EPISODE 7: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

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Kaelin Middleton
Kaelin Middleton - 2 days ago
Uhhhh....Charles drove a BMW E92 M3
h a n a c h a n
h a n a c h a n - 12 days ago
I screamed when the window rolled down at 0:39
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome - 15 days ago
2:36 is that friggin "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"? playing in the background?
Nikki B.
Nikki B. - 20 days ago
here watching the episodes before reading the 1st ep on webtoon lol
Kiara The Pooh
Kiara The Pooh - 23 days ago
I really do not like the voice acting or the sounds...
Doge Mazing
Doge Mazing - 24 days ago
Halfway through this video the music sounded like someone was trying to sell me a square space
YASMINA SIDIKOU - 24 days ago
At 2:38 if you listen to the music carefully, you could hear the song "take me out to the ball game".
fy izzt
fy izzt - 26 days ago
i just curious about the box that blocked the door earlier...how can it gone suddenly?
Ashy Stars
Ashy Stars - Month ago
Wait where Angela and Vikki
JustAAverageGamer - Month ago
2:18 hecc, which song is this?
The Hater
The Hater - Month ago
Why did they make sam look unideal she looked adorable in the comic why does she look so different qwq
EasterlyArt - Month ago
1:29 Redline OST?
Unoriginal 156
Unoriginal 156 - Month ago
Kinda disappointed the box didn’t say anything on it...
streetsisourz - 2 months ago
Link out here playin it smoove as butter
Kate Capps
Kate Capps - 2 months ago
Any one else notice that take me out to the ball game was playing during the link cafe part??
Assie Lee
Assie Lee - 2 months ago
Why are they portraying Marshall's girl like a Bitvh in the webtoons she's mad sweet
Miku Mika
Miku Mika - 2 months ago
im gonna murder link
cronch - 2 months ago
Sam is so much less attractive in this anime :(
TheDonsketch - 2 months ago
That was straight up a scene from a soap opera lol poor dude
Sarah Teufack
Sarah Teufack - 2 months ago
Poor Link!
Meme-ish the Smol Bean
Meme-ish the Smol Bean - 2 months ago
MookMonstaYT - 2 months ago
0:59 You think web toon is a fan of Dragon Ball
Mr. PhoeniX
Mr. PhoeniX - 2 months ago
1:29 this is what i hate about anime, its 100% not possible that a paper envelope would go that straight and make a person fall over
Amir - 2 months ago
Webtoon readers: do you want to know what happens at the end of Sams game 😈
sango - 2 months ago
2:17 is so fricking cute ohmygod “hUH!? gIRLfRIenD!? nO mONicA iS juST... Don’t worry aBOut thAt..”
Purple licorice
Purple licorice - 2 months ago
I didn’t know a piece of paper could could but someone -_-
JazLegend 24 7
JazLegend 24 7 - 2 months ago
How does unordinary not have animated shorts?
KingFoxy 3000
KingFoxy 3000 - 2 months ago
I love this a lot because I love anime stuff and this is hilarious
Mr. Magund
Mr. Magund - 2 months ago
Mmmmm. i like titties
XxFandom FirexX
XxFandom FirexX - 2 months ago
Anyone else hear the song Take me out to the Ball Game during the coffee shop scene with Sam and Link??
dowd444 - 2 months ago
4:00 I feel your pain
Matthew Lyman Jr
Matthew Lyman Jr - 2 months ago
What the fuck is this shit even about?
Jenny Zhao
Jenny Zhao - 2 months ago
Link just looks so much like Link from Zelda
Tano100 - 2 months ago
I swear i hate these ads. Also some unnecessary noises.
Devy Rubi
Devy Rubi - 2 months ago
Waiting on that not so pg ep 💀
Jeremy Jarvis
Jeremy Jarvis - 2 months ago
Hey that’s not how that episode went😂
danpixel YT
danpixel YT - 2 months ago
Dang she got 3 guys tryna hook up with her. Is she that oblivious about that?
Freya Starborn
Freya Starborn - 2 months ago
Hey webtoon! I was hoping you could make a animation on either my two favorite stories, My Zombie Boyfriend and Siren's Lament. Anyways Love what you do! Keep up the good work!!
Minty-san was here
Minty-san was here - 2 months ago
"Girlfriend- no! Monika is just-"
It's just Monika 👀
Ren Amamiya
Ren Amamiya - 2 months ago
2:18 did I accidentally click a meme compilation video? WHOS THE ONE ADVERTISING!?!
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