Running for Class President

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Fluffy Dude
Fluffy Dude - 2 days ago
2 + 2 = 5
Callum Disney
Callum Disney - 2 days ago
MegaXMitchell studio
MegaXMitchell studio - 4 days ago
How is it 100 vids
Minder XXX
Minder XXX - 4 days ago
I’m disappointed not really
Awesomebacon - 5 days ago
shadow your ruler
shadow your ruler - 5 days ago
Eatit billy
FuZe_ Matt
FuZe_ Matt - 6 days ago
3:37 Ortiz is my last name 😂
Drawing Is fun
Drawing Is fun - 6 days ago
Jayformer Animations
Jayformer Animations - 6 days ago
Hooray Adam wait never mind stupid billy no offense to other Billy’s. No offense hear family freindly
Helpful Apple
Helpful Apple - 6 days ago
אורי ד
אורי ד - 6 days ago
StickFigure - 7 days ago
can this tactic actually help me get vice president in middle school?
Annabelle Hamil
Annabelle Hamil - 8 days ago
There is a kind that everyone loves but hates. He’s a mixture of jacksepticeye, Markiplier, SomethingElseYT, and pewdiepie.
Shilah Dear
Shilah Dear - 8 days ago
You should do some thing about animals I love animals( :
That2K Guy
That2K Guy - 8 days ago
One Time I Went a For Class President In 4th Grade And We Did Speeches And Mine Was Y’Know The Average Speech But Then I’m Not Even Joking This Girl Alyssa (NOT ACTUAL NAME) Ends The Speech With A Rhyme And Throws A Bunch Of Jolly Ranchers At The Kids And I Thought “WHO THE F$&K SAID WE COULD USE CANDY”!!?? I knew I Wasn’t Winning But I Still Got Vice President And We Made Up A Sport Day And Then Only Me Her And The Other Presidents Of The Other Classes (2 Others 3 In Total) Got Free Ice Cream At Lunch For 2 Weeks
Mario Maxwell
Mario Maxwell - 9 days ago
0:56 the reason I sub and liked
demonangel dusk
demonangel dusk - 9 days ago
i was looking through all your videos and couldn't find it but then i found this video and this was it........your manly sneeze
Midnight S
Midnight S - 10 days ago
I ❤️❤️❤️ Jaiden!! And ari!!
Isaiah Niedo
Isaiah Niedo - 10 days ago
Somewhere at the end of the video was so awesome because billy was sick and you gone too the meeting and you got to eat pizza Mann billy you truly lost and somethingelseYT has won
one tome plz
one tome plz - 10 days ago
One of my friends was class pres and the thing is he only won cus he was the only one but all he would do is eat his food and be like sure and no u so then he quit that why I said he was now it like some fat kid idk (he was also the councils pres not just my class he was shit)
Deal With It
Deal With It - 10 days ago
Adam 1 Billy 0
knux Swedish
knux Swedish - 10 days ago
F**k billy
sixfootrichard 2
sixfootrichard 2 - 10 days ago
I have a story it's true btw so I was at frys you know looking at the hot wheels cars and this RANDOM BLACK DUDE COMES UP TO ME AND SAYS wat is your name I'm like Connor and then he says while looking around everywhere what's your last name I'm like collins and he randomly says god bless you so I walk away to my dad and tell him about that then we left
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat - 11 days ago
i have an class vote there would be six memes (names) up and we would vote wich one should be it and the person with the most votes is the one
Laylamoonbloom - 11 days ago
little gacha&art
little gacha&art - 12 days ago
i went to your channel there is52 vids out
Saylor_ Addison
Saylor_ Addison - 12 days ago
*bless you*
Wolffang10210 The Wolf Pack
I watched all the jaiden animations videos
James Young
James Young - 12 days ago
Billy Sean been sick on the last meeting because he woke up pizza instead he didn't get pizza but you got pizza so hot
Greg Jenkins
Greg Jenkins - 12 days ago
Best sneeze of 2016 ( I’m posting this three years after )
Abigail Wilson
Abigail Wilson - 12 days ago
how did I know that billy was gonna be one of the five candidates?
