[BTS - Dionysus] Comeback Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190418 EP.615

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Chengfu Saechao
Chengfu Saechao - 8 minutes ago
13k dislikes are the
Jealous haters.
3BiggestCompanies in
Kpop music industry
....meanwhile BTS are
The most popular
Kpop group in the world
Thankyou armies and
Bighit entertainment for
Staying by their sides....
Through the struggles
And hardships.
Sarah Hoang
Sarah Hoang - 28 minutes ago
My boys Jin and RM really had a chance to shine in this song and they killed it👍😍
Sarah Hoang
Sarah Hoang - 31 minute ago
BTS needs to have more songs like this where jin actually has a chance to show off all of the ranges of his voice
kookie97 López
kookie97 López - 38 minutes ago
What a song!!!
And the fact of J-hope has been the main writer makes me happier.
BTS paved the way
lႩჰჄ ႺiRl
lႩჰჄ ႺiRl - 4 hours ago
Jimin = perfection
lႩჰჄ ႺiRl
lႩჰჄ ႺiRl - 4 hours ago
Jimin's expression, dance moves, visuals & vocals were PERFECT 💯💯💯
add me fortnite 999ping
add me fortnite 999ping - 5 hours ago
Why do people think they lip sync I always get asked that question and I asked them if that was a question I said HELL NO BTS DOSENT LIP SYNC IN LIVE YOU CAN CLEARLY HEAR THERE VOICE
BTSLover 4life
BTSLover 4life - 5 hours ago
Imagine landing on your wrist wrong and it hurts like crazy and you cant use it for a while.
Lady Jazmin
Lady Jazmin - 6 hours ago
Ahh~~ I really love BTS!!!
Minty Animations
Minty Animations - 6 hours ago
captions: (two shots)
me: of vodka?
Aria Scarlet
Aria Scarlet - 6 hours ago
ummm I know this is quite irrelevant but i'm a pianist sooooo.... lol does anyone know the name of the song that's played in the beginning?
sara a
sara a - 8 hours ago
i love this🥺🥺💜
Briaylmao - 9 hours ago
this song make me wanna fuck LMAO
Dana - 10 hours ago
Michelle Campa
Michelle Campa - 10 hours ago
Bts hermosoos bellos preciosos kno no raza
power lins
power lins - 10 hours ago
jin + jhope give Dionysos
Makayla Prickett
Makayla Prickett - 11 hours ago
They killed it like always
Kimberly Bendixen
Kimberly Bendixen - 11 hours ago
I keep getting bias wrecked by my own bias in Dionysus!!! Hoseok, you should be illegal sometimes~~
şevval - 12 hours ago
hobi is the star of this performance i like itt❤(i know he wrote this song)
bells - 13 hours ago
Can't wait see this performance in award show
Solbon Chimit
Solbon Chimit - 13 hours ago
Ćhim Chim Jimini
Ćhim Chim Jimini - 13 hours ago
sanskriti sinha
sanskriti sinha - 14 hours ago
The guy behind jimin at 1:45 😍
José Luis Alcalá
José Luis Alcalá - 14 hours ago
Claudia Ferrández de la Viuda
Any JIMIN biaseds here?
LEON - 15 hours ago
Ifrah Ali
Ifrah Ali - 16 hours ago
RM: Are you ready to get hyped up?
Me: Well SUGA just got me hyped up 😂 kinda late bud
Xx_Soso_Lilliy_xX - 17 hours ago
Why my man namjoon walk-in like a priest but exit like a god
Yutiara Lestari
Yutiara Lestari - 17 hours ago
min yoon giiiiiiiii
Antonia Quispe
Antonia Quispe - 17 hours ago
No importa cuanto te hayan lastimado no hay dolor o triteza que Dios no pueda sanar, deja fluir todo tu dolor no te aferres a nada ni a nadie que te lastime , todo tiene un momento y un porque en nuestra vida ok?
G_Girl - 18 hours ago
Jungkooks low voice made my ice cream melt in the freezer.....
Autry Arefin
Autry Arefin - 19 hours ago
2:23 - 2:25
BTS: does those dance
Me: *uM eXcUjU mE I tHiNk nOt*
Dilnoza Eshmatova
Dilnoza Eshmatova - 19 hours ago
Did Taehyungs voice get even deeper?!
Seong Cheonsa
Seong Cheonsa - 19 hours ago
Its nice to see Jin having more screentime.
Gacha Gang lol
Gacha Gang lol - 19 hours ago
Dharna Gur
Dharna Gur - 19 hours ago
OMG how they can so stable they are dancing in suit while singing lying on floor while singing we can see how tired they are.But they still continuing their performance their dance is so hard if I do that dance I will look like a dead fish
Crow The Crow
Crow The Crow - 19 hours ago
Great voice jin
Adelia fitria oktaviona
Adelia fitria oktaviona - 19 hours ago
Jiminn love
elliana butler
elliana butler - 22 hours ago
was it just me or did this performance go from 0 to 100 real quick
oppor slimey team
oppor slimey team - 22 hours ago
MUHAMMAD HAROON - 23 hours ago
Min yoongiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii😘😚😘😍😴
Zahra M
Zahra M - 23 hours ago
best song
Хафса Хафсат
Хафса Хафсат - 23 hours ago
Bianca Toscano
Bianca Toscano - Day ago
All this song reminds me of is seeing them live and i miss them
W. Boondang
W. Boondang - Day ago
i love Rap monster
Don’t touch my faceu
This video deserves 1 billion views and 27 million likes str77m lazy army’s
Kyla Hurst
Kyla Hurst - Day ago
There is just something about the end of the song that just makes me laugh but also do it lol
h g
h g - Day ago
Kim Taehyung at the end was soooo disrespectful 😳😝
estefany danai
estefany danai - Day ago
Armys qué tal si lo subimos a 100M de v!st@s 😏😏
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