Footage Surfaces from Bernie Sanders’s 1980s Public Access Show | The Daily Show

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Faerie Flor
Faerie Flor - 30 minutes ago
If you don't get us an amusement park I guess I'll do it myself. So this is the moment that motivated Hillary Clinton all these years😨
Harkness78 - 6 hours ago
Comedy central is just like HBO, posits itself as progressive and liberal, but will undermine anyone really pushing Leftist policy and values. Look at this guy who actually wants to make America a better place, what a joke! Don't take him seriously at all.
raphaelkunz1018 - 11 hours ago
freshencounter - 21 hour ago
Bernie, Elizabeth, Marianne, Tulsi!! In any order, until @AOC and @Noah are legally old enough to take the reins!!
Been spending 2-3 hours a week listening to each of them; Amazing!
John Deere
John Deere - 23 hours ago
"Who knows about cocaine? Anyone ever seen cocaine?"
@2:26 "I use it in my cereal"
John McLean
John McLean - Day ago
One of the funniest video ever loooooord 🤣🤣🤣
Lucien Morningstar
Lucien Morningstar - Day ago
If a republican said dumb to a 5yo kid it would be a very big deal. But when its from a democrat these snowflakes, liberals doesnt seem to mind. Bernie is a clown.
Oro The Nymph
Oro The Nymph - Day ago
Oh Bernie 💕
Bl00dyBlue559 - Day ago
No wonder he didn't become the U.S President he is to savage for 2019. Now we're stuck with a crybaby.
Richard De Fortune
Richard De Fortune - Day ago
You can't say the same for Joe Biden or Donald Trump.
Oso Sombra
Oso Sombra - Day ago
Califragilistic Bear
If an old guy who looks like Woody Allen, and who just talked to a bunch of grade school kids about cocaine, tells you you're dumb, take it as a compliment.
Jessica Danger
Jessica Danger - Day ago
Bernie is one of the few people that understands children are not as naive and dumb as adults like to pretend. And you gotta talk straight to the kids to avoid all the confusion.. Adults in this country are so lost in the sauce
Patchuchan - Day ago
He's consistent which is why he's the best candidate for 2020.I wished people listened to him 30 years ago.
TheCastedone - Day ago
Have you ever smelled a white person?
Johann Greyling
Johann Greyling - Day ago
Alex Damian
Alex Damian - Day ago
Lmfao teaching stereotypes to kids was fucken halarious
Fake Christians For Trump
Trevor your a good person. Jump onboard for a better world.
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi - Day ago
Consistently doing nothing.
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi - Day ago
Pure Commie propoganda!
SecondLifeDesigner - Day ago
This video just makes me love Bernie even more! :D
Junior banqss
Junior banqss - 2 days ago
Bet you that kid was called dumb voted for trump 😂😂😂😂
O. C.
O. C. - 2 days ago
Bernie was ready to debate the kids 😂
J luke
J luke - 2 days ago
I love Bernie ! 💚
Mikael Murstam
Mikael Murstam - 2 days ago
"OK well, I better get going now!" HAHHAHA I'm dead
V J - 2 days ago
Love Bernie!
MrLeooreo - 3 days ago
Bernie is real people.
Ana Amore
Ana Amore - 3 days ago
Thank you for being one of the rare TV personalities to promote and speak about bernie Sanders!! He's always so genuine. He was born with white hair. He's was born with that old soul.
Bill Mason
Bill Mason - 3 days ago
Yes, Noah, both you and he are absolutely correct.
Sparkles Daily
Sparkles Daily - 3 days ago
Luv Bernie, he's the greatest!
Xiao Ran Li
Xiao Ran Li - 4 days ago
Y'all better not sleep on Bernie this time
Xiao Ran Li
Xiao Ran Li - 4 days ago
Lida Goon
Lida Goon - 4 days ago
Bernie 2020! 💖
jane a sinner
jane a sinner - 4 days ago
The question was "Who knows about cocaine? Anyone ever seen cocaine? (improper grammar, but I digress)..The answers were "Yes" "Ya" and a "No" So these '5 year olds' are not naïve ! And, if you are talking/teaching about stereotypes you have to say out loud the stereotypes. We've all heard them as kids, I don't care who you are, you know about derogatory sayings and remarks about people.
