The World's Thinnest Mechanical Keyboard

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 2 months ago
What kind of keyboard are you using?
Matthew P.
Matthew P. - 17 days ago
xbow ergonomic
Clavierdepixels - 21 day ago
Logitech K810
Sergio Barrionuevo
Sergio Barrionuevo - Month ago
Corsair K70 RGB Low Profile Cherry MX speed switches. Great keyboard to code, write and throw shortcuts all day long without fatigue my hands as on membrane kind.
captain ifornik
captain ifornik - Month ago
2 the first is sades neo blademail and the second is motospeed ck 104
Divyansh Mohan
Divyansh Mohan - Month ago
Simple keyboard
Jason Wang
Jason Wang - Day ago
Anyone else disappointed on how slow and newbish this supposed tech guru types? Lol
Loque - 2 days ago
The keys actuate before a click is heard, it's possible to type on this keyboard silently, without ever hearing a click, it's a shame - everything else is great for me, but these keys are shockingly bad... it's gotta go back.
O. Suzuki
O. Suzuki - 9 days ago
To be fair - in the low profile keyswitch sector - Cherry keyswitches are not necessarily top shelf ware.
E C - 10 days ago
Pls review electro capacitative keyboards
drgdr - 13 days ago
i use k1 since one week, My feedback is :
the keyboard is very comfort in typing,
the amazing thing is am using a mechanical keyboard on a mac
which is not common so you can type faster and give you a good feeling that your typing and special when i do coding.
Have different colors on keyboard its a good plus.
the distance between buttons are the same in the Macbook keyboard .
The Quality is strong feeling.
if you are looking for a keyboard for coding and design in mac, definitively you need a k1.
13cloud - 14 days ago
they are cheater, when you pay the item and shipping fee, they will email you again to charge you 15$ more. they emailed March 26 2019 they will ship but its so delay until now
Juswa - 18 days ago
Not technically the "thinnest"
I have a rakk kali mechanical keyboard and it's pretty thin.. Kailh switches btw
Dima Zapow
Dima Zapow - 20 days ago
Is there anyone who know the song name from 0:00 - 3:45??
Alexis Barrientos
Alexis Barrientos - 20 days ago
0:46 I didn't know you like Dota 2 Lew 😎
Badr Rana
Badr Rana - 26 days ago
I just use a normal keyboard and it works fine for me
tono80 - 27 days ago
Wait, this guy doesn’t know how to type???
Dima Zapow
Dima Zapow - 27 days ago
whats the beat name in the background?
Orange - 29 days ago
suggestion: more typing, less yapping
A55tech - Month ago
They fixed some of these issues in current shipments.
You should do an updated review.
Light key moved, fn-lock added.
Mason Chase
Mason Chase - Month ago
This was the absolute worst review of a keyboard I've ever seen.. good job
mfDOOM - Month ago
im in the market for a low profile keyboard because the top of my wrist hurts after a while from the elevated angle it has to sit at
Nioreh - Month ago
Looks very similar to the Havit HV-KB390L, maybe even thicker?
Alex Porter
Alex Porter - Month ago
the thinnest keyboard is the apple magic keyboard 😑
Alex Porter
Alex Porter - Month ago
Well the mechanical keyboard looks like the apple keyboard
SushiCSGO - Month ago
+Alex Porter no mate I believe it's just a membrane keyboard but ain't sure.but I can almost assure you that it's not a mechanical keyboard.
Alex Porter
Alex Porter - Month ago
+SushiCSGO apple magic keyboard is not mechanical?
SushiCSGO - Month ago
I can't tell whether this comment is sarcastic or not cuz it clearly says world's thinnest MECHANICAL keyboard in the title......
Michael Sidorov
Michael Sidorov - Month ago
Bought it - it's a very bad product! I mean - it does feel solid, but it's all it has for the pros.
1) it has a backlight switch button instead of the right Ctrl, which gets hit occasionally, and switches your backlight so then you have to spend two minutes searching the backlight you prefer (out of 19 possible) to continue your work.
2) it has a very poor Bluetooth connection.
3) if you don't use it for 5 min - it switches off, so you have to reconnect, which takes around two minutes.
4) it stopped working after a month that I got it, and the customer service, as you'd expect from a Chinese Kickstarter - terrible.
Bottom line - I've lost 114$.
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings - Month ago
Too bad it's Apple layout.
They have to be special, instead they're being annoying.
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings - Month ago
+Mozetsu Good, i hate when they only have one option, and it's the wrong one.
Mozetsu - Month ago
There's also a version for Windows
Анелия Гавраилова
Isn't Apple's keyboard thiner
lefthandedpolack - Month ago
I paid 50 bucks for a logitech g510. nice spacious and doesn't wobble.
Kaio Studio
Kaio Studio - Month ago
Hong Kong address... The Cherry MX switch was counterfeited by China people and now mechanical switches are cheaper but less reliable. I am typing on Qwerkywriter S.
Brandon Baker
Brandon Baker - Month ago
You need to learn how to type properly man!
