Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface | The Daily Show

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Yves Chosson
Yves Chosson - Hour ago
false problem!
are they racists ? :
Yasmin Wong
Yasmin Wong - 9 hours ago
He's sooooo hot, I forgive him ❤
Happy Smile
Happy Smile - 13 hours ago
Racism mean universal not only to black people, but discriminate to the people's color. I would disagree with the ads humor that its not appropriate to said that people cannot choose what color or shades they love to choose for themselves or to express themeselves of course not the level of extreme..
Rachel Villarim
Rachel Villarim - 2 days ago
Bunch of idiots
Daaayum sun
Daaayum sun - 3 days ago
What's the racist thing about it ?
Doing a blackface is racist ?
He absolutely had no intention to disrespect anyone..
I mean, black woman doing makeup to look more "white" is also racist then.
Daaayum sun
Daaayum sun - 2 days ago
@Rational Thinker I do know that USA are racists i guess any other country or continents, not all of them but some of them are.. Police officers are abusing their power against hispanics or blacks mostly and i really feel sorry for them and this has to stop like really it has to stop, we are in fucking 2020 and people still thinking that white color is superior than any other color lmao.. Ignorants that's all what i have to say. Every racist especially towards black must get charged, racism is a crime. I'm white so what ? Does that mean i am better than black just because of my skin color ? Hell no lol.. Most of my idols are black, they are so freaking awesome.. Nobody chose their skin color nor their heights or anything, this shit needs to stop.
Rational Thinker
Rational Thinker - 3 days ago
In Netherlands it's a wholesome festival while snowflake keyboard sjw busy fighting the dutch tradition. The dutch completely refused to call it racist.
pjm stan
pjm stan - 4 days ago
Michaelangeo Re
Michaelangeo Re - 5 days ago
I’m more offended at cringy comedy than blackface tbh
david nichols
david nichols - 8 days ago
1.Racism is NORMAL. Whites think Blacks are from another planet. 2.How come no one complains about all the Black women wearing straighthair?
Perparim Bytyci
Perparim Bytyci - 14 days ago
Oh come on, judge a man for what he did in 2001? Stop the bullshit, people make mistakes
Dicky Lobsterhead
Dicky Lobsterhead - 15 days ago
But why do you see it as spmething offensive and racist😂
Jeremiah Tray
Jeremiah Tray - Month ago
People should do what they feel. Nobody complains about transsexuals.
Abdelhak bnu hashim
Abdelhak bnu hashim - Month ago
I am from a muslim culture and I am not offended by this photographe. I don't anderstand the outrage.
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - Month ago
Julianna put on bronzer dancing with the stars makeup and not black face
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - Month ago
He must have put it on his knees but not on legs 🦵
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - Month ago
Ironically he usually looks like Aladdin naturally and this dark haired co anchor also already looks ethnic
srinivas lakshman
srinivas lakshman - Month ago
You butt hurt Trevor???? Cry harder
Jamie Horne
Jamie Horne - 2 months ago
people are take this way to far. i didn't see it racist he act like he care about other races. people just crazy and the found fault with everything. they have a sad life and they need to get a life.
Ag Me
Ag Me - 2 months ago
Lol when i was in primary school (elementary school for the USA i think) in school acts there where characters that were black, and they were performed by non-black people that used some makeup to make their faces darker (not extremely black paint though) but well there wasn’t any black kids to do them and anyway it wouldn’t be cool if the black kids could only do black characters (though as i said there weren’t any lol)
SushiSlamer - 2 months ago
I am Canadian and I would like to publicly apologize. =D
Niko Lehtonen
Niko Lehtonen - 2 months ago
How is blackface racist i was just thinking this
WareN The Gamer
WareN The Gamer - 2 months ago
who gives a shit
София Сойко
София Сойко - 3 months ago
انا اتكلام في ترودو 我说突然的额trudwautrudeautrudeau
christopher mora
christopher mora - 3 months ago
Drake has to apologize as well.
Benji Jacobs
Benji Jacobs - 3 months ago
He’s such a Canadian he has to apologize for everything amirite?
Wayne Wallace
Wayne Wallace - 3 months ago
Everyone is racist... it's natural, deal with it
Name Surname
Name Surname - 3 months ago
Why is painting your face black to resemble certain charater considered racist?
I can only conclude Michael Jackson was a racist, because he wanted to resemble white person.
...which is completely stupid...
Also anyone painting their face white for halloween is racist too then. OR there are double standards and racism only applies if someone paints their face black, but not if he paints it white.
Patrick - 3 months ago
*Liberals:* fighting racist Republicans by day, partying in blackface by night
Ali Living
Ali Living - 3 months ago
Why is it bad and racist to paint skin black for costumes? I don't get it. Edit: I'm not in the USA and this just looks too much.
