Rafael Nadal vs Matteo Berrettini | US Open 2019 Semifinal Highlights

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US Open Tennis Championships
Check out the extended highlights here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d1Mpgl46vY
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf - Month ago
1:55 best point
kuhn lard
kuhn lard - 6 months ago
Wow what a energetic nadal
Nghĩa Đức
Nghĩa Đức - 8 months ago
Aykut - 8 months ago
Rafa so pleased, so happy
Aykut - 8 months ago
Berrettini may have outsmarted Rublev & toyed with him, but Rafa's spirit outdone him here the oumf of his serve having gone at 2:10 etc showed that
Aykut - 8 months ago
Rafa tries to demoralise the opponent lool
Aykut - 8 months ago
Give me Kyrgios' talent, & i'd beat Rafa
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. - 8 months ago
Awesome macho love it..
Jordan Carpenter
Jordan Carpenter - 8 months ago
Go Spain the mother land of Mexico!
AAR2305 - 8 months ago
He bullied him at the end
ensayofr - 8 months ago
Berrettini challenges the last shot. A dick move.
Nadal: Come on I've just smashed you. Go home, it is over
Erika N
Erika N - 8 months ago
Do not get Nadal at the net...he will destroy you.
kirstie b
kirstie b - 8 months ago
wtf i sea empty seats
aola wili
aola wili - 8 months ago
2:44.. smiling but really like 'wtf it's over dude!' 😈
따오기 - 8 months ago
나달 멋잇노
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 8 months ago
When Nadal wears black, watch out
aola wili
aola wili - 8 months ago
Nadal was so good that his opponent stop trying
Richie P.A.
Richie P.A. - 8 months ago
Rafa will get his 20 slam at AO or FO, mark my words.
Richie P.A.
Richie P.A. - 8 months ago
Vamos RN19
aola wili
aola wili - 8 months ago
Nadal es como de otro planeta 🤣🤣 desquicia a sus oponentes en la pista es incleible. Es Todo un placer verlo jugar . Arriba Nadal.
F River
F River - 8 months ago
Vamos Rafa!!! 🎾 🎾 🎾
aola wili
aola wili - 8 months ago
thanks the same Berrettini. you made us dream and excite like it hasn't happened in a long time. 🇮🇹
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 8 months ago
displays on the court will never be forgotten. This is called a legend.
Peter Oman
Peter Oman - 8 months ago
With each exchange of blows goes to the ass.
think about it
Nacho Croes
Nacho Croes - 8 months ago
Vamos raffa
contro ogni violenza
contro ogni violenza - 8 months ago
Intando matteo te l'ha messo nel culetto.... ad un certo punto ti ho visto preoccupato
The Crow
The Crow - 8 months ago
Rafa you better win man otherwise don't call me anymore
YS Zuri
YS Zuri - 8 months ago
Woww!! What "missile-shots" Rafa produced to close this match!! Unbelievable, yet again.
IvánPS - 8 months ago
José Miguel BS
José Miguel BS - 8 months ago
Simplemente el mejor
Kenji Lim
Kenji Lim - 8 months ago
Absolutely one of the best tennis player. Love R.Nadal
Srikanth Narahari
Srikanth Narahari - 8 months ago
Monfils != Nadal
Jose Luis Hormiga Gonzalez
Nadal es como de otro planeta 🤣🤣 desquicia a sus oponentes en la pista es incleible. Es Todo un placer verlo jugar . Arriba Nadal.
Calamity Binga
Calamity Binga - 8 months ago
Nadal was so good that his opponent stop trying
TURKI Seifeddine
TURKI Seifeddine - 8 months ago
le meilleur joueur de tennis dans tous les temps
Ramkumar Sah
Ramkumar Sah - 8 months ago
I love 2:59 moments
Nandan Nayak
Nandan Nayak - 8 months ago
Present Nadal is better than Federer. RF in tennis ur time is over take retirement.
Uveys Eroglu
Uveys Eroglu - 8 months ago
Ain’t nobody talking about the shot at 2:03? I think it was even more impressive than a tweener
Un marinaio in campo
Un marinaio in campo - 8 months ago
It was a "pre-final" the final Will be only a pure formality, Medvev is not a problem actually for Rafa
Xpeteneras Otero
Xpeteneras Otero - 8 months ago
Roberto Vignola
Roberto Vignola - 8 months ago
Nadal king of doping.
Iftikhar Shah
Iftikhar Shah - 8 months ago
2.02 unreal rafa
Soumya Chakraborty
Soumya Chakraborty - 8 months ago
Well played Nadal sir & congrats, Respect from India
detective rock
detective rock - 8 months ago
❤️ Matteo ❤️
Jorge Pelotas
Jorge Pelotas - 8 months ago
Nadal is the greatest ever!!!.. On his way to #19 and will break the all time record next year!!!...THE SPANISH BULL IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST TENIS PLAYER OF ALL TIMES!!!!
