Mega Rare Japanese Wagyu!!! Tokyo's Top Quality A5 Beef!!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show
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Looksfam Preboard
Looksfam Preboard - Month ago
Hi sonny just wanna ask what song is that at 4:18 thanks!
yong yi tan
yong yi tan - 2 months ago
i cant seem to find the sukiyaki restaurant on google maps or find the restaurant by the name of ruyuriya. is the spelling and the address correct?
Beauty Vlog by Sofie
Beauty Vlog by Sofie - 5 months ago
Best Ever Food Review Show i Love your travel Food vlog!!!! Great ideas to venture out for travelers who are looking for new things to do in Japan 🇯🇵 🥢🥰❤️
Abu Hajaar
Abu Hajaar - 5 months ago
Im gonna suck ur gurls vingenar and she wil be hapy
SkunkyGaming - 5 months ago
Best Ever Food Review Show, you include Cambodia in this video so why not go visit Cambodia for some food tour
Kaje Squad
Kaje Squad - 52 minutes ago
i think Shizuka is the best partner for u .....
Average John
Average John - 2 hours ago
4:15 that was a Mark Weins face if I’ve ever seen one lol.
50 sun with no video? subs with no video?
"Japan likes it raw"
50 sun with no video? subs with no video?
Ok wtf She is realllllly prettty
Noer Garra
Noer Garra - 17 hours ago
When you say "Climax" with japanese chuck beside you, I start thinking naughty.
Alexsandr Senaviev
Alexsandr Senaviev - Day ago
Japan really just stole korean bbq
Booger Uppercut
Booger Uppercut - Day ago
Shizuka is painfully good looking, what the hell. I'm going blind.
interstategar - 2 days ago
Kobe looks like pussy lips so I guess it tastes good.
Youngla14 - 2 days ago
I love meat and then with a beautiful woman geezzz what a video ! 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Sadia Rasheed
Sadia Rasheed - 3 days ago
I don’t kno y but wen ever I watch the Chinese eating raw meat it just reminds me of that movie called Hostel !! 🤣
Hanung Gerry
Hanung Gerry - 3 days ago
Come for sonny, stay for the lady
Kim Tamangan
Kim Tamangan - 3 days ago
3:14 🤭
Following Phan
Following Phan - 3 days ago
Please do NOT eat raw eggs in America, it has to be cooked.
The beyblade Guy
The beyblade Guy - 4 days ago
Now his yummy face looks more like merk weins yummy face
The beyblade Guy
The beyblade Guy - 4 days ago
Roseanne Dulagan
Roseanne Dulagan - 6 days ago
WAGYU!!! 😱😱😱
And just looking at those marbling makes me🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤.
Jonas G.
Jonas G. - 7 days ago
Didn't know that the guy from shaolin soccer is also a chef! 😳
John Parker
John Parker - 7 days ago
That girl is so beautiful that she is distracting me from the food LOL
Rɪᴄᴋʏ Pᴀᴛʀɪᴄᴋ Rᴇɪs
4:19 lol best part of the video. :)
NAVIIRYS PLAYS - 7 days ago
I’m hungry and thirsty at the same time👀 y’all know what I mean
Dhimaz junio
Dhimaz junio - 8 days ago
gila cantik bgt :D
GK69 - 8 days ago
1:41 you already know that that shits gonna cost you.
purna behera
purna behera - 8 days ago
Sunny just fall in luv....
Rodney Ramirez
Rodney Ramirez - 8 days ago
So sexy....yum yum....
Rodney Ramirez
Rodney Ramirez - 8 days ago
Im starving.....nam nam....
Mowyz z
Mowyz z - 10 days ago
What’s the girls full name
B Raw
B Raw - 10 days ago
Japan, stop eating soy...your anime is getting shittier. In the late 80s and early 90s things were things are good and the anime reflects that. Let's get some more Akira-type shit. I didn't think you were gonna plug One Trip cause you did the Tokyo Food thing...I was thinking: one gorgeous Hapa and he abandons Vietnam.
Adil Nurul Akbari
Adil Nurul Akbari - 10 days ago
She's my future wife!!!
Angga Conni Saputra
Angga Conni Saputra - 11 days ago
I am Salivating over Her.
She is Delicious. OISHIIII
DrAggIn FiRe
DrAggIn FiRe - 12 days ago
Sonny, dude, you dog, that meat looked too good. I wish I was there to eat that meat with you and that average looking lady. What a feast from the beast that make my teeth turn into......shmeesh? Anyway, you datin that girl? You better be. She was way too cute Sonny, and you know it. Call her Sonny. Call her.
bigupnation - 12 days ago
sonny doesnt swallow
sgsniper1 - 13 days ago
4:15 Mark Wiens
AZN Viking
AZN Viking - 13 days ago
I love her face! The eyes are so asian and the nose is pure caucasian
A ndrew
A ndrew - 15 days ago
Her moaning turns me on
Thunder Thighs
Thunder Thighs - 15 days ago
she actually pretty ugly tho, way to much makeup and her eyes are always closed, damn thirsty ass pple in the chat.
rozko951 - 15 days ago
Keep making videos with her!! Shes gorgeous and amazing
Ryan Schmid
Ryan Schmid - 15 days ago
Japan likes it raw...
