Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Beatriz H
Beatriz H - 2 minutes ago
You did it! Can't imagine life without John Oliver. You make me laugh!
cherry blossom
cherry blossom - 27 minutes ago
john oliver is my spirit animal and that 600 square foot cake is the amount of fucks i aspire not to give
Yoi g9105
Yoi g9105 - Hour ago
Sorry but the Ansel Elgort Joke bombed.
Alan Cesar
Alan Cesar - Hour ago
I once purchased 10 percent of the world's supply of rear-main-seal side gaskets for a Subaru Justy, or at least the US supply. I ordered two of them, and the man at the dealership parts counter said, as he was looking it up, that there were only about 20 left in inventory in their system. It's an old, old car, so they're not making any more of this obscure part and no aftermarket company is making them either.
Clara Estrada
Clara Estrada - 3 hours ago
that horse faceplanted so hard i could feel its pain
Nick Latino
Nick Latino - 3 hours ago
Awesome episode John! I think the cakes you and Saudi Arabia made are very impressive, but instead of just being a flat plane, you should make the cakes 3 dimensional
TyagoMS - 3 hours ago
Catchy name.
Ewenya p
Ewenya p - 4 hours ago
fucking legend.
Taco Aj
Taco Aj - 4 hours ago
But Turkestan it's the most richest country the mall
Doc Crazy
Doc Crazy - 5 hours ago
I'll take my leave now
Paul - 5 hours ago
Do Business Daddy ATnT know they sent 60 quid, enough to pay a dozen Indian customer service techs, to the Near East for a gag?
jenny xu
jenny xu - 6 hours ago
Record for largest and saltiest cake baked in support of basic human rights.
Tilitus - 7 hours ago
He looks like a fucking creep.
cardigait75 - 7 hours ago
Thanks [preferred deity name] for giving us this show
Martin Wambugu
Martin Wambugu - 7 hours ago
Best ending EVER!!!!!!
Bob ONeill
Bob ONeill - 7 hours ago
Crazy man threw that knife like a right-handed 10 year old throwing with his left hand.
Theoceanmau - 8 hours ago
This was iconic
Tianruo Yang
Tianruo Yang - 8 hours ago
This is why I love this show
macro tech
macro tech - 9 hours ago
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton - 10 hours ago
I was at this exact taping!! Been waiting for the episode to air, even though I’m 4 days late😂 everyone in the audience got cake and John stopped on his way out backstage to chat with us and finish the slices, it was unbelievable!
ThatGuy67 - 10 hours ago
This is me as a world leader.
Cristina K.
Cristina K. - 11 hours ago
Underrated program
Aurtisan Miner
Aurtisan Miner - 11 hours ago
The commentary on those videos sounds like it was made by someone with the vocabulary of a high schooler with a 2.0 GPA.
Jesse Gros
Jesse Gros - 12 hours ago
So epic!!!!!!!!
Ant Ab
Ant Ab - 12 hours ago
We don't run a brutal enough dictatorship. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Skye Leah
Skye Leah - 13 hours ago
Love it! This episode is hilarious 😂
Adeel Azmat
Adeel Azmat - 13 hours ago
just love it!
yeayou zazoo
yeayou zazoo - 13 hours ago
Who is this dude he's talking about? Wtf
Eric WH
Eric WH - 13 hours ago
One of his best episodes yet, keep giving it to them Johnny Boy!!!
Nigel Rathbone
Nigel Rathbone - 14 hours ago
Awesome!!! also... fuck the Guinness World Record's company.
John H
John H - 14 hours ago
I guess Guinness gets more money from a dictator rather than an HBO show.
William Hazelwood
William Hazelwood - 15 hours ago
If Trump wrote a poem like that about a horse, everyone would freak out. People would lose their shit.
Надежда Пархоменко
I'm from Turkmenistan and unfortunately I had to leave my country because of the regime. But my family stayed there. Thanks to this video, more people in the world will know what's going on and maybe it will change someday
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus - 15 hours ago
“Human rights abusing horsefucker.” 😂😂
Robert Bradley
Robert Bradley - 16 hours ago
Stupid American not touch great horse lustful leader of glorious Turkmenistan!
Jem Pimentel
Jem Pimentel - 16 hours ago
You should do an episode on Duterte. The guy is a fucking psychopath.
The4blu - 16 hours ago
Who else learned about Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow from Archer?
Joyce 31202
Joyce 31202 - 16 hours ago
Joyce 31202
Joyce 31202 - 16 hours ago
This bike ride/target practice is shameful. That rap is ATROCIOUS.
Neldam Neldan
Neldam Neldan - 17 hours ago
THANK YOU Mister Oliver for being such a GREAT SATIRIST !
Even more, he is a real free speech and artistic freedom defender.
Even though his jokes can sometimes be insulting, politicians - as they are public figures - must handle them.
Unfortunately in Germany (a developed country; no dictatorship!), the satirist Jan Böhmermann had major difficulties mocking in an insulting way the Turkish president Erdogan. Today Böhmermann is legally not allowed to repeat certain parts of a poem he wrote about Erdogan because Erdogan sued him for that! This is a sad example of the denial of artistic freedom in Germany.
Luckily, there is the Last Week Tonight Show being allowed to mock dictatorships and any other persons or institutions of public interest without any restrictions.
Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez - 17 hours ago
Bruuuuuhhh I want some cake now😂😭
robin2012ism - 17 hours ago
So the GBOWRs sells the awards now. Gotta pay the bills but that really puts the company at the bottom of the barrel. Or maybe they were already at the bottom so taking cash for the awards is no biggie.
robin2012ism - 18 hours ago
Awesome show. What are all the down votes? Employees and friends of the GBOWRs?
Tom - 19 hours ago
this host is far from funny, laugh tracks are for people that aren't funny
Eric WH
Eric WH - 13 hours ago
Is that a laugh track playing in the background of your comment I hear?
James Park
James Park - 19 hours ago
2:45 we have a winner
Patrick Gosselin
Patrick Gosselin - 19 hours ago
I now want to make a slightly smaller cake to beat this "non-record" and have them come out to certify it to double prove the point.
middleasia - 19 hours ago
i am from turkmenistan and people here are much happier and free than in usa, you liberterian consumerist dickheads dont know shit about world around you.
No Name
No Name - 19 hours ago
Have you not seen those Budweiser commercials John?! You marry that Clydesdale!
James Pearson
James Pearson - 19 hours ago
11:55 sorry, "camera memory discs"??????
Chien Yang
Chien Yang - 17 hours ago
He meant camera's memory card, or SD card. High-tech knowledge is not his strength. Fir evidence, look at his bitcoin episode. Most jokes are about the non-technical issues related to bitcoin.
No Name
No Name - 19 hours ago
And don’t forget Talibama
C D - 20 hours ago
I seen Moscow Mitch steal some cake !!¡
marisa monteiro
marisa monteiro - 20 hours ago
Just love you ! God bless you
Rogerio Faleiro
Rogerio Faleiro - 21 hour ago
You need to do a new Bolsonaro video!
Devin Sears
Devin Sears - 21 hour ago
hahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahaa I cant stop laughing
Gemma Fayad
Gemma Fayad - 21 hour ago
OMG!! he is don't know where Trump!
Kutukov Kutukovicoglou
Kutukov Kutukovicoglou - 22 hours ago
20minute of absolute nonsense
Jem Pimentel
Jem Pimentel - 16 hours ago
How much are you paid trolls being paid?
Darke Imp
Darke Imp - 22 hours ago
This is amusing and all, but the fact that this equestrio-phile has a whole country to use as his personal playground and ego fluffer is really sick 😐
Cathryn Campbell
Cathryn Campbell - 22 hours ago
Who could have predicted that Britain's John Oliver would become the Conscience of America? (Shame on you, Guinness Book of World Records!)
Shana LeBeau
Shana LeBeau - 22 hours ago
Ok, I have to admit to my prior ignorance.
I thought, initially, that John was using a willfully absurd name for both the man and the nation in order to mock the *type* collectively, especially with the "Dear Leader", because it seemed impossible to me that all of this could be about *one* individual... As the segment progressed, I realized that I was sadly mistaken about that.
So, I learned something new and got to laugh my ass of at both John and myself.
Corentin Thibaudeau
Corentin Thibaudeau - 22 hours ago
That woman's high pitched laugh in the background is just absolutely glorious!
Pierre Thabet
Pierre Thabet - 22 hours ago
why are most last week tonight videos blocked in north america ?????
Krux Kel
Krux Kel - Day ago
Duterte is NOT a dictator. He was elected by the people and the election was very transparent. Way more Transparent than the American Election. How could a man who is only 3 years in office considered a dictator? Freedom of the press is also pretty much alive that is why Media that was back by the opposition is always criticizing him everyday. If you can freely Criticize a leader then he is far from a dictator.
Jordan Lefaive
Jordan Lefaive - Day ago
John Oliver the GOAT
sujoy bhattacharya
sujoy bhattacharya - Day ago
you guys have too much money
preben ølkær
preben ølkær - Day ago
WHY are you NOT covering jeffrey epstein !!!! WOW
Ben Odyuo
Ben Odyuo - Day ago
i clapped so hard watching on youtube.... He is amazing !!!
Bill Windsor
Bill Windsor - Day ago
“ ... and the rest [of this cake, after providing initial slices for the audience] will be donated to City Harvest.”
-- total class, looking after the New York City community. Good for you, @John Oliver and Staff!
mike lopez
mike lopez - Day ago
Uh Guinness iz a beer 🍺 🍻 so yeah weird kinda expect marketing thing
Barbara Lelewski
Barbara Lelewski - Day ago
His name sounds like a tongue twister
Sxarlet Monarch
Sxarlet Monarch - Day ago
No fucks were given on this day
Gungan - Day ago
I want cake.
Jakub Piwowarski
Jakub Piwowarski - Day ago
This show is hillarious! Loving it!
Joel Aduba
Joel Aduba - Day ago
John Oliver is a god
Larry B
Larry B - Day ago
Really, John....who gives a fuck about this man's "fun" weirdness?
Jay Haywire
Jay Haywire - Day ago
When I saw the title I thought it was a video about Benedict Cabbagepatch
Lawrence Cole
Lawrence Cole - Day ago
Ya, now lift that gold bar with your asshole.
Aurtisan Miner
Aurtisan Miner - Day ago
1:50 is inspiring me to go to the gym.
User name
User name - Day ago
4:05 so many cuts
Keli'ikoa Ehia
Keli'ikoa Ehia - Day ago
Please do a video on Mauna Kea!!!
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