Antonio Brown is a 'team destroyer', says former Raider Howie Long | FOX NFL

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FOX Sports
FOX Sports - 14 days ago
What are your thoughts on Antonio Brown ending up with the Patriots?
ckalnicki - Day ago
Dominique contee - Point? He was the icing on the cake. That’s all. We still got it all. You mad ?
Dominique contee
Dominique contee - Day ago
@ckalnicki that didn't age well
john newman
john newman - Day ago
Didnt have time to form an opinion. He's history.
john newman
john newman - Day ago
@rocky owens keep dreaming. He's gone
Pierre Joseph
Pierre Joseph - 6 hours ago
Do Patriots jump all the way up and into the stands after touchdowns?
Alice Cante
Alice Cante - 6 hours ago
Antonio Brown get exactly what he deserved
Bot 11H10
Bot 11H10 - 7 hours ago
"Orchestrated?" Looks like those were just conspiracies.
J.P. Garduno
J.P. Garduno - 13 hours ago
Howie and Terry sound like racist idiots
STAB 45 - 23 hours ago
Howie longs sister lives in the projects and is addicted to smack he’s a deadbeat blacksheep who’s opinion doesn’t matter
Kjraider2009 - Day ago
Andddd hes cut. LOL They all nailed it.
Mr Chris Carter FX
Mr Chris Carter FX - Day ago
And a new team dumps him again 😂😂😂
Dumisa Tony Johnson
AB would've been a better Hollywood actor than Howie Long
Amy Smay
Amy Smay - 10 hours ago
You mean less the money, class, character, and good looks?
Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf - Day ago
What do you do with a cut it out. Nuff said.
PHIFan-MIA - Day ago
Some ya'll still think Antonio Clown planned everything?
Scott Luckoff
Scott Luckoff - Day ago
Howie was right!!
twotwocold - Day ago
To mouthy and that doesn't fly in the NFL good luck AB your gonna need it🤙🏾
Dgc7108 - Day ago
Well he ain’t on a team lol
JJ G - Day ago
No surprise this clown wore out his welcome so quickly. No worries, there are many NFL owners that would sell their own mother to upgrade their team. AB will end up with another team, even though as a person he is a total POS.
LaneEternalmaster - Day ago
9 mill lighter, AB is also a wallet destroyer...🤣
Eric W
Eric W - Day ago
Well, thank goodness everything worked out alright in the end. Right...? ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴
Randall Banks
Randall Banks - Day ago
All I know is he’s unemployed now
West Coast Treasures
It’s the behavior, pats tried to chance, but he destroys himself, for some strange reason he’s all caught up in himself.
Time out needed, hit him where it counts and let him rant until he tires, media doesn’t Help let go quite
Jay Nielsen
Jay Nielsen - Day ago
Sounds like he’ll soon run himself out of the league since there’s only 30 or so teams to jump to, but before his NFL exit, he’ll drum up more drama about how THE MAN is keeping him down like Kaepernick where he’ll extort $15,000,000 from the league just to go away... Next he can move on to some sort of WWF organization built around drama queens like himself, and when that runs its course, he can star in his own “reality show” and build a Kardashian-style financial dynasty...the possibilities are endless.
die_lib_ral_scu_m pansies
now AB is unemployed
Johnny rotten
Johnny rotten - Day ago
Hes a clown
bikeracerdude - Day ago
True freedom is being unemployed, right AB?! LOL
bikeracerdude - Day ago
Howie knows what he's talking about.
Mike Mercer
Mike Mercer - Day ago
Brown already released from the Pats. Any team is a fool to touch him.
John Bortolin
John Bortolin - Day ago
Mike Mercer Dallas might want him.
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis - Day ago
Howie's such a white supremacist.
MoonLit musiK
MoonLit musiK - Day ago
He made it a week
cafesmitty - Day ago
Howie was spot on
Herbert Lemmons
Herbert Lemmons - Day ago
Johnny Manziel was a cancer to the team. I do not remember these guys saying he was a cancer to the browns or any team when he was playing. Thats a Double Standard!
Jerry j
Jerry j - Day ago
Howie, think you just lost Thousands! , Thousands!
David Heyd
David Heyd - 11 hours ago
Jerry j .....oops
Donald Thomason
Donald Thomason - 2 days ago
Terry you called it right the whole time, GREAT JOB!!!!
