Who’s Slept With the Most People? | Lineup | Cut

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Cut - 2 months ago
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Peter Aiso
Peter Aiso - 7 days ago
IG of the bear, who slept with 1500+ people? Pls.. asking for a friend
Niiikbr01 - 10 days ago
What’s the Black girl with braids @ ???
Julia Bergenstråle
Julia Bergenstråle - 24 days ago
Cool Ass
Cool Ass - Month ago
Cut what’s the girl @ with the blonde braids?
Cloudy Millz
Cloudy Millz - Month ago
Cut can we get more duranged ???
Abigail Bywater
Abigail Bywater - 3 hours ago
I have the biggest crush on the second woman at 60 😭
vlanjos4807 - 5 hours ago
i feel like if your number's that high how can you rember the exact digit
Gero Zamora
Gero Zamora - 7 hours ago
It's me or the guy with the cup looks like Zac Efron 😳
Dawn Ripper
Dawn Ripper - 12 hours ago
Barney Stinson would be proud!
Kendra A
Kendra A - 18 hours ago
Did one dance move, she said child no 💀😔
Paige Young
Paige Young - 20 hours ago
Why tf dose this redhead chick remind me of 5th at snake discovery
R Jay
R Jay - 21 hour ago
I would never have sex with that giant guy with the Hawk Gang T-shirt.. gross lol
Kalie Richardson
Kalie Richardson - Day ago
I want the first person(the black gentlemen) sweater. Origami crane ..please were can I get this
S0lgewd S0lgewd
S0lgewd S0lgewd - Day ago
he counted handjobs and blowjobs and straight said that a good majority for years were those two so im guessing hes prolly closer to 150 ppl. 145 dudes and 5 chicks. BAM
bobthesoundman - Day ago
1,500 her va-jj is nothing tight his pedda bug is idk vany like calm down on sleeping with ppl
Brittani Tell
Brittani Tell - 2 days ago
I love how they’re not judging the women especially bc in today’s society women can’t have casual sex w/out them being called hoes or whatever or not being “bussdowns” or “loose lips” or whatever. Bc the ppl in my family, especially the grandparents have told me to not let everyone in u bc u don’t wanna be that girl who “everyone’s had”
P. Lorenzo
P. Lorenzo - 2 days ago
That fat dude is just a walking std plus hes gay you do the math.
boatsnhoes1310 - 2 days ago
What’s the thick Asians name?
boatsnhoes1310 - 2 days ago
Or her @?
Noelle Murray
Noelle Murray - 2 days ago
9:17 im deadddddd
TheBestMovieAlive - 2 days ago
How is the ugliest guy the one with the most partners?
TheBestMovieAlive - 2 days ago
So the 1500 guy thinks getting blowjob counts as sex... It is a sexual activity but if we only counted Penetration then his number would be much much lower.
TheBestMovieAlive - 2 days ago
Who is the sluttiest person?
Jerry L.
Jerry L. - 3 days ago
Oh so 1500 guy counted everything, not just anal sex. Like making out and stuff
Hwi Yeo
Hwi Yeo - 3 days ago
21, 30, and 3's (i wish names were provided in every vid but alas u.u) face @ 7:44 has me crying 😂
Joselyn Trompiz
Joselyn Trompiz - 3 days ago
After seeing the 19 years old girl, I'm feeling like a potato (I'm the same age)
Uaint Shytho
Uaint Shytho - 2 days ago
Fukn incel
Joe Bermuda
Joe Bermuda - 3 days ago
If the fat guy is gay that actually makes perfect sense
ScoopDogg1867 - 3 days ago
It would be good if we could see the number of times they had sex too, might be surprising
sleoizee - 3 days ago
What would a 1500+ pussy feel like?? Nah I dont even wanna know
Alex Liang
Alex Liang - 4 days ago
dam number 3 girl
Hoosh - 4 days ago
The black dude with the gray shirt on is on a subway poster in Tacoma WA
Henry Dinh
Henry Dinh - 4 days ago
Damn the asian girl is cute
Scottie Morpheus
Scottie Morpheus - 4 days ago
Bro That Pokémon light skin Dude Sound Like Reason In Dreamville 😷😖
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 4 days ago
That dark skinned Asian is fine af!!!
MASS Gamer
MASS Gamer - 5 days ago
anyone else notice the lesbian is looking at the red head's butt? 10:56
L1PTON - 5 days ago
Fuck all these gay ass fuckers. Don't have them on. And WHY WOULD YOU COUNT HJ'S AND BJ'S AS SEX. IT'S NOT. WE CAN'T PERSONALLY DEFINE SEX OURSELVES BECAUSE LOOK WHAT FUCKING HAPPEND IN THIS TEST. Let's all just fucking agree that sexen the SCHLONG THE LONG is is the VEGI VAGINA,
Johnisa - 5 days ago
is that chick still pregnant
I imagine and forget to live
To be a virgin is okay
I am a virgin
Big VolK
Big VolK - 5 days ago
I didn't masterubait 1500 times, not even talking about sex
Hassan Asif
Hassan Asif - 5 days ago
fat bitch turned gay cuz she got impregnated and her mans left ❌🧢
Angel Medina
Angel Medina - 5 days ago
1500 people damn, he really counts anything sexual with or without orgasm, I really need to see shit like that.
Kanny boy
Kanny boy - 5 days ago
that one Indian guy true story!!
Davinio - 5 days ago
Is it me or did everyone think the girl on the end was the one with 1500+ partners?
Layla Hale
Layla Hale - 6 days ago
The Dark Kitten
The Dark Kitten - 6 days ago
half way through the video they all started to like like they where 3 foot 12
Itz Kermit69
Itz Kermit69 - 6 days ago
The 1500 was gaugmire
anna grace
anna grace - 7 days ago
all i could think is all of them monotonously looking at the camera and going "you. you're the virgin."
Kaya F
Kaya F - 7 days ago
More like "today you're guessing which mf has the loosest vagina and the limpest dick" LMAOOO
Cynthia E
Cynthia E - 8 days ago
ASMR Is not a kink!
andres - 8 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 had to like this
Murder me Šlowly
Murder me Šlowly - 8 days ago
My boy in the blue is a major asshole slayer
serenityq26 - 8 days ago
that tall brother. so HOT. go break winston in. teach him a few things
serenityq26 - 8 days ago
gay guy is so the 1500+
Aqua de Horchata
Aqua de Horchata - 8 days ago
I don’t think their was fair cause that guy with the 1500 body count was like counting spiritual shit like ghosts and anytime someone touched him and he got a little soldier in his pants the rest were like “ya three and they were pretty bad I think I’m switch sides soon” but this guy noooooo make it interesting and tell ppl it’s 1,500 but like half was just him thinking about sex like?????
Thatnew H
Thatnew H - 8 days ago
And they actually mean "slept with" and not just petting or something? 😳
Mau rice
Mau rice - 6 days ago
No the guy with 1500 actually said himself that sometimes it was just a handjob :)
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