Angelia Moore
Angelia Moore - 13 days ago
omg my wifi went out at the perfect time ever... this is pretty much how i thought the video was until i realized
"hey so, where are our squirt guns and pizza bagels?"
(1 minute of nothing happening)
that's when i realized lel
Unicorn Duck
Unicorn Duck - 13 days ago
Butter boy
Unicorn Duck
Unicorn Duck - 13 days ago
Button boy
Huxley E-B
Huxley E-B - 13 days ago
is billy joe ok
CC\66 CRAZY - 13 days ago
My twin brother won class president
basil deepu
basil deepu - 14 days ago
I'm going to be the class president next week
Bella AkaWolfyHuman
Bella AkaWolfyHuman - 14 days ago
My speech would be "vote for me and you get chicken nuggets"
Jeremiah Lopez
Jeremiah Lopez - 14 days ago
My speech was embarrassing but it was my first time
LzEndeavour Gaming
LzEndeavour Gaming - 14 days ago
Class presiden damn i've been voted once and i Will always regret my decision
Miss MinaniM
Miss MinaniM - 14 days ago
That sneeze was one of the best sneezes I've ever heard. 😂 it was the definition of sneeze😂😂😂
Ysa - 14 days ago
Do a video about toasters and fridges.
Lina Smalinskė
Lina Smalinskė - 14 days ago
I tried to vote for vice president and got 1st place class president and all I said was vote for me because im happy
Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez - 14 days ago
Xiaobing Xu
Xiaobing Xu - 14 days ago
the meetings were why i didn't go for my school pres
Xiaobing Xu
Xiaobing Xu - 14 days ago
lol i ju s t realized the chalkboard says 2+2=5
Nicole Joyce Agtunong
Nicole Joyce Agtunong - 15 days ago
YA CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pls vote no or yes just use if its done 30 or blah blah blah any numbers that i get or just me ok dokie
PythonProgrammer23 - 15 days ago
Make Mr. Blablabla's Class Great Again
Whoops, nope, Bill Clinton won. Again.
Anna Phyladitis
Anna Phyladitis - 15 days ago
“ Jaiden did a video on that so go check it out it’s “chicken” (in my words) AWESOME what are u still doing here?
Me: :| ehhh whatching your video WHAT THE CUCUMBER srsly this vid is CHICKEN ASWEOME ( I cant spell) DONT JUDGE ME
Wolfandcatgirls Games and vlogs
I don't feel bad for Billy. My similar thing is when I auditioned for a lead at school for a play and its my first year but I had high hopes. And then... I GOT A ZOO GUEST AND IT STILL MAKES ME MAD THAT I DID MY BIGGEST FEAR FOR NOTHING!!! SINGIGN IN FRONT OF HUMANS!!!! UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHGGGGRRRR
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez - 15 days ago
ShadowFox _
ShadowFox _ - 16 days ago
oLIvE PiG - 16 days ago
Ohh gosh!! I have like what ...? FIVE MILLION BILLIES IN MY LIFE ( i get what you mean .....billies are soooooooo anoying ...)
jonathon buchan
jonathon buchan - 16 days ago
i did she was a bitch
Liliana Gridley
Liliana Gridley - 16 days ago
Love that sneeze.
Wyatt Wackerman
Wyatt Wackerman - 17 days ago
Billy is a jerk
Sikirat Oluronke
Sikirat Oluronke - 17 days ago
as anyone ever told this guy tht sometimes he sounds like ted
Nightfighter 11825
Nightfighter 11825 - 17 days ago
What 100 videos you only have 52
Joann Knights
Joann Knights - 17 days ago
Since when does 2 plus 2 equal 5
Sandra Bull
Sandra Bull - 17 days ago
I accidentally became the student council president... like the president of all the class reps... yeah... idk how...
C.C. Alsobrook
C.C. Alsobrook - 17 days ago
I tried out for class president and also got vice president.
barbed wire 4
barbed wire 4 - 17 days ago
Stoopid but better “Boi I’m billlllayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
Mr. MiniMuffin28
Mr. MiniMuffin28 - 18 days ago
Who else is watching this at one in the morning of 2019
Rob Slaughter
Rob Slaughter - 18 days ago
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Like if you love Adam!❤❤❤
Imene Chafai
Imene Chafai - 18 days ago
1:39 2+2=5
Nikolas Avendano-Johns
Nikolas Avendano-Johns - 18 days ago
My bully is dum so I am 5 foot 1 inch he is like 3 foot 2 inch and he says that he is taller than me
SamDisplays - 18 days ago
100 videos?