FedorMachida Last
FedorMachida Last - 2 days ago
Terry and Howie were right on the money. AB is a cancer. He is a colossal waste of a talent.
Steve Foltin
Steve Foltin - 2 days ago
Aaaaand he gone.
DmY808 - 2 days ago
Some people thrive on conflict. I know people like that. They will create conflict just to feel validated in some sad misguided way. Best to avoid those people before their crosshairs focus on you.
Carlos arzu
Carlos arzu - 2 days ago
Sometimes I wonder..did everyone forgot about roethlisberger's assault...dammm he still playing?? When a black athlete doing good their on their "nuts", the minute they make a mistake they ready to give them life in prison...alert Black athletes,play till you have enough and leave and invest in the black community where help is needed 💯
John Farinacci
John Farinacci - 2 days ago
Strahan you were wrong!! The only idiot to think hed last! I can't wait to hear your response!
Richard Hunt
Richard Hunt - 2 days ago
Assholio Brown has left the building !! 😶
Muiranda Wilson
Muiranda Wilson - 2 days ago
Anyone here after he got released from Pats? Lol
LesClaypool OnBass
LesClaypool OnBass - Day ago
@BLaw listening to his babbling in that video gave me autism
Issh Your Boy
Issh Your Boy - Day ago
bikeracerdude - Day ago
I think the Patriots were going to keep AB- but then AB got himself fired for sending those messages to that single mom. THAT was the final straw.
Riffelj - 2 days ago
BLaw - 2 days ago
Free me!
Damien Freeman
Damien Freeman - 2 days ago
The Patriots RELEASED AB!!!!!
yo daddy
yo daddy - 2 days ago
Yeah just like Crappernick
Nun Ya
Nun Ya - 2 days ago
HE GONE! No Superbowl ring, no more passes from Tom Brady. All he accomplished this season was distracting 2 NFL teams!
Shivas Irons
Shivas Irons - 2 days ago
The pats I mean
MrAitraining - 2 days ago
No player can destroy the patriots. They'll be snuffed out before it becomes more of a negative than a positive.
cefus79 - 3 days ago
4:14 Jimmy Johnson is such a fn hypocrite ! Look at the players on his dynasty and the charges they had against them
Charity Brown
Charity Brown - 3 days ago
Tell us how you really feel Terry? And to think that T. Bradshaw use to be my favorite Steeler...smh!
Forgot...this is foxtail news
Fairlight CMI
Fairlight CMI - 3 days ago
I don't recall Terry saying a single bad thing about Antonio before now. And, as a Steelers icon, of all people, he must have known what was going on.
Carla Navlyt
Carla Navlyt - 3 days ago
This man is a complete mooooooran!
Michael wood
Michael wood - 3 days ago
they all are going to destroy the sport....NFL = NBA.
Scott Ledin
Scott Ledin - 3 days ago
bill and pats should tell him to be a loudmouth idiot. i hate old grumpy men. you all need to retire.
brokenupsound - 3 days ago
How empty is your life that you watch and care about nonsense like this?
M Brower
M Brower - Day ago
Are YOU watching it or are you Karnack the Magnificent, for whom the show just spiritually reaches your brain, forcing you to comment at random???
Aquatic Scrotum
Aquatic Scrotum - 3 days ago
AB has mental issues.
Terry Brunk
Terry Brunk - 3 days ago
He is. The Patriots just dont understand how bad its going to get.
Ice T
Ice T - 3 days ago
Great show love you guys!
Adrian Arshad
Adrian Arshad - 3 days ago
Patriots fans before: This man is cancer
People aren't jealous of the Patriots. They just have the worst fans in existence.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson - 3 days ago
Terry Bradshaw is %100 correct as always!
Base Man
Base Man - 4 days ago
One bad apple "can" and "will" spoil a barrel!
Jiovanni Torres
Jiovanni Torres - 4 days ago
Rebecca Scheirman
Rebecca Scheirman - 4 days ago
I love these guys
Lanzo Lanzo
Lanzo Lanzo - 4 days ago
Terry and Howie y’all so racist lol jkjk and trump is not racist too
Base Man
Base Man - 4 days ago
Lanzo crybaby! Daddy Sharpton told you to throw down that useless race card!
Johnny D
Johnny D - 4 days ago
That's why every NFL team is excited Brown joined the Patriots.
die_lib_ral_scu_m pansies
so excited, they released him...
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