I Survived an Airplane Crash

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SUPER P.I.G - 15 hours ago
Three letters o.m.g
Re- Blitz
Re- Blitz - 15 hours ago
This girl has maggots in her arm?
Multiple scars?
On ground weak?
GalaxyMagic Unicorn
I saw her real face just type on yt Juliane keopret I think?
Nate Smith
Nate Smith - Day ago
You can't live at! 😐
Squidward - 2 days ago
What flight was this please tell me

( i know its fake )
GrabYoPopcorn - 2 days ago
*Why am I watching this in an airport*
maria DeHoyos
maria DeHoyos - 2 days ago
Umm this is the same story on bright side
Niki - 3 days ago
I remembered this story from Good Mythical Morning, it's really sad :(
SkyLimited - 3 days ago
Adam air 574?
No, GOL 1907.
It’s Britney Betch
It’s Britney Betch - 8 days ago
Did anyone else get an ad for flights with Air Asia before the video started lol
Lil_ Liyah
Lil_ Liyah - 8 days ago
I watched a documentary on this...this girl is amazing
Obey Dragon
Obey Dragon - 8 days ago
This is from 1971 the crash look it up in YouTube
ItzzVale - 9 days ago
bruh I would lokey eat all the candy in like 4 seconds and then die
xXHadleigh GamergirlXx
xXHadleigh GamergirlXx - 9 days ago
I Think Bright Side talked about this to.
Divhead Moyes
Divhead Moyes - 10 days ago
That’s not special since a million people survived
Jihan rosyadi channel
Jihan rosyadi channel - 10 days ago
Geez i dont believe you can survive 11 days in the amazon jungle with heavy wounds, i'm very impressed!
Eugenio Anilao
Eugenio Anilao - 10 days ago
This girl was in bright side
Noob Pilot
Noob Pilot - 12 days ago
I survived a plane crash in gta5
And i googled the crash her real name is juliane koepcken
Aava Johannaa
Aava Johannaa - 12 days ago
Story is from juliane koepcke
ugly - 12 days ago
If I’m in a plane crash, I’m holding my phone for dare life
Damian LaVigne
Damian LaVigne - 13 days ago
Fake story
Isabell DeMent
Isabell DeMent - 4 days ago
It is real search it up
Series - The Animated Cinema
Damian LaVigne it’s a famous persons story
jesus is our lord savior
jesus is our lord savior - 13 days ago
bruh she should of put on feather falling IV boots
Luke Skillings
Luke Skillings - 14 days ago
Thinking of maggots crawling in my arm gives me chills.
Malachi Henry
Malachi Henry - 14 days ago
Ahhhh this just makes me more scared to go on a airplane. RIP to everyone that passed away in that incident 😘😘😘
Disney YouTube
Disney YouTube - 15 days ago
Is millie Bobbybrown
This Is Home
This Is Home - 15 days ago
PHHT this is nothing
You should watch the plane scene in Final Destination
sventy - 21 hour ago
yeah oxygen masks under 14,000 ft = realism
Carmin Acker
Carmin Acker - 15 days ago
it was Jesus who helped you. God bless y’all John 3:16 💓love y’all
blly - 16 days ago
“We were going to crash” you think?
Cookie_Lover - 16 days ago
Me:*watches this*

*going on a plane in 4 days*

Series - The Animated Cinema
Cookie_Lover I’m glad to hear that!
Cookie_Lover - 10 days ago
Series - The Animated Cinema I’m safe... but it was very bumpy so I thought I was gonna die
Series - The Animated Cinema
Cookie_Lover NOOO
Landon Szabo
Landon Szabo - 16 days ago
You can tell this is scripted come on guys
Series - The Animated Cinema
Landon Szabo of course everyone knows that
Steven Datmag
Steven Datmag - 14 days ago
The story is real, as for the narrator, she wasn't the real survivor
Jody Elam
Jody Elam - 16 days ago
this is fake you cant survive nore than a few days without food our water
Creeper - 16 days ago
firstly though you survived 9/11
Tonick Cyclic
Tonick Cyclic - 17 days ago
What i would do for the maggots to get out is put her arm in the water so the maggots can drown and die
w e i r d h u m a n
w e i r d h u m a n - 18 days ago
I can’t with this narrator
tayuyya uchiha
tayuyya uchiha - 18 days ago
This makes me sad R.I.P to her mom
Loophole - 19 days ago
I may or may not have based my test on this
PUGGY MEGGEE SID - 20 days ago
It’s just fake how did she even get up with a broken collar bone
Mrjerppa - 19 days ago
This is real google it - _- be respectful
Verdict - 20 days ago
Good work but some researches on the subject you are talking about would have been great. Juliane Koepcke is blond and she was in the center of a 3 seats row (and that's probably the two other seats that slowed her fall enough for her to survive, so it is not a detail)... The main point of your video is to put images on a story, it's a great idea but try to make them accurate..
Mrjerppa - 19 days ago
Because some ppl says its fakr
Mrjerppa - 19 days ago
The editor just make a video but its still True story
Baguette Stewart
Baguette Stewart - 20 days ago
When YouTube recommends this before you go on a flight
1_wayClAn Jay
1_wayClAn Jay - 20 days ago
The mom was found a couple years later
1_wayClAn Jay
1_wayClAn Jay - 20 days ago
This is fake I read the book today
Series - The Animated Cinema
1_wayClAn Jay oh she died recently :(
1_wayClAn Jay
1_wayClAn Jay - 11 days ago
Series - The Animated Cinema because she died
Series - The Animated Cinema
1_wayClAn Jay if she died how was she on the news...
1_wayClAn Jay
1_wayClAn Jay - 20 days ago
She was also a scientist her and her parents
1_wayClAn Jay
1_wayClAn Jay - 20 days ago
She was alive but died after a while
TeaLeaves - 21 day ago
Am I the only one who finds this voice actress obnoxious?
Midkei - 19 days ago
u aint alone. her voice is pretty annoying
Sarah E
Sarah E - 21 day ago
M y w o r s e f e a r:
Dragon Elias
Dragon Elias - 22 days ago
Sky: im end this Wommen whole career.
sventy - 21 hour ago
and the 91 other people that died
h i
h i - 22 days ago
0:57 *some trees that looked like broccoli*
Freddly I.O
Freddly I.O - 24 days ago
So fake-
sventy - 21 hour ago
no, sir
loopter gd
loopter gd - 27 days ago
Your mother NOO
я русский но вы не
Lies I tell you
Fiana Nilhat
Fiana Nilhat - 29 days ago
I also survived a plane crash :’)
Rehan Wasti
Rehan Wasti - 29 days ago
So this is Juliane Koepcke's story?
lemonsuwu - 29 days ago
*free sky diving*
Sarah Browatzkii
Sarah Browatzkii - Month ago
Well u can tell we germans are tough..
Georgia Herondale if ykyk
The maggots made me wanna throw up
a catharine
a catharine - Month ago
Amazon is now dead...
mari berbagi tips
mari berbagi tips - Month ago
Banyak video yang bahasa inggris tolong ubah dong jadi bahasa indonesia biarcbisa dimengerti
Texhnic - Month ago
This story was on the info graphic show to
I’ve never rode a plane in my life. And I really wanted too! But now.. I’m having second thoughts 😅😰
Esha shah
Esha shah - Month ago
This story also has a book. "When I fell from the sky"
Are these stories real?
sventy - 21 hour ago
others: probably not this one: yes
Sopais Aono
Sopais Aono - Month ago
it is a true storye
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