Manchester United v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 10/20/19 | NBC Sports

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isaac daily
isaac daily - 23 days ago
I hate var. It ruins the pace of the game and give the officials more power to effect the outcome of the game. There are still nearly as many bad calls as ever.
Mohammad Hemel
Mohammad Hemel - 25 days ago
No Salah 😂😂😂 dumb Liverpool
john wonder
john wonder - 27 days ago
VAR is screwing up football. Only allow it for obvious scoring chances. Start giving a yellow for "whining" . Move the game along. Too much complaining.
j man
j man - 28 days ago
I get the handball decision but after review lindeloff had his arm around mane should have been freekick
abdulaziz yalahow
abdulaziz yalahow - 28 days ago
Whoa 😳 this game was straight set up so that Liverpool Fc lose but unfortunately we get a point we will wait y’all at Anfield & y’all know what time it’s You’ll Never Walk Alone Period let’s go Reds
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - 28 days ago
Keep crying Liverpool fans, can’t take a goal or what?
j man
j man - 28 days ago
Lol what's the table look like again
Faizan Khan.
Faizan Khan. - 28 days ago
No Salah you get a draw
DrFaustus - 28 days ago
I really don’t like this new handball rule. Mane touches the ball completely involuntarily, doesn’t even look at it, there is no clear gesture towards the ball and it doesn’t affect the course of the ball at all. I just don’t understand how they don’t allow this goal, for the sake of the game. These VAR decisions have made the game so tedious and confusing.
Bushra Elsayed-Bushra
Bushra Elsayed-Bushra - 28 days ago
any sc0oser will get silenced on this
Bushra Elsayed-Bushra
Bushra Elsayed-Bushra - 28 days ago
joooo.. rojo error omg hahaha go utd
the islander
the islander - 28 days ago
Number 1 team having a hard time defeating number 14?
LiL JunkBear
LiL JunkBear - 28 days ago
Guess var decided not to be with Liverpool side today
Sayan & Ethan Channel
Sayan & Ethan Channel - 28 days ago
This is United’s best match of the season and it was a tie 😰😰😰
Robert Coates
Robert Coates - 28 days ago
I actually agree with both VAR decisions per the rules. Orgi barely gets tapped and goes down way to easily and it wasn't a clear and obvious mistake to me. The Mane goal being ruled out was also correct as the current rules say basically that if a ball hits an offensive players hand/arm and leads to a goal that goal doesn't count. I don't agree with that rule but the ref can't just change the rules of the game.
j man
j man - 28 days ago
What about the foul before the handball
Rasheed Al-Nimr Al-Adab Siz
I don't think the Liverpool goalkeeper is the best in the world.
Rasheed Al-Nimr Al-Adab Siz
@j man Names start with capital letters! That shows how credible you are.
j man
j man - 28 days ago
And your name discredits everything you say
Danny Segura
Danny Segura - 29 days ago
If salah was there it would be salah change the game 😂
jonathan sotelo
jonathan sotelo - 9 days ago
You on drugs?
E Cruz
E Cruz - 29 days ago
I was debating cause to me it seemed like a foul by Man U but then I saw Origi reaching for his right ankle even to he got hit on his left calf and was like clearly he’s not hurt
Also Mane should of got a free kick even tho he got called for a handball
E Cruz 😂😂😂😂😂
Dino Dino
Dino Dino - 29 days ago
Liverpool have like no strikers on the bench..
Wanda Rebiejo
Wanda Rebiejo - 29 days ago
VAR has ruined this game.
