Who’s Slept With the Most People? | Lineup | Cut

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Cut - Year ago
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Mozzarella •
Mozzarella • - 29 days ago
Black Knight Fool absolutely nobody. This is a very liberal channel. I can’t relate to any of the black ppl, myself being black. And so many ppl are uncouth.
BuQQ - 2 months ago
Eva Kirtsidou
Eva Kirtsidou - 3 months ago
We love himmmmm omg his voice is so nice
Jessica harris
Jessica harris - 4 months ago
Where do i sign up for these
Saint - 5 months ago
Can you make a new episode ? Of same topic .....I love cut
Nigel - 6 hours ago
The gay/bi male was always going to be the one who slept with 1500 plus, regardless of what they look like. Why ? Because he can
Harrison Ritz
Harrison Ritz - 20 hours ago
I love the ginger woman. She was so cool and funny. Wish she had an @
SEAN SCHARES - 21 hour ago
the guy w dreads was funny as hell
Keren Bejarano.
Keren Bejarano. - Day ago
Imagine 1500+ liking you...
nicii179 - 2 days ago
“how many tattoos do you have?” “16? 17?” “okay so stopped counting. so you’re not 1500, that person didn’t stop counting” i mean you can’t argue with that logic tbh
Katie Miz
Katie Miz - 2 days ago
The way she said SIR
I died
PH Silvestrini
PH Silvestrini - 3 days ago
Ok, I want to sleep with the 1500+ guy
rosemary '
rosemary ' - 4 days ago
Man what is fivesome hell nah😱😂😂😂😂
Random Name
Random Name - 4 days ago
Can I just say that the girl on the far right is the only reasonable one
Manish Kumar Tiwari
Manish Kumar Tiwari - 5 days ago
Indian boy had 0
Emalee June
Emalee June - 6 days ago
“When I was a Virgin I also stood with my feet out like this” (3:47)
Cut to Duranged standing with his feet out like that
Soft Rubber
Soft Rubber - 6 days ago
That virgin boy is Indian for sure
Nerd_World - 6 days ago
King slayer is an awesome title
CrillixOnRoblox - 7 days ago
Girl: use condoms bc I got pregnant at 19 :my mum: has her first born child at 16 😂
Patrick - 8 days ago
1500 tho? How is that even possible to have sex with so many people 😭
Gabby emz
Gabby emz - 8 days ago
how can people sleep with that many people oml especially 1500
sofia Esmeralda
sofia Esmeralda - 9 days ago
That man who had sex with 1500 ppl should run for president of the us
RebelGasGaming - 9 days ago
That 1500+ guy is the asshole who’s been sleeping with all our moms!
Tatiane C Oliveira
Tatiane C Oliveira - 10 days ago
I'm 33 and I certainly pass the 200! This people don't make sex 😂😂😅😅
Nalu_boyy - 11 days ago
wicked puma 63
wicked puma 63 - 11 days ago
The person who slept with 1500+ people must have slept with my mum aswell
Corey J.
Corey J. - 12 days ago
9:43 preach!!
John Marston
John Marston - 12 days ago
Anyone over 0 is a slut with low morals
Supreme Being
Supreme Being - 15 days ago
Ill take number 3 with a large fry please
Grace Balogun
Grace Balogun - 15 days ago
I think a porn star should have a higher number than the 1000+ guy
Corbinite - 16 days ago
I'm sorry asmr as a kink??
Sausage :
Sausage : - 17 days ago
1500 that’s about the population of earth!!
Arjun Soni
Arjun Soni - 18 days ago
9:27 virgin guy be like :
only phat ass can turn me on
Griffin - 19 days ago
Did she really just list asmr as one of her kinks? 5:34
Aurelia Ramirez
Aurelia Ramirez - 19 days ago
This is probably my 5th time watching this video💀💀😅
Enoch.t - 19 days ago
Subscribe to me with no reason and let me start making video after 1k
Osaretin Omobasuyi
Osaretin Omobasuyi - 22 days ago
International gadget.
YT Skittlez
YT Skittlez - 23 days ago
My man's has slept with more people then I have brain cells.
Willard Gutshall
Willard Gutshall - 23 days ago
The virgin reminds me of a pelican for some reason..
Ic_naya 826
Ic_naya 826 - 21 day ago
Willard Gutshall WHYYYYYY😂😂
arachnaguy - 23 days ago
All these people are full of shit lol
Salty_Kek - 23 days ago
The *K I N G S L A Y E R*
Jordi Fernández
Jordi Fernández - 24 days ago
How does people keep the count? I lost count years ago xd
Anna Blink
Anna Blink - 25 days ago
Asexuals: **Crickets**
Thomas Grönlund
Thomas Grönlund - 26 days ago
that annoying fucking haircut. cut those stupid fucking braids, you look like a fucking idiot.
yeet my feet
yeet my feet - 21 day ago
Bro wdym there so cute
Thomas Grönlund
Thomas Grönlund - 26 days ago
I don't really buy the fat guys 1500, maybe ejculations to porn clips.....
D PIW - 26 days ago
the bear is fucking hot. As soon as I saw him I suspected he was teh 1500+. when he said he was married and had a boyfriend I knew it.
Gaia per caso
Gaia per caso - 27 days ago
"you'll find out" LMAO
Kimani - 28 days ago
7:36 I laughed a little too hard.
neo culture johnny
neo culture johnny - 28 days ago
6:41 i thought of that one sound from tiktok iykyk
Mars !
Mars ! - Month ago
If the 1500+ guy wasn’t gay that is some small city ass kids waitin
Venom_ICE - Month ago
Bro yeh guy with the pointy hair seems a bit sketchy not to be offensive so pls no hate but he just seems a bit of
Muni Ng
Muni Ng - Month ago
What is the bear's name?
Jimmy Hoops
Jimmy Hoops - Month ago
That guy: I have had sex with 1500+ people
Me: I haven't even met 1500+ people in my entire life
Bellaa - Month ago
I smell an std
Nikke N
Nikke N - Month ago
9:59 when she said “yeees” i felt that girl i was clapping talking about yess ma’am
thatdudebelike - Month ago
I just read some comments here defending polygamy in marriage and I felt that I had to share my thoughts even though this is like 1 year old. It is absolutely horryfing how people can defend this type of behavior. Let's throw out the argument that marriage is a sacred symbol of love between two people, even though it is. The problem of you defending polygamy and this lifestyle in marriage is that you are contributing to a promiscuous culture.