Andrew Tischler
Andrew Tischler - 3 months ago
I am offended I’m not sure why I’ll get back to you on that
shinji lamarta
shinji lamarta - 3 months ago
It’s funny how funny trevor finds this because it’s a liberal that did it
Miriam Sanchez Facilitator
He secretly wants to be black
Samreen Khan
Samreen Khan - 4 months ago
Ok why is it racist ? Indians use fair and lovely to lighten their skin nobody calls them racist it is just makeup WHY
ET Silverman
ET Silverman - 4 months ago
On a couple of occasions, people have volunteered to undergo professional movie/sfx makeup to change their apparent race for a few hours... There is such a pervasive, ingrained idea that race is a deep, biologically driven part of who you are. And then someone walks into a makeup trailer as one and comes out to all appearances the other. It breaks your brain a bit. Next time some idiot fad of centuries past washes up from the usual tidepool of rich and dumb, it might be a moment to consider that the science of all this is about as substantial as a spray-on tan.
...give a few people crowns and put them on a balcony, the world will create it's own mythology to restore the missing logic
rsacode - 4 months ago
He could shit on a nun and still win. Sadly, Canadians are in love with the fake minority loving agenda, he comes across as the opposite of Trump, and also, the other contenders are not any better
Lauren Goff
Lauren Goff - 4 months ago
As a cosplayer I can confirm that fully body skin pigment is very very annoying. Some cosplayers use it for characters that have very unnatural skin tones, like poison ivy or hulk who both have green skin. Or the homestuck trolls who have grey skin. But it is very hard to get all that makeup on and keep it from getting smudged or peeling off. Plus it feels really weird.
Katy Noah
Katy Noah - 4 months ago
Ok this doesn't seem racist to me. It looks like he is obsessed over black people and he wants to become one. 🤣 all those people who get tan on their bodies of dark color are racist?
The UnknownSG
The UnknownSG - 4 months ago
What he did was utterly disgusting. But at least he apologized. Not really accepting said apology, just saying that at least he didn't went about denying it
Fitsum Dibaba
Fitsum Dibaba - 4 months ago
i've always hated tribalism in africa, as a person living in the continent and i hate that the USA is moving towards it. if u r telling a person not to wear other cultures costumes.... why's wearing a black makeup offensive... I know people wearing white makeups and its never offended anyone.. stop being offended for us if people wear my cultures wear or skin tone they're promoting it. the only racist here is people assuming wearing black is offensive
Hali - 4 months ago
He is admirable for apologizing extra.
Aye Nice
Aye Nice - 4 months ago
And now he’s about to go to war with the Iranians ... go figure
Riicho Bamin
Riicho Bamin - 4 months ago
Why the fuck is this an issue ? He just went a bit overboard with the skin tone, otherwise he was just trying to stay true to the character of Aladin (who is not as pale as Trudeau is).
We have to look someone's action in the context in which it was performed. God this is stupid 🤦
cjs8000 - 4 months ago
TBH I have no idea why this is such an issue? Why is this considered racist?
salim arasteh
salim arasteh - 4 months ago
How the fuck is this even racist?!? You black people need to chill
Jacob Glenn
Jacob Glenn - 4 months ago
Here's another big double standard cuz I see black people that do white face and they didn't get criticized for it at all but a World War III breaks out over one person doing blackface the hell kind of s*** is that
W.G.V.M Gamage
W.G.V.M Gamage - 4 months ago
People should take a chill pill. People are so sensitive these days everything is offensive to them.
W.G.V.M Gamage
W.G.V.M Gamage - 9 days ago
@Kalyssa Mckinney I didn't mean to offend you. Given the current circumstances I can understand your perspective. Stay strong🙏
Navodya Hettiarachchi
Navodya Hettiarachchi - 9 days ago
Kalyssa Mckinney
Kalyssa Mckinney - 9 days ago
BlackFace is racial discrimination. From the looks of your profile, your black too. How can you accuse people of "OverReacting" and they're literally mocking us as a race. To this day, we have it the hardest. Every other race can do the same things we will, they get praised and we get torn down Especially with how the world is now with more black people than ever being killed by police? Until people learn racism and discrimination is wrong, no I will be offended and won't be quiet. We've been quiet long enough. Do better. Have a nice day.
Ms. Twisted
Ms. Twisted - 12 days ago
𝗵 𝗲 𝘄 𝗼 𝗿 𝗲 𝗯 𝗹 𝗮 𝗰 𝗸 𝗳 𝗮 𝗰 𝗲
Mister_ GrizzLee
Mister_ GrizzLee - 4 months ago
Why the fuck are they arguing over a photo from 2001
Ariel - 4 months ago
I just Love Trudeau more than ever.
Jashan sandhu
Jashan sandhu - 4 months ago
Justin is so innocent
hammouda KAGAMI
hammouda KAGAMI - 4 months ago
2001 wow what a shame
Kura - 4 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm sorry but this is so funny.
