We Bought A House

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Devyn None-ya
Devyn None-ya - 15 hours ago
Who else is watching this again after Bunny? Made me tear up
“Maybe someday we can adopt a racing gray hound, omg my next dream” ♥️
N J - 3 days ago
I absolutely LOVE your house!! Several years ago I drew my dream home and this is basically exactly what I drew! I love it!
Lauren K
Lauren K - 5 days ago
Wait they moved in May 2018?! Where has the time gone wtf
blqqs - 6 days ago
I just had the weirdest thought. So I was like“ if they ever marry then it's sad that Julien is gonna lose his last name, because Solomita is a really cool name.“ And then I was like “yeah Julien Marbles just doesn't sound quite right“. Until I realized, Jenna's last name isn't Marbles and why did I assume he's gonna take her name?
And now this is just a very funny train of thought for me.
jeena snyder
jeena snyder - 2 days ago
Holly Coriell
Holly Coriell - 6 days ago
@7:10 OOOUUCH!!!! How beautiful to have realized another dream with your Bunny!!!
Sam Holder
Sam Holder - 6 days ago
congrats, you two. Well-deserved.
B T - 7 days ago
Babe you always deserve nice things.
Remember that.
You deserve to be proud of yourself and gentle with yourself no matter how successful you are
Janie Derr
Janie Derr - 7 days ago
Congrats you guys and please more creepy pastas thanks
Mimi Ashford
Mimi Ashford - 10 days ago
Any NORMAL person COMPLETELY understands why you don't show certain aspects of your home/n'hood. NO ONE in their right mind would give access to, literally, anyone in the world, their private space. Bless you two for the ways you DO open up to your followers (clearly you are well-loved!!) & all the best for a wonderful future in your lovely, new home. It's an exciting time to buy your first house & you kids are doing everything right!
Vee - 10 days ago
the way she adresses her fans as "you" instead of like my fans etc is so heartwarming idk why
Vee - 10 days ago
god, jenna's too nice "some of you are just going to fast forward to see our new house, that's fine, live your life"
Veronika Granado
Veronika Granado - 11 days ago
Still waiting for that finished house tour
yoursoloud - 11 days ago
I was waiting for Julien to go HEYPEPE and Jenna to go shut up
mirrbot - 13 days ago
Your house is GORGEOUS!
Sarah L
Sarah L - 14 days ago
okay but a house tour from kermits POV.
um ok
um ok - 14 days ago
10:23 what
Hope Olivia
Hope Olivia - 14 days ago
the cutest couple ever
Angelika Dav
Angelika Dav - 15 days ago
Y'all are so cute
Błöňđə Ţhøţ
Błöňđə Ţhøţ - 16 days ago
Me: binge watches the nasty files
Also me: Jenna has a cute house actually, let me rebuild it on bloxburg! 😂
wrath of the lamb
wrath of the lamb - 17 days ago
*i didn't like julien for a long time. but I'm starting to like him now that he told jenna she's not that cute. plus, she denied him husband rights. that he wanted husband rights to an ugly chick made my day and won me over. now i like him just fine.*
Just chilling
Just chilling - 18 days ago
Djiv.05 - 23 days ago
if you look up joanne the scammer and watch the video where shes in a "Caucasian house" thats the house the video took place in and had actor Chelsea Peretti in
Em - 24 days ago
I wish she didn't feel like she had to apologize so much! We love her so much and KNOW that she's not that cocky braggy type! She just living her well-deserved dream!
eliana gal
eliana gal - 26 days ago
Congrats !!!!!!!!! Oxox
Amy Short
Amy Short - 27 days ago
I can't believe this was in 2018!
Kc Dc3
Kc Dc3 - 28 days ago
Congratulations you two. You shouldn't have to explain some of the things you did, because you work hard for your money. I get why you did though. Haters suck, but they also push you harder. You guys are amazing, so enjoy everything you've worked for.
Nillabasco - 29 days ago
they're such a chill couple
Ana Rocha
Ana Rocha - Month ago
I love her living room couch .... Where do I find one??
Antonella Di Noia
Antonella Di Noia - Month ago
7:09 ❤️🐶
Ellie Peri
Ellie Peri - Month ago
Could she possibly say she saved for this 1 more time? Jesus honey who are you trying to convince?
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus - Month ago
What do you guys do for a living besides YouTube?
Jen-eee - Month ago
They also stream on Twitch
El Futbolero
El Futbolero - Month ago
Jenna has a radio show
gInabr0wn - Month ago
your so cutee :)
J D - Month ago
Genuine people. That is incredibly rare these days . You deserve it
Ryan Allen
Ryan Allen - Month ago
this was posted on my birthday bitcchhhhh
Bonnie Jane
Bonnie Jane - Month ago
I really hope if anyone figures out where u like they keep it to their damn selves
HeyItzRosie - Month ago
Honestly I’m just looking for my Julien. Hopefully I’ll find that special person someday haha.
HeyItzRosie - Month ago
El Futbolero Aw thank you so much!
El Futbolero
El Futbolero - Month ago
Stay strong! you'll find your Julien soon ❤️
Anna S
Anna S - Month ago
Honestly, I love her house so much! Maybe it's cause i'm also a Virgo
Grace Leathers
Grace Leathers - Month ago
“Maybe one day we could adopt a racing greyhound”
2019: Bunny running around their house
Scott Fishman
Scott Fishman - Month ago
God Bless, congrats on your success. Very easy to waste money, and never lend it! Invest it in your house, and your future.
Tuğçe Talay
Tuğçe Talay - Month ago
Well deserved
Emma Dolan
Emma Dolan - Month ago
Watching this after watching your adopted racing greyhound pull a train for the littles. Still so proud of you. Still all the congratulations for the beautiful life you’ve created in the most genuine and authentic way. I’ve watched you since I was 17 years old and now I’m almost a ~27 year old ladyyyy~ so much love to you both ❤️
NeNa GeeZ
NeNa GeeZ - Month ago
Lol the picture that she actually took got me laughing right now
TrueNathan - Month ago
Hannah Dowd
Hannah Dowd - Month ago
“Maybe someday we can adopt a racing greyhound.” 🥺 bunny
Alyssa Fletcher
Alyssa Fletcher - Month ago
Just remember

