Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Ikenna Chijioke-Osueze
Ikenna Chijioke-Osueze - 6 hours ago
Just when I thought the Slapp Suits episode was the best in the world, I go ahead and see this
Mr Cookie
Mr Cookie - 22 hours ago
Is it just me or is John Oliver getting less and less funny?
Mr Cookie
Mr Cookie - 22 hours ago
This world is a fucking simulation, and Turkemistan is the circus
KJ Vids
KJ Vids - 23 hours ago
Why he have dome of the rock from Israel in his background? 😕
Sparker Lily
Sparker Lily - Day ago
I recorded this episode and the record cut off right before they showed the cake so I’m really glad I was able to find it on YouTube
Matthew Weatherman
Matthew Weatherman - Day ago
John if you really worked out (which you sort of do as you do work out of an HBO studio) you should know that the proper way to show off the flex and be confident about nailing it only requires one sentence and two gestures. "The beach is over there, and the waves are this high." Punctuated by an authoritative outward nasal snort while looking as blaze' as possible. If you have the muscle mass when it comes to narrative, less is way more. (also kissing your own bicep in an offhand way after "over there" is wholly appropriate.)
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez - Day ago
Aw, I was kinda hoping that Birdy was that guy who wrote a book and forces the entire country to read it and teach it in schools that can't tell the difference between boys and girls and is himself just a tremendously ignorant, stupid person. That must be another authoritarian dictator. Also, Guinness? I thought you guys were about world records? Would it help if Mr. Oliver fucked a horse?
Victor Saucedo
Victor Saucedo - Day ago
Today, i Vicapolis from the NEW Vica World Records approve this as the Largest Cake Ever Made!!! Rounding exactly 600sq ft Congrats to John Oliver and his team of Last Week Tonight
PS: I need sponsors to make it official since Guinness is going to shyts the spot will be empty soon LMFAO😁😉
Victor Saucedo
Victor Saucedo - Day ago
Diana L. Clausen
Diana L. Clausen - 2 days ago
John Oliver makes everything look like a piece of cake with his brilliant servings of humor baked with actual facts and frosted with his cuteness. Oh, and with the size of this pastry, he may have a world's record the having his cake and eating it too. Okay, I'll stop for now
Atle Andrei Nybakken
Atle Andrei Nybakken - 2 days ago
-"Uh-uh, Pendleton! Uh-uh! The white cake with the sweet frost."
Jeb Rainbow Sheep
Jeb Rainbow Sheep - 2 days ago
They are really spending HBO’s money wisely
Jonathan Bullas
Jonathan Bullas - 2 days ago
Time to get rid of all the GWR books I got every year for Christmas when I was a kid.
Sorry, “oldest male stripper”.
q l
q l - 2 days ago
Just the right height, no bucket required.
Hermes Escobar
Hermes Escobar - 2 days ago
HBO: John, you are a totalitarian fuck!
John: why?
HBO: you made us spend Doug for shit!
John: I see your point.
Aidan Silber
Aidan Silber - 3 days ago
In total fairness if he did fire the gun while riding the bike, that'd be pretty impressive. Cause riding with one hand while firing a gun would be difficult due to the recoil. However he probably didn't even fire it.
Hameedah Ettu
Hameedah Ettu - 3 days ago
Horse oliver looks like bojack
SwagHags69 - 3 days ago
You didn't include the clip of him singing "Goodbye Horses" while he takes his shirt off and applies lipstick.
Can I speak to the manager?
Excuse me???
Yeet Man
Yeet Man - 4 days ago
Yeet Man
Yeet Man - 4 days ago
Hbo executive: Where’d all that money go?
John: **silently panicking** y’all like cake?
Aidah Di Leoni
Aidah Di Leoni - 4 days ago
The cake is wonderful. What a great ending. I’m surprised Trump🤥hasn’t caught onto this Guinness world record gimmick. He could win by having them count all of the lies he has told since the beginning of his campaign through his presidency and so on and so on and so on. 🤥
Big Creme
Big Creme - 4 days ago
I really dislike this guy and his show. But that was pure genius.
Arthur Le Toquin
Arthur Le Toquin - 5 days ago
You could have added several banned things in Turkmenistan such as:
-Black cars
-Long hairs (for mens)
-Gold teeths
-Violence & sexe on TV
-Driving for women
Maciek Ryba
Maciek Ryba - 5 days ago
Fucking funny american cocksuckers , fucking shit sponsored by ms..........
Alif Nurfakhri
Alif Nurfakhri - 5 days ago
Probably one of the biggest flex on live tv in history
Advocatus Diaboli
Advocatus Diaboli - 5 days ago
Thank you! Now I know a country called Turkmenistan exists.
Michael Mendiola
Michael Mendiola - 5 days ago
He's right, those horses look JRHNBR
rgderen88 - 6 days ago
8:10 John Oliver is a furry confirmed
Jose Burgara
Jose Burgara - 6 days ago
Those targets are literally just Uncle Sams
Honkin' Bubba Fulton
Honkin' Bubba Fulton - 7 days ago
How did they get that cake in there?
Joe - 7 days ago
Just curious, who looks at this as a name for their kid and thinks, "yeah, that will make him popular." Then again, he basically owns a country and I don't so....
verner5196 - 7 days ago
How about have a largest human- horse intercourse and send an RSVP. Ask him if he going to bring his own horse?
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris - 7 days ago
Obama: [does anything]
American Republicans: "Obama's a dictator!!"
Trump: [does anything]
American Democrats: "Trump's a dictator!!"
Actual dictators: [commit unspeakable crimes against humanity]
Americans: "Wait, who's that again?"
RamboRamboRambo - 7 days ago
One of the women laughing sounds like the lady from Jaselnik standup show
Mega Rayquaza911
Mega Rayquaza911 - 7 days ago
Fuck GWR
Paul TheSkeptic
Paul TheSkeptic - 7 days ago
John Oliver you're disgusting. You make it sound so cheap and tawdry. It wasn't like that. I... I mean he, bought her some lovely oats, only the best, we had a lovely ride in the moonlight, I slipped off her saddle before finally... heaven. It was completely consensual of course. It was beautiful and you're sick.
Anne Homann
Anne Homann - 8 days ago
The only news show that i can always expect to do such ridiculous yet awesome and gunny things😂
Kellan Borgstrom
Kellan Borgstrom - 8 days ago
Yeah, that guy is DEFINITELY a clopper.
If you dont know what that is, dont look it up, you'll keep your sanity.
Jed Olson
Jed Olson - 8 days ago
who else clicked just to see what the title meant
Montesama314 - 8 days ago
"I'm not a 9 year old about to testify in family court; why should I give a shit about the Guinness Book of World Records?"
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