Do It - Live at GLAAD Awards - Chloe x Halle

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Kafui_theGirl - Hour ago
So what's the concept behind the dancers' hair & make up?
Indah Fatihah
Indah Fatihah - Hour ago
miss VANJIE!
X Xaire
X Xaire - 3 hours ago
Literally nobody is talking about all the breasteseses that Chloe was giving. Plus the boob smack! =0
Daniel Henrique
Daniel Henrique - 5 hours ago
this song saved my 2020❤️
jurnee Mignon
jurnee Mignon - 5 hours ago
Love the spice girl them girl power always 💫
Life With Q
Life With Q - 6 hours ago
Love them
Wagner Gomes Pereira
Wagner Gomes Pereira - 6 hours ago
I love you girls. Vou make my days happier everyday. I am addicted to your music. You are sooo good!!!!
MissWiss - 6 hours ago
like in every vidweo they slay outfit..whoever dresses them should get an award
NIGHTCORE XXX - 12 hours ago
this beat sounds like it was made by ET4Z
Kittichanlove - 14 hours ago
Wish their back up dancers were better
Christopher Hillyer/ Victoria Jenkins
They all look so stun but the lighting director does not know how to light POC everyone is so washed so much during most of this.
Tesa Cook
Tesa Cook - 15 hours ago
That is the little mermaid. Love their voices.
fandom encounter
fandom encounter - 16 hours ago
They srsly need to fire they music video director
Takeva Ewbanks
Takeva Ewbanks - 16 hours ago
Halle loc bob tho... b-e-a-utiful
lin nguyen
lin nguyen - 17 hours ago
My goodness...these two are literally the embodiment of beauty and their voices are like angels.
Mellisa Masimla
Mellisa Masimla - 19 hours ago
Who is doing like Chloe Bailey. Her stage presence >>>>>
Thandeka Masimla
Thandeka Masimla - 19 hours ago
Chloe is a beast! She'll be so big one day! Yall are sleeping on her but I am not.
Remedy Kitchen
Remedy Kitchen - 20 hours ago
en shi tea
en shi tea - 21 hour ago
Blessed Me
Blessed Me - 21 hour ago
*Stunning Sirens.*
ShortHead - 22 hours ago
The people on the comment section are legit complaining about the backup dancers can you just appreciate the damn song?
Yamani Bryant-McCray
Yamani Bryant-McCray - 22 hours ago
Chloe's spiciness is to much for me omfg
Yamani Bryant-McCray
Yamani Bryant-McCray - 22 hours ago
Adonia Adezis
Adonia Adezis - 23 hours ago
Black spice girls 😍😍😍 #blackgirlmagic
BB vistas7
BB vistas7 - 23 hours ago
Really fun music change up. Chloe and Halle are spectacular as always.
Zoe_Butter - Day ago
All I have to say is MISS VANJIE 😂👌🏻
6 MILYUN - Day ago
umaprincesa Disney
umaprincesa Disney - Day ago
Muito bom ♥️♥️♥️ as gays vão dominar o mundo ✌🏻♥️
Jesse Mathews
Jesse Mathews - Day ago
Garbage. Sex sells
Jesse Mathews
Jesse Mathews - 16 hours ago
@Cyber_babe Upon further review, we're both right. My bad.
Cyber_babe - 17 hours ago
No just talent
Meeshuh Meesh
Meeshuh Meesh - Day ago
Naomi, Mayhem and Vanjie coming in clutchhhhhh
Meeshuh Meesh
Meeshuh Meesh - Day ago
Barely recognized Vanjie omgggg
Shawn John
Shawn John - Day ago
I had to stop this at the transgender part. Shit started getting scary. Hell no! IM OUT!!!!!!!!!! Deleting this song from my brain. I can't DO IT anymore.
Cyber_babe - 17 hours ago
Awww he has a crush on drag queens
JustFi __
JustFi __ - Day ago
Allicia Thomas
Allicia Thomas - Day ago
Diggy was one lucky lucky lucky guy... Those who didn't know that he and Cholé were together irl apart from being on set for grown-ish... Girl be serving that thiqénesss... Wooo!! ❤❤
Awesome live performance... Great wardrobe selection... 😍🥰🥰
Black Feather
Black Feather - Day ago
Not being mean but Halle's beauty reminds me of Lola from shark tale.
Funki Toe
Funki Toe - Day ago
I never realized how thick Halle was i-😳
Carolina - Day ago
Is that Miss Vaaaaaaaanjie ??
