Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface | The Daily Show

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Baljinder Grewal
Baljinder Grewal - 16 hours ago
he won . you loosers
Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold
I wouldn't have a problem... but PC Principal Trudeau xD so deserving. And just look at 6:01 the "black" guy on the right has literally the same skin color as the "white" in the middle. Don't the PC libtards see how they adopt the slave owners' "one drop rule"?
David M
David M - 19 hours ago
Whats the issue?
neoblackcyptron - 20 hours ago
Trudeau is a decent man. I’m glad he won. Not like that orange monster sitting in the White House. I hope Canada surpasses America.
neoblackcyptron - 20 hours ago
He wants to become a Tamil. That’s good Trudeau you are welcome to join our community.
neoblackcyptron - 20 hours ago
At least he apologized.
neoblackcyptron - 20 hours ago
That’s a good brown face. He looks Like a Tamil prince.
Chief Louie
Chief Louie - Day ago
Obama just endorsed blackface Trudeau.
Jason - Day ago
Still better than what Trump would do: "I NEVER did anything wrong, WITCHHUNT!"
Clarence Williams
Clarence Williams - 2 days ago
..ok,sooo (Jet black) face for you were Normal?...while most White people especially white woman and others wear a tanning cream or solutions,and actually look good and respectful which is basically tanning creams and it's cool cause woman mostly across the board are sharing different shades of color (that's cool and sexxy)more power to them.(but what this guy did really seems Over the top,and obviously he's smart enough or at least mature and professional enough to have checked himself before stepping out like that even in 2019...just saying as a 63yr. african american who was born in alabama in 1956,but we all sometime make bad or poor decisions though,and I think maybe that's all it was..just my take on it.ps; "he that forgets his history is destined to repeat it".I forgive him,let's all just try and do a lot better.amen
darksky841 - 2 days ago
ok so let me get this straight if this was a republican or someone for trump. they would have been torn to pieces but now that its all come out now its just a PR rebound? its cool if someone one the left does it but some one on the right and they get the book thrown at him. thats why i stopped watching bullshit shows like this. this puppet does pieces on what ever his masters tells him to.
90caliber Macher
90caliber Macher - 3 days ago
I'm a Black American. I suspect that some white male "blackfacers" are only mischievous cosplayers. They harbor a subconscious wish that they were James Brown or Wilson Pickett.. "Get up/get on up/ get up/ get on up/lay on the scene/get on up/like a sex machine!"
Vladimir Stoiko
Vladimir Stoiko - 3 days ago
Lower Tones
Lower Tones - 3 days ago
MJ did whiteface, aaaaaaaaand....... crickets :)
jim hump
jim hump - 4 days ago
wel i dont have to watch even the whole video , i know this dumb asss trevon noa , who is a refugee from south africa , but yet goes up and down to zuidafrika , n live in amewrika , but hate whyite people , but in white people let them self be make fun of, ,trevon is a fake as hate america, hypcrite as always ,n he is not funny , dumb asss traitor
Paulo Parreira
Paulo Parreira - 4 days ago
Wearing a black face and a costume at a party is an issue?? Come on!!
The 43rd Firedemon
The 43rd Firedemon - 21 hour ago
He wore it multiple times and it wasn't at a party some of the time
Mark Fish
Mark Fish - 4 days ago
Why is it wrong for a white man to dress and put on makeup in order to imitate a black man and not considered wrong for a man to dress and wear makeup to imitate a woman? Why aren't women up in arms about transvestites mocking women?
aubug5 - 4 days ago
Lighten up. If Justin was truly trying to imitate an black, he would have worn fat lips and a wide nose.
Vladimir Stoiko
Vladimir Stoiko - 4 days ago
D Valla
D Valla - 5 days ago
That is clearly racism PLUS cultural appropriation of Persian culture!!! OMG. The continent of Persia is probably rioting as we speak.
Vladimir Stoiko
Vladimir Stoiko - 5 days ago
Bill Hamm
Bill Hamm - 5 days ago
We have reached the point where getting caught in a motel with a live man or a dead woman is a good thing.
None ya Biz
None ya Biz - 6 days ago
You people need to get a life and quit stressing over this kind of petty ancient bullshit!!
Mariama - 6 days ago
He looks more like Mr. Popo from dragon ball than Aladdin. Google it, I'm not wrong 😂
Annalisa Norman
Annalisa Norman - 6 days ago
I learned about minstrel shows and the history of blackface in my small town southern high school. There’s no excuse for him “not knowing” it was racist.
Sofie Seo
Sofie Seo - 6 days ago
Trevor noah is just hilarious😂😂😂
jim hump
jim hump - 4 days ago
not ,he is a n american hate , but yet he move to america to get paid by whit people , and make fun off ,he just an racist , go back to south africa trevon,and live unde anc, dispicable person is trevon
David K. Adams
David K. Adams - 4 days ago
Brian Barlow
Brian Barlow - 6 days ago
Is blackface really that racist in these modern times anymore than dressing like a Native American chieftain?
Pierre - 4 days ago
Brian Barlow They’re both incredibly offensive.
