Surprising Slurpee Combos Taste Test

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Ohmarr - 2 days ago
Cherry and coke / cherry and Pepsi are the best combinations
nic turnipseed
nic turnipseed - 4 days ago
i’ve done that procedure with my younger brother before. it’s a cure for C-dif. saved his life
Khallah Zavala
Khallah Zavala - 4 days ago
Link made me laugh saying that last “WAHHH!” 😂😭💕
Martin marty
Martin marty - 5 days ago
ytubeanon - 5 days ago
it wasn't sucralose:
"Unfortunately for the Haribo candy company, they chose to replace the sugar in their gummy bears with Lycasin. They’ve since taken them off the market.
Lycasin’s main ingredient is maltitol. Maltitol is what’s known as a sugar alcohol, and it’s a very good replacement for table sugar (sucrose). It’s almost as sweet, it forms granular crystals, it even dissolves in water like sucrose."
Kaia Blauser
Kaia Blauser - 5 days ago
Biome buddies is a good name for a band
Saman Khan
Saman Khan - 5 days ago
4:06 link looked so cute while saying that
Legolas Soul
Legolas Soul - 6 days ago
You guys should do a Will It Hot chocolate?
meghan warner
meghan warner - 7 days ago
There is 8 saws in total
Kristina G
Kristina G - 7 days ago
What you guys are referring to at 6:00 is for people with certain conditions especially after a long term or serious antibiotic therapy. Like with some people who had c. difficile.
Big Fudge
Big Fudge - 7 days ago
That's the worst thing when you are close to getting the sweet relief of a sneeze but it doesn't come
kohl cooke
kohl cooke - 7 days ago
8:24 was some asmr
SWIFTIE FOREVER - 8 days ago
Who drinks slurp like that I let it melt it taste the best
Billy Mosley
Billy Mosley - 8 days ago
The orange one is tangerine it’s a Hispanic drink
w47willrise ?
w47willrise ? - 8 days ago
8 SAW movies. I watched all of them.
Ashawnta Gill
Ashawnta Gill - 8 days ago
MRA Productions
MRA Productions - 8 days ago
My god I been away from these guys a while enough after I made my new channel I lost the subscription almost 4 years ago now I came across them again and am so glad to see them still in the rise and my god I missed them so much 😄
Small H
Small H - 8 days ago
“Okayyyy biome buddy” 😂😂
arianna jewels
arianna jewels - 9 days ago
God bless
arianna jewels
arianna jewels - 9 days ago
HisashiBuri8 - 9 days ago
I swear it's always elevator pitch come on.
Cortney Howard
Cortney Howard - 9 days ago
Omg I just came across your channel & im addicted !!!! I love you guys & you literally have the BEST videos !! 💚💚💚
Audrye Shirah
Audrye Shirah - 9 days ago
Dylan Meushaw
Dylan Meushaw - 9 days ago
And the 8th baby goes: “Kakorrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Rock The Casbah
Rock The Casbah - 9 days ago
The loudest baby 😂
Triple ThreatsXx
Triple ThreatsXx - 9 days ago
the amout of comments right now is 666
Ove7T - 9 days ago
Stool transplants are a treatment for Clostridium difficile infections. One of those might have saved my grandpa's life, but the V.A. hospital didn't properly treat him.
On a happier note, I'd watch a Rhett and Link show called Biome Bros.
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy - 9 days ago
& people wonder what’s wrong with America...
PengWin - 9 days ago
After Link was about to sneeze I had to sneeze but didn’t
Not a Sandwich
Not a Sandwich - 9 days ago
Dude that baby bit had my dying bro 😂
Lilah Maniae
Lilah Maniae - 9 days ago
"You look like you're having fun" so sassy
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
I got you were hopes up for a second😂
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Rhett and Link versus this Slurpee challenge awesome👍👍👍
Serenity Gundlach
Serenity Gundlach - 9 days ago
Rhett please stop using so many straws every time you opened up a new straw, I experienced flash backs of a video I saw where they had to use pliers to remove a straw from a sea turtles nose.. made me sad.
Animesh Gupta
Animesh Gupta - 9 days ago
rugxulo - 9 days ago
6:20 In the next Saw movie: I Saw You Poop!
