Tiger Woods Winning Interview

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theresa webb
theresa webb - 2 days ago
Glad he won a nother masters agains. Happy he did so.
Recon 0326
Recon 0326 - 7 days ago
12:40 to 14:33. When I was watching this interview; I was shaking my head at that question. Don't compare Tigers win to the 86 masters. There is no comparison. Jack was 5 back coming into the back 9. He was older and against just as tough if not more so of a field of players. No one choked in 86. Seve hit one bad shot on 15 because he had to go for that green in two to keep pace with Nicklaus and unfortunately hit an errant second shot into the lake. Norman hit a great drive but blocked it right on the second shot at 18 and Jack won. Tiger answered that question correctly because he knows there's no way his win was as great as Jack's.
JACKIE MOON - 14 days ago
I thought I was watching Phil Ivey until someone said golf, I've got a question, is what i just said racist. ?
Erika Blake
Erika Blake - Month ago
j818 - 2 months ago
We are currently in a timeline that tiger won the masters Not Brooks
CRAIG SMITH - 2 months ago
What i would give to meet this man. I dont think i will ever see another golfer like tiger in my lifetime.
kyunghee min
kyunghee min - 2 months ago
FreedomFighter 2017
FreedomFighter 2017 - 2 months ago
I wonder how much income tax will have to be paid on that 2 million dollar win ..
Teddy Nakanwagi
Teddy Nakanwagi - 2 months ago
inspirational congs
Corey Mac
Corey Mac - 2 months ago
He looks more Oriental than he does black
Vancovermycity - 2 months ago
Love you tiger much respect to you, your a golf legend and amazing human!! Hats off
Briton Darius
Briton Darius - 2 months ago
Congratulations Mr woods
Son Of Dad
Son Of Dad - 2 months ago
What can you say? A true legend of sport.
theresa webb
theresa webb - 2 months ago
This was a great interv iew after winning the masters. still happy he did it.
James Jefferson
James Jefferson - 2 months ago
Was this year’s Masters the greatest major championship win in Tiger’s career?🤔
joshua martinez
joshua martinez - 2 months ago
I missed being at Augusta by like 1 day...cant believe I had a chance of watching one of the greatest come backs in history.....dont mind me I'm going too go shoot myself in the head🤯🤦‍♂️😖😵😵
Delphia Janette
Delphia Janette - 2 months ago
Its something il never ever forget.
I wasnt gonna let that happen to them twice.
Congratulations Tiger!
Major respect & Love Great Spirit to you & your family!
GT 4real
GT 4real - 2 months ago
When tiger woods couldn't get a win rating of golf went wayyyyy down , 🤭 ... now it's time to use him to sell and advertise , make stories for ratings . No one cares any more .
Paul Bush
Paul Bush - 2 months ago
mon a black mon
goldeneyeforevercom - 2 months ago
If there was an official "Tiger Woods" underwear, would you wear it? Seems like some of you here would would wear them proudly on the outside of your pants.
goldeneyeforevercom - 2 months ago
I'm glad he got the balding thing out of the way at the start...
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones - 2 months ago
He looks so different when he smiles
Bryce Salte
Bryce Salte - 2 months ago
Does Greg Norman ever get tired of being wrong about Tiger? This week showed that tiger does not need to lead to win the Masters but rather that he can come from behind. Greg Norman can’t win the masters no matter how many strokes you give him going into the final round. Sorry. Truth hurts.
Duane Aguilera
Duane Aguilera - 2 months ago
Great Job tiger. some simple words to think about. ! The passed is the passed
Life is a constant evolution of change , each day everything is changing ! everything in life has a passed , within a person , place , or thing. Its 2019, I will not let the passed define my future , we must keep pushing forward in life , because the future is what awaits us all.
Duane Carl Aguilera
Duane Lyon
Duane Lyon - 2 months ago
Jared Stuart
Jared Stuart - 2 months ago
The humility and complete change of demeanor are great to see in Tiger. It was fun watching him terrorize the other players for years and his dominance was one of a kind, unlike anything golf had ever seen. It just appears that it means more to him now.
