Mega Rare Japanese Wagyu!!! Tokyo's Top Quality A5 Beef!!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show
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Sofy B
Sofy B - Month ago
Best Ever Food Review Show i Love your travel Food vlog!!!! Great ideas to venture out for travelers who are looking for new things to do in Japan 🇯🇵 🥢🥰❤️
Abu Hajaar
Abu Hajaar - Month ago
Im gonna suck ur gurls vingenar and she wil be hapy
Bro SkyPanha
Bro SkyPanha - Month ago
Best Ever Food Review Show, you include Cambodia in this video so why not go visit Cambodia for some food tour
Sulaiman k
Sulaiman k - 2 months ago
+Internet - Where every dolt is an expert hanafi? Should follow syafiee
Internet - Where every dolt is an expert
hahaha so is there a new revelation for hanafi law or new hadith...😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shristi Singh
Shristi Singh - Day ago
He is too cute.😍😍
Jake Meszaros
Jake Meszaros - 2 days ago
Haha “Japan likes it raw” 😉
thisbarb - 3 days ago
The name of that region is KOBE
SNushi And Tuna Cakes
SNushi And Tuna Cakes - 4 days ago
Vegetarians and vegans are jealous-
Martin Roa
Martin Roa - 4 days ago
Im sorry but she is soo beautiful... My heart just skipped a beat.. Too bad id never have some one like her..😟
grey kween
grey kween - 4 days ago
That must be expensive...
Leah Duff
Leah Duff - 4 days ago
I'm literally drooling it looks so good😭😵
Ramadhan Noor Islamy
Ramadhan Noor Islamy - 5 days ago
1:05 yeah, I'm salivating ...

Gillianne Paz
Gillianne Paz - 5 days ago
So we bought our parents A5 Wagyu for their anniversary in November of last year, and my father had the exact same reaction you had at 4:15, with the flowers blooming and all... And watching this video reminded me of that day. 🤣🤣🤣
Carl Lorenz Andonaque
Carl Lorenz Andonaque - 5 days ago
Whatever food you eat is gonna be good if its with her.. 😂😂
Bob Adyari
Bob Adyari - 9 days ago
one of your talents is finding an attractive co-host huh
John Jamora
John Jamora - 9 days ago
I want the girl. Lol
Anjali Jacob
Anjali Jacob - 10 days ago
“And there is no better place to climax... than right here. Let me explain” 😂😂😂
I don’t know if that was meant to be funny or not but I peed myself from laughing 😆
Anjali Jacob
Anjali Jacob - 10 days ago
UUuuuunnnn hamana hamana hamana😭😭😭😭❣️❣️❣️
Faiyaz Rahman
Faiyaz Rahman - 12 days ago
She looks yummy!
Did you taste her later??
Đồng Văn Toàn
Đồng Văn Toàn - 12 days ago
Lucky you, Nobita.
F. Rick Herr
F. Rick Herr - 13 days ago
Comment section:
79% about the Co Host
5% about the Food
15% about Sonny Paul, Logan's Older brother...
Arly Espanto
Arly Espanto - 13 days ago
she's so yummy,,uhhhmmmm
Joe Joe
Joe Joe - 15 days ago
She is the most beautiful co host befr everrr!
Jong Regudo
Jong Regudo - 16 days ago
the potential salmonella on those raw eggs are waving back intensely lol
Anab A
Anab A - 17 days ago
Where does she live? For research purposes
yusry yus
yusry yus - 17 days ago
She should be your wife
Purey - 17 days ago
oppaidaisuki2409 OTAKU
oppaidaisuki2409 OTAKU - 17 days ago
It should be more like shokugeki no soma...The girl should moan and orgasm beacause of the taste😁😂
SilentSushiCat - 18 days ago
Came here to watch the video but instead I read the comments about the girl..
vian aztraguzt
vian aztraguzt - 18 days ago
Hybrid never goes bad😍😍
albert Dimagna-ong
albert Dimagna-ong - 19 days ago
the girl looks hmmmmmmmm! lol
Nayr Jay Simbulan
Nayr Jay Simbulan - 19 days ago
That face head move = yummy face by mark weins hahahahaha
Green - 19 days ago
Is it just me or is his camera crew just a bunch of kids.
