Footage Surfaces from Bernie Sanders’s 1980s Public Access Show | The Daily Show

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m t
m t - 5 hours ago
So that's why Trevor smells.
Sascha Haber
Sascha Haber - 6 hours ago
Please tell your graphic person the aspect ratio of your photo is wrong...or just make me your new graphic person :)
Darius Manson
Darius Manson - 9 hours ago
Sexual perversion has always been a part of Jewish identity or should I say stereotype
Kodjo Swole
Kodjo Swole - 20 hours ago
OG Bernie, hate it or love him. I love him.
Max R
Max R - 22 hours ago
I really regret not supporting Bernie in 2016. I don’t agree with a lot he says, but he perfectly understands how to get the support of Americans. Anger works fear works. We learned this in 2016. Bernie gets that except he doesn’t turn that anger and fear in to bigotry and hatefulness. I think Bernie’s the best bet to get rid of Trump in 2020 not Biden. I’m voting for Bernie even if I don’t agree with his views. But if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination you bet my ass is voting for Biden as should any other Bernie supporter.
yidingcao - 23 hours ago
That is why he is worth to be elected. To bad in the USA you only have two parties. And you have to be in one of them for the final run. Otherwise I see him with a big chance of winning
Ez Al
Ez Al - Day ago
Ummmm, u forgot abt the video where he praised the bread lines in USSR and also their train stations
MilwJay - Day ago
so the mayor of a town plants trees and then with a camera crew the mayor asks kids near the newly planted trees about the trees... but trevor noah says that that is the definition of the strange weird men kids are taught to avoid... the town mayor talking about planting trees. when hthe mayor raises important epidemic issues before they become a problem you view that as wrong too ... thats what is supposed to be done. also there are plenty pics out there of a brown haired young bernie. every part of your bit is wrong and mean-spirited. but hey congrats on getting hired by comedy centrals owners foxnews corp cuz they know what they want and who they hire
Michael Calisi
Michael Calisi - Day ago
Not voting Bernie but at least he's consistent in his idology
Arya Boudaie
Arya Boudaie - Day ago
Wow this is incredible.
Noah Stevens
Noah Stevens - Day ago
If I can't have Yang I'll take Bernie.
Dragana Munitic
Dragana Munitic - Day ago
Can you guys imagine, you could've had Bernie for the last two years.
slipknot95maggot - Day ago
He doesn't condescend children.? Pfft, totally worthy of a 'news' segment
Anyway, hello! I just wanted to let you know that you're talking about this while your reality looks like this ////
Anyway, back to Bernie calling a kid who said school and reading aren't important 'dumb'.
Ooh. Okay
No Name
No Name - Day ago
Omg, Bernie is the best ever. I love it so goddamn much. He's always been so consistent in standing up for what he believes in. He's always straightforward about the policy. He sincerely wants to know how the community is doing and what it thinks of his work. What an absolutely fantastic leader. He's really one of a kind. Not to mention savage af, lmao.
But when Trevor said Bernie that has been saying the same things for 30 years because it's been 30 years and we still have the same problems, that actually hit the nail on the head. Spot on. Bernie understood it 30 years ago. He was way ahead of his time.
Bernie Sanders 2020. I'll be donating to the campaign soon.
Zac Rivera
Zac Rivera - Day ago
Before he became a millionaire
eogg25 - Day ago
He also spent 10 days in Russia colluding with them at least that's what they would call it if Trump spent 10 days in Russia.
Tim Be
Tim Be - Day ago
Once a Communist always a communist. And like all old communist he wants 2 classes the leaders Eat caviar and the workers line up for Bread . Read animal farm
ferros8215 - Day ago
The Curious Case of Bernie Sanders
Michael Gavin Johnston
They just keep trying...but they will never take us down...the more the establishment uses the media to smear the resurging Left, the more they fail...every new leaked footage, or hot mic, or tweet, or whatever from the left, just reveals how awesome they are. Like, Bernie, AOC, Ilhan Omar...everytime they try to smear them, they just make them look cooler. I want Bernie in charge of me.
Valerie Pritt
Valerie Pritt - Day ago
A strong breeze could defeat Bernie Sanders. He's weak.
Hides the fact that he's a millionaire and dodges questions.
Calls a kid stupid and prone to bribery.