Sahil Dhar
Sahil Dhar - 29 days ago
i hate how barclays on premier league is as annoying as grammerly
ABE_DaKing AKO - 29 days ago
Liverpool were robbed by the reff 100%
Ulises Soto
Ulises Soto - 27 days ago
Not at all, origi dived lol. He had the ball in a good position why dive ? The second goal a hand ball..... cant you see or are you blind ? Tf 😂
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez - 29 days ago
Roses are red, violets are blue, Ronaldo touched you, and you didn't say siuuuu
RazV691 - 29 days ago
As a Liverpool fan I was disappointed with a draw but the the VAR call on origi was correct, no foul. Same with the handball. I’m all for wanting my team to win but those calls weren’t controversial at all and were fair
j man
j man - 28 days ago
Exactly yet just wait for the whiney var bitches. They are 10 times worse then var itself
Wayne Cockerham
Wayne Cockerham - 29 days ago
that was definitely a foul on origi lol clear as day ( not an actual foul but a foul given in todays game 9/10 times.
DopeReggae S
DopeReggae S - 29 days ago
Liverpool against VAR and ref smh and mane's goal is goal because it touched the knee first and its not deliberate at all and plus he had to fight off the defender to gain possession to score.
Mahershala Karim
Mahershala Karim - 29 days ago
Whenever Ashley Young raises his arms , I feel like punching the TV. Freaking annoying
Mahershala Karim
Mahershala Karim - 29 days ago
Manchester United didn’t come to win. They came to break Liverpool’s winning streak.
Small team mentality.
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy - 29 days ago
What a joke. The only reason Mane's goal was a called back was because of a handball decision, even though the ball barely touched his NATURALLY placed hand. Then some may say, well yes, it's a handball no matter what if it directly affects a goal, but the only reason mane's hand touched the ball was because lindeloff was tugging on his shirt and mane couldn't control his arm movement.. So either Atkinson should have called the goal back for a penalty (which would be ridiculous since Mane scored), or let the goal stand.
lDiegoo - 29 days ago
Matt Claypool
Matt Claypool - 29 days ago
Unpopular opinion time, not a foul in the slightest. Yes there is contact but Origi made such a show of it that it become hard to tell in real time if there is enough contact for hime to go to ground.
Nigel Guest
Nigel Guest - 29 days ago
A great goal by Man. U., and I suppose that the ref. and VAR decided that contact was minimal. But if that was the case, why did Origi fall? He was in a great position, and had control of the ball, so diving was pointless.
Rafael Gutierrez
Rafael Gutierrez - 29 days ago
Is Liverpool becoming
Man City crying for everything
j man
j man - 28 days ago
You mean like everyone in the prem
NOEL RODRIGUEZ - 29 days ago
That foul on Origi that led to the united goal was a clear foul the united player tripped Origi.
Duron Wise
Duron Wise - 29 days ago
Fem is cool
Fem is cool - 29 days ago
The Man United goal should have been shrugged off because Origi was fouled, Mane's goal should have been a goal because it was an accidental handball tbh.
Robert Coates
Robert Coates - 28 days ago
Well the rules say that an contact with the hand leading to a goal results in the goal not being allowed whether it was accidental or not. So per the current rules of the game that call was correct. I don't like that rule but the decision to disallow the goal using VAR was correct per the current rules of the game.
souloddddd - 29 days ago
Is there anyone worse than Arlo?
DQS_78 - 29 days ago
DQS_78 - 29 days ago
It doesn't matter id there is VAR...cheating still happens.. !
Ruben T
Ruben T - 29 days ago
My goodness, EVERY goal gets VAR challenged now.
Catalina Degenerate
Catalina Degenerate - 29 days ago
that wasn't even close to a foul bro. flop
Matthew Frazier
Matthew Frazier - 29 days ago
Lallana played? And scored?
Amsterdam 87
Amsterdam 87 - 29 days ago
I’m sure it won’t be 30 years till United win the league again. 😀
wedi tigray
wedi tigray - 29 days ago
If firmino would of passed the ball to origi..
If wenaldem would of passed the ball to firmino instead of shooting at the goal . Ahhhhh
Daniel Getu
Daniel Getu - 29 days ago
Thanks to UTD for running this fixture year after year, they are just a glorified Stock
njkings11 - 29 days ago
Anyone else think these videos are too long?
Alex6380 - 29 days ago
njkings11 “extended highlights”
nayr497 - 29 days ago
I love quality soccer, but just simply don't have the time to watch much these days. When I do tune in, even to highlights, I don't want to see every darn call and goal reviewed. In the grand scheme of the world, who cares?