*Read More*
amelia kitty
amelia kitty - Month ago
I love Jenna’s hair in this video. The “natural” color melting into the blue is so pretty. Also, looks very healthy.
Ayla Atkins
Ayla Atkins - Month ago
Jenna and Julien are some of my favorite people on the planet and I have never met them
Christina Ignatov
Christina Ignatov - Month ago
And all your hard work, you guys deserve it
Ryan Orcutt
Ryan Orcutt - Month ago
You guys are adorable! Thanks for sharing your lives with us!
Alexa Zubia
Alexa Zubia - Month ago
Wow! They’re really good *friends* to go into a house together! ☺️
Alexa Zubia
Alexa Zubia - Month ago
Jenna: we’re not married, but we are legally bound by a deed
Julien: .......
OoOoOOOoOo a deeeeed
Kendall Rae
Kendall Rae - Month ago
10:25 promises no Aries tornados
1 year later.... starts box jumping on the counter
Pheniox Cat
Pheniox Cat - Month ago
@Kendall Rae sorry then kendall
Kendall Rae
Kendall Rae - Month ago
@Pheniox Cat oh, sorry. I commented before I went into the comments section to read others.
Pheniox Cat
Pheniox Cat - Month ago
You copied someone else 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Sara Fabbro
Sara Fabbro - Month ago
There's really something special about rewatching this video, especially the part where Jenna wants Julien not to "Aries kitchen" all over the place, after seeing Julien BOX JUMP on the ISLAND THREE TIMES
Angelina Tidwell
Angelina Tidwell - Month ago
"wipe your feet at the door" and box jump onto the counter
purplechicken86 - Month ago
"I won't aries tornado"

1 year later: box jumps onto counter... but like... a lot
lily starr
lily starr - Month ago
julien in this video: wipe your feet!
julien now: *box jumps onto kitchen counter*
TheMadWooly - Month ago
Del Mathews
Del Mathews - Month ago
God so cute - you both. The house is cool too. I like the responsibility stuffs. Its wholesome
Liz Agudelo
Liz Agudelo - Month ago
Jenna: Julien promise me you won’t Aries tornado the kitchen
Julien: I promise I won’t Aries tornado
Also Julien a year later: I jumped on the kitchen counter on yesterday’s video
Jessica Gilliam
Jessica Gilliam - Month ago
“Don’t Aries tornado through the kitchen”
Julien- “I’mma box jump it” 😂
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