Surprising FaZe Rug with Custom Ipones! - tik tok

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beatrice aidoo
beatrice aidoo - Day ago
i always subscribe like and follow you r is it because i am way in africa.😪😭😭
Alan Escamia
Alan Escamia - 16 days ago
Make customize lil uzi vert shoes
Mr. CYCLONE gaming
Mr. CYCLONE gaming - 27 days ago
Uff manh u r damn good
Bophelo Hlalele
Bophelo Hlalele - 28 days ago
You r Killin me with yo dad jokes 😂🤣
ItzSlowin - Month ago
Ipones noce IᑭᕼOᑎᗴ
Bexspy - Month ago
It’s fine iPhone
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - Month ago
Nobody’s gonna talk bout the fact that marko forgot to blur out the number plate of the orange car at 2:57
Prince Daniel
Prince Daniel - Month ago
I swear Michael and the only person that goes through the drive-thru and ask for ketchup with his drink you don't even have fries 😂
Caiden Bilotta
Caiden Bilotta - Month ago
👟 you’re Chanel is cool
Iam.BizzieSo - Month ago
Haha I like how Rug was scared/nervous to open the box of shoes.
Gizelle Ruffib
Gizelle Ruffib - Month ago
That kid is so adorable!
YG96 OFFICIAL - Month ago
Really bro you are my happiness you are so good love from nepal 😘❤️
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang - Month ago
when he said: *i have all of these*
Mattix Harris
Mattix Harris - Month ago
Anyone else notice he spelled iPhone wrong
Shane Brady
Shane Brady - Month ago
Sebastian Torres Muñoz
Cual es la canción del vídeo?... What is that song??
Alan Escamia
Alan Escamia - Month ago
Make customize lil uzi vert shoes
alexandra leon
alexandra leon - Month ago
Why: it’s customized and apple things are expensive
Darian Valentin Vega
Darian Valentin Vega - Month ago
Lee Stanley-Gonsalves
Lee Stanley-Gonsalves - Month ago
I’m a little kid..... not that little ......
Kathia Madrid
Kathia Madrid - Month ago
Bro you forgot to make the beani
Nearly Chaos
Nearly Chaos - Month ago
“but daddy’s still at the store getting milk...for 7 years” 😂😂💀
Wesley Green
Wesley Green - Month ago
I want the giveaway but I don’t have a social media
Jojo - Month ago
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Bomzhara - Month ago
3:11 that 350z doe
Joseph Shakespeare
Joseph Shakespeare - Month ago
Marco gives iphone11 to really rich people I wish he gave them to us however it is really not ce him giving them away
Hustiling_TECH_YT - Month ago
bro you hide apple logo in custom it;s not good
Hustiling_TECH_YT - Month ago
0:07 dude 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Otchaly Nzinga
Otchaly Nzinga - Month ago
can you give me one?
Krystal Martinez
Krystal Martinez - Month ago
sooo happy to see you grow so much on YouTube MARKO!!!!! CONGRATS! 🥳🥳🥳
Ethan Kinnear
Ethan Kinnear - Month ago
I NEED TO KNOW WHAT SONG THAT IS when hes driving to faze rugs. its a fricken bop
Kgomotso Ledwaba
Kgomotso Ledwaba - Month ago
He hehe ipones
cheeeze cup
cheeeze cup - 2 months ago
MARKO cant make a vid without doing something wierd 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kau Tube
Kau Tube - 2 months ago
Nice markooo.. Me fans markoo from INDONESIA 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
Thomas McMahon
Thomas McMahon - 2 months ago
Bro that’s not how you spell phone
Hadia Ali
Hadia Ali - 2 months ago
Ipones ... okay Marko.
Rabin Xthaa
Rabin Xthaa - 2 months ago
Hii i am your big fan ...
Can u please giveaway me a iphone ..
I don't have good phone❤❤
Love&support from nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
Maurice Essie
Maurice Essie - 2 months ago
What is a Ipone
Hawxy - 2 months ago
Astro Ren
Astro Ren - 2 months ago
Ipones in the title bruh
Astro Ren
Astro Ren - 2 months ago
Astro Ren
Astro Ren - 2 months ago
AToMic Lox
AToMic Lox - 2 months ago
U spelled phones wrong u said Ipone
Da Boys
Da Boys - 2 months ago
It kinda looks like someone ate a lot of paint and took a dookie right their -Marko 2020
Emily Pearce
Emily Pearce - 2 months ago
Anyone noticed the title? ‘Custom Ipones’
Rana Gümüş
Rana Gümüş - 2 months ago
Markooooo, I love videoooo
Golden Flippers
Golden Flippers - 2 months ago
Why no one talking about "ipone"
شخبوط تيوب Sh5bo6 Tube I
Iam from oman 🇴🇲 I like you work to much can I get one of those iphones
Josh Caron
Josh Caron - 2 months ago
cannot believe the audacity of that guy not gonna keep them “because he already has them” and tells that straight to markos face 😡
Jeffrey Cuñado
Jeffrey Cuñado - 2 months ago
you good at customized things keep it up bro ❤️
CloutSause - 2 months ago
Shoot where can i get one of deez phones clean mines got dropped in the street so its strugglin
Ty-Ellis Jenkins
Ty-Ellis Jenkins - 2 months ago
Joey Gonzales
Joey Gonzales - 2 months ago
Bro can you plz make me a iPad custom I'll pay for it how much
Levi Dolan’s
Levi Dolan’s - 2 months ago
“iPhone” “South Africa” why? Because I dropped my phone in water n now it won’t work 🙂 and my mom said she won’t get me another one
Almost early about everything
Level !
MickeyOZ - 2 months ago
Qusai Habib
Qusai Habib - 2 months ago
It’s iPhones not ipones
Isagani Momongan Jr. Official
I like your videos bro👍
Theykno Ja’Liah
Theykno Ja’Liah - 2 months ago
Why: ppl r scared to come to da hood
Brayden Lloyd
Brayden Lloyd - 2 months ago
Hey Marko there is a typo in you thing you spelled pones in stead of phones
Paulina Callejas
Paulina Callejas - 2 months ago
hillary_just_hillary - 2 months ago
3:55 what if we don't have instagram
kimberly Zavala
kimberly Zavala - 2 months ago
Yu shuld give me an iphone cuhs I love yu🥺
A Human
A Human - 2 months ago