Karynna Hill
Karynna Hill - 9 days ago
So apparently youre sadistic if you watch horror movies
Jeremy Kurtz
Jeremy Kurtz - 9 days ago
If they were still doing music videos I'd like to see the loudest baby
Virtuitous Vampire
Virtuitous Vampire - 10 days ago
“The loudest baby” sounds like a method of birth control to me.
Wiley - 10 days ago
baby killing and poop swapping, woo boy, what did I sign up for on this one
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano - 10 days ago
I don't recall my time as a baby. Was I lined up next to other babies on a board?!
...I jumped on that before Link acknowledged the strangeness of this scenario. However, he has seen a newborn baby more recently than I have. Do they temporarily line them up on boards?!?
Melvon Mitchell
Melvon Mitchell - 10 days ago
Where's my Avengers 4 trailer?!😠😠😠
joe pelik famous
joe pelik famous - 10 days ago
1:25 ABCD
Binka O
Binka O - 10 days ago
This is a bit random, but Link in this clip really makes me think of warming sunshine against ones back in cool spring weather for some reason..
TehDankKnight - 10 days ago
How has Rhett not caught Link's herpes yet?
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia - 10 days ago
Best Ever Combination most people don't know about is :
Cactus Cooler Soda Orange Pineapple Blast  With Pickle Juice
Don't let too many People know
Thank Me Later
exaddict - 10 days ago
My favorite flavor is cream of sumyunguy
rugxulo - 9 days ago
Party on, Wayne.
LionJoe94 - 10 days ago
I was soooo disappointed with link in that beginning "loudest baby joke" cause Rhett was setting him up to make the joke better but all he kept doing was making the same noise. I know link has always had trouble taking hints but coooome on. you're better than that .
A M - 10 days ago
It’s actually the plot between Broly and Goku, being the loudest baby and the reason for his anger.
Catherine Mobley
Catherine Mobley - 10 days ago
Aren’t mystery flavors like a health hazard? xD that always confused me. What if you’re allergic to a flavor but you can’t confirm what is o: I mean I guess you just don’t drink it? I dunno man.
Kyle Hyde
Kyle Hyde - 10 days ago
Fecal transplant is to treat ulcerative colitis. And they basically liquefy the donors sample and the patient receives it as and enema. Just FYI guys.
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson - 10 days ago
Rhett+link=Jared polis.
Laiya Ramsay
Laiya Ramsay - 10 days ago
Hahahah Chase, “At least two”
mister ken prod
mister ken prod - 10 days ago
Nice please escrubirse and me chanell please
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes - 10 days ago
Episode Suggestion: Will It Slurpee? This may be a good guessing game, too.
Slurpee suggestions:
animal blood,
cheese burger,
ice cream,
chicken alfredo,
beefaroni (Chef Boyardee),
taco bell,
baked beans,
bone marrow,
filet mignon,
mashed potatoes,
wine, beer,
long island ice tea (this will probably Slurpee),
head cheese,
fish guts,
fish eggs,
fish bait,
fish eyes,
liver (whatever animal is most distasteful),
animal testicles,
every fruit available (could be the prize),
pizza, hero sandwich,
cheese steak sandwich,
surstromming, durian,
umeboshi plum,
Nattō, San-nakji (very very freshly diced octopus - it is alive when diced, still moving when eaten),
and, of course, any franken-Slurpee combos.
I can certainly provide more suggestions, though I thought this might be enough to get you started. I hope to see it in a future episode, sooner rather than later.
Geoff Daniels' Family
Geoff Daniels' Family - 10 days ago
Why'd ya bother?
Clay Reedy
Clay Reedy - 10 days ago
Rhett I done that at 7-Eleven they kicked me out and took my cup and “straw”😏😒💩
Brendan Thomas
Brendan Thomas - 10 days ago
Vibes are off in this...
Amelia the sloth
Amelia the sloth - 10 days ago
I had a coffee slurpee today and it tasted like a sweeter coffee lmao
theworldofmilton - 10 days ago
Lol I like how Rhett keeps saying Saw and Link just ignoring him lmao
Ned Ryerson
Ned Ryerson - 10 days ago
Hyde_OUT - 10 days ago
1:00 Rhett apologize. That was terrible.