No Name
No Name - Day ago
+Valerie Pritt Yes. Think for yourself. That is what I said. Alright, well, if that's how you feel, then you could always get your IQ tested and compare it with the average IQ of liberals. I think you'll be disappointed though, considering that the average liberal IQ is consistently several points higher than the average conservative IQ. It's probably due to better education, of course. The areas with the highest average IQs also happen to be the most educated, such as in the Northeast, and the areas with the lowest IQs also happen to be the least educated, such as the Deep South, in states like Alabama and Mississippi. Is it a coincidence that the Northeast tends to be Democratic, while the South is generally Republican? Well, think about it for yourself. There is also a reason that most academics, in general, but especially experts in science and philosophy (the biggest free-thinking fields that there are), tend to identify as liberal, left-leaning, or independent. Hell, many of them are actual socialists. Albert Einstein was a socialist, for just one example that you may already know about (I can't presume to know your education level). Look up his essay called "Why Socialism?" Would you have thought that Einstein was a Republican? Lmao. That's a very silly thought, considering what he actually believed. Look, I know that you feel like you are an expert on everything by default, and so you are probably seething mad right now, if you are even still reading at all (I very much doubt it; reading requires too much mental energy from you, I imagine). It's a clear example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. You likely are not even smart enough to know how dumb you are, and so you just assume that you're smarter than everyone else, because you literally have no experience with what being smart would actually be like. Just look at Donald Trump. Smart people admit when they do not know something and strive to understand the reality. Dumb people insist that they are stable geniuses. My guess is that deep down, you know that you aren't very smart. Conservative ideas just make the most sense to you. They're very easy to wrap your mind around. They do not require much processing power beyond ancient brain structures responsible for emotions like anger and fear. More left-wing ideas actually require much of the prefrontal cortex, responsible for higher thought and abstract theory. They've literally confirmed this with brain scan studies multiple times. This is accepted science. Conservatives are scientifically proven to be more simple-minded in their considerations than liberals are at this point. To think that conservative ideas make the most sense must be kind of like how the Flat Earth Theory would make the most sense to someone who was not educated enough to know, or else not smart enough to figure out, that the Earth was actually round. So, of course more advanced concepts seem confusing and wrong to someone like that. You cannot think broader than what you are intellectually capable of thinking about, and that just isn't very broad to begin with. Ridiculous ideas seem right to you because you aren't smart enough to understand better ideas. I suggest trying your absolute hardest to open your mind and perhaps get an education, as hard as it is for you to make decent grades. It's still important to be as informed as possible.
Valerie Pritt
Valerie Pritt - Day ago
+No Name Think for myself?... Lol. Priceless and hypocritical coming from a liberal. You guys invented the art of not thinking, more like sheep's baaaing at your master's. 😂🐏
No Name
No Name - Day ago
Lmao. Can you promise that you will still underestimate him in 2020? Maybe even vote for Trump to prevent him from becoming president? Think for yourself, if you can.
A - Day ago
I was going to say something negative about Travor Noah but now he in the center of jokes. That’s want true comedy all about. Not lift or right only comedy...
Dragoon The Weirdo
Dragoon The Weirdo - 2 days ago
I changed my mind on voting for him
No Name
No Name - Day ago
I'll definitely be voting for him. I'd probably even write his name in if he didn't get the nomination, but I don't see why he wouldn't. He's the most consistent candidate in the running. Plus, he's actually been consistently right all this time. That's very impressive. There's no better leader than a leader who goes around the community, asking what people think of the community and how it can be improved. I want a president like that. That's a president you can be proud to have. A serious president focused on the issues.
firenz shah
firenz shah - 2 days ago
How come they allowed a South African to talks about USA politic?
Peter Korman
Peter Korman - 2 days ago
Because he was hired to host an American news/comedy show (and lives in America)? This isn’t exactly rocket science.
Michael T.
Michael T. - 2 days ago
Can someone PLEASE track the kids from that footage down and have them comment on it?
WeirdozChannel - 2 days ago
Of course Trevor is ripping on bernie. Thats what he did last election too. He's an establishment puppet
Peter Korman
Peter Korman - 2 days ago
This isn’t “ripping on Bernie.” He’s a comedian, and there were jokes to be made about Bernie’s public access tv show. I love Bernie, but one of the thing that bothers me about my fellow Sanders supporters is that they flip their shit at anything that’s not glowing praise. Calm the fuck down.
Shasha Innova
Shasha Innova - 2 days ago
Bru my moma told me back in the day this shit was normal. But it was just everyday life. Now most of us find all this shit funny even the weird awkward shit. We all have a fucked up sense of humor
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell - 2 days ago
I don't know but doesn't it seem like Bernie has a little pedophile in him.