Dani Thomas
Dani Thomas - 18 days ago
Who gere is watching this on new years eve of 2018
WestieB - 18 days ago
Who's watching in 2019? just me ok
khoen Da boss
khoen Da boss - 18 days ago
Sorry it was did not know
khoen Da boss
khoen Da boss - 18 days ago
I feel sorry for Billy and the pizza party cuz last year I missed a pizza party from a walkathon and they riding know that my dad payed 80 dollars for the prizes
khoen Da boss
khoen Da boss - 18 days ago
Sorry it was did not know
Andrea Alarcon
Andrea Alarcon - 18 days ago
Billy is fricken cheater
MInecraft Leader7319
MInecraft Leader7319 - 18 days ago
if you go private and don't this
OliviaIsWeird O
OliviaIsWeird O - 19 days ago
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez - 19 days ago
16 not 💯 but 1000000000000/10
XD ViperzZ
XD ViperzZ - 19 days ago
Power rangers from Kung foo panda witch one are you I’m monkey 🐒 :3
LoneWolf CreativeGaming
LoneWolf CreativeGaming - 19 days ago
Yo Adam, we never got that story for another day
preston diehl
preston diehl - 17 days ago
LoneWolf CreativeGaming yea we did
Sky Gaming
Sky Gaming - 20 days ago
did you mean traumatize?
Why is JFK AFK
Why is JFK AFK - 20 days ago
R u Jewish because I wanna sweep you up
time traveler
time traveler - 20 days ago
I once ran for pres in my club I was one of the two who tied and I lost
Aaliyah Anderson
Aaliyah Anderson - 20 days ago
billy @ 6:28 has me SCREAMING LMFAOOOOOOOO
Pink Demon
Pink Demon - 20 days ago
2018 someone
Evelyn Williams
Evelyn Williams - 21 day ago
First was me. Hehahhehahhhehahrhahhrhwhahreharhehahahhahahareehharharhar Of course
Logan Terrien
Logan Terrien - 21 day ago
yo that last part was so funny and SOOOOOOOoooooo random that i died in my chair
Noah Sutphin
Noah Sutphin - 21 day ago
i mean it's common sence
lil_clout_nxko clout gang
Klerberhowk The Solider
Klerberhowk The Solider - 22 days ago
“And as I was-*ACHOO* oh mY *GOD* ”
(Laughing ensues)
tico360 - 22 days ago
same thing happened to me but I did not even get vice prez it was for student counsull aka the hole school, and I got beten by T H E P O P U L E R K I D. and I lost cus my speach was made as I went (it was about confidance and to stay in school also you can gat them cash and I had no friends.
sony swallowed microsoft
sony swallowed microsoft - 22 days ago
billy butt nugget
Dwight Scott
Dwight Scott - 22 days ago
Doublethink 2+2=5
Catching Sole75
Catching Sole75 - 23 days ago
Adam is the assistant to the regional manager
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse - 23 days ago
Ok, all perks, no paying, no friggn’ meetings AND a pizza party... *claps* woohoo!
Ganjanetisist - 23 days ago
Thenonkiller - 23 days ago
Me: I’m out bro I hate that
jennifer pirret
jennifer pirret - 23 days ago
Selena Hilton
Selena Hilton - 23 days ago
i ran for class president this year and somehow did it, i was suprised because i didnt really talk to any of them so, that good i guess
Nathan Edits
Nathan Edits - 24 days ago
I also had a billy
Night Wolf
Night Wolf - 25 days ago
I stayed up last night until 2 in the morning.
Me:Okay What time is it alright it's 10.
-few minutes later-
Me:What time is it?Holy- it's 2 in the morning really?!
gary hyde
gary hyde - 25 days ago
fuck billy
1:09 -1:19 ya spelt brain wrong
Banana Narwhals
Banana Narwhals - 25 days ago
kiki noir gaming
kiki noir gaming - 25 days ago
- jacksepticeye
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