Mega Rare Japanese Wagyu!!! Tokyo's Top Quality A5 Beef!!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show
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Sulaiman k
Sulaiman k - Day ago
+Internet - Where every dolt is an expert hanafi? Should follow syafiee
Internet - Where every dolt is an expert
hahaha so is there a new revelation for hanafi law or new hadith...😂😂😂😂😂😂
JESTONI M - 2 days ago
visit luzon Philippines!
Sulaiman k
Sulaiman k - 3 days ago
+Internet - Where every dolt is an expert wow. Just wow. Get your facts corrected.
Shane Alexander
Shane Alexander - Hour ago
Yo Sonny, kinda looked like she was into you 😂😂 Best of luck my dude.
Juls P.E
Juls P.E - 3 hours ago
4:19 what’s the name of that song ?
Im Not PickAchuu
Im Not PickAchuu - 3 hours ago
love this . no blurriness on video
leo liu
leo liu - 3 hours ago
Can’t believe he becoming mark wien 😂
T Stormer
T Stormer - 7 hours ago
Were those flowers representing a boner Sonny?
Lexis Sales
Lexis Sales - 7 hours ago
Sonnyy! Your guest is a walking sunshine! Hahaha you should hire her! OMG.
A - 8 hours ago
Zedlika Yato
Zedlika Yato - 9 hours ago
👀 I’m getting distracted
Ji F.
Ji F. - 10 hours ago
Phasers set on stunning. Thank you Shizuka.
Amanda Martinez
Amanda Martinez - 10 hours ago
I absolutely love watching every episode you post. I love how informative it is and that it’s not just watching people eat food, you’re actually learning about culture and traditions. You deserve a televised show!!!
Parada-Factions3K 48
Parada-Factions3K 48 - 12 hours ago
That girl is lil tays big sister
gen0z - 13 hours ago

not from the food but from shizuka
leo john
leo john - 13 hours ago
I guess Sonny invited Shizuka to distract us from being too hungry of that Marvellous Wagyu Beef
ct Cervantes
ct Cervantes - 14 hours ago
They have really good chemistry! Lol
Bebe Leche
Bebe Leche - 14 hours ago
Shizuka so pretty
Rydell Garcia
Rydell Garcia - 15 hours ago
i remember when your channel has 10k subs, and your first episodes was when your trip in the philippines.. and i always check everyday if you have new uploads, idk, but every video you upload is just pure entertaining, maybe it's because the humor idk HAHAHA! from the very start i knew this channel will blow up, and it did. You did it! your channel is on its way to 2million subs. been a fan of your channel eversince!
DON'T STOP MAKING VIDS. KEEP EM COMING. God bless you Sonny! solid fan of your's
Rice loving asian
Rice loving asian - 15 hours ago
Thirst for the co host is real in this comment section
Davide Andreolli
Davide Andreolli - 16 hours ago
I cannot find RUYURIYA restaurant in google maps. Can you write it in Japanese alphabet? Thanks
Joel Pornobi
Joel Pornobi - 16 hours ago
fun and delicious
1xrxaxrxex1 - 16 hours ago
the cutest girl on BEFRS 😍
GOD TUBER - 16 hours ago
I'd smash...
T.R.K - 17 hours ago
Poor those cameramans
OsusEkalam Hehez
OsusEkalam Hehez - 17 hours ago
The girl who was guiding you sonny was so nice and beautiful 😊 but the foods made me crave 😂😂
The Sentinel Of Abyss
The Sentinel Of Abyss - 18 hours ago
I think i'm looking at the pretty lady more than the food 😂
ibanezmartins - 19 hours ago
she so pweetty
Snielsss - 20 hours ago
There is no denial anymore, this really is the best ever food review show.
Edited to perfection, mouthwatering food (and co-host), stunning locations, and most of al, the always charming and funny Sonny.
It even has a double 'climax' pun joke, I mean what more do you want? How many wedding request mail do you get a day Sonny? The show it selve is a masterfull crafted dish of perfection.