Dan Dean
Dan Dean - 20 days ago
She’s hot .....she’s hot!!!!!
alozs naga
alozs naga - 20 days ago
She is beautiful
Dinerenblanc - 20 days ago
Lol these comments are 90% drooling over the co-host
Gtbomb1 - 21 day ago
Shame on me for taking this long to subscribe. I'm a herb. Who's mans am I. Lol
SBD - 21 day ago
Food shows makes me hungry, but I guess this episode made a LOT of people here thirsty.
Ivana Plavsic
Ivana Plavsic - 21 day ago
4:18 to 4:30 ...think that's exactly how I'd feel.
gabh4x - 21 day ago
Sonny got more than high quality beef lol
King Prodigy
King Prodigy - 21 day ago
I think I'm in love
Claudio Zamudio
Claudio Zamudio - 22 days ago
From a brotha to another ... get that .... bro!
Amina Anjum
Amina Anjum - 22 days ago
Finally Shizuka left nobita.
Amina Anjum
Amina Anjum - 22 days ago
4.18 the yummy face.
Amina Anjum
Amina Anjum - 22 days ago
He's handsome ❤️
Lá Nguyễn Ngọc
Lá Nguyễn Ngọc - 23 days ago
I know she’s pretty but damn the comment section is scary. Also LOVE THE VIDEO, as always
OptimusHighMegaBong - 23 days ago
The Girl was more Pretty then Knowledgeable . Still good episode tho
de.joshuac - 24 days ago
3:23 me pretending to feel bad when ppl offer me the last piece of food😂😂😂
Stan Lee
Stan Lee - 24 days ago
Came for the review, stayed for shizuka
Tagar Dulom
Tagar Dulom - 24 days ago
Sonny which is better kobe or wagyu?
Bordas Studios
Bordas Studios - 26 days ago
Omg that girl is gorgeous. The perfect waifu material.
David Y
David Y - 26 days ago
I love your show but your pronunciation of wagyu and Satay make me cringe so hard haha
It’s a hard ‘A’ my brotha you say sautée and wauygyu it drives me nuts
God Oof
God Oof - 27 days ago
Logon Paul is feeling bad for doing something 🧐🤔🤔
katia Kaarlela
katia Kaarlela - 27 days ago
ok now im jealous :O
rheynald ellorin
rheynald ellorin - 27 days ago
deyyyymm she's soo prettyy
Gmer 00
Gmer 00 - 27 days ago
Iyotin ko yung babae
Justin Park kyung
Justin Park kyung - 27 days ago
I want a bite of her wagyu meat 🥩
Fadzil KJ Basri
Fadzil KJ Basri - 28 days ago
Man she is preety 👍🏻
Enrique Linares
Enrique Linares - 29 days ago
Anyone can teach me how to use the sticks?
Heet Shah
Heet Shah - 29 days ago
You did your best yummy face ever!
Crowtein - 29 days ago
Question for all:
-What was your best meat/beef experience?
Druw Agee
Druw Agee - 29 days ago
Her tummy face is the best one yet
Hiran Dhananjaya
Hiran Dhananjaya - 29 days ago
oh god she is lovely and soooo cute
Hyder Ali
Hyder Ali - Month ago
Hey sizhuka where is your nobita and doraemon
Angelica Nguyen
Angelica Nguyen - Month ago
Hey sonny that was ur best yummy face
Albert Jimenez
Albert Jimenez - Month ago
Co host 😍
Wilson wilson
Wilson wilson - Month ago
That lady fvcking sexy distract me
Rusho Khan
Rusho Khan - Month ago
My mouth is watering for that girl. What the fuck is wrong with me. 😔
Francis Lambert
Francis Lambert - Month ago
Canadian and Japanese..I think I'll one.