Bradley7 Johnson
Bradley7 Johnson - 7 days ago
He is the leader you sing an ode to trevor how embarrassing is what a joke
Dan Egorov
Dan Egorov - 8 days ago
His Hulk sounds like Yoda
Darryl Ben
Darryl Ben - 8 days ago
He mastered armament haki
Rohan Thareja
Rohan Thareja - 8 days ago
JT anyways a joke
yo momma's toilet
yo momma's toilet - 8 days ago
I guess it's completely impossible to change over the course of 18 fucking years
Ifeoma Njoku
Ifeoma Njoku - 8 days ago
I don't get it. Why is OK for the Wayans brothers to wear Whiteface ("White Chicks") or Eddie Murphy (all his movies....as whites, Asians, etc) & no one thinks they were racist. I'm black but personally I thought White Chicks was stereotypical & racist. Eddie Murphy's portrayal of Asians is always sterotypical and somewhat racist in my opinion. Now don''t get me wrong, I don't support blackface, whiteface or any other face. Every one should stay in their lane as their race. What's important is we live in harmony together globally & stop racism all together
Alright haters, bring on the hate😜
Panaminho Le sang Rouge et Bleu
Is this guy still allowed to talk ?
Can someone shut his mouth ?
roddy PROF.E.T.
roddy PROF.E.T. - 10 days ago
Even with a field of a story like this Trevor Noah is painfully unfunny
Jeremy Johnston
Jeremy Johnston - 11 days ago
Haha who gives a fuck
Adam Moran
Adam Moran - 14 days ago
You sensitive fuckers need to realize "black face" used to be use in comedy.
LouisSypher666 - 15 days ago
I'll be more supportive of the anti black face movement when I can freely use the "N" word! Otherwise, get over it.
Marsha Voiers
Marsha Voiers - 15 days ago
I will NEVER DISMISS OR DOWNPLAY FASCISM. Thing is that people do this for Halloween at times or even as a joke. No one ever talks about how 2 Black men, dressed in white face and played 2white women in a movie. That is wrong. If this is RACISM then what do you consider WHITE CHICKS the movie. That movie was racist. Making fun of white women. Hypocrites!!! They even stopped allowing a movie called Soul Man from being shown because a white man played a black man. Time to stop and respect each other no matter what their skin color. Stop the true racism and war on skin.
mrtrippintherift - 15 days ago
Denis Silajdzic
Denis Silajdzic - 16 days ago
Not only he dressed up as Jim Crow, but he used that character to represent Aladin. It's a double insult because all third world people are "niggers" for him. He was a teacher at the time. Son of a posh anglican polititian. He didn't know better at the time. Not only that he didn't know it rasist at the time, but he didn't know what's rasisam really. For him those were exotic funny people. But, all white western people were like that at the time. Things are changing rapidly and Mr. Aladin is one of prominent leaders of those changes. He admits it was wrong. He is great guy at the time. So let's be calm and keep moving 🙂
GravityGunTV - 16 days ago
6:15 The dude on the right is on the same side of the color palette.
Peter Regan
Peter Regan - 16 days ago
It's the fact that HE did it. The guy who lectures everybody about race all the time got caught doing blackface MULTIPLE times. Also the fact this is the first time the Left has not treated it like a huge unforgivable event.
Dennis M
Dennis M - 17 days ago
Progressives say blackface is wrong and whiteface is okay because of the history behind blackface. But then why isn't brownface okay?
Chase K
Chase K - 17 days ago
The real question is is it acceptable for an albino black person to wear black face? Hmm...
Faked Danny
Faked Danny - 18 days ago
He’s trying to reverse Michael Jackson
FBI QUANTICO - 17 days ago
Faked Danny should be Top comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
RoughThief - 18 days ago
I still can't believe this would be considered a scandal. Just grow up. Bunch of whiny bitches.
Rodwell Mark
Rodwell Mark - 18 days ago
Cancel Culture .....Hoist the Virtue Signal
M. H.
M. H. - 19 days ago
I don’t see what the big fucking deal is. This is so stupid.
Kurt Brown
Kurt Brown - 19 days ago
Trudeau knew full well it was racist shock humor. This was the 2000s, well after blackface was well established as an old racist past time.
867 5309
867 5309 - 19 days ago
AVT Entertainment
AVT Entertainment - 19 days ago
Tribute to Trudeau from Tamilans
Lobna Eamry
Lobna Eamry - 19 days ago
If Trudeau was racist what about black people bleaching their skin to become white?
Talvysh - 19 days ago
This seems idiotic to me.
How is dressing up as Aladdin and using the character's skin tone black face? Or any other character for that matter?
From what I understand black face was when whites dressed up to look like a "funny" or racist persona of black people for the "entertainment" of making fun of black people.
There needs to be a separation between dressing up as a representation of a character and dressing up as a racist persona of a character for the specific purpose of racist entertainment.
He did nothing wrong.
ChisrsGardener - 19 days ago
better blackface than blackmail. https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwartepietendebat
rainandsnowandsorrow - 19 days ago
Isn’t this “host” supposed to love all liberals?
Mara Fae
Mara Fae - 19 days ago
he painted his whole fucking body omg
w wyborn
w wyborn - 20 days ago
how about you focus on his corruption instead ?
Masna Junaid
Masna Junaid - 17 days ago
w wyborn lmao what? Tell me one thing Justin’s done that’s corrupted. Actually curious. I know nothing about Canadian Politica
Dan Bam
Dan Bam - 20 days ago
Funny how the liberal media calls it "brownface"
danny moon
danny moon - 20 days ago
Admitting does not make it any better. You have to judge Trudeau by his own standards as an informed and ‘enlightened’ member of personkind....... it’s FAR, far, worse coming from him. FAR worse. You are brainwashed if you cannot see that.
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