Opioids II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Alan Ludin
Alan Ludin - Day ago
Back to a time when this was the ongoing pandemic.
(9K comment lol)
Picky One
Picky One - 2 days ago
drug addicts are losers........people that suffer with severe chronic pain......not losers....john.
Tony Stony Rizzle
Tony Stony Rizzle - 3 days ago
Day 4 off of needles. Wish me luck
Alex Cio
Alex Cio - 4 days ago
why do people love to play these games... kind of odd
xolmsc - 4 days ago
The sacklers are also Jewish, it actually explains a lot.
Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles - 5 days ago
Olaf Pijl
Olaf Pijl - 6 days ago
The most astonishing is the amount of turkey on that sandwich!
Janelle McCoy
Janelle McCoy - 6 days ago
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - 7 days ago
It true
JSEVEN - 8 days ago
I know of entire neighborhoods hooked on heroin and pills.. same ol story, started with pills ends with fent/heroin. These dr's need to be more strict on younger people. All these kids i know who are hooked break parts of their bodies just to get a script. The walk in clinics will give them to someone they know
Shreyas N
Shreyas N - 8 days ago
The irony of using the Eminem beat is something.
X-01 Unknown
X-01 Unknown - 10 days ago
He was eating a sandwich because he was nervous. People engage in distractions as such to help prevent them from making revealing physical or vocal expressions. I’d say that put under strenuous interrogation, meaning with skipping meals, refusal of minor requests (other than bathroom privileges, etc...) this man would crack pretty easily as he is most likely a terrible liar and he is aware of it. But if also say that he has much more to hide than just the answers he was being questioned for.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 10 days ago
i like to think that they all had to share that one suit...
YouViewer42 - 11 days ago
14:30 „from the Sacklers..“ ... hmmm ... German Word „Sack“ or longer „Hodensack“ (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hodensack) means Scrotum, yeah Sack also can mean bag, but hey... after that information, which direction your thoughts are going?
LOL .... https://www.sacklergallery.com/ still works 😀
Joseph Lewis
Joseph Lewis - 14 days ago
I got three friends in a 6-foot hole right now because of these people if I ever see a sackler in front of me I'm going to choke him out I swear to God they're done
allen kuester
allen kuester - 14 days ago
The dick head johie olive the stupid Canadian comedian idiot,,, non American citizen,,, illegal immigrant,,,, no green card,,,
Lavi Fish-Bieler
Lavi Fish-Bieler - 15 days ago
The word lame is an insult used against mentally ill people.
Tarun Singh
Tarun Singh - 16 days ago
So, Richard Sackler inherited a lot of wealth from his dad, shows absolutely no remorse for his wrongdoings, has heaps of lawsuits against him, AND likes to put his name on things. Damn this guy's gonna be president one day😂😂
Carin Aaron
Carin Aaron - 16 days ago
Quarantine got me rewatching John Oliver damn what a messed up country
Dave Thebabe
Dave Thebabe - 16 days ago
5.15 he is wrong because that means they make 150,000,000, *1000 then * 100 is get full percent so they make 15,000,000,000,000 so that is 15 times what googol is worth like Jon u tard that is worthy of an extra cromizom
John T
John T - 16 days ago
seriously watching Bryan cranston for two minutes here was better than 5 seasons as walter white ....epicly good
John T
John T - 17 days ago
best channel on youtube
sonicjrjr14 - 20 days ago
...did Eminem sign off on that rap?
asherael - 21 day ago
behaving like an unfeeling monster in court can't help his case.
Nicole Pelo
Nicole Pelo - 23 days ago
opioids 2: electric boogaloo
Laney Allan
Laney Allan - 23 days ago
Not sure if anyone else pointed out.. health insurance companies were complicit too.
“Does the patient have cancer”
“Uh ha”
The patient’s file would have no record of visits to oncologists, because they’d have used their health insurance to pay to visit an oncologist, wouldn’t they?
Giovanyeq B
Giovanyeq B - 25 days ago
Legal drug dealers
wolfgang sprung
wolfgang sprung - 25 days ago
then this is when the truth hurts then as Americans we should be saying (bring on the pain)
BHGraphics82 - 25 days ago
My lack of trusting this guy absolutely begins with his name being Dick Sackler....that name outside of the porn industry is shady af lol
Bret McGillivary
Bret McGillivary - 26 days ago
I think that rap is a parody of rap god by Eminem
Brian Brodkorb
Brian Brodkorb - 26 days ago
I say treat them as a criminal organization and seize their assets under RICO laws!
Chaitanya Patel
Chaitanya Patel - 28 days ago
John Oliver is the real definition of modern badass.
Dark Side Of The Moon Addict
First time watching after finishing Breaking Bad. I love Bryan Cranston.
1312020 - Month ago
lmoa hbo lawyers must hate u lol
Eltharrion - Month ago
Coming back in 2020 May to watch this episode, I see the opening and mention of death numbers, and just go "...Welp, people here in 2020 May still keep saying that drugs should be more of a focus than Covid-19. Even if this episode STARTS with death tolls that are almost half of what Covid has killed in its three and half month reaping cycle".
Jorge Seraphim
Jorge Seraphim - Month ago
Pounce Pounce
Pounce Pounce - Month ago
Medical it makes sense to prescripe as little as possible, economical it makes sense to prescribe as much as possible. But we are still told it is an good idea to turn medicine into an buisness because private business does it "better"
Ms S
Ms S - Month ago
Very good!!
This guy is Brilliant whats Done in the dark must be brought to light mother darlin..
Kahlil Brown
Kahlil Brown - Month ago
So Kermit is Joe Exotic...
