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Kishore Kumaar
Kishore Kumaar - 2 days ago
2020: Allergy flex
Estelle Studio Gacha :3
Me: likes video
Also me: *flexed*
ali cringer
ali cringer - 3 days ago
Dimson Fryday
Dimson Fryday - 5 days ago
i literally typed how to flex
nifty playz
nifty playz - 8 days ago
Everyone is depressed
Tomato-Fan - 8 days ago
I used the double flex in real life
XxGalaxyluna_GamerGirlxX Midnight
My grandma is ded ok?
Hannah Bruce
Hannah Bruce - 10 days ago
I have watch this so many times it’s still so funny
Norman Tan
Norman Tan - 10 days ago
Shanye was wearing air pod and head phones at the same time
o Random
o Random - 11 days ago
1:10 I thought she was gonna say Chris Pratt.. but that's Courtney. Whoops.
Magic Fanatics
Magic Fanatics - 12 days ago
Bruh this 2 are peasats 😇 I mean who wipes their nose with $1 bills🤧 do it with 100😂
OlliverMz Taylor
OlliverMz Taylor - 13 days ago
His atomic in the X-Ray was a penis
Damian Jorgensen
Damian Jorgensen - 16 days ago
Wired flex but ok
ron 47
ron 47 - 16 days ago
is it just me or does shayne look like vanilla ice in this video
clumsy dummy
clumsy dummy - 17 days ago
this is their best video
Pratham Gupta
Pratham Gupta - 18 days ago
Taylor Gorton
Taylor Gorton - 18 days ago
Smosh jealous of Logan Paul's biceps
Idon'tevenknow - 21 day ago
So flexing means you're showing how irresponsible you're with money?
CABRERA - 22 days ago
the ex flex get me all the time
pietra donato
pietra donato - 23 days ago
I wanna know how to flex at church!
Cooper Peters
Cooper Peters - 24 days ago
3:11 for any one who needs it..
young sharmuta
young sharmuta - 24 days ago
plot twist: i thought smosh stoped uploading like 10 years ago or sum
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 26 days ago
2:50 any idea about that music
Eliya Erel
Eliya Erel - 26 days ago
let me say it
Underguard 10
Underguard 10 - 27 days ago
I own 8 air pods 7 iPhone 11 16 of best beat head phones and $100000 dollars for pocket change
Lemonade Skies
Lemonade Skies - 29 days ago
Is Shayne Jake Paul or RiceGum
Veta *-*
Veta *-* - Month ago
now instead of flexing your lambo u have to hol up' toilet paper
Maximino Mendoza
Maximino Mendoza - Month ago
Your voice sounds like your tired
Jesica Alatorre
Jesica Alatorre - Month ago
Flex is stuped
OneClip_hydra YT
OneClip_hydra YT - Month ago
Oh hi brian hobo 😂
AnderVokk - Month ago
thanks to this, im a registered flex offender
Izzy Thompson
Izzy Thompson - Month ago
Take a shot every time someone says Flex or Flexed!

Patrik Järvine
Patrik Järvine - Month ago
”oh you got flecked on there nouw”
i fucking love shayne😂
w h y am i gay
w h y am i gay - Month ago
ive watched this in an unhealthy amount of times already
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez - Month ago
Thats How The Weird Flex But Okay Thing Came From HOW TO FLEX
The Random Channel
The Random Channel - Month ago
2019 flex: AirPods
2020 flex: hand sanitizers
Chad Blanton
Chad Blanton - Month ago
Qué gracioso. Me reí mucho.
Akshaiyan The gamer
Akshaiyan The gamer - Month ago
nick damiral
nick damiral - Month ago
flex 💪
Why tf is smosh just a bunch of girls in the comments now
amir anuar
amir anuar - Month ago
I used flex tape and my neighbour always looks at me
Iain Webzter
Iain Webzter - Month ago
If youre so rich why do you work in a office
Jad Weeb
Jad Weeb - Month ago
Imagine if Elon commented “I’ll bang u baby”
owlshortstop6 - Month ago
Was that a Patrick Warburton impression? Lol that caught me off💂
Paul Dominic Ilagan
Paul Dominic Ilagan - Month ago
On the Ex-Flex I thought she was gonna say Chris Pratt.
Karen Kostanyan
Karen Kostanyan - Month ago
3:08 ору
it's finaly happened for years, i,ve been calling video ass but here's a video's literally aaaaaaasssssss
Sam Blaine
Sam Blaine - Month ago
Please make a part 2 of this flex. Flexed.
James Geronimo
James Geronimo - Month ago
Who thinks that Courtney and Shayne look so hot