Joshua C.
Joshua C. - Month ago
An off-brand Amazon find:
Wireless (with wired mode). Mechanical. Backlit (red only). Rechargeable. Knock-off MX Blues. Only bezel at the top for the wireless systems and batteries. Full layout.
It's the UtechSmart Mercury 8286 and I love this thing.
Malcolm Gruber
Malcolm Gruber - Month ago
I could feel the amount of triggered people from this video. :')
GR8 GgGGH - Month ago
Thanks computers & your more device after wetting yesterday for lick all show your good advice
Mohamed Fadaly
Mohamed Fadaly - Month ago
Well if Jack doesn't like it !
Zombiewizard - Month ago
so this is the thinnest but which is the thiccest
Ken England
Ken England - Month ago
“Keytron” cannot be registered because it is too similar to another brand name in the same category. So they changed the name to "Keychron". Hence the change on the packaging.
With 13 million subscribers I would have thought you would do your homework first. Too much to ask I guess.
Lucas Bindert
Lucas Bindert - Month ago
Ordered this after seeing this video! Excited for it to arrive. Only thing is be aware that their customer support is shit. They took a week to reply to an email I sent them. Also I ordered this 2 weeks ago and haven't received it yet. A little sketched.
George W Bush
George W Bush - Month ago
Lucas Bindert thats dope, im really excited for mine
Lucas Bindert
Lucas Bindert - Month ago
+George W Bush it's my first mechanical keyboard so I'm no expert but definitely better then my old logic tech. Typing feels nice can easily find the keys without looking
George W Bush
George W Bush - Month ago
Lucas Bindert oh, awesome! How is it?
Lucas Bindert
Lucas Bindert - Month ago
+George W Bush I just received mine yesterday. 3 weeks after ordering it.
George W Bush
George W Bush - Month ago
Lucas Bindert same, mine hasn’t arrived either
Chinmoy Baruah
Chinmoy Baruah - Month ago
i like to hear that thot thot sounds while gaming
Willem Viljoen
Willem Viljoen - Month ago
Would love to see you try the ErgoDox EZ Glow, make sure you get it with the Kailh Thick Gold switches, they are clicky clacky nirvana.
Byron Greasley
Byron Greasley - Month ago
You left out 's' when you typed 'jumped' instead of 'jumps' ;)
Vaibhav Dugar
Vaibhav Dugar - Month ago
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Just got it. Quite satisfying so far.
Garvin Kwong
Garvin Kwong - Month ago
**oh yeah yeah**
Subscribe for no Reason
No keyboard
Ayush Puri
Ayush Puri - Month ago
I'd say i LOVE that Low profile keyboard .! Thats what we've been looking for .
LoneWanderer18 - 2 months ago
4:37 lol not even mad
Макс Апрель
Макс Апрель - 2 months ago
CM SK630 & SK650 destroy this pos, no offence
techNOMAD - 2 months ago
don't even know how to type... but reviewing a keyboard... wth?
ISSAI HERNANDEZ - 2 months ago
Took 2 minutes to look at the keyboard wow
krazzysu - 2 months ago
Not ergonomic?!? GTFO
elisabeth grill
elisabeth grill - 2 months ago
just have a macbook
Avro Ahmed
Avro Ahmed - 2 months ago
Which watch in your hand?
Shivam Tiwari
Shivam Tiwari - 2 months ago
Great video I like this keyboard.
mikethepackerfan - 2 months ago
What watch are you wearing in this video? Big fan, keep up the good work
manoj agarwal
manoj agarwal - 2 months ago
ApacheThunder - 2 months ago
It lacks a numpad...and that's a deal breaker for me....
Tony Dark
Tony Dark - 2 months ago
there is a numpad version, check their website
Winwin291 Winwin291
Winwin291 Winwin291 - 2 months ago
ever heard of the drevo joyeuse or some hamin ultra thin mechanincal keybord also topre has one at the same price the hamin and drevo are at 60$ price point
rästik - 2 months ago
Õ Ä Ö Ü keys ???
soufian n
soufian n - 2 months ago
Hosen Ebrahem
Hosen Ebrahem - 2 months ago
Keyboard nice
Arkajit Ghosh
Arkajit Ghosh - 2 months ago
It's not true
Grey Horizon
Grey Horizon - 2 months ago
Been using the same ducky for 7 years. The W S and D keys are faded, but it still works perfectly. No RGB, thank God.
E Stevens
E Stevens - 2 months ago
You are as well as I am into the Logitech MX Master mouse, but I have yet seen you review the Logitech Craft keyboard. You should unbox that bad boy.
Xayn memon
Xayn memon - 2 months ago
"if life is meaningless you gotta get the spelling's right" -Lew
Владимир Иванов
What the watches are there on our hand?