Michael Samuel
Michael Samuel - 2 months ago
So many doubters proven wrong. Congratulations Tiger!
Black Bean Chicken
Black Bean Chicken - 2 months ago
Real life Rocky
JohnnieRhodes - 2 months ago
So many skeptics, so much trash talking, and now so many people eating their words in embarrassment for doubting the greatest golfer in the history of the game. I love it ! It reminds me of someone else in a totally different field and everyone who understands my comment knows precisely who I’m talking about ! Congratulations, Tiger.
Raul Pendas
Raul Pendas - 2 months ago
A Man is judge how he gets up after life give you a tomple.
Live life as a mirror,
Enjoy the reflection.
Congratulations for all your hard work!!!
Raul Pendas
Raul Pendas - 2 months ago
Compation for this guy. I am glad that come back to show how great you can be.
OneB TwoC
OneB TwoC - 2 months ago
For the love of gawd, shave your head!
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson - 2 months ago
America just loves a winner! Let’s go tiger
Sean Best
Sean Best - 2 months ago
@23:00 does it for me. Way to go Tiger!
Nicolas Shane
Nicolas Shane - 2 months ago
Nicolas Shane
Nicolas Shane - 2 months ago
4 more majors for Tiger is nothing !! Tiger is the best ever !!
Nicolas Shane
Nicolas Shane - 2 months ago
Mike Tyson was nick named the "Dynamite Kid" when he was younger !! EYE OF THE TIGER !! Everyone, Tiger is the Best !! I am so happy for all of the Golf Fans out there, all around the world !!
Goud Phonethong
Goud Phonethong - 2 months ago
So happy for Tiger...and golf is exciting to watch again...
ivy kkb
ivy kkb - 2 months ago
Congrats Tiger 😁Big Big fan since 1997.....now viewing again and follow........👍👍👍stay fit...play well...and enjoy......congratulation again....😁
ravingrabbids72 - 2 months ago
I feel another EA sports game in the making
Leandro Ordoñez
Leandro Ordoñez - 2 months ago
The golf club has the PGA licence now
Brandon Alsobrook
Brandon Alsobrook - 2 months ago
Thank you Tiger for giving me the golf bug again
belac240 - 2 months ago
is this really 40 minutes. lol. hey you playing golf? yeah... alright bye
moviekidd - 2 months ago
*Greatest of all Time*
Nicolas Shane
Nicolas Shane - 2 months ago
he only need 4 more majors you know he will get it !!
Daniel Hendricks
Daniel Hendricks - 2 months ago
im still shocked
Nicolas Shane
Nicolas Shane - 2 months ago
its hard work, it paid off !! enjoy the win Daniel !! without the fans there is no sports !!
Anthony Adams jr
Anthony Adams jr - 3 months ago
congrats tiger u deserve it it made my day watching u win again
Joey A
Joey A - 3 months ago
This type of press interview feels like he was the first person to walk on Mars and made it back successfully to Earth.
Jari Viitanen
Jari Viitanen - 3 months ago
So incredibly rewarding to see the very great one happier than ever in pro wise 🤡✌️
Nicolas Shane
Nicolas Shane - 2 months ago
he will win the 4 more majors !! GO TIGER !! EYE OF THE TIGER !!
Sling Shot
Sling Shot - 3 months ago
The thing that impresses me most about Tiger is his humility, and his articulation. When he wins BIG, he's never at a lack of words to give his opponents their just do. When his opponents win, they are always quick to throw spitballs at him, trash talk, and celebrate at his expense.
Fast Eddy Love
Fast Eddy Love - 3 months ago
Tiger still a student of the game & I think being one has serve him well in his now, later years. In addition to the talent Tiger has always been one of the hardest working & most driven players on the tour.
Eric King
Eric King - 3 months ago
tiger hadnt won a major since before my stepdad passed. All I could think about was him rockin Nike on a spring sunday at my grandmas house. when it got to 16... i even stood up, opened the window to let the sunshine in, and just stood for the rest of the holes... idk if ill ever forget this Sunday... plus game of thrones was awesome that night too ha
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