Running for Class President

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Kasie Tregre
Kasie Tregre - 3 hours ago
Billy you butt nugget- Adams 2017
Nicholas Grigoryev
Nicholas Grigoryev - 4 hours ago
Vote for bagel pizza please
David Nguyen
David Nguyen - 6 hours ago
Your asome somethingelseyt
Rosie Ortiz
Rosie Ortiz - 10 hours ago
Your last name is ortiz?
Joe Benson
Joe Benson - 12 hours ago
I know new learned a new word " butt nugget " and they say you tube does not teach you anything
Membro Coles
Membro Coles - 16 hours ago
You were so freaking lucky!
Kittithus Piansuysub
Adam : Make Billy great again
Roxy Davis
Roxy Davis - Day ago
I love your vids
Milk And Cookies
Milk And Cookies - Day ago
I’m class president so...

Mr.Monkey Man
Mr.Monkey Man - Day ago
Alice Benedetti
Alice Benedetti - Day ago
You have a beautiful sneeze
Jocelin De La Flor
Jocelin De La Flor - Day ago
Were is your hoodie?!?
panda lover
panda lover - Day ago
Sky BlueZ
Sky BlueZ - Day ago
Omg you took the guy Robby his channels called Robby his girlfriend's last name is that
panda lover
panda lover - Day ago
Abdel Aziz Laassikri
Ya know why your name was first... Cuz your freaking name is adam and the alphabet starts with an A🤣
Zsiisus - 2 days ago
Rice is expensive
Abigail Lane
Abigail Lane - 3 days ago
omg you re so lucky adam that yu didn't get first. I am my class president but let me tell you one thing. I don't have to go to my classes becasue I patrol the hallways making sure people have hall passes and a reason to be out. I also get to sit in the teachers lounge at lunch and in the mornings. (They serve donuts in the orning and at luch they have a soda machine. I love being president.) But it's hard because I am STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT. I can't even count all the complaints I get day to day.
Neon girl
Neon girl - 3 days ago
Cing Caleb
Cing Caleb - 3 days ago
do I get a pizza bagel for subscribing and liking the video? oh make sure to add in that water gun too thanks I wont take no as a answer!
Julia HANSON - 3 days ago
My pal Billy is my friend he got me a Ds for my birthday so irony
LegitPlays32 - 4 days ago
Atom is that you from six grade
Alexander Lardie
Alexander Lardie - 4 days ago
Hi Billy
swifttiger - 4 days ago
The sword of BILLY~!
dude s
dude s - 4 days ago
That sneeze was majestic
Karmello Ratto
Karmello Ratto - 5 days ago
100th video cool (im new)
judith spengemann
judith spengemann - 5 days ago
Sorry, I'm gonna be sick on that day 😄😄😄
Rachel Ingram
Rachel Ingram - 5 days ago
Ozikk - 5 days ago
Plot twist:every meeting was a pizza party
DUCK_ROBLOX - 5 days ago
lol why is ur brain named brian
Jazz- E
Jazz- E - 6 days ago
fart sandwitch? i think i lost you
Arch Angel
Arch Angel - 6 days ago
Jaiden's my school stories vid is literally up next
Carter Lilliston
Carter Lilliston - 7 days ago
"That's a story for another day" what day is that?
Shannon Martin
Shannon Martin - 7 days ago
Shut up
Andrew Orndoff
Andrew Orndoff - 7 days ago
Billy sucks=3
Rich Taing
Rich Taing - 7 days ago

Dat a nice sneeze
fluffy cat
fluffy cat - 7 days ago
My best frend is the class presedind and she had to peek her helper and she peek a frend over best frend me I m so angry
Bryce Burton
Bryce Burton - 7 days ago
420 dislikes
The_Real_Nick _Draws
The_Real_Nick _Draws - 8 days ago
Brain not Brian
Younis Ameen
Younis Ameen - 8 days ago
Do you even YouTube bro?
420 dislikes?

Whatcha smokin?
TheRusty Droid Error
TheRusty Droid Error - 8 days ago
---- get rekt Billy
the last meeting was a pizza party!
*karma is a gift and a curse*
Thaquina - 8 days ago
I've had a billy in mah life
Jmtelepad Pldt
Jmtelepad Pldt - 8 days ago
0:35 and 0:37 triggered sounds, Vietnam like flash backs just being to pour in!
I Is Bogham
I Is Bogham - 9 days ago
0:54 nice snez
micha 360
micha 360 - 9 days ago
Billy was a fart sandwich

Like if 2018
Press the thumb and it will turn blue if you did that,subscribe to my channel
rick 69
rick 69 - 10 days ago
10/10 sneezes would sneeze again
DadBot83 - 10 days ago
I ran for class present and won.
Bud akaCaliber
Bud akaCaliber - 10 days ago
*slow claps*congrats u won at life bro
AvalancheLlama - 10 days ago
I was the class president twice in primary school...
EndGaming 1675
EndGaming 1675 - 10 days ago
I don’t want to be like that cuz it’s to much work I don’t need at all!!!!
Sly 2855
Sly 2855 - 10 days ago
You had just one class in middle school?
Silas Ancic
Silas Ancic - 11 days ago
Neon Ninja Gaming
Neon Ninja Gaming - 11 days ago
i love pepper
i love pepper - 11 days ago
Karma loves billy
night king
night king - 11 days ago
Ur teacher is so smart I thought that 2+2=4 but its actually2+2=5 thx adam's teacher
Monster 13
Monster 13 - 11 days ago
That water is so quenchable
thecrazyrachel101 - 11 days ago
I was laughing when you showed the pic of sick billy
im not springtrap im bonnie
LagLoot XP
LagLoot XP - 11 days ago
Olivia Avengers
Olivia Avengers - 11 days ago
Who watches in 2018
Anime Weeb32
Anime Weeb32 - 11 days ago
Damm it billy!!!
Carolyn Ramoso
Carolyn Ramoso - 11 days ago
TWO words Right now