Vladimir4757 - Month ago
His name is Richard Sackler. You can just call him "Dick Sackler" What horrible name this poor man has and I don't feel sorry for him.
Spyderred - Month ago
Keaton sounds just like Trump - no empathy.
Kirt Kirt
Kirt Kirt - Month ago
he looks like an ugly version of david mitchel
elle z
elle z - Month ago
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki - Month ago
just legalize most drugs up to 10g.
Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen - Month ago
They ripped that beat off Rap God
GHustle4 - Month ago
Funny how white people didn't clap for Omar....Speaks volume in silence!
jason lu
jason lu - Month ago
love mr. mom
Pneal IV
Pneal IV - Month ago
Nancy Reagan/Mr. T porn parody make it happen internet 😂😂😂
King0fBanditJing - Month ago
Wasn't he the one to create Jurassic park?
Jasminder Singh Jesse
Jasminder Singh Jesse - Month ago
He is only trying to educate those who are unaware of what those corporations are doing and every big company or corporation has secrets which will never see the light of day , greed is worse among those who are rich and that is how they made or make their money .
Nathan Coe
Nathan Coe - Month ago
https://www.propublica.org/article/watch-richard-sackler-deny-his-familys-role-in-the-opioid-crisis So apparently portions of the deposition are out as of late last year.
Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores - Month ago
This is NOT FUNNY. Take your content from something which doesn't involve victims of something beyond the pain you can comprehend. FUCK YOU, John
Ben Jones
Ben Jones - Month ago
Richard Sackler seems like a classic corporate psychopath
Emerald Aly
Emerald Aly - Month ago
Who is the black actor portraying Richard Sackler? If his name was said I didn't catch it.
Psychononne - Month ago
The tape of the Sackler deposition must have been unsealed by now. You can see parts of it in the a new miniseries/documentary on Netflix. The German title ist "Der Apotheker" which translates to "The Pharmacist" in English (dont know if that is the original title). Anyway, he looks just as dumb/evil/annoying as those four actors show you -.-
hawke Hatmal
hawke Hatmal - Month ago
Blue Sky
Blue Sky - Month ago
Sorry Ranger Yogi, you've been domoted to just bear.
Spooky Stela
Spooky Stela - Month ago
God I love Richard Kind😂😂😂
Brad Schrunk
Brad Schrunk - Month ago
The “chickenshit club” is the name former FBI director James Comey, back when he was a U.S. Attorney, bestowed on prosecutors who had never lost in court. The epithet implied that such lawyers lacked the tenacity and courage to roll the dice on tough cases and stick their neck out if they believed someone had broken the law. https://fortune.com/2017/06/27/executives-prison-financial-crisis-criminal-justice/
Dark Side Of The Moon Addict
Walter White and Omar Little in the same video!
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon - Month ago
7:29 omfg
Erica Shannon
Erica Shannon - Month ago
Please please PLEASE do an expo on Dan Schneider's pedo & predatory history
Ashish Garg
Ashish Garg - Month ago
dude u r a legend
Enzo C
Enzo C - Month ago
Sounds like the sound helicopters makes (family Guy)
Jim1971a - Month ago
What about personal responsibility?
Samuel Rosander
Samuel Rosander - 2 months ago
Just one of the many reasons why we need to hammer our "representative" government for allowing businesses like these to get away with things that private citizens without massive wealth would be thrown in prison for multiple lifetimes for doing.
The Ginger Unicorn
The Ginger Unicorn - 2 months ago
I lost 2 cousins to the Kentucky opiate issue. One overdose and one a suicide using opioids because of the loss of the other cousin. I hope Sackler rots in HELL.
Beth Anne Sperring
Beth Anne Sperring - Month ago
I'm sorry for your loss 🙏😢💔
The Ginger Unicorn
The Ginger Unicorn - 2 months ago
Sackler is a straight c-u-n-t!!!!!!!
The Ginger Unicorn
The Ginger Unicorn - 2 months ago
Very funny take on this major issue. Thank you for addressing the issue and ignore the drug addicts in the comments ranting about politics. I mean come on already people. Get a clue,
Mo Soliman
Mo Soliman - 2 months ago
Is that Chris Pratt with Walter White?? It really sounds like him! Same voice!
Frank Possible
Frank Possible - 2 months ago
His name is Dick Sackler.
T Pags
T Pags - 2 months ago
Heroin ad to the beat from rap god?
Derrek Jones
Derrek Jones - 2 months ago
I really do love this TV, I'm not sure if it's because it's really funny or people really that stupid. Timestamp 21: 20 speaks on how the Guggenheim and other noteworthy venues refuse to take 1.3 million dollars. Has no one heard of community service, hey here's an idea take the money and just don't put their names on anything duuuuuuh.
Derrek Jones
Derrek Jones - 2 months ago
I'm sorry, I found this funny because of the second take with Michael Keaton. If you don't get it think of the war on drugs.
Racer X
Racer X - 2 months ago
I've lived in and worked all over West Virginia all my life and I have never heard of Kermit West Virginia before this! CRAZY!!!
Nj Osborne
Nj Osborne - 2 months ago
Real effective?
“I don’t know”
kurtcoibainjr - 2 months ago
I was born in that blizzard he was talking about :)
spongeintheshoe - 2 months ago
This is the only time I've heard Adam Levine mentioned outside of SiIvaGunner.
spongeintheshoe - 2 months ago
Petition to get the Opioid Crisis renamed to the Sackler Crisis
Mike Cotto
Mike Cotto - 2 months ago
Brace yourselves everyone because......Omar comin.
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