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Brandon Wilcox
Brandon Wilcox - Day ago
Why Falcon got the shield,
Falcon: Good man
Bucky: Perfect Soldier
Astrum Deus
Astrum Deus - Day ago
Who cares how long the timeskip is oh my lord
Kumsal - Day ago
For fuck’s sake. I didn’t want Bucky to take the shield either but Bucky was recovering. He was still hopeful. Their choice of nouns just perfectly explain their choice of filmmaking. Ruining character arcs
Priyanshu Raj
Priyanshu Raj - Day ago
12:30 explain how could there be Nova Corps when Thanos Decimated Xander in Infinity War
Priyanshu Raj
Priyanshu Raj - Day ago
So its settled Russo's hate Hulk
MtnDewGuy100 - Day ago
**random obligatory comment**
$hervi - Day ago
1 why do you do this and don‘t answer everything. The movie is out, come one. 2. how did the snapped people return. I mean there were definitely people flying in an airplane at the time. Do they just reappear in mid air, drop and still die ?
NUKE - 2 days ago
Looks like they really don't wanna talk about how cap returned the stones
cmhyperviper11 - 2 days ago
I'd love to see the Russo Brothers write and direct an Old Republic Star Wars Trilogy
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns - 3 days ago
there are more unanswered questions they need to answer...part 2 please...:)
Emmeline - 5 days ago
ShockwaveFPS Studios
ShockwaveFPS Studios - 6 days ago
Because you’re using the dragon ball z rule
jemsncrystals - 6 days ago
There was no place you could put the soul stone back. Remember *soul for a soul* so when you are returning soul stone. You should get a soul *back*
Pompus Lompus
Pompus Lompus - 6 days ago
Imagine getting snapped while being in a moving car with your kid in the back seat and coming back to find them dead near the crash
VIEW8472 - 7 days ago
Here's something they can't answer. How many MCU movies have credible good Oscar Nominations.? 00000
Aaron James
Aaron James - 8 days ago
Captain Marvel toy look like the white chicks
Alan 13 gaming
Alan 13 gaming - 8 days ago
Do Gaberial Luna
harshit shukla
harshit shukla - 8 days ago
Hit like those who wanted hulk vs thanos rematch
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 days ago
Those folks will never make a successful film or even write a decent comic book. Hulk writer Peter David talks about them, and how whenever he tried to do anything new with the character - the hardcore fans would scream for the return of the status quo. But in the long run this kills the character because you are boxed in by dull repetition.
m sharp
m sharp - 9 days ago
My question is, why do they hate the hulk so much....
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 days ago
So much that they had his character save the entire MCU. Hulk fans who want fan service - are the ones who destroy Hulk. Ed Norton quit on you, and Universalwalked away. It’s Feige, the Russo’s and Ruffalo who saved Hulk. Condescending fan service is what kills.
Jimit Dave
Jimit Dave - 9 days ago
You both look like Sam and Dean Winchester........🤔😀😀
Indrajith G
Indrajith G - 10 days ago
Why they ignore the question about tony's death
Gabe Cameron
Gabe Cameron - 10 days ago
Ned was right; they were all gonna die.
Gabe Cameron
Gabe Cameron - 6 days ago
Thank you!
Cirino Russo
Cirino Russo - 12 days ago
Like this please that the russo brothers see this Cause maybe we are family Cause my name is cirino russo
underpalemoon - 12 days ago
Wait, that means dr.strange has to live through billions of years, in other word, his mind has experienced and processed data more than billions of human lifetime. How can one mind can do this and still be sane.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 days ago
underpalemoon Madness in the multiverse.
Teixeira Games
Teixeira Games - 12 days ago
If a guy is on a airplane when thanos snap when he come back he will be flying with no plane?
THETF2SANS - 12 days ago
The first time i saw this thumbnail, i thought anthony was bill gates.
Sire Kumasutra
Sire Kumasutra - 13 days ago
The Russo Brothers must be related to Vince Russo because there were lots of swerves bro lol

Also where would X-Men and Fantastic 4 fit in?
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 days ago
Sire Kumasutra This is the kind of dumb question that they can’t answer. You are asking them about characters that are not in their film.
s sagar
s sagar - 13 days ago
The query regarding soul stone is very interesting. Forget how Cap would have reacted at seeing Red skull..just tell us how somebody returns soul stone? I dont think Red skull take parcels.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 days ago
s sagar : The question itself is misguided. What does the Red Skull have to do with returning the Soul Stone. His role is to lead you to the soul stone - which he cannot possess. Therefore you can’t give it to him and he can’t have it. Cap need do nothing other than toss it over the cliff in Vormir.
CHASEMARC - 14 days ago
Here's a question: After using the Infinity Stones if Hulk turned back into Bruce, will Bruce's arm still be damaged? Can he even change back because of the damage?
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 days ago
CHASEMARC : He would change back but his arm would still be damaged.
Dr.Jello - 15 days ago
So a pregnant woman could have theoretically had her baby disappear in the womb & what if 5 years later she got pregnant and the baby’s ended up squishing each other and die
Dragon king
Dragon king - 15 days ago
That was cool!
Kross - 16 days ago
I wish they would have actually went into how the soul stone works, instead of making an amazon joke. That’s an interesting question and something a lot of us would like answered
Nika Mikhin
Nika Mikhin - 16 days ago
Okay, but why did they skip all the Tony questions so quickly... is anyone else disappointed that there isn't some proper answer?