Stob it U could’ve made me dropped my croissant
Brandon O
Brandon O - 12 days ago
You have 45 videos right now
Makari, Aleksandra
Makari, Aleksandra - 12 days ago
I like...always sneeze like that.
And plenty of times, I've had and will have sneezing fits during church.......
Emma Doucette
Emma Doucette - 12 days ago
Huh we didn't do that
Regina Cayson Garofalo
Regina Cayson Garofalo - 12 days ago
1:34 me too.
Viewco god
Viewco god - 13 days ago
2018 anyone
Manh Nguyen
Manh Nguyen - 13 days ago
2000000/10 the best
Jenn Tveitbakk
Jenn Tveitbakk - 13 days ago
Read more
Aaron Keller
Aaron Keller - 13 days ago
Aaron Keller
Aaron Keller - 13 days ago
Miguel Matheus
Miguel Matheus - 13 days ago
I almost chocked to death with my water because of 1:35
Potato Chip D-Lux
Potato Chip D-Lux - 13 days ago
In that situation 2nd is definitely the best spot
Emmydoo - 13 days ago
One day I was doing a Science project in 3rd grade. It was a weird Science project I can say. It was about _hOw tO maKE dE TIgeR eScaPe iTs cAgE!_ and it was a group project. And let me just say it was not so much of a good group, but hey it wasn’t all bad..I think. So one day we had to share our ideas on how to let the freakin Tiger escape the zoo. (I have no idea why we were doing a project on this so don’t ask XD). So then my group created our plans and shared them. Mine was to put a piece of meat in a cage and there would be stairs or something. Then, once it got in the cage it would step on something to trigger the door to shut on it. Then, we would carry it to the wild (Don’t worry we weren’t actually doing this on a real lion this was just a group of four project thingy). So like I stated earlier in the text that we had to charge our idea’s. Once we did, we had to vote. Three people voted for mine expect one person. He got upset and said he refused to do the project because it didn’t make sense or something. But in the end it was all good..maybe...oh come on I don’t remember to much about it! Luckily, at the end of the school year I switched because that school was pretty crazy. Like all the teachers were pretty crazy and yeah.
Prankster Gangster Homie Hero Brian MLG
If billy sees the video he will be like
Billy:why god why
Adam:suck it noob haha
simplayer84 :D
simplayer84 :D - 13 days ago
SCREW YOU BILLY *jacksepticeye refrence*
Frshw4t3r Gaming
Frshw4t3r Gaming - 14 days ago
Thelegendgamer452 - 14 days ago
is this story real?
Aaz 55
Aaz 55 - 14 days ago
When SomeThingElseYT became one with odd1sout
Blue the velociraptor
Blue the velociraptor - 14 days ago
Celestine Groleau
Celestine Groleau - 14 days ago
0:08 was that a GradeAUnderA reference?
EmmaPlaZYouTUbE - 15 days ago
Billy smashed his Nintendo
creepypastalover1232 - 15 days ago
#billy is gay
Random Internet user No.246839.5
1. You cant put spaces in hashtags otherwise it doesn't work. 2. That's homophobic. 3. "Billy" has a capital letter since it's a name.
Lyvia Ortiz
Lyvia Ortiz - 15 days ago
my last name is ortiz too
Enaz of Astora
Enaz of Astora - 15 days ago
Adam here was my president speech for freshman year. GOOOOOD MORNING VIETNAM! One fish two fish, red fish blue fish, he fish she fish, me fish you fish. Alright vote for me because i think ill be a good president... um thats about it vote for me because my cupcakes are better than susan's (inside joke in my class)
YouTub z
YouTub z - 15 days ago
rico castanares
rico castanares - 15 days ago
im gonna run for Supreme Pupil Government  or spg please vote for me
Pixel Treason 2
Pixel Treason 2 - 16 days ago
*claaaaaaasss bout*
Anonymous _Omega_
Anonymous _Omega_ - 16 days ago
'I'm gonna be sick on that day!'
GamingGorilla16 - 16 days ago
I ran for school president and I won.
Yanic Peltier
Yanic Peltier - 16 days ago
One Day at my school a random guy punch me for no reason but when hé punch me. He didn't Know something. That I was really fast and with my cat reflexes l just block his fist and his figers crak so loud than everyone in 2 meters heard
shaygan 496
shaygan 496 - 16 days ago
10000/10 end card😂!
Mythical Monster
Mythical Monster - 17 days ago
Ha-chaaa ohm mah gahd!!.....10 out of 10
Jaf IO Tutorials
Jaf IO Tutorials - 17 days ago
Ok let us all appreciate how 2+2=5 is the 3rd best comment here. Wow don't we all love America?
April Pez
April Pez - 17 days ago
Bless you 😁😇
AARON JAMES - 17 days ago
DeathEyeDerp - 17 days ago
!@#* YOU BILLY!!!11
Oliwer Ahlström
Oliwer Ahlström - 17 days ago
100 th video? It says 49 one year later
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