Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 22

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Pussalaya - 15 hours ago
that engine bay is cleaner than my house
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - 4 days ago
The car look blue in darker light
Eat Sleep Shift
Eat Sleep Shift - 24 days ago
15:34 Free Palestine
Benny Reyes Diaz
Benny Reyes Diaz - 28 days ago
I am confused, is this the lambo that was burn?
Muhammad Ripai
Muhammad Ripai - 2 months ago
Halo i'm from indonesia i like your video
3peat Owens
3peat Owens - 2 months ago
Man this makes me want to replaced my blown signal light
Simon Cheng
Simon Cheng - 3 months ago
How come they need another windshield?
Judah White
Judah White - 3 months ago
tint it after u install it
King Nero
King Nero - 3 months ago
Love the Imperial Storm Trooper look on the paint scheme on that front end.
Michael Kahn
Michael Kahn - 4 months ago
Longtime viewer and first time comment. The piece in the back is pronounced loo-ver
Diaz Verza
Diaz Verza - 4 months ago
It’s like glazed donuts 🍩😂😂😂
Logan Archer
Logan Archer - 5 months ago
Y’all were bein watched at 2:42 👀😂
Monkey Magic
Monkey Magic - 5 months ago
sorry i havent been watching your channel for a while because i forgot about it. sorry!
jerry henderson
jerry henderson - 5 months ago
It's a rear hatch or engine cover , and lu-ver is how it's pronounced .
Salty_ Spudson
Salty_ Spudson - 6 months ago
the "JDM symbol" is the symbol that is displayed on the cars of drivers that have less than 2 years of drivers experience in Japan.
Bujang Sabing
Bujang Sabing - 6 months ago
15:30 #FreePalestine #SavePalestineKids #HumanRightsWatch
rafe hos
rafe hos - 6 months ago
Palestine flag ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
oł men -_-
oł men -_- - 6 months ago
That lambo will look better in yellow
Ken Roots
Ken Roots - 8 months ago
amazing build guys .....
Robert Prout
Robert Prout - 8 months ago
Nice job guys
shane solomon
shane solomon - 8 months ago
Spray a hole car matte black
shane solomon
shane solomon - 8 months ago
I like how the “legit” Lamborghini is turning out it is insane
Weiwei Su
Weiwei Su - 8 months ago
That JDM Arrow sign means "Student Driver/Novice Driver" (初心運転者標識) in Japan. Usually referring to whom just got their Driver License for the first time. It's a mandatory sticker by Japanese Government (Issued by local Police authorities) when novice driver buy their first car during probation period (1 year).
Otsile Otsweletse
Otsile Otsweletse - 8 months ago
steven sparkz
steven sparkz - 9 months ago
the gap fron the front bumper to the top of the front hood is just a bit to big right?
Israel Tirado
Israel Tirado - 9 months ago
You need to have your own reality tv show not the YouTube stuff. I was a body tech guy in Truman College 25 years ago couldn't find a job, so I quit looking but looking at you guys do the body work is lighting a fire inside me, so I might just go back to my trade.keep up the great work.
brandon bourgoin
brandon bourgoin - 9 months ago
Gotta be a hater for no reason if you’re negging this videos
John Smith
John Smith - 9 months ago
Fender Wells
Ahmad Farhat
Ahmad Farhat - 9 months ago
That’s our flag it’s Palestinian flag Omg I am so surprised
sidney laimbeer
sidney laimbeer - 9 months ago
Gentlemen my congratulations for an amazing job,thanks for the syk Lambo videos,it is very inspiring and close to perfection,I wish you guys all the best in the future.Best Regards, PEACE Sidney Laimbeer
Mark Anthony Villanueva
Mark Anthony Villanueva - 9 months ago
Down to many more parts from part 1
mametto selo
mametto selo - 9 months ago
You I amazing man 🇵🇸🇵🇸
Piero1940 - 9 months ago
Guys you made an incredible amazing work with that Lamborghini.From a  scrap to a supercar again,great job.Greetings from Italy.
fritz albeth tababa
fritz albeth tababa - 9 months ago
peter kobra
peter kobra - 9 months ago
About tinting the front windshield.
Never a good idea!
You want to see all in front of you, especially at night...
peter kobra
peter kobra - 9 months ago
I've watched all of this build and you guys are legit and drivin right to the end
Congratulations on an awesome restoration *****
RUSHI CRISTOBAL - 9 months ago
About the japanese sign it stands for a Novice/Beginner sign where you put in the front and rear of the car if you just got you license its basically used about a year.
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden - 9 months ago
Casually repainting the jeep in between rebuilding a Lamborghini.
