We Bought A House

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Kristin Van Esch
Kristin Van Esch - 13 hours ago
k who else scrolled down to see what date she posted this when Jenna said "We finally took down our Christmas tree!"
Jess N.
Jess N. - 16 hours ago
The thumbnail makes me click every time.
Sophey Potter
Sophey Potter - 19 hours ago
We're not married, but we are legally bound by a deed. Honestly, that sounds like a similar level of commitment. This is my type of love. Ya'll are so cute.
theonlyriotstarter - Day ago
Intro of the video is when you feel like mom and dad sit you down to tell you the news lol.
J. A.
J. A. - Day ago
i want TO BE YOU
Macey King
Macey King - Day ago
There’s no way it has already been a year since this video came out
Alex Mosquera
Alex Mosquera - Day ago
Viva la stool
Follow me .
Follow me . - Day ago
So, you have been doing this youtube forever, and you are acting like you were living in slums after buying actually a mansion, first I liked the video, but the longer I watched this video it was getting more and more unnatural and felt like an act.
Liv English
Liv English - Day ago
Does anyone else think this house looks exactly the same as Colleen Ballinger's?
Christopher Waddell
She inspires me to be a more responsible adult ugh
Bodour - 2 days ago
The only straight couple i give a shit about
Courtney Whitaker
Courtney Whitaker - 3 days ago
Congratulations I'm so happy for you guys! The house is gorgeous and you definitely deserve it because you are amazing! It made me cry when you were in your backyard. So much love for you both!
Sarah VanSickle
Sarah VanSickle - 3 days ago
*"Its dirty and dusty and your hairs uneven and your not that cute" -Julian*
Hannah is a human
Hannah is a human - 4 days ago
little did they know a fourth dog would join them
laura - 4 days ago
7:10 they did
laura - 4 days ago
their hair are so pretty here
Charley - 4 days ago
when you say you’re married accidentally you know it’s just time 😂🤷🏽‍♀️💍
Benjamin Farrington
Benjamin Farrington - 4 days ago
Wait why is there an ipad nailed to the wall?
Rose-Ann Laoang
Rose-Ann Laoang - 5 days ago
yoooo wtf......it's been a year. WTF
Miranda Clark
Miranda Clark - 5 days ago
Going back through some of the older videos. And It really just makes me realize I'll watch Jenna and Julien as long as they make content. I love this little family. ❤
TheLaceylou92 - 5 days ago
How has it been a year already??
masonthegecko - 5 days ago
Damn, my pussy stank
borednow - 7 days ago
julien calling hisself a husband hahaha... but why buy a house together and not marry first?
Bunni - 7 days ago
Jenna's fanbase's reaction: Friendship goals
Gomenatorn - 8 days ago
Why does the title say "We" when you mean You?
karrezza - 9 days ago
Uh I really hope that is not what I thought it was...15:24 , that sure looks like a white power sign your SO just flashed. Cuz its not like you were playing the game of getting punched AKA Malcom in the Middle.
Lizzie Corral
Lizzie Corral - 9 days ago
Congrats on buying a house but what the hell was going on with Jenna’s eyebrows
Vix Stewart
Vix Stewart - 9 days ago
You and Julien aren't Logan Paul, smashing plates or Jake Paul, buying Lambos. You're a regular couple that bicker and mooch about and take a shit in the bathroom whilst the other is in the shower. That's fucking love. Also, I remember when Julien pissed in the toilet whilst Jenna sat on it. That was skills.
JAMation - 10 days ago
Every time I need a bit of motivation I always come back to this video. She's worked so hard for so long. I always get a little teary eyed seeing how happy they are.
Rosiala Kiwi
Rosiala Kiwi - 10 days ago
I originally didn't think much of jenna, i thought she was very, well.. weird, back then. She seemed very unapproachable back then, and by then I mean maybe.. what, 5 years ago, maybe as muich as 7.
but since then, Jenna marbles videos showed up in my recommended and GOD i fell in love. She's so relatable on like, a personality level. It's impossible to describe how much joy and laughter (sometimes near-suffocation laughter instances) the videos have brought me
justCallMeSil - 11 days ago
Beautiful home! Happy for you guys
TXgeargirl - 11 days ago
I'm late to the party, but congratulations! 💖
Mikayla Rodgers
Mikayla Rodgers - 12 days ago
Hannah Willard
Hannah Willard - 12 days ago
I can’t believe this was a year ago.
Shellene Keiffer
Shellene Keiffer - 12 days ago
Congrats!! LOVE the house! And that wine closet is awesome!!
abbie baker
abbie baker - 14 days ago
I'm watching this a little over a year later, and seeing how they fit into the house, having seen Jenna's plants, bunny, their kitchen, it just really fills my heart. They both completely deserve it, they've been working so hard, for so long 💛🧡❤️
April Beall
April Beall - 14 days ago
God- this helped me a ton. Watching you guys being open about being scared was so comforting. Just settled after lots of struggle. Thanks!
Bailey Dianne
Bailey Dianne - 14 days ago
Everytime that I watch this video I tear up a bit when they talk about how special this house is to them, because they honestly deserve it so much 💕💕
Dean Mokrozhaev
Dean Mokrozhaev - 15 days ago
Awww I hope I get to buy a house with my best friend too!
kiki frary
kiki frary - 15 days ago
So wait, what happens to the tiny dog hangout space!?!?
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides - 15 days ago
Enough space for mr teddy lol!
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides - 15 days ago
Jenna you need to buy more jewellery from Michael Kors pandora and that sort of thing
Carly H
Carly H - 15 days ago
😭😭😭you deserve this!
Stephanie O'Regan
Stephanie O'Regan - 15 days ago
Charlotte Gueguen
Charlotte Gueguen - 17 days ago
Jenna: Julien, promise me that you're not gonna Aries tornado all over the kitchen!
Julien one year later has a cocking channel and "Aries tornadoes all over the kitchen"
sayonarasami - 18 days ago
I know I’ve probably already wrote this when this video came out, but I’m so proud of you both. I can definitely relate to you, Jenna. I’m 24 and just started an investment savings account with my bf of 8 years. It’s my dream to own my own home. 💛
Taylor Osborne
Taylor Osborne - 18 days ago
Crying right now because they adopted a racing grey hound now 😭😭😭😭
Furry Trash the movie
Furry Trash the movie - 18 days ago
I’m watching over a yr later and holy fuck I’m crying u can tell how in love Jenna and Julian are I hope everyone can find something like that
Rylee B
Rylee B - 19 days ago
Watching her grow and change honestly makes me so happy. She's grown into such a wonderful person and I'm so happy for y'all. I wish y'all only the best. THIS makes my heart happy for you guys. Honestly, all the best.
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides - 19 days ago
Showing off isn't nice when I make friends with people who are down to earth they are my kind to mix with that's how I feel about it
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