No Name
No Name - Day ago
+Ian Campbell Are you stupid? That was on a public TV show literally designed to ask random people around the community what their thoughts were about the community. It's not pedophilic to care what kids think about their community, as the mayor of the community. If you actually had kids, then you would want to live in a society where their opinions mattered and were taken into consideration too. Unless of course, you're a pedophile and don't care about what children think or feel about their environment. To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me all that much from someone like you. Clearly, pedophilia comes to your mind very quickly when you see children. Deflection from your own character traits, perhaps? You're being disingenuous and it's very obvious. Not a good look.
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell - Day ago
+No Name No, I'm not. I'm thinking of Bernie. What would you think of a strange old man that pulls up to your young child in a car and engages him or her in a conversation? That's the situation I tell my kids to stay away from. I tell them that if a strange old man pulls up and starts asking them anything, run away. Bernie is on video doing that.
No Name
No Name - Day ago
You're thinking of Biden.
GHustle4 - 2 days ago
Lmao when the young lady walked away I felt like a proud dad of my own daughter then I looked back at my SON and yelled WTF ARE YOU STILL DOING THERE TALKING TO A STRANGER GOT DAMNIT BOY!! lmao
lrpisme - 2 days ago
Fuck Bernie.
Sam Jinping
Sam Jinping - 2 days ago
#FeelTheBern #OurRevolution 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✨
pryodiablo - 2 days ago
I dunno if Trevor was trying to make a slam piece on bernie but this only make me like bernie more. Watch the originals of all the clips here.
Livá - 3 days ago
Wait why he sleeping on bernie?
lunhil12 - 3 days ago
Bernie is and always was the real deal. Too bad honesty isn’t valued in Washington DC.
Hello World!
Hello World! - 3 days ago
Trevor, if you want me to vote for Biden, tell your bosses that's not working, and aint happening. Love Bernie even more than ever
Ramew Sonyo
Ramew Sonyo - 3 days ago
Lmfao. Well I think you're dumb
Red X
Red X - 3 days ago
Stranger Danger
Christine Cecilia Mahirwe
Waaaaaiiiitttttt, Hilary Clintonnnnnn 🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀
Healthy Morty
Healthy Morty - 3 days ago
How Trevor Noah even still have a job. The guy is a complete unfunny hack.
Aukion Makiro
Aukion Makiro - 3 days ago
Ffs I get you're just a paid actor but help Bernie not just go on about kids belittling his points about the country
Aukion Makiro
Aukion Makiro - 3 days ago
Man makes good points but let's keep making jokes to deviate and ignore em $$$$$$$$
Bigheadtf - 3 days ago
I Am President Donald J Trump And I Approve This Message! BOOM! BEST Trump Video EVER!
Joshua Owens
Joshua Owens - 4 days ago
It took until the 2008 crash for America to wake up to what Bernie's been trying to point out since the 70s. Not cuz he's a genius, but cuz we weren't paying we're still not. Not really
Jeremy Pallister
Jeremy Pallister - 4 days ago
I'm dying 😂😂 this shit is funny af. He's very consistent, I just wish he wasn't a socialist.
No Name
No Name - Day ago
Okay. But, without emotionally reacting in immediate anger, what does that word actually mean, and why is it bad? My guess is that, like most people who accept establishment propaganda on faith, you conflate socialism with communism, and assume that it always implies a totalitarian government that bans private property and redistributes wealth exactly equally within a command economy. That's communism, but Bernie Sanders wants to implement automatic voter registration at the age of 18, ensure one vote per citizen (going so far as to include prisoners in the democratic process), legalize marijuana for regulation and purchase in the free market, and remove money from politics so that power over elections is with the people's vote rather than with wealthy bank accounts. If it seems different from communism, that's because it is.
James Black
James Black - 4 days ago
Not sure whether to dislike this video for being an obvious attempt at a hit piece against Bernie Sanders, or liking the video for failing so hard that it made Bernie look even more awesome...
Aliya Khan
Aliya Khan - 4 days ago
Shoutout to Noah 🤘🏿
Callum L.
Callum L. - 4 days ago
* sniff sniff sniff * yep that's some strong corporate propaganda right there!