Marko: *"can we get some ketchup with the water"*
Adrin the beast
Adrin the beast - 2 months ago
Wait I saw you two times up and down
A Human
A Human - 2 months ago
"I'm just an 18 year old tryna find some little kids...

... *cut that out"*
PenguinMaster iIi
PenguinMaster iIi - 2 months ago
He purposely put ipones because of that baby tiktok
jace luinstra
jace luinstra - 2 months ago
zach vs marko
Mulla 10 Mo
Mulla 10 Mo - 2 months ago
Has quarantine changed the spelling of iPhones to ipones 😂 the title
Guicey - 2 months ago
I love the phones
Will Sullivan
Will Sullivan - 2 months ago
Spelt the title wrong haha ipone 😂
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson - 2 months ago
Hey Marko! I currently have an iPhone 6 with a busted home button and a broken screen. Next year I am heading off to college so unfortunately I can’t put money towards a phone right now :( anyway ever since I’ve started watching your videos I have loved them and would really appreciate a custom iPhone from you! If not I totally understand! Have a good one :)
E - 2 months ago
Song ?
Baboy Kaw
Baboy Kaw - 2 months ago
why: couz i not have a phone this phone i use is my cousin's phone
giorgi mindiashvili
giorgi mindiashvili - 2 months ago
I love your heart bro❤️
Eli is Høllow
Eli is Høllow - 2 months ago
Did anyone else see the supra👀@3:12
Dinesha Garcia
Dinesha Garcia - 2 months ago
That Ipad is amazing 😍 id love to win a Marko giveaway!!
Sako slap
Sako slap - 2 months ago
marko you shouldn’t give a custome iphone to rich people you should give them to peoples that don’t have it or they can’t buy it
KFY_PSYCHO - 2 months ago
I never realized Marko is tall till I see him standing next to other ppl
moneybagg. jenny
moneybagg. jenny - 2 months ago
Why because i have a really old and slow iPhone and would really appreciate a New update for school to do my work❤🙏
ERICK Sanchez
ERICK Sanchez - 2 months ago
3:13 red supra
Soaring Doge
Soaring Doge - 2 months ago
"Daddy's still at the store getting milk for 7 years." -Marko 2020
CalvaFitness - 2 months ago
can i have some ketchup for the water
Kin Ze
Kin Ze - 2 months ago
Bro the background music was playing with me with my AirPods on😂😂. Try it you’ll see what I’m talking about.
SZ CREATION - 2 months ago
I always tell you to give me a iPhone 😢😢
But u won't 😭😭😭
Marco broo one iphone please bro please 😭😭
SH1FTERR - 2 months ago
Yo the subscribe part make me cry😭
Subbing everyone who subs me
Him and she should collaborate on something
Filomena Isabel
Filomena Isabel - 2 months ago
because I absolutely love your vids and I am truly truly going to give it to my mum because she has a phone that is an samsung from 2005 or something and my mum cant really use it and she cant afford a new one
Koalo playz
Koalo playz - 2 months ago
Goal is : 565 subs
Goal is : 565 subs - 2 months ago
Hahaha n't
Saurabh Patil
Saurabh Patil - 2 months ago
man start vlogging
Anna Forever
Anna Forever - 2 months ago
I think that rug and Brandon has the best reactions compared to Addison or idk btw this isn’t meant to be hate
Megan Colvan
Megan Colvan - 2 months ago
PLEASE MARKO that pineapple iPhone is my dream phone I LOVE pineapples sooo much my rooms filled with them and having that phone would just complete it! Your works incredible keep it up :) my instas @meggancolvan if u ever want to get in touch with me
Bella Putan-Hart
Bella Putan-Hart - 2 months ago
"New Zealand"
Why:i bought my last phone which means it's mine right... Well not to my parents they took it off me and it's been almost 5 months just cause I was texting boys I'm sorry when was it illegal to talk to dudes in my house!
Goonsquiid - 2 months ago
Ketchup with a water.👌🤣
Arvydas Ladukas
Arvydas Ladukas - 2 months ago
United Kingdom (UK)
Bhalchandra Swami
Bhalchandra Swami - 2 months ago
Howdey yo i have 2 subs🔥 and a cry😭baby 🔥subscribebaby😭
Bhalchandra Swami
Bhalchandra Swami - Month ago
Okwute Courage
Okwute Courage - 2 months ago
I love dat kid too
Innocence - 2 months ago
That iPhone probably made that ladies day with all the annoying and demanding people that come through drive thru’s
Will Smith
Will Smith - 2 months ago
I see you did You get her number
Kevin Alvarez
Kevin Alvarez - 2 months ago
Marko un should customize a Gucci short for faze rug 🔥
Wallyson Tomaz
Wallyson Tomaz - 2 months ago
Será que tem algum BR aqui?
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