Who’s Slept With the Most People? | Lineup | Cut

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Cut - 27 days ago
Want more Duranged? Follow him on IG at https://www.instagram.com/durangedpitt
J. Spauldin
J. Spauldin - 7 days ago
Love his love for the gingers..
Puppet Party
Puppet Party - 14 days ago
+Melanie 2 They have already had a lineup with virgins just so you know :)
+Grantcham49 Thank u 😊
Grantcham49 - 15 days ago
+Thegirlwithalongassscreennamenotadragontattoo instagram.com/mischeviouskitty?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=14ny28yqx04ex
What's Jasmine's IG or Twitter? Asking for a friend 😜
Iole Amicone
Iole Amicone - 14 hours ago
Ok but the guy who's guessing with the blue eyes... he's cute lol. Does anybody know his name?
Jay Peneueta
Jay Peneueta - 18 hours ago
The last girl is fine af
Tiddie Milk
Tiddie Milk - 21 hour ago
That last girl tho 🥴 she makin me crazy for those thighs man
TheXtrendonAndroid - Day ago

Wish i had friends chill like him
Ayan Ali
Ayan Ali - Day ago
Im shook the people I least expected was the 1500+ guy and the ginger lady.
Ahmad Brkam
Ahmad Brkam - Day ago
I want to know that black girls ig the guessee one please
Aaliyah Marie
Aaliyah Marie - 2 days ago
i think the 1500+ is a bit wrong like he’s cheating on his husband :(
Roadtriptv Hot ‘n’ spicy
Aaliyah Marie could be a open marriage 🤷🏽‍♂️
AnnyLovesPink - 2 days ago
Nothing wrong with saving yourself for marriage, that was kind of my plan but then I was raped at 19. But I don't understand why having a high number would be something to be proud of. I'd be ashamed to have slept with that many people
harbinger of Payne
harbinger of Payne - 2 days ago
There is no way that that guy has had gay sex 1500 I don’t believe it
Konrad Konkelbär
Konrad Konkelbär - 2 days ago
Husband and boyfriend, he just exposed himself
Modupe Sanda
Modupe Sanda - 2 days ago
"Aw man, them glasses aint fooling nobody" 😆😂😄
EZZY - 2 days ago
Duranged's hair looks like 2 strings of anal beads (no hate)
Alaa a
Alaa a - 3 days ago
“When I was a virgin I stood like this”
*Every other guy standing like that*
James Buxton
James Buxton - 3 days ago
60 and 30. That's all i'm going to say on that
Air Jay
Air Jay - 3 days ago
And I can’t even get a text back
Dee Gee
Dee Gee - 4 days ago
1500 is gross.
monsta texts
monsta texts - 4 days ago
*everyone switches their number*
“Okay... _sir_ “
monsta texts
monsta texts - 4 days ago
“What’s your number left?”
“It’s fucking zero.”
“What about her says zero?”
“Absofuckinglutely nothing.”
J4ckOfHearts - 5 days ago
*Try Comic-Con, very easy video*
Snikkr - 5 days ago
0:15 my man validating all us asexuals out there 😤
Ford AFG
Ford AFG - 5 days ago
Zero stands next to 1500+. Stay away dude from that big number. 😂😂
gasper gwanchele
gasper gwanchele - 5 days ago
21 in itself is quite a lot
SY Si - 5 days ago
01:14 I love how she asks directly if he have girlfriend OR a boyfriend
SNEAKY CAMPERS - 5 days ago
How can you be married and also have a boyfriend
Buddy Palson
Buddy Palson - 5 days ago
the 1500 guy fucks dudes, it's not a big achievement...and he counted anything he ever did including handjobs...handjobs from/for other dudes...