Logan Logan Cheatham
Logan Logan Cheatham - 10 days ago
I thought plastic straws were outlawed in California
dus22345 - 10 days ago
Rhett saw is awesome. There’s a great story behind it too.
Soy Nguyen
Soy Nguyen - 10 days ago
I always just stick to cherry lol
Sam Lamble
Sam Lamble - 10 days ago
Is it just me or do these two not have the same click that they used to? it’s like they aren’t enjoying making videos as much. Defiantly a off sense about the vibe they give
Steve Varvounis
Steve Varvounis - 10 days ago
When did these guys become effeminate? Social programming much, gmmore?
Ava Voelker
Ava Voelker - 9 days ago
... what about them is effeminate lol. also social programming is not a thing
zacho cracy
zacho cracy - 10 days ago
Please accept my donations. That slurpee sucking was life changing.

_not really_
Tamara Turner
Tamara Turner - 10 days ago
Does link ignore Rhett this often.
Brandon Bishop
Brandon Bishop - 10 days ago
Rhett I love this "baby on board" horror movie 😂🤣
BizzyBizzyBanks - 10 days ago
Eww ass juice
Alec Silvestri Vlogs
Alec Silvestri Vlogs - 10 days ago
You should have just done best flavors ranked! This was so unorganized
Alec Silvestri Vlogs
Alec Silvestri Vlogs - 10 days ago
He keeps eating it as hes saying how it taste like construction 😂😂
Woakn Artic
Woakn Artic - 10 days ago
Clicked off from the intro
Malinda Vigil
Malinda Vigil - 10 days ago
The loudest baby is my favorite 🤣
Lais Polis
Lais Polis - 10 days ago
Lais Polis
Lais Polis - 10 days ago
Let Me Fill You In
Let Me Fill You In - 10 days ago
Man..... now I want a slushy 😅
Olivia’s Boredom
Olivia’s Boredom - 10 days ago
Link looks like s low key hipster
spaspants - 10 days ago
Lmao they should definitely call it “aspartame and getting older” I had to pause for laughter
Beverley Nunes
Beverley Nunes - 10 days ago
That elevator pitch was the best one yet 😂
Janalee Black
Janalee Black - 10 days ago
Turn on automated captions at 7:50
Ray Stevenson
Ray Stevenson - 10 days ago
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson - 10 days ago
Is it just me or does Link seem really irritated with Rhett in this?
D'jango Markov
D'jango Markov - 10 days ago
This is the worst and or best GMM ever
Mando Gonz
Mando Gonz - 10 days ago
the 7th baby has a deep voice
CRAB Kids - 10 days ago
KidsSuprisesPlay great kids content here new channel
Quicktwosteps - 10 days ago
Jessica Rich
Jessica Rich - 10 days ago
5:50 yeah it’s like a poop transplant and the best thing about it is that you introduce the donor poop to recipient by having the recipient drink the donor poop.
Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman - 10 days ago
So it’s done by sticking someone’s filtered poop through a tube that is run through the nose all the way to the small intestine
Not Tfue
Not Tfue - 10 days ago
Dirty Burger
Dirty Burger - 10 days ago
Anyone ever stuck a q tip in their peehole?
singingfan - 10 days ago
Rhett didn’t see Saw. (Seesaw)
Cruizer 87
Cruizer 87 - 10 days ago
good to know i wasn't who thought the elevator pitch they pitched in the beginning sounded like the beginning of a horror movie....😂💀🤷🏻‍♂️
Practical Deadshot
Practical Deadshot - 10 days ago
If you use the straw as an applicator then you can blow through it to get the stuff up there. Problem solved.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 10 days ago
Hello, Humans.
TheNews1990 - 10 days ago
Crunchberry Slurpee? Eww!
Ron Hall
Ron Hall - 10 days ago
Biome Brian.
Jaclyn Dias
Jaclyn Dias - 10 days ago
I like the ending how they were talking about diarrhea from gummy bears and then link ends with “I’m too POOPED to do it...” 😂 Perfect closing pun!
Jicah j
Jicah j - 10 days ago
Up in canada we have much better slurpee
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