Apatriot 1968
Apatriot 1968 - 4 days ago
Look at all the cmie lovers licking Breadline Bernie's boots
No Name
No Name - Day ago
Look at you kissing the ass of America's bigliest loser, Donald Trump. He's such a stable genius and successful businessman that he lost more money than any other American taxpayer in the '90s, but somehow you still want to inhale his farts.
absolutless - 4 days ago
Wow, even the daily show is hacking for corporatism now.
Lorrie C
Lorrie C - 4 days ago
Bernie has always been a community minded person. It's so very honorable how he encourages those kids to learn their opinion matters and the way he always educates ppl on what the details in the issues are. It's what I would want from someone in politics..💖
Lucas Layton
Lucas Layton - 4 days ago
*How can I give Bernie all my money?!*
WaitingToFade - 4 days ago
mary travioli
mary travioli - 4 days ago
Idiot then and Idiot now
Nikki C
Nikki C - 4 days ago
"I disagree with you,I think you're dumb"😶😂😂😂Sometimes kids need the truth. #Bernie2020
JUMAH - 4 days ago
Baby Bernie will be like how much was the doctor's charge
HiiPPi3 - 4 days ago
Who talks about cocain with 5 y/o? Maybe we should more
Eliisa m
Eliisa m - 4 days ago
I love Bernie
Max Meier
Max Meier - 4 days ago
Let's have a "Where are they now" -segment with the kids Bernie interviewed.
Collin Booker
Collin Booker - 4 days ago
“Hey kids, want some democratic socialism?”
No Name
No Name - Day ago
Yes, please.
Mandisa Mvelase
Mandisa Mvelase - 4 days ago
This has some strange paedophelia to it 🤔
Anthony Keyes
Anthony Keyes - 4 days ago
Makes me love Bernie even more!!!
Dawn W. Williams
Dawn W. Williams - 4 days ago
IcecreamDF - 4 days ago
I agree with all of Bernie’s politics, and I voted for him in 2016, but I’m getting sick of him. He didn’t take his defeat to Hillary as gracefully as he could have, and he didn’t do nearly enough to support her. I would still vote for Bernie in a heartbeat if he got the democratic nomination in 2020, but I don’t think I’ll be voting for him in the primaries this time around.
IcecreamDF - 4 days ago
Young Bernie is exactly like you would expect him to be.
Yani Callu
Yani Callu - 5 days ago
A women would get killed by media et al., should they appear as sloppy as he does for anything.
Ken Kellett
Ken Kellett - 5 days ago
A classy guy back then, a classy guy now. Go, Bernie.
Bárbara Guerra
Bárbara Guerra - 5 days ago
Starting to REALLY like this guy (Sanders, not Trevor. Trevor I alredy like, so...)
Tyler Gilmore
Tyler Gilmore - 5 days ago
He’s a savage
superplan89 - 5 days ago
If Biden wins, 2 years later republicans take the house
LaNaria Elizabeth
LaNaria Elizabeth - 5 days ago
Are you sure Bernie wasn't 15 years old in some of those clips. He was talking like a teenager.
KittyALevin - 5 days ago
"Strange sexual habits" must refer to the old myth that Jewish people are required to have sex through a hole in a sheet (the opposite of kinky). Trust me, that was a common belief at one point.
Julez60 - 5 days ago
Your full of shit Trevor. Fucking corporate hack.
Bernie 2020!!
Farhiya A
Farhiya A - 5 days ago
I am coming to realize Trevor Noah is not as great as when he first started.
Cory McLean
Cory McLean - 5 days ago
I don't like that you're playing it off for laughs when a guy is trying to honestly engage with kids about racism. A whole generation grew up in the 90s and 00s being treated with kid gloves about every subject that really matters. Many of them became adults with no sense of how to engage with our most important issues. Kids want and need the gloves to come off. Watered-down bullshit is no use to them.
El Chavez
El Chavez - 5 days ago
They should track down these kids and see what they think about Bernie now. Bernie/Tulsi 2020
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly - 5 days ago
I think he was a creepy old socialist hippie then, and he's a creepy old hippie socialist Now !