McLovin Got The Sauce
McLovin Got The Sauce - 5 days ago
That number 3 on my mother ima make that 4 just watch 🙏🏼
Adr Dreams Network
Adr Dreams Network - 5 days ago
That mans an intellectual, it's impossible for black men to cheat
Yanna need a djck
Yanna need a djck - 5 days ago
That black woman is literally me
Kaio_Ken_X9000 - 5 days ago
That 51 & 60 I would’ve never guessed
LowKiQuis - 5 days ago
I'm heartbroken, myjayla isn't single
Amber Harlem
Amber Harlem - 6 days ago
Name of the girl with braids please?
sseba12 - 6 days ago
all them hoes there
Nicholas Stevens
Nicholas Stevens - 6 days ago
The first comment about the feet makes no sense that’s how some people stand
Hilary Trump
Hilary Trump - 6 days ago
Lol some of these numbers are lies 😂
Mariah Luz
Mariah Luz - 6 days ago
Just me being a Virgin and saw that 1,500................ Okay...
Mariya Williams
Mariya Williams - 6 days ago
Nigga do u wanna make them 31?
Markusfen - 6 days ago
Absofuckinglotely guy
Claudia Steindl
Claudia Steindl - 6 days ago
"ai man, get your, you know, virgin ass outta here" HAHA
Claudia Steindl
Claudia Steindl - 6 days ago
"ai man, get your, you know, virgin ass outta here" HAHA
Bruno - 6 days ago
Hand jobs and blow jobs don’t count as sex
The Real Q
The Real Q - 6 days ago
Who know mikayla Instagram
Nobody that you know
Nobody that you know - 6 days ago
Damn duranged Pitt lost a lotta weight
Max Aguilar
Max Aguilar - 6 days ago
The 1500+ guy probably tried hooking up the virgin guy later
Julianna Camarenamora
Julianna Camarenamora - 7 days ago
Sorry but that dudes hair reminds me of a helicopter
Lexi Keira
Lexi Keira - 7 days ago
“Let’s just be frank,you’ve done it” 😂😂😂 he is hilarious
Maria Durso
Maria Durso - 7 days ago
Omg I'm not home yes or no...
Shennel Miller
Shennel Miller - 7 days ago
"Holy shit what kind of fuckery is this"😂😂😂😂😂
Able Tv
Able Tv - 7 days ago
How did she classify ASMR as a kink
slop - 7 days ago
You can’t lose your virginity without a vagina
Jo Nas
Jo Nas - 7 days ago
I am 27 years old, slept with 21 persons and now live a voluntary celebate lifestyle aaaand I love it. :)
HappinessPrideJoy - 7 days ago
First Cut video I ever got 100% correct 😯😁
crus8r - 7 days ago
"you look like you're like 12 bruh" lmao
Joel Domo
Joel Domo - 7 days ago
I have a crush on the tiny ginger don’t blame it on me I like gingers ok
Opressed Finno-ugric
Opressed Finno-ugric - 7 days ago
I have rarely felt this kind of disgust
Alice Steven
Alice Steven - 7 days ago
ASMR is a kink????
Arthur Kwon Lee
Arthur Kwon Lee - 7 days ago
r vs K Selection
Xi.Anais - 7 days ago
They guy with the blue eyes and backwards that assigning numbers is SO cute
MG - 7 days ago
That's disgusting, that guy will probably become a pedophile or something
The ARMY From YouTube
The ARMY From YouTube - 7 days ago
This is off topic but..
Being Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, or anything else, it’s not a choice it’s a *living*
This is a bad quote I made up sorry..
Chill man
Chill man - 7 days ago
I like the frankness of people, very beautiful!
febreezcoolice - 7 days ago
My guy with the green is losing weight💪🏾
Traz - 7 days ago
This generation needs help.
Bat Man
Bat Man - 7 days ago
Red would be a good spinner and looks like a fun time. 1500+ in a few years with a few miles of tube steak in her.