'Why did you kill Tony' could have been answered with something 'end of the arc etc' and the kneeling scene being deleted, that answer is kinda bs? Like what? They could've at least lied and said 'oh you know story pacing etc'
Nika Mikhin
Nika Mikhin - 7 days ago
@Summer Tyme Not saying they needed to have some long reason, but literally saying 'good end of arc' etc is better than brushing over such a big character. Remember that in order for Iron Man to 'sacrifice' himself, someone needed to write it and the directors approve it. The person is likely just asking why Tony, in particular, made that sacrifice (which I understand why, honestly, it's a sad yet fitting end etc.)
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 days ago
Nika Mikhin Cause the question is childish and rhetorical. Iron Man died because he sacrificed himself for others. The Russo’s didn’t kill him. It was smart@$$ question, and didn’t deserve a long explanation.
Just Chris
Just Chris - 18 days ago
Asking questions to the two biggest liars in the marvel universe
808PBlank - 18 days ago
You snapped your daughter out Russo?!😂😂
Justin Zhao
Justin Zhao - 19 days ago
Wait... sooooooo...
Thanos: *snaps* destroy half of all living beings in the universe
Hulk: *snaps* bring everyone that thanos snapped away back
Sooo there’s a cached file of everything that gets snapped away?
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 days ago
Justin Zhao : No. If your question is how Hulk knows who got snapped then the answers is he has the mind stone and is omniscient.
aj alonte
aj alonte - 20 days ago
MCU hulk was the weakest version of hulk
Azeed - 21 day ago
They speak like they're the gods of these universe.
htfghy ygrtgr
htfghy ygrtgr - 22 days ago
“Yeah we still talk about it.”
Me: “Me no worries, Screen Rant and CBS still going with the bs videos.”
Xbots - 22 days ago
The ancient one during the battle of New York described strange as the greatest sorcerer of all time, so why was she so reluctant to teach him in doctor strange?? Makes no sense
Mad Geo
Mad Geo - 25 days ago
About the shield:
"You don't want to handle a very powerful weapon to somebody who is vulnerable like that."
Gives him a freaking huge machine gun.
Royal Gaming 16
Royal Gaming 16 - 25 days ago
Russo Brothers: *Breath*
Everyone: Right that down! Right that down!!
Stopher2475 - Month ago
Total dodge on the Hulk question.
My Negro Academia
My Negro Academia - Month ago
How would Spider-Man even be 20 lmao? He had just turned 17 before the events of Infinity War
Barrett DeCutler
Barrett DeCutler - Month ago
These guys are very talented, but done if their answers are really condescending, like about power levels and Bucky not getting the shield.
Field Gaming
Field Gaming - Month ago
If only Thanos knew about the multiverse.
calvin ochoco
calvin ochoco - Month ago
P.S NOT 1 Month straight, there are breaks so that I DON'T DIE AND I WASTED 1 MONTH OF MY SUMMER
arnold taala
arnold taala - Month ago
is gamora survived in tony's snap?
Rikin Thakkar
Rikin Thakkar - Month ago
Plot twist: Thicc was Sebastian Stan
dom toredo
dom toredo - Month ago
Nobody asked how wanda is so powerful that she beat thanos 1v1 even though thanos is invincible.
Mercapto 13
Mercapto 13 - Month ago
Man, those questions are weird, lots of math stuff
professor chaos
professor chaos - Month ago
reason scarlet witch is hopeles against corvus glaive and proxima midnight together is full power wanda with rage can beat them but normal emotions are weakening her mind like fight with proxima wanda heard vision scream second time and pulvurized proxima to two cars blowing up but 2 reasons why scarlet witch was weak is fact that 2 aliens used weapons to deflect their powers like corvus glaive deflects mind beam of vision and scarlet witch is not physicly strong
SMS - Month ago
@WIRED do this but d&d on GoT
Sky Mick
Sky Mick - Month ago
Where was supergiant
el choro eis
el choro eis - Month ago
Guys can we notice that Russo Bros agreed on the kid of Iron Man 3 on being the most powerful avenger? That could mean an upcoming phase of Young Avengers where he becomes Iron Lad and maybe... Kang the conqueror
Trans-former fan
Trans-former fan - Month ago
Anthony and Joe do you know why Stan Lee didn't create Captain America plus why kill Iron Man, when he started the whole thing doesn't that mean the whole thing would end
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - Month ago
“A part of any the End” - Tony Stark.
Third Daus
Third Daus - Month ago
I remember the one who offered the super soldier serum to cap said, not a perfect man, but a good man, well Sam is a good man so maybe that's why cap gave the shield to Sam
Nik Šilc
Nik Šilc - Month ago
Died laughing when they said the Captain Americas shield is "Powerfull weapon" lmao😂
Nik Šilc
Nik Šilc - Month ago
@Summer Tyme For me it's funny that he said Bucky didn't got a shield because is powerfull weapon 😂. Because like all the avengers can not beat bucky if he would had a shield😂😂😂
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - Month ago
Nik Šilc : Why is that funny?
Kristina Robles
Kristina Robles - Month ago
Tony and Pepper “POTTS” - well now we know who wears the pants 😂
Gerson - Month ago
I can't tell when Anthony is joking
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