Takeda Takeda
Takeda Takeda - 4 months ago
This is why I hate racism. Now I can not go like prince for halloween.
john cuervo
john cuervo - 4 months ago
If black people get offended by this man putting on black makeup then clearly they are bigoted homophobes
Biff carrington
Biff carrington - 4 months ago
Seems he has an obsession with wanting to be black but only for a little bit then back to normal.
Floyd Lechner
Floyd Lechner - 5 months ago
As non american, why is blackface racist?
Bucky Brown
Bucky Brown - 5 months ago
Back in the day, I did a blackface routine for Dr. King & he loved it! I did it again for him at a house party. If Dr. King liked it, can it be bad?? See me www.imdb.com/name/nm2827073
Eki the Alchemist
Eki the Alchemist - 5 months ago
Why is it always the people who are the most politically correct the ones who do racist stuff?
Eki the Alchemist
Eki the Alchemist - 5 months ago
Aladdin was Chinese in “A Thousand Arabian Nights” and Arabic in Disney’s so his costume is way off.
0/10 would not recommend
يافا صليبا
يافا صليبا - 5 months ago
No Aladdin was from Baghdad.
philly joe
philly joe - 5 months ago
man didnt u see that ut looks as if he had something un hus pants as if he has big black dick? you would thin this video is meant to promote black men to White females
Nick pinnetti
Nick pinnetti - 5 months ago
Your show sucks...
Nick pinnetti
Nick pinnetti - 5 months ago
Why aren't you airing the video of him? I'm sure you and your audience wouldn't be laughing if it was a conservative doing this...they would be forced to resign...your a joke literally...
Valkyrie - 5 months ago
It's so funny to watch leftists eat each other and then forgive each other, wash, repeat.
Leslie Harvey
Leslie Harvey - 5 months ago
Haha let's forget about how racist we are as dems
Leslie Harvey
Leslie Harvey - 5 months ago
What about Trump's blackface and not Justin's 4 times.
Vasily Kuznetsov
Vasily Kuznetsov - 5 months ago
So what's the big problem with people wearing make-up that doesn't match their skin color? Seems like people should be free to wear whatever makeup they want, no?
Chief Louie
Chief Louie - 5 months ago
Vote for me. I AM BLACKFACE.
Cardinal Sin
Cardinal Sin - 6 months ago
"before that there was only waffles or chicken. it was the dutch who put them together."
Jacob Glenn
Jacob Glenn - 4 months ago
Nope in the 1930s there was a harlem restaurant by the name of wells supper club that put them together
Pedro Huizar
Pedro Huizar - 6 months ago
Black face isn't a problem WHO CARES! Is it offensive when black people wear white makeup?
LPB B. - 6 months ago
opposite to mainstream thoughts, I dont see anything wrong with his make up, or with a black person having white make up, or anyone making his eyes as Asian-chinese or the like...WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. We are different and we accept and celebrate differences, it has nothing to do with offence or mocking. The judgement of this as a wrong thing only can happen in the mind of a real racist person
Anakay - 6 months ago
Americans see racism everywhere, you can paint your face any color but black. Black is only for black people, huh? So you prohibit a "race" to do something based on skin color. Idk, sounds kinda racist to me
Ikmal Intan
Ikmal Intan - 6 months ago
So if louis ck did something a decade ago, its an issue?
Details - 6 months ago
It's ight Justin you can be black
Richard James
Richard James - 6 months ago
The audience was all white..fucking sheep.
B3Mbeats - 6 months ago
i aint even mad at bul. he had enough balls to come out and talk about the other instance. fuck it. he apologized and i have no reason to believe that he isnt sincere. let dat man live
1990 •
1990 • - 6 months ago
I don’t get how people are still mad at him for this. Yes he did something really wrong here, it was not okay but he still apologised and tried to leave it all behind. And are we just gonna ignore that big people like Shane Dawson did the same exact thing, I’m not mad at him either cuz he still apologised, but people are sooo much more forgiving with him which is really hypocritical tbh
Karan Abraham
Karan Abraham - 6 months ago
Seriously people just overreacting 😂
Josny13 - 6 months ago
It wasn't racist. It was just insensitive, possibly ignorant. Stop blowing it up people. It would have been racist if no actual black people were allowed at the party.
Subi_fan - 6 months ago
Trudeau has been going after others, calling them racist for doing similar things, sucha vile, disgusting hypocrite. Saddest and most pathetic thing is, people are making excuses for him...
young boss87
young boss87 - 7 months ago
Gtfu white people
Andy P.
Andy P. - 7 months ago
Canada's first black prime minister.
Frasier Antwan
Frasier Antwan - 7 months ago
If black face is so Racist why did blacks IGNORED obama endorsing Trudeau last week?
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