Ok, maybe I got carried away a bit by all that Wagyu. But damn, this show is entertaining! It really is the best ever food review show.
Jendeukツ - 21 hour ago
The girl looks like Yeji from ITZY
TheShinoboCat - 22 hours ago
My eyes wont look away from her
TheShinoboCat - 22 hours ago
Aaaaa aaaaa she hot....damn shes hot
Momonga - 22 hours ago
Tokyo Creative Subs know what is this about
NT Lucy
NT Lucy - 23 hours ago
welcome to VietNam
CodeAro - Day ago
Also us we want some beef too you know??
Adrian Lim
Adrian Lim - Day ago
The highlight of this video is the chick and not the meat. Go follow her on IG at @xshizzyx
Enoch Qu
Enoch Qu - Day ago
I bet they smashed
Rojan Shahreza
Rojan Shahreza - Day ago
Quality content as alway!!!
albert barner
albert barner - Day ago
Why does this dude kinda look like tfue 😂
D W - Day ago
RAW EGG DIP......I Just don't get why people like it? You just gave a PETA wacko heart attack watching the FRESH FISH!!!
Peter Reinier Feliciano
Delicious Snot?! Oh my Heart! 😂😂😂 #epic #besteverfooreviewshow
lilili lululu
lilili lululu - Day ago
8:15 no u
Kris Gerzon
Kris Gerzon - Day ago
So i think you should buy it for us so we don’t have to 😀
Jay Tojino
Jay Tojino - Day ago
She look like Vanness Wu ✓
neZNEiKA - Day ago
the rare egg part is 😣
Laxus Jay Tyler
Laxus Jay Tyler - Day ago
My sister said that the camera man is so handsome and she'll die drooling. 😂😂😂
Jack Otheshadows
Jack Otheshadows - Day ago
.....I would not use any sauces on WAGYU.....That is my opinion.....
Ia Vang
Ia Vang - Day ago
You did the Mark Weins head motion of food ecstasy at 4:15!! 😂❤ Love your videos!
jack Jack
jack Jack - Day ago
bro your video never bored me keep it up and..... Apeace
ElectroFish - Day ago
This girl is my favorite partner you had till now lol all the others were looking at you like you are weird
ElectroFish - Day ago
I'm hungryyyyyyyy.
a noobie with a hoodie 1
I am watching this video eating ramen 😂😂😂
Swe Gamers
Swe Gamers - Day ago
The first chefs name: Mr "Hiroshima". That's kinda ironic
Zami Lam
Zami Lam - Day ago
PLEASE do a Bangladesh episode!! xD
Hsjdgyhs Hdhkdoajba
The girl was super cute!plsss sonny make more videos with her thanks.i love u shisuka
pwkps - Day ago
Visit Poland, and try: guts (Flaki), liver (Wątróbka), tongue
(Ozor), kidneys (Cynaderki), or for example breaded pork brain (Móżdżek). It's very tasty food, and you will not regret it :)
GP - Day ago
Philippines also have shabu-shabu
Camping for everyone else...
Why is every female assistant so hot?
John Tan
John Tan - Day ago
Just missed it... Was in tokyo last week & went to Ginza steak for wagyu A5 buffet
Wagyu with shoyu & wasabi is the best
ItsMeJM Suzuki
ItsMeJM Suzuki - Day ago
Fuck its raw. Disgusting
Best Ever Food Review Show
Try it.
wbpstarscom - Day ago
This looks amazing! Wagyu is one of the most delicious products on the planet for us. Thanks for sharing!
Melanie Relova
Melanie Relova - Day ago
I'm preggy and me and baby in tummy want to all those beef.. I miss Japanese food
Visal Ker
Visal Ker - Day ago
The girl is beautiful though
jones calingayan
jones calingayan - Day ago
Wow you have delicious co host i mean food i shoud say 😁😁😁😁
matrix Mathew
matrix Mathew - Day ago
Shizuka doraemon
Henry Thoreau
Henry Thoreau - Day ago
Asian/White mixed girls.. Fucking hell. Make more you lazy assholes. The. Hottest. Period.
precious gem
precious gem - Day ago
I simply love Japan.