You can claim that that's what men want so we might as well support them, but this is delusional at best. This promiscuous culture , that is being pushed by your help mind you, is literally pushing young adults into sex, even though they do not always want to. I do not want to be anecdotal but I have literally met dozens of young gay teens who were swept into hooking up with people only to massively hate themselves and regret it later on. Hooking up is not for everyone and we should actually talk about that instead of glorifying people who slept with more than 1000 people. I am not here to say that all promiscuous people should be punished or whatnot... grown men and women can do whatever they want in the privacy of their homes or certain institutions. This level of promicuouity generated from polygamy in marriage and other factors has some impacts on society. Just to prove that I am not pulling numbers out of my ass, the CDC found that the gay community in the US makes over 75 percent of HIV patients even though it is 4 percent. This I would directly contribute to the promicuous lifestyle ( with lack of education). When it comes to actually making a mockery of marriage and of what marriage is in this contemporary era, I will call bullshit. When it is actually glorified and defended, I will also call bullshit on that. Not completely because of my ego and belief, but because of the promicuous culture it is cultivating........

.And honestly, to all the people advocating this and insulting others who dare criticize a marriage such as this, I hope you actually know the implications of your actions. Jesus, I still have a lot to say on the issue but this has become long enough.

Counterarguments to all of this: LeT PeOple Doo WHat TheY wANT, It's NOt affectING YoOU...I mean this is the internet and I probably just wasted 10 mins of my life writing this
loOkAtAllThESChIckEns bruh
1:43 why i feel them like they are the same person talking to herself?
Krasnoludek - Month ago
5:35 is black version of me ♥️
SJ B - Month ago
1500+ that man is aids with feet
8:30 damnnnn that wassup bruh got me lol
TheRanger - Month ago
1500 went up to 1509 after this video
Sandzzz Luvs
Sandzzz Luvs - Month ago
ASMR is not a kink 😂
yeet my feet
yeet my feet - 21 day ago
Maybe if they slap a tit on the Microphone
류예슬 - Month ago
its true, short people are freaky, i am one of them hahaha
Alexis Sejnoha
Alexis Sejnoha - Month ago
“I feel like for his age that’s a good number” The 22 year old 🤦🏻‍♀️ but when I was 22 I had slept with 20 people 😬😬
Depress ion
Depress ion - Month ago
My number is 1 if it's just penetration and around 35 if we're going by the 1500 guy's rules (I'm a teenager)
Emo Emu
Emo Emu - Month ago
I’m a virgin and desperate (:
Cham 176
Cham 176 - Month ago
Same lmao 😆
Fang Fidel
Fang Fidel - Month ago
Nigga's like a bull standing up.
Zink VFX
Zink VFX - Month ago
Why y’all acting like the 1500 guys weird though?? It’s a normal thing and it’s called being polyamorous and it’s where you have more than one Intimate partner
roza - Month ago
3 at 19. That's illegal In Bangladesh
Vote Bernie 2020
Vote Bernie 2020 - Month ago
This video is 11 minutes and 11 seconds long. Make a wish 🌠
the real pepe
the real pepe - Month ago
I would never date a girl eho has slept with over than 10 guys
yeet my feet
yeet my feet - 21 day ago
Bro why?
A. D. Gardenhire
A. D. Gardenhire - Month ago
This is one of my favorite episodes
Poppy Klippan
Poppy Klippan - Month ago
My guy slept with a whole town
some german
some german - Month ago
I would not mind the short white lady at all😂or the 19 yr
Mel Love
Mel Love - Month ago
That guy who slept with 1,500 must be a pornstar or something.
prince chalco
prince chalco - Month ago
Girls feel so good I don't understand why men like men I can't even look in a man face for two seconds much less sleeping with one that's not good at all that's so wrong I can't stand it and these people have the erve to say it loud and proud like it's a good thing thay make me sick
yeet my feet
yeet my feet - 21 day ago
Bruh just cause you're not attracted to men doesn't mean other men aren't. There's nothing wrong with being gay
GeneralJellyBeans - Month ago
Fajitahmed - Month ago
1500 LMFAO yeah ok
damjan nikolovski
damjan nikolovski - Month ago
The guy with the 1500+ didn't he looks like Darko Perič(Helsinki from Money Heist) they look like brothers
m - Month ago
i wanna be best friends with the girl in the yellow shirt
NIKAYLA - Month ago
5:50 hold on now 😭
Kevin04 - Month ago
Watching these videos, I think America is muuuch more opened to LGBTQ+ stuff than Germany. Or it’s just my parents, can someone tell me?
Cham 176
Cham 176 - Month ago
I’m Not American but judging from these videos, it appears that people are much accepting of the LGBTQ community within their society
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