4 English Student's Book?
Your Average Weeb Corgi
The maggot part freaked me out
Brooklyn Stephenson
Brooklyn Stephenson - 5 days ago
Was it real
Mr Bear
Mr Bear - 5 days ago
1 like = 1 less plane crash
I feel sorry for you
LeahFrisk9SF Doki Doki Literature Club
when she said determination I was like oh undertale
GamerTeijupeiju - Gacha life & Roblox
Edna Yeates
Edna Yeates - 5 days ago
Wat how
Maryam Bakhit
Maryam Bakhit - 5 days ago
I live there like if u too
hello Pearl
hello Pearl - 5 days ago
When she said that she “put gasoline on her arm and the maggots went deeper into her arm” I was like ouch and 🤢🤮
Daily Sunshine
Daily Sunshine - 5 days ago
This is very good story
Elaine Norwell
Elaine Norwell - 5 days ago
Are you serious I'm going on a 6 hour plane flight which is my first flight ever
Adventures with Lala
Adventures with Lala - 5 days ago
How did u fall and then live OMG U R JESUS
DaveyYT - 5 days ago
Wait the voice of the girl sounds so the same to the North Korean girl in one of the MinuteVideo
 - 5 days ago
This video made me cry but I’m very happy she survived
Enayet Rana
Enayet Rana - 5 days ago
Omg How??
Pink Roses
Pink Roses - 6 days ago
This isn’t her
Sofia Darie
Sofia Darie - 6 days ago
I read this story before in a book called " Survivors". It's so cool!
Elite Huso
Elite Huso - 6 days ago
I have a book about this story lol
Baxley Brassell
Baxley Brassell - 6 days ago
What really made me upset is the fact that people 14 survived but died alone in pain not being able to have the physical ability to even try
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 6 days ago
GachacrystalOwo - 6 days ago
Does this happend on Dec 24 1971...
BelowZero - 6 days ago
This video has been affecting my mental health. It has also been giving me terrible nightmares. Fml.
Emma Rossettini
Emma Rossettini - 6 days ago
This video has literally ruined me. I had to fly internationally a few weeks back and I could literally only think about this video.
B622Niner - 5 days ago
Emma Rossettini this happened in the 70s
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