Joshua Zimmerman
Joshua Zimmerman - 9 months ago
How much did it cost
Canadian Wolf151
Canadian Wolf151 - 9 months ago
Isn’t tinted windshields illegal or no
marijn scheele
marijn scheele - 9 months ago
guys nice work you're doing on the lambo but you probably should plan a little better. after watching several episodes is thought you were almost done with it bit then something comes up again. make sure to sand everything at once then assemble it then clean it so it doesnt take like 25. just a little tip. keep up the good work
Kai Dawson
Kai Dawson - 10 months ago
Paganad Koagama
Paganad Koagama - 10 months ago
P854,000 for labor only... so nice!!!
Paganad Koagama
Paganad Koagama - 10 months ago
I love Mechanist...
Wafiy HP
Wafiy HP - 10 months ago
no one:
Goonzquad: *dropping a sponge to a bucket full of soap*
KZADRM CHANNEL - 10 months ago
whats music song name in time .8:18 brother,?
Taurino Nindita
Taurino Nindita - 10 months ago
Damned dude,,thats more awesome than the new one from factory,,the first owner myb very jealous after she knows the lambo is absolutely perfect again
F A Y A R D B E N - 10 months ago
Any one noticed palestine's flag !
From algeria.. Thank you goonzquad ❤
Sidnei Pinno
Sidnei Pinno - 10 months ago
Cara belo trabalho ficou como novo
Sidnei Pinno
Sidnei Pinno - 10 months ago
Esse carro é seu ou so esta reformando
Junichi Tsuruta
Junichi Tsuruta - 10 months ago
That Japanese stuff is to be used for new drivers in their first years after take the drivers license here in Japan to alert the other drivers know that is a new driver and take care and take also a good distance from he(she.)
Saleh Akiela
Saleh Akiela - 10 months ago
Palestine flag yooooo 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Commander93Arch - 10 months ago
Now that is an American flag
plunder1956 - 10 months ago
You need to be very gentle with a pressure washer around the body shell, and seals on everything.
I was so impressed with your paint working on that Jeep. Nothing seems to slow you down.
Bob A
Bob A - 10 months ago
Great choice with painting the front bumper with the flat black paint. Adds a really nice contrast to the white. It is a mean looking machine now. Like your taste and decisions made with this project boys!
JL Web Creative
JL Web Creative - 10 months ago
Love you guys!! Newmattic and Looover! ;-)
steven hale
steven hale - 10 months ago
dam dude is there anything you cant do? love your videos you guys rock
Elie Junior
Elie Junior - 10 months ago
Where the he'll the got that word KAKA from? Because that's sound Creole LOL!!!!!!!!
plm2879 - 10 months ago
Which video did they install the airbags?
junbug doe
junbug doe - 10 months ago
Damn!! that is soooo SEXIEY!!
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez - 11 months ago
No caca on this channel
BEAST MODE - 11 months ago
If I buy a wrecked 2017 Acura NSX or a Corvette ZR1 will you guys help me restore it?
Hansiboy Ocelbo
Hansiboy Ocelbo - 11 months ago
fix the tie rod
Adam Lake
Adam Lake - 11 months ago
with your narrower vacuum novel although it does work id use a air gun off of you compressor to blow out everything to the back of the seat and then use a vacuum
Robert SORRENSEN - 11 months ago
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Bill Daniels
Bill Daniels - 11 months ago
That thang on the zl1 is called a wheel barring
Edcleumo Novidades
Edcleumo Novidades - 11 months ago
Amazing,i loved your work,i loved supercars!
This Huracan where for sale?
Please,falow my mais canel
Leonard Zielewski
Leonard Zielewski - 11 months ago
Did safelite ruin your old windshield???
kenshinflyer - 11 months ago
Looks like that JDM sign is a Shoshinsha mark. Most JDM fans stick it on to their cars.
Sam Zer
Sam Zer - 11 months ago
PUDY/V8 - 11 months ago
This is so satesfying
Moe clash
Moe clash - 11 months ago
I bet They didn't know that was a Palestinian flag lol,
TheSlothrop23 - 11 months ago
Also, such a good job on the bumper spray. My dream job!
TheSlothrop23 - 11 months ago
i know it's been said before, but i feel i must just say, how amazing it is that the little details are given so much thought. It requires all the attention you give it. I'd love to hang out with these legit dudes, sanding cars and shooting the breeze. I Legit, seriously love this channel and all that good stuff. Hell, i've even bought a baseball cap to fit in.
Тим Тим
Тим Тим - 11 months ago
Ребята пришлите мне вашу майку с котом и кепку?!?
JD Carleon
JD Carleon - 11 months ago
It was so clean I had to inspect my phone screen for blemishes 😂🤣
Cruiser Yuubari
Cruiser Yuubari - 11 months ago
18:52 it's a sign used by new drivers in japan to let other drivers know to give them a bit more patience, there is one for old people too lol.
Chahahc - 11 months ago
TIL glazed donuts shine brighter than diamonds.
Addy V
Addy V - 11 months ago
And why
Addy V
Addy V - 11 months ago
How much polishing do they do
Christian Riedel
Christian Riedel - Year ago
I think you guys are more happy about this car, than if you have won it in LOTTO :-) nice to see such good diligent work.
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