Chicho MrT
Chicho MrT - 7 days ago
Im just gonna say this Chanarah is one fine ass lady goddamn 😍😍😍
Sophia Issler
Sophia Issler - 7 days ago
Love how she just goes SIR
James Crumit
James Crumit - 7 days ago
1,500+ I knew it was him he just has that vibe
qzetu - 8 days ago
The red head is a little whore. Girls like that will be washed up by 30 & no REAL man will want them.
Taha Aljasem
Taha Aljasem - 8 days ago
5:43 ‘’ I gotta give you 30 cuz u definitely fuckin’’
sundiata kieta
sundiata kieta - 8 days ago
I wasnt suprised about the gay white dude i saw him snd was like the avreage gay white dude sleeps with alot of men no offense to gsy white people but its stat
Jurick Gustina
Jurick Gustina - 8 days ago
Channarah girl cute tho
Jalonta e
Jalonta e - 8 days ago
Dude with the braids was chill asf
WHY YOU SAD - 8 days ago
do y’all know what the girl with the yellow shirt height is
Chronicles of Nadia
Chronicles of Nadia - 8 days ago
The short black girl is so adorable
SpaceKee Beats
SpaceKee Beats - 8 days ago
Ayoooo this shit is terrible lmao
Cxzy Oblivion
Cxzy Oblivion - 8 days ago
You’re all sinners
Cxzy Oblivion
Cxzy Oblivion - 8 days ago
The Kingslayer got 1500 handjobs/blowjobs/ ass fuckings in his life.

That is a life worth living
tyrone - 8 days ago
that the asian girl @
Tamme Ara
Tamme Ara - 8 days ago
Who keeps track? They're so specific O.o...well...most
Salome Mamasakhlisi
Salome Mamasakhlisi - 8 days ago
I was surprised they didn’t bring a married person with a 1 for their body count. It would’ve been awesome to hear a perspective from someone who saved themselves and found “the one”. But great episode overall, very interesting!
Abbi C
Abbi C - 8 days ago
so whats your relationship status?
i am married to my husband and i have a boyfriend
me: wtf i wish i could pull off sumthin like that
not really
not really - 8 days ago
Oh cool so now I know the idea of having sex with more than 5 people makes me extremely uncomfortable
Layla Lee
Layla Lee - 8 days ago
The guy that do modeling, after he put on his glass im like yeahhhh dadddy !!!!
Alexis Theiss
Alexis Theiss - 8 days ago
what does “sex is organic” mean!?!??!
oksarah - 8 days ago
“what does your partying look like?”
**does awkward ass dance move**
“child no”
Sara Kitten
Sara Kitten - 8 days ago
"Single, single as HELL"
Hahaha fucking relatable aye.
Ejirou Kirishima
Ejirou Kirishima - 8 days ago
First line
I think your a virgin
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody - 8 days ago
Sex is overrated if you ask me
Neisha Schanno
Neisha Schanno - 8 days ago
You guys should do a "Who slept with who"! Some people were in a threesome together, some people didn't even have sex with anyone there, etc.
Hey Yo
Hey Yo - 8 days ago
I am very attracted to that ginger
Dora Clement
Dora Clement - 8 days ago
I guessed the highest and lowest and 3. The rest were all to close
Timothy Mack
Timothy Mack - 8 days ago
Damn bro I’m tryna be on this channel.. seem fun asf
LegaI-Ranch - 8 days ago
6:40 had me dead
Ramen Noodlez
Ramen Noodlez - 8 days ago
khalfan alali
khalfan alali - 8 days ago
damn the short one is fire
M V - 9 days ago
I like that girls ripped overalls where can I get emm
Palesa Sekhoetsane
Palesa Sekhoetsane - 9 days ago
Lamar Weeks
Lamar Weeks - 9 days ago
Please let me be on one of your episodes!!!!!!!
benazir jahangir
benazir jahangir - 9 days ago
I want to meet with zero 🤣🤣
Destiny Smith
Destiny Smith - 9 days ago
If the 1,500 guy can get some I can get some
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