I think I'm the only one
Celie Ladlee
Celie Ladlee - Month ago
ER Behn
ER Behn - Month ago
I just waiting for a video where they both just make out there such a cute couple
Usman Ghani
Usman Ghani - Month ago
can anyone tell me which music is it at easter egg flex part
Khaix - Month ago
Weird flex, but ok
Herobrine Gaming
Herobrine Gaming - Month ago
Weird flex but ok
Bill Le
Bill Le - Month ago
Shane: *creases shoes*
All hypebeast: unsubcribes
Ellie Messer
Ellie Messer - Month ago
Now flexing is having toilet paper.
Angela Fiscal
Angela Fiscal - Month ago
Why does shaynes hair look like Sterling Knights hair on So Random!
Salted_SwagDuck - Month ago
United Kingdom
United Kingdom - Month ago
Me- bit**h You- you know my name Me- bit**h You- it's salty Me- bit**h
Jana Eloff
Jana Eloff - Month ago
I hated watching this so much omagash but lollllll🤣😗
ToastedHoffi - Month ago
Ive seen people actually washing their hands woth voss water
Cory T kenshin
Cory T kenshin - Month ago
I don’t think this is how to flex I think this video should be called how to make people think you are a weird person 😑
Aundrea Lavoie
Aundrea Lavoie - Month ago
Imagine if some one actually took this seriously
Aidan Dered
Aidan Dered - Month ago
When they said flexed I felt that
Claudia Garcia Vieyra
Claudia Garcia Vieyra - Month ago
It's so weird seeing Courtney being Briana Boho cause they are SOOOOOOOOO different
Charley Lockwood
Charley Lockwood - Month ago
XXX Tarnation
XXX Tarnation - Month ago
Weird flex but OK👌
Sofian Enam
Sofian Enam - Month ago
I feel bad for people that would work with them
FAHIM Sahriar
FAHIM Sahriar - 2 months ago
The Heart Of The Friends Group!
I used the wrong number flex so many times 😂
Jak Wiles
Jak Wiles - 2 months ago
Courtney flexing: are the bottoms of the shoes still red???

Shayne in the back also flexing
Mr gamer gamer
Mr gamer gamer - 2 months ago
Thanos vs iron poop
Aivaras Vitkus
Aivaras Vitkus - 2 months ago
Gost 666
Retarded Donkey
Retarded Donkey - 2 months ago
Back when the coronavirus didn’t fuck the world up
Nick Hellas
Nick Hellas - 2 months ago
Austin Marquez it will soon be like this again
Yanier Antonio
Yanier Antonio - 2 months ago
your not cool
Epic_Game_ Nugget
Epic_Game_ Nugget - 2 months ago
the real flex in 2020 now is toilet paper and hand sanitizer
TT tt
TT tt - 2 months ago
M Fernando
M Fernando - 2 months ago
They're too good at this it's scary. Thank goodness we got the dorky versions of these two.
BigBoy GoodBoy
BigBoy GoodBoy - 2 months ago
Lila Wilburne
Lila Wilburne - 2 months ago
Does Bryce Cryson have depression, or is he just like that...?
Cingkin - 2 months ago
Lil tay as a adult
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