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee - 2 months ago
I don't understand why people love mechanical keyboards... Holding the shift key with my pinky finger is a pain, mentally and physically
Ajay - 2 months ago
4:32 people may get eartated? Haha
Jack Chorney
Jack Chorney - 2 months ago
Jack Chorney
Jack Chorney - 2 months ago
love the vids
Bill Donnelly
Bill Donnelly - 2 months ago
the RAMPAGE part scared me.
trevor mitchell
trevor mitchell - 2 months ago
Turtles have thumbs that ferment poop to cheese
RamprasadAviator - 2 months ago
Please try " TVS mechanical keyboard " I hope you will like it
Ádám Szalóczi
Ádám Szalóczi - 2 months ago
Finally a KB made for me! Slim, TKL layout, backlit, BT, mechanical, Apple layout, my dream came true! Ohhh, AND space grey IS an option, just take my money!
TechThumbs - 2 months ago
I have one of these keyboards and it wobbles horribly like it's not perfectly flat.
Sergio M
Sergio M - 2 months ago
what smartwatch is he wearing?
i Phone
i Phone - 2 months ago
I’ll be using my magic keyboard 😂
khoa anh
khoa anh - 2 months ago
Anyone got it?. How about a battery?
SevenDeMagnus - 2 months ago
Hehe Unreal- "Rampage"
SevenDeMagnus - 2 months ago
Cool, thanks.
sri hari
sri hari - 2 months ago
Why don't you unbox the new Logitech k600 smart key board.
Its really interesting and also make a review about it
meky0 - 2 months ago
leewwwwww HV-KB395L get one of these under your fingertips- WAY thinner WAY better Much clickier - youll love meee LEEWWWWWW
meky0 - 2 months ago
you will also type faster on it because of the special concave keycaps man- GET ONE - be a edgelordddddddd
meky0 - 2 months ago
meky0 - 2 months ago
Nawfal Jawad
Nawfal Jawad - 2 months ago
I like your watch can I know what kind of watch ?
Human user of internet websites
There's no conceivable reason to want a thin desktop keyboard. They're not even any more aesthetic. There's no reason for this product or for apple's keyboards to exist - thinness only matters for laptops.
Paspa1801 - 2 months ago
Does anybody else find it annoying how he slams the keys when he’s typing? I can’t even hear the switches, I can only hear his fingers slamming down
Carle Aidian P
Carle Aidian P - 2 months ago
What kinda smart watch are you wearing dude? been trying to figure this out for months. Someone help me out here
Rahul Rawat
Rahul Rawat - 2 months ago
It sounds bad. really really bad
Space Dandy
Space Dandy - 2 months ago
This dude is hideous. And sounds and acts like a 15 year old.
Space Dandy
Space Dandy - 2 months ago
The world's dumbest looking man who is upset. Think I've seen enough. Gray hair and voice and mannerisms of a 15 year old, my dick is so flacid.
Marc Martinez
Marc Martinez - 2 months ago
What is that battery life?
ahmad gamale
ahmad gamale - 2 months ago
Amazing video
BState - 2 months ago
"The World's Thinnest" ? Not true.
I have a 10 years old Microsoft keyboard, it's thinner than this one and it has laptop-style keys. It's also much more ergonomic.
Stu Jobling
Stu Jobling - 2 months ago
Still can't beat the keyboard on my super old Dragon 64 back in the early 80s.... When you had to program your computer to even play a sound!!!!
Syrtech - 2 months ago
Why does the type of keyboard matter lol. I’d never waste money buying some expensive keyboard. I’ll gladly take my old Mac desktop keyboard and have iTunes perform just the same as some $80 keyboard
MyLifeAsLouis - 2 months ago
Only edgelords use those keyboards
ziljin - 2 months ago
I don't get the appeal of mechanical keyboards.
Dominic Muir
Dominic Muir - 2 months ago
Do you play Dota!?
svfutbol20 - 2 months ago
I think Cooler Master is dropping one of these soon
mememan - 2 months ago
Doesn't look way thinner than mine, only the keycaps are noticably thinner than other kbs
Alvin Nwaokike
Alvin Nwaokike - 2 months ago
“This keyboard ⌨️ is better than the one on my MacBook Pro 💻.” -Unbox Therapy. 🤣🤣🤣
That’s Nanotechnology right there bruh!!!
Daniel Biviano
Daniel Biviano - 2 months ago
just want to say that it is the fox "jumps" over the dog, not "jumped" over the dog
had to get that off my chest
elismart13 - 2 months ago
Wait a minute he said a cup of TEA is he BRITISH? XD
Ziyaad Jamil
Ziyaad Jamil - 2 months ago
Preetam Chouksey
Preetam Chouksey - 2 months ago
0:43 Dota 2 lovers !!
Abdul Hadi Abdul Rawoof
Abdul Hadi Abdul Rawoof - 2 months ago
What smart watch you wear? @UnboxTherapy @lew
Keythehammer7 - 2 months ago
Hi guys I am trying to grow my channel pls help me out... sub my channel... I will sub back💯Percent loyal!
Haqi Kusanagi
Haqi Kusanagi - 2 months ago
This video is unboxing the EDGELORD word! Trust me!
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