Juan A Martínez
Juan A Martínez - 8 months ago
Berrettini looks a good player... but he is stupid when it matters
Slim ben hadid
Slim ben hadid - 8 months ago
2:03 !!??
Sreenivasan G
Sreenivasan G - 8 months ago
King is always a King.... no matter where is he or who is opponent.
Violy Andaya
Violy Andaya - 8 months ago
I love nadal and roger federrer....
Someone Else
Someone Else - 8 months ago
I suggest a new rule in tennis:
Winner bangs the loser's girlfriend while the loser watches.
Raj Krishna
Raj Krishna - 8 months ago
@ 1.22 is the Serve out?
Bo B
Bo B - 8 months ago
Rafa under Fire at in Goatmode.The Ball so fast and spinning out of the court.Sure far 4000 rpm...His movement look like Lion in agression and his speed is are cheetah...This high energy from Rafa is incredible...every second. you have the impression he exploses...One of the best and biggest in all sports worldwide!!!Vamos machine!
Mabel Angenello
Mabel Angenello - 8 months ago
Porque no averiguan lo oculto de nadal y el ayudin q tiene
James Gunn
James Gunn - 8 months ago
Holy! Nadal has entered God mode
Jacob Schmidt
Jacob Schmidt - 8 months ago
Credit to Nadal for his great play and champions mentality. Granted it seems like Nadal always gets easy draws and lucky breaks at the US Open.
ぞいや先生 - 8 months ago
1:54 バケモン...
Marco Vitulli
Marco Vitulli - 8 months ago
Vai berrettini 🇮🇹
CW Productions
CW Productions - 8 months ago
Jonathan Montalvan
Jonathan Montalvan - 8 months ago
Idolo rafa nadal eres una bestia dios te bendiga
drkvenger - 8 months ago
Will Sunday be a replay of 19 years ago when a young Russian defeated an aging 14 times Grand Slam champion?
Vikram Chahal
Vikram Chahal - 8 months ago
Nadal... he is amazing..!!! 👏👏
Nick Leo
Nick Leo - 8 months ago
Go Nadal..Go....Wish you all the best to win US. OPEN....
Nathan Guest
Nathan Guest - 8 months ago
Nasal is so gois
iPhone Repairs
iPhone Repairs - 8 months ago
Nadal looking real good....Vamos!!!
Both Schwartzman and Berretini played amazing but Rafa is in another league right now, he is playing Roland garros level tennis
angela diotti
angela diotti - 8 months ago
regguyftl65 Don
regguyftl65 Don - 8 months ago
Great match. And a great tournament for Mateo. Keep it going!
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I pick this guy from Mallorca as a “Next Gen Player” 😂😂 🙏 he looks fresh!
John-boy - 8 months ago
Nice to see someone new in the semis and the Italian put up a valiant effort, especially in that first set. Nadal was just hitting with too much pace for him to track down some of those forehands. Muy bien
You see what i did there
You see what i did there - 8 months ago
I really want to give him an early congrats for winning us open 2019 here on youtube but i dont wanna jinx it 😂
hoselui 1977
hoselui 1977 - 8 months ago
Simply Rafa!
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen - 8 months ago
The tennis world has witnessed how good the legendary Nadal was even in the twilight of his career. I hope that Nadal will win this US Open and his chance of becoming the GOAT of tennis will come.
brian barilovich
brian barilovich - 8 months ago
Pro tennis is a joke. Nadal and Serena are so past their primes it’s embarrassing. Between thier pathetic draws and seemingly “ everlasting” energy seems obvious they both juice. When theyre both gone, ill watch tennis again
adela - 8 months ago
2:07 best back hand ever!! wow. I love how people´s reactions show what he makes you geel...ecstasy !! ahhahh amazing tennis Nadal love you
adela - 8 months ago
1:51 best move EVER!!! go nadal ,,,,hahaha He thought you wouldn´t get it?? lol smash! But still, really good game. oetrall greta playing by Berrettini as well. Good job.
Federico Mangiantini
Federico Mangiantini - 8 months ago
3'09" So ignorant italians: the green of the flag is on the left side
Muhammad Hamza Tarique
Muhammad Hamza Tarique - 8 months ago
Rafa will win 4th titles USO and 19th grand slam
Chris C
Chris C - 8 months ago
1:59 call the cops
sha shazan ali
sha shazan ali - 8 months ago
The era of nadal/ fed/Djokovic say it all the next gen will sure be a real disappointment, i honestly cant see future stars in the mens game, just boring journeymens
gigi gubaton
gigi gubaton - 8 months ago
Sandro Adami
Sandro Adami - 8 months ago
primo set perso proprio da ingenuo..
Except the first set, on the night, there were very few highlights for the spectators in the arena to enjoy.
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