*right on*
Emerson Alvario
Emerson Alvario - 15 days ago
She's hot
Rhys Meredith
Rhys Meredith - 16 days ago
I need her @
mashun pheirei
mashun pheirei - 16 days ago
Ahumzz u can be ahumz ...she's pretty..ahumz Sonny watch out ahumz
Ann Bajado
Ann Bajado - 17 days ago
Finally! Saw who's behind these great videos ❤
Zack Johnson
Zack Johnson - 17 days ago
Best yummy face ever
Mike Labrado
Mike Labrado - 18 days ago
Damm. She's so hot
Safwat Myas
Safwat Myas - 19 days ago
please stop the “MMMMMMMMMM”
Githin S mohan
Githin S mohan - 19 days ago
Why do I feel like he's faking it ......
Arealkilling #2
Arealkilling #2 - 19 days ago
3:41 Co-Host just for the meat 😏 2019 everyone
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar - 19 days ago
My mouth is filled up with water seeing her and the food.
Terms and conditions apply for Sonny.
Martin Hernandez
Martin Hernandez - 20 days ago
7:00. "Japan likes it raw"
kirlwyn te
kirlwyn te - 20 days ago
7:08 her face hearing sonny's first time eating raw egg..
Ralph Naldoza
Ralph Naldoza - 20 days ago
I'm salivating to Shizuka
sameer singh
sameer singh - 20 days ago
Girl giving us fake reaction but she's very cute
Jimmy Jr Caiyas
Jimmy Jr Caiyas - 20 days ago
4:15 Sonny becomes "Mark Wiens" 😄
Sean Apit
Sean Apit - 21 day ago
She thicc
Wisnu Bask
Wisnu Bask - 21 day ago
I’m in love 😍🥰
Clare Claratehia
Clare Claratehia - 21 day ago
she's pretty and fun hosts
Rudy D
Rudy D - 21 day ago
I'm craving.... For Shizuka...
Iihopperfortie r
Iihopperfortie r - 22 days ago
How much were the meals?
ilham raka
ilham raka - 22 days ago
Sonny go "Mark Wiens" mode on the Meat Bar there 🤣
Michael Sangma
Michael Sangma - 23 days ago
my mouth is literally watering... :(
Madhu Desai
Madhu Desai - 23 days ago
You can't believe this guy if he gives such reaction to wasabi
Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma - 23 days ago
Nobita would be so jealous after watching "shizuka" with "Gian"(Sonny)
Aggressive Pepe
Aggressive Pepe - 23 days ago
Im here to get hungry, not to have a crush god damn it.
Gyurme Kundol
Gyurme Kundol - 21 day ago
Aggressive Pepe exactly, right!!
Alishba Zia
Alishba Zia - 24 days ago
Wow i didnt know how many of the crew members there is with him in all those places
dragon3831 - 24 days ago
I hear they dont have this meat in the USA, is this true?
saigonbond - 24 days ago
Japanese Wagyu is crazy tender and buttery but is like eating spoonfuls of Crisco because of its sometimes 30% protein/70% marbled fat ratio. Korean Hanwoo is also crazy tender but has better texture and more beef flavor because of its more balanced closer to 50% protein/50% marbled fat ratio. Both are fantastic. But if you want pure unadulterated beef flavor, nothing beats a USDA prime dry-aged Black Angus steak, that happens to be 1/5 the price of Wagyu or Hanwoo.
BLINK Fandom
BLINK Fandom - 25 days ago
Now u know Why Nobita Loves Shizuka Hahaha
Gaddamn it Im turning Into a Lesbian
Yoon nara
Yoon nara - 25 days ago
Something wrong with youtube. A lot of ads coming up. Not only this video but every video
Leroy Jarvis
Leroy Jarvis - 25 days ago
First time my double vision is good, one eye for her and one for the beef,.........sorry sonny, hehehehe
1fast10r - 26 days ago
I know u tapped that and if you didn't. You should have
Cyril Manginsay
Cyril Manginsay - 26 days ago
moan please!
Seo Changbin
Seo Changbin - 28 days ago
4:15 Mark Wiens who??
Jefrey Oliver Francisquete
Avis Magar
Avis Magar - 28 days ago
Juner Boton
Juner Boton - 28 days ago
She is so pretty 😍
Mike Biron
Mike Biron - 28 days ago
Please have your guest on many more times in the future!
Manish Mahato
Manish Mahato - 29 days ago
Just a advice. Make her your partner in all future episodes.. You will get more more likes
sonia aguilera
sonia aguilera - Month ago
sonia aguilera
sonia aguilera - Month ago
eric manalo
eric manalo - Month ago
Damn she fine. Her IG too is ughhhhh
Evan Jarvis
Evan Jarvis - Month ago
Sonny!! How do you handle trying to focus while being with all the gorgeous women you always have on the show?? I dont know if my brain would work right.. Good Lord.
GDeathGod TDFL
GDeathGod TDFL - Month ago
Wonder if he let her try his Angus Beef
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