Allan Sabillon
Allan Sabillon - 4 days ago
The sad part of it all... that was over 30 years ago and we r still fighting the same issues
Cody Roseberry
Cody Roseberry - 4 days ago
Bernie-“Who here seen cocain“ small child “I’m 5 I’m a little kid”
PutinWithAnimals - 4 days ago
5:10 Bernie is talking about sexually deviant behaviour, and they yawn? How are you gonna get kids interested in politics?
BishopDubois1 - 4 days ago
BARF !!!
Le Fou
Le Fou - 5 days ago
Trevor Noah is so fucking cringey holy shit
peda mbr
peda mbr - 5 days ago
you left out the part where he tells them that smoking causes cancer and that cancer is a very painful disease.
Angela Payne
Angela Payne - 6 days ago
Lmbo! #the dailyshow #bernie2020
Eric Rosenberg
Eric Rosenberg - 6 days ago
Bernie is hilarious. This video is funny. In all seriousness though his proposals will ruin many hard working professionals careers and it doesn't have to be that extreme anyways. Just be more inclusive with the private sector to add more socialized programs. Otherwise, he won't get the support of those that work in private sector that are sentenced to death and Trump will take those votes instead. I believe he has a better chance of winning if he doesn't take such an ideological stance to abolish capitalism and the private sector. There's a healthier balance.
Eric Rosenberg
Eric Rosenberg - 6 days ago
Also there are many professionals in the private sector that are required to maintain designations that have high ethical standards that protect the public. So, it is exaggeration to suggest only the government can protect the public. In fact, those in the private sector have a greater reputation to protect than someone answering phones for the government.
Max Meggeneder
Max Meggeneder - 6 days ago
Bernie Sanders is the best mainstream politicians in the USA! And yes as a europeuan,I am from Austria for those who know the country, would be a mainstream politician here. He is a politician with good chances of becoming President. And I hope he does! Because it would not only give the US americans a saver life and better living conditions but it would also make the world a much less dangerous place for a few years and could give the planet a chance to survive. So even though I would not vote for a social democrat here in Austria,it would shift the US empire away from the far right police they are in and the American exceptionalism that endangerours life's all over the planet and I hope Bernie would put a stop to the endless wars that plague our planet,all coming from the USA and their closest allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia. Bernie consistency is what makes him the only trustworthy candidate for the upcoming presidential election besides Tulsi Gabbard.
Daba Daba
Daba Daba - 7 days ago
Bernie is just recently rich because of book sales... he’s the only honest politician ever..
That’s what most of the comments want to believe.
Watching news whether it be CNN, MSNBC, FOX, VOX, Daily Wire etc.. doesn’t inform anybody of any actual truth, it merely arms you with a narrative of your sides choosing. Politics is politics. Politicians are politicians. It’s all deception. You can’t really know what’s the truth no matter how hard you try. The best we can do is listen to opposing views, and not jump to be the frontline foot soldiers doing the dirty work for either side, while creating further divide and hatred. It is, and has always been the American People vs Both parties.
To think that Bernie is somehow the only honest politician is extremely ignorant
Alexa Claire
Alexa Claire - 7 days ago
I really hope Our Revolution can pull through in 2020. Please donate to his campaign if you can!!! And volunteer for his campaign, he needs us!! #notmeus
Jerisha Bluejay
Jerisha Bluejay - 7 days ago
Pure gold lmao
Anthony Barredo
Anthony Barredo - 7 days ago
trevor is so pumped from the beginning to the end of this clip.
Wulver - 7 days ago
I want Yang but he won't get the time of day, Bernie will most likely make it.
Thrashbarg - 8 days ago
At least Bernie doesn't talk down to his audience.
Alex G
Alex G - 8 days ago
This makes me love Bernie more
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