Crystal Snow
Crystal Snow - Day ago
Will you come to Myanmar? 💜
050Hidden - 2 days ago
I've had it. Gave me terrible diarrhea but it was delicious and I'd willingly submit myself to that diarrhea again for this steak.
God Riolu
God Riolu - 2 days ago
she’s smoking hot
bhanu reddy
bhanu reddy - 2 days ago
After eating this food. You have to spend a week in Gym
Daniel alldo
Daniel alldo - 2 days ago
Shit... She's beautiful...
Medical Doll
Medical Doll - 2 days ago
I see a lot of comments about the girl, but I’ve loved every guide/co-host so far! I think it gives a more authentic feel when they’re not a native English speaker.
Aussie Bogan
Aussie Bogan - 2 days ago
This video made me so hungry
Rickie C
Rickie C - 2 days ago
Hope you split her wagyu. She fine af.
Jonathan ozier
Jonathan ozier - 2 days ago
Watching your channel makes me feel better. Like happy. Your videos are a great escape.
{ Aesophix }
{ Aesophix } - 2 days ago
I want to eat this now ;c
Ethan G
Ethan G - 2 days ago
I’ll stick with my slim jims
Darren Wang Productions
The dudes name is Mr Hiroshima
Secret7 - 2 days ago
Is she Sizuka from Perman? Mitsubu's girlfriend?
Kuba Zow
Kuba Zow - 2 days ago
You should go to poland and try polish food
Taylor Parker
Taylor Parker - 2 days ago
You know Sunny, out of all of the food travel channels, yours features the most women food guides and I really appreciate that💜
Kuroi Masuku
Kuroi Masuku - 2 days ago
fuck her
Sand Shadow
Sand Shadow - 2 days ago
Woa, didn't know Logan Paul's older brother is still allow in Japan =))))
Eddy Juana
Eddy Juana - 2 days ago
Wow that WAGYU is really huge , soft and look so tasty. You know what i mean
Tử Quân Cảm
Tử Quân Cảm - 2 days ago
Xin chào các bạn đã tới Việt Nam
Bobby lucero
Bobby lucero - 2 days ago
She’s actually beautiful kinda distracting hahaha
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr - 2 days ago
Come one man get with it bandana boy
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr - 2 days ago
How come no new vids asswhipeee
semi - 2 days ago
9:24 that chef looked soo suspicious ahahahah
BranB91510 - 2 days ago
Check out bro bro. Let’s get him some attention Yal!! Thanks!!
JoMomma239 - 2 days ago
8:46 is the sound you wish you where making her do ;)
Snake - 2 days ago
Please stop torturing ur audiance, with food
Gordon H. Welles
Gordon H. Welles - 2 days ago
Very difficult to concentrate on the food when there’s a hottie in the way!
Scrappy The Cholo
Scrappy The Cholo - 2 days ago
1:06 - 1:07

What her size? 🤣
Samantha Fernandez
Samantha Fernandez - 2 days ago
I'm hoping these two get together. I always wonder if when he travels and he meets all these pretty girls, does he hook up with them? Maybe she can be the one? Haha
Alex Xayavong
Alex Xayavong - 2 days ago
Shizzy is damn gorgeous
JESTONI M - 2 days ago
hey sony?
KINGBLUR - 2 days ago
Song at 4:15 plz
Gyrzr Msry
Gyrzr Msry - 2 days ago
The last chief is in the shaolin soccer movie right?
El Cid
El Cid - 2 days ago
Was there beef in this program?
I was distracted by the cutest girl in the world
Roan Tombado
Roan Tombado - 2 days ago
The girl was so hot 😍
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