All these leagues are so concerned with "getting it right" and reviewing and slowing down the game, that an average fan like me just doesn't care. If the ref missed it, so be it. My life will go on. Two kids, a job, a wife, wanting more time to play soccer myself, so to have half a match spent in reviewing plays...big turn off.
Let’s go Soccer
Let’s go Soccer - 29 days ago
They fouled Origi when rashford scored
Steve Jeons
Steve Jeons - 29 days ago
Pogba is still sleeping. Sleep forever.
Young King
Young King - Month ago
No lie Firmino was terrible this game
Doorway - Month ago
Young is such a Donkey !
emcr26 - Month ago
If it was a handball by mane call the foul before when he’s being grabbed tf
jonathan sotelo
jonathan sotelo - 9 days ago
Haha that wasn't a foul, the are both fighting. Clearly you know nothing about football
Darwin George
Darwin George - Month ago
Lindelof is pretty weak for a CB and also poor in the air. I want to see him at CDM with Maguire and Tuanzebe behind him as an experiment. We don’t have a good, natural CDM at the club
Darwin George
Darwin George - 29 days ago
Duron Wise ooh good point, I forgot about Timbo. I agree with you but I don’t know if Timbo is in Ole’s plans.
Duron Wise
Duron Wise - 29 days ago
I'd rather Timbo there. Maybe try him out against a lower side.
Notorious TBG
Notorious TBG - Month ago
Liverpool had so many more good chances just couldn’t finish, and idk that kick on the back of origis leg 9/10 is called a foul
j man
j man - 28 days ago
@Alex6380 well i dont think it was a foul but he definatly touched him. You have eyes yes?
Alex6380 - 29 days ago
Lindelof didn’t even touch origi at most Lindelof got the smallest possible touch on him defiantly not a foul
Steven Seelig
Steven Seelig - 29 days ago
Martin Atkinson seriously Hates Liverpool
Andrew Post
Andrew Post - Month ago
Regarding commentary by the lads on ESPN FC, enough already. Prior to the Liverpool-Man U game, it was all about trashing Man U. After the game, it was all about Well, a disappointing game for Liverpool. No, it wasn't disappointing. It was a monumental non-win by the best team in the Premier League.
Macquon Jones
Macquon Jones - Month ago
this game describes man u’s season, they drew with liverpool and beat leicester but lose to newcastle, arsenal fan speaking (hoping pepe will start to score goals for us, he creates chances just needs more finishing) this was without pogba might i add, shows liverpool is solid but they can be brought down as can man city, etc
DVN Clan
DVN Clan - Month ago
Richard Clark
Richard Clark - Month ago
Im sorry but that is absolutely unacceptable. Sure you can all blame Young, but that entire line failed. 11:37
Richard Clark
Richard Clark - Month ago
You know one thing that actually got under my skin while watching this game? The amount of times they showed Jurgen Klopp. Sure he is a top quality manager and he seems to be a nice guy, but it was sickening how much they kept showing him. NBC Sports probably showed OGS 3 times? Also, when Rashford scored, no shot of OGS, but Jurgen Klopp losing his mind. Not only that, they played at Manchester. So whats with the obsession of Klopp?
Paulosticka Omojia
Paulosticka Omojia - 29 days ago
Because klopp is the best manager in the world.
Olivier Renken
Olivier Renken - Month ago
Lol who caught Maguire straight tackling Mane during Lallanas goal. Like, like straight up some corner blocking a passing lane in american football style.. that's what yall hyped him up for?
TheKingterri - Month ago
The Fergie Factor Certainly Has Departed Manchester ???
R.F.K. PeaceNik19
R.F.K. PeaceNik19 - Month ago
Good Game. M.U. should've won. The presence of Mo Salah on the Pitch, weather he doesn't score or even plays awful, Opens up scoring opportunities for Liverpool, each & every game. Proud of both teams.
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