National Enquirer being sold for $100 million

Renny Zero
Renny Zero - 29 days ago
Lauren Sanchez looks like Miss Char, who is a double agent defecting from the dwindling deep state.
Kevin L
Kevin L - Month ago
The old 'Cut and Run' routine... just like the bad ol' days of publishing.
What a bunch of suckers -- $100 million???
MG Massey
MG Massey - Month ago
Sleazebag used to line the cat litter box..
debra mcquain
debra mcquain - Month ago
Who’s rich and immoral enough to buy bout the Chump 🤣
Kevin L
Kevin L - Month ago
No money in the till.
Nocontent - Month ago
Hmmmm how much did NEWSWEEK get sold for? Oh yeah, it was $1. Lol. I think the National Inquirer did a little better than the Leftist rag at running a business. Maybe instead of crapping on it the media should take notes.
Nemo Krada
Nemo Krada - Month ago
Jeff Bezos going to buy it, then fire everyone
Gerard Comeau
Gerard Comeau - Month ago
Enquiring minds don't wanna know.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - Month ago
When CNN and fox aren't fake news enough for you.... And wwe isn't fake drama enough for you....there will always be the national enquirer
Micha EL
Micha EL - Month ago
100 million is a nice pay day !
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Rodrigo Gonzalez - Month ago
How does 341 views equal trending top news on YouTube? Is it because the only thing they mentioned in the article was trump paying off a stripper/hook or/horn star?...
seccat - Month ago
Doesn’t Hudson News run newsstands and a bunch of airport kiosk. They don’t even own the property. It’s all leased.
The dude built this empire and super rich. But he’s going to be liable with that toxic asset. And it’s unlikely local municipalities will renew those leases.
H Pn
H Pn - Month ago
Toliet paper
l h
l h - Month ago
I use that Inquirer to line my cats litter box🐱
Visteo Bman
Visteo Bman - Month ago
But Trump says they deserve a Pulitzer prize!
Craig Bigelow
Craig Bigelow - Month ago
That's a better deal than Newsweek got! $1 just to get out from under dept!
ElJefe45acp - Month ago
Cbs wouldn’t sell for 5 bucks!
some body
some body - Month ago
CNN will buy it. Just watch and see.
mountopian 1
mountopian 1 - Month ago
CNN toilet paper
Competition Sports (Subscription Channel)
who even reads that crap?
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - Month ago
Them are history books for schools in arkansas
Michael Newell
Michael Newell - Month ago
Good maybe they'll sell it to someone who's not in Trump's back pocket and they'll start printing facts about Trump!.
Cougars & Tigers
Cougars & Tigers - Month ago
"Facts" like Russian collusion? It's more like left wing delusion.
James Ricker
James Ricker - Month ago
That's how they got in trouble. Their activities during doing the 2016 election and picking a fight with Jeff Benzos has opened them up to lawsuits
Linda Minton
Linda Minton - Month ago
National Enquirer was always more accurate than CBS.
Cougars & Tigers
Cougars & Tigers - Month ago
LOL haha CBS sucks
James Ricker
James Ricker - Month ago
Because they were approved by the GOP Ministry of Truth
KITT FOXXE - Month ago
Fake news for sale fake news come get your fake news
dee jay
dee jay - Month ago
Awww the Enquirer should have merged with cnn & MSNBC
Fakes news media
James Ricker
James Ricker - Month ago
The owners have to sell because the last editors activities during the 2016 presidential election set them up for some major lawsuits.
Kelly McShane
Kelly McShane - Month ago
Let me guess to Jeff Bezos.
K G - Month ago
Who's buying it, CNN?
K G - Month ago
+James Ricker He definitely doesn't own enough things.
James Ricker
James Ricker - Month ago
Rupert Murdoch is in the market for a tabloid
OvroProductions - Month ago
CNN (Counterfeit News Network) should jump all over this. It's the same garbage and business model!
Cougars & Tigers
Cougars & Tigers - Month ago
I'd trust Pinocchio more than CNN
OvroProductions - Month ago
+K G, you're so right! Hahahahahaha!
K G - Month ago
I trust these guys more than CNN.
Scott Fillinger
Scott Fillinger - Month ago
It's only worth 100 million? Wow it must not of made any profit at all.
_Samuel_ - Month ago
They're asking $99,999,999.99 too much.
Nocontent - Month ago
_Samuel_ Oh no, I think you mean NEWSWEEK. That Leftist rag sold for a $1.
Joann P
Joann P - Month ago
_Samuel_ Lol,good one🤣
Cougars & Tigers
Cougars & Tigers - Month ago
National Enquirer is more legitimate than CBS, CNN, TYT, WAPO and NYT combined.
Honk1117 - Month ago
Who bought it, Washington Post ?
Clay Potter
Clay Potter - Month ago
But but... That woman who had Sasquatch’s baby... I’ve been hoping for a follow up.
Joann P
Joann P - Month ago
Clay Potter Oh well,that baby ,and the abomidial snowmans baby,grew up,fell in love and had many babies of their own and lived happily ever after 😁
Shiva's Chimera
Shiva's Chimera - Month ago
Dont buy it.
Trolls Will Be Ignored
I knew that rag was the epitome of "fake news" when I was a kid. Why people spend their hard-earned cash on it is beyond me.
Cougars & Tigers
Cougars & Tigers - Month ago
Now they can just turn on CNN
Ph0m Loj
Ph0m Loj - Month ago
This is what traitor trumpanzee support end up
Cougars & Tigers
Cougars & Tigers - Month ago
Ph0m Loj=😭
Michelle H.
Michelle H. - Month ago
I heard cnn was buying them 😜. They run similar materials. ✌
Dittzx - Month ago
Benzo will buy it😀Yeah!
Nemo Krada
Nemo Krada - Month ago
"Bezo" and i agree
Mac Smith
Mac Smith - Month ago
Expensive garbage.
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith - Month ago
I know they weren’t exactly credible to say the least, but $1,000,000 is still a pretty small amount all things considered.
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi - Month ago
You are missing some zeros
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - Month ago
Gas Mask
Gas Mask - Month ago
i hope it dies, you would think theres more then enough tabloid in the mainstream media and social media now, how much fake news is there room for?
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi - Month ago
It did what you see is resuscitation in action however the publication is non-responsive
Cosmo Joe
Cosmo Joe - Month ago
Tabloid trash should be declared hazardous waste
dhix - Month ago
click bait "media" for the ignorant.
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew - Month ago
The Mueller report:
“The conclusion that Congress May apply the obstruction law to the president’s corrupted exercise of the powers of office, accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law”
"But Congress cannot just let this go."
Christopher - Month ago
National Enquirer is more credible than CBS "News".
Cougars & Tigers
Cougars & Tigers - Month ago
+niecers go back to sleep, sheep
niecers - Month ago
+Cougars & Tigers Right over your tiny narrow minded head huh? It's not over.
Cougars & Tigers
Cougars & Tigers - Month ago
Alien sightings have always been more believable than Russia collusion. Today we confirmed that.
niecers - Month ago
Yeah, those alien babies and sightings of Elvis are so credible. *sarcasm off
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi - Month ago
David Ellis
David Ellis - Month ago
First to 👀 , comment and 👍. 😎
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