Coding With Unity
Coding With Unity - Month ago
One of the most beautiful girls iv seen
sundowntraveler - Month ago
Real wasabi 🤯
Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard - Month ago
loves to see her face and boobs as well
Nicholas Mcdougald
Nicholas Mcdougald - Month ago
She ain't worth my time but the food is😋
Nicholas Mcdougald
Nicholas Mcdougald - Month ago
You making me hungry.......again ☹
Kyle Bunny boy
Kyle Bunny boy - Month ago
4:35 adult video girls be like
jai jai
jai jai - Month ago
nah more like 4:14
Tristan Orlando Boooy
Tristan Orlando Boooy - Month ago
I swear I came here for more food and laughs but she stole this whole of the prettiest faces I’ve ever gawked upon🧐
chirag m
chirag m - Month ago
Plz dont eat beef. Its holy animal
Avik Mukherjee
Avik Mukherjee - Month ago
Bhak chutiye. Apna Bhakt wala chutiyap UP me ja ke dikha.
lil Clock
lil Clock - Month ago
I'd love to give that chick MY meat😜
Rob Geist
Rob Geist - Month ago
Goddamn, you half-Japanese girls. do it to me every time - Weezer
The first thing that came to mind when she introduced herself.
Go Subarashi
Go Subarashi - Month ago
okay. you better watch this 4:16
Yasuki Omori
Yasuki Omori - Month ago
your video really inspire me it helps me to relax when i'm under stress, it helps me to have a break in studies and it relieve my problems for a wile, i am happy and wish that you and your team will continue to make more videos, you actually bring my imaginations to different countries and i got knowledge about referent culture and behavior.your creation, masterpiece, passion, art and what ever they call it help a lot of people like me. it bring me the feeling of wanting to travel the world, and like you live the life on its fullest. i see how your website grows from a local food to a bugs in a can to Korea to India and different countries. i am not a food expert or a video expert, i'm just a bachelor in science in psychology Student a ordinary person and i see your video as a professional, and very informative. I hope and pray to all of god's that you well have a long and healthy life so you can make more and to spread the goodness you are making. very sorry for my grammar.
Allons-y - Month ago
Does anyone know the address or the name of the resturant for the sukiyaki one? I tried the name and address sonny provided but it doesnt exist.
Xijian Zhang
Xijian Zhang - Month ago
Sorry man, I like your show but this time , im watching the girl.
Zion Lafrance
Zion Lafrance - Month ago
I’m hungry
Luki _M
Luki _M - Month ago
4:12 Mark Wiens? Is that you?
Galvanized Gamer
Galvanized Gamer - Month ago
Geez. You’d think these guys haven’t seen a pretty girl in their life.
Caleb Mazac
Caleb Mazac - Month ago
Fuck that chick is annoying.
Emm Gee
Emm Gee - Month ago
I'm in love with the canadian!!!!
Makara Chhim
Makara Chhim - Month ago
Can I have her number ?XD LOL
Gav iel
Gav iel - Month ago
shoethief - Month ago
Ugh. I used to live in Japan and this video was ALL the feels. SO delicious.
Dai Tongotongo
Dai Tongotongo - Month ago
Whats the song at the end pls
Thom Bui
Thom Bui - Month ago
Wagu beef! The NUMBER one food item I MUST try before I die! Number ONE on my bucket list for sure! I need it in my life 🤤
Tsuj Kao Lee
Tsuj Kao Lee - Month ago
I'd have her raw on a plate anyday
Allen Chen
Allen Chen - Month ago
the cameraman pretty much signed up for pure torture
DSAIJA - Month ago
Which song 4:15
Ace - Month ago
I think you gotta change the thumbnail to include Shizzy.. Going by the comment section thirst
lilsto2 - Month ago
I would take a bite out of the co host moose knuckle
Robin Swamidasan
Robin Swamidasan - Month ago
@ 2:45 ... Why dos the meat look discoloured, especially at the edges?
Earl Jerwin Borromeo
Earl Jerwin Borromeo - Month ago
My mouth is watering😭😭
Sumeet Malajure
Sumeet Malajure - Month ago
this video put a smile on my face. thank you
Melody Ann Ferrer
Melody Ann Ferrer - Month ago
She's hot 😀
TheProBro - Month ago
who else has got a boner after watching shizuka?
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