STAN Talent
STAN Talent - 5 days ago
We also have a dinosaur in the senate. He litterally was born and is destined to die in the senate. His face did not even change. Enrile forever
TheDivineBandit - 5 days ago
"A 46 year old 90 year old man" Oh Trevor! 😂😂😂
StormlitAqua - 5 days ago
If you think Bernie ambushing kids standing on the streets is awkward, you should see the way Biden ambushes them
yumpladukfoo - 5 days ago
Trevor Noah clandestinely doing the establishments' work to make Bernie look like a freak. Notice how Trevor has 30 seconds of Bernie's political views, and then 7 minutes of randomly selected weird stuff. Trevor, you're a fucking hack.
yumpladukfoo - 5 days ago
Trevor Noah clandestinely doing the establishments' work to make Bernie look like a freak. Notice how Trevor has 30 seconds of Bernie's political views, and then 7 minutes of randomly selected weird stuff. Trevor, you're a fucking hack.
yumpladukfoo - 5 days ago
Trevor Noah clandestinely doing the establishments' work to make Bernie look like a freak. Notice how Trevor has 30 seconds of Bernie's political views, and then 7 minutes of randomly selected weird stuff. Trevor, you're a fucking hack.
yumpladukfoo - 5 days ago
Trevor Noah clandestinely doing the establishments' work to make Bernie look like a freak. Notice how Trevor has 30 seconds of Bernie's political views, and then 7 minutes of randomly selected weird stuff. Trevor, you're a fucking hack.
Theodicist Eddie
Theodicist Eddie - 5 days ago
The drive-by socialism was pretty hilarious 😂
drago2drago - 5 days ago
This whole segment is just taking bernie out of context
honkytonkwoman42 - 5 days ago
This is the best shit EVA !!! 😂😂😂
Prescott Luque
Prescott Luque - 5 days ago
Tell me what episode of Bernie's show where he say hes dumb xD
layla cisco
layla cisco - 5 days ago
Fake! Here's the real unedited version
Go to 15 min that's where the talk with children start. Stop watching this propaganda.
Steve Cishek
Steve Cishek - 5 days ago
If Bernie Sanders is 46 there then I’m -8 years old. How old is this mother fucker
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle - 5 days ago
America won't ever get a human being more fit to be the president than Bernie in the next 100 years. He is pure gold, America don't lose this chance, make him your president, lead the world with this coolest politician as your president.
Kags _
Kags _ - 5 days ago
I like how he treats kids as if they're adults XD It's hilariously bernie
Nick Athan
Nick Athan - 5 days ago
The only segment he does on Bernie is a hitjob. Typical. BERNIE 2020
Mocha Ambree
Mocha Ambree - 5 days ago
I have never heard that black ppl smell. It's always been the Caucasians that smell
Jonah Scher-Zagier
Jonah Scher-Zagier - 6 days ago
To be honest, even though this doesn't compare to some of what the current occupant of the White House was doing on old tapes, like bragging about sexual assault and saying bigoted things, or even some of what Biden was up to, I don't think it just presents a positive image of Bernie at all.
The drug talk, for instance. Sure, it shows that Bernie wanted to raise awareness of the negative effects of drugs honestly and not condemn kids for using them. But it also shows that he didn't actually understand his audience (some were five) and almost came across as telling them that it was weird that they didn't do drugs!
Or the amusement park thing. Again, on the positive side he's not talking down to her - on the negative side, that's because he doesn't seem to be thinking about what she's trying to get from the conversation.
And Trevor Noah was exactly right about the stereotypes talk. Yes, he was criticizing stereotypes, clearly. But in the process he was introducing children to some stereotypes that they quite possibly had never encountered before. And the way he was saying it was confusing enough that some of his audience might have come away thinking he was endorsing them, again because of the not considering his audience thing.
Adam Clark
Adam Clark - 6 days ago
anyone got a link for this show?
Shervyse Smiles
Shervyse Smiles - 6 days ago
This 🤣🤣🤣
Franco Bernal
Franco Bernal - 6 days ago
¨That little girl is my hero¨and ¨that little girl grew up to be Hillary Clinton¨ says a lot, but so does covering an aspect of Bernies personality with kids. I like it and its clear where the show stands but who is your personal front runner to win the D nominee, Mr. Noah?
David Grant
David Grant - 6 days ago
It just means that he has been full of shit for his entire life. The government doesn't belong in the healthcare business. Thanks to Obama getting the fucktards in government involved I lost my great healthcare I payed for by myself in exchange for a government system I can never afford. I managed to get some decent insurance after Trump was elected, but it's nothing compared to how good it was before that stupid fucking Muslim and the demotards got involved. So fuck you and your socialist maggot bullshit. If you want the government to be your mommy and daddy then move to a nice socialist maggot country. Socialist bullshit has failed in every country it's been tried. That's just an inconvenient fact
Adam B
Adam B - 6 days ago
Bernie Sanders 20/20, No, It's my turn says Joe Biden.
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