Sierra Aspen
Sierra Aspen - Day ago
Ahh. Vanjie! Love her. ❤️
Miracle Heard
Miracle Heard - Day ago
Like how it's giving me cheetah girl vibes with the pan up directly in their faces 🔥
Ntando Thabede
Ntando Thabede - Day ago
Chloe X halle are the biggest girl band duo in South Africa
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris - 3 hours ago
REALLY?!?!?!?! AWESOME!!!!
DK P - Day ago
Noami girl that outfit was a choice
Jlawlessq - Day ago
Naomi Smalls is a whole CRINGGGGGGG OMG she is getting whiter and whiter and omg she looks horrible wtf, she is so unworthy to be in this video
AJayy Pollock
AJayy Pollock - Day ago
Literally only watched for the Queens. Yasss! Smart decision to have them in this video. Even if Naomi is a tad uncoordinated 😂😂😂
rafa roa
rafa roa - Day ago
Now this is club 96, Ms. Naomi!!❤️
۵ χια Dყɳαʂƚყ ۵
The 90's 😊💕💖💗
Mason Finley
Mason Finley - Day ago
I would’ve loved to see Baby Spice in some baby blue and swinging on the spice girls bus swing
Mason Finley
Mason Finley - Day ago
They fact they reached out to some phenomenal drag queens is so Awesome!
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson - Day ago
They could've found some queens that could dance. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris - 3 hours ago
Tiana Mareko
Tiana Mareko - Day ago
Yuh get into it !
k A
k A - Day ago
They always look do cheap
divaquana - Day ago
Quinton Dale
Quinton Dale - Day ago
MermaidDrue - 2 days ago
lana gaga
lana gaga - 2 days ago
SkilLESs - 2 days ago
Why tf is this in my recommended tho
Joi 2 the World
Joi 2 the World - 2 days ago
I love that each of them have their own kind of sexy. My favorite duo ❤️
Martín - 2 days ago
i hear scary noise at 1:49
severina Melo
severina Melo - 2 days ago
Já quero Chloe e Halle como juradas de Rupaul's Drag Race.
edits! - 2 days ago
vanjie, naomi, mayhem💖
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 2 days ago
the way Halle is literally a mermaid. I would die for her.
Katrina Jeter
Katrina Jeter - 2 days ago
Their ranges is mind blowing just so much talent 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💯
T H - 2 days ago
I didn't realize they were dressed as the Spice Girls until I noticed the backup dancers Union Jack dress.
Sky Blue
Sky Blue - 2 days ago
Keep doing fabulous things.
Jello Jada Jelly
Jello Jada Jelly - 2 days ago
Jolyne kudos vibes from the green space buns
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 2 days ago
this is everything
Louis frankie
Louis frankie - 2 days ago
Anyone else think Vanjie should have dropped a rap verse or just me?
Sabrina Ellis
Sabrina Ellis - 2 days ago
OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU They really brought out my three fav drag queens!!!! yasssss siss Mayhem Miller Lookin cute as per usual
Blxushes tea
Blxushes tea - 2 days ago
They look like human bratz dolls
bakoziel - 2 days ago
I'm sorry, but this performance is... weird. And not the good kind.
Seattle’s Finest
Seattle’s Finest - 2 days ago
Is them men?
Chile pratt
Chile pratt - 2 days ago
oh shut up, and enjoy the beautiful music
chelamoon - 2 days ago
loving the spice girls references !!!
Marcel Chagnon
Marcel Chagnon - 2 days ago
Me: these girls are cute
[clicks video]
Oh no. What have I done?
Evondale Baptist
Evondale Baptist - 2 days ago
Outfits giving me Spice Girls vibe 😍😍😍
Nkamo Motokwa
Nkamo Motokwa - 2 days ago
Monica Wallace
Monica Wallace - 2 days ago
Ryan Lauer
Ryan Lauer - 2 days ago
Naomi looking stiff AF
Alicia Thompson
Alicia Thompson - 2 days ago
Chloe just slapped her tiddy extra hard. But I ain't mad at it 😌
Barbi3_ 215
Barbi3_ 215 - 2 days ago
They are reincarnated sirens 😅👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
nez - 2 days ago
this is everything
inSERGent_ATL Presents:
🔥😜🔥 Yaaassss with Ms.Vanjie
Sarah Sheikh
Sarah Sheikh - 2 days ago
I love these girls too much, so freaking amazing! They slay every single performance. So proud of them!! Black Girl Magic at its finest!!
Armin D
Armin D - 2 days ago
Probably the most Posh spice has sung ever
Dominique Sweeney
Dominique Sweeney - Day ago
Camill Abakumova
Camill Abakumova - 2 days ago
giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl shade but true
203 - 2 days ago
their live vocals 😩😩 im dyinggggggg they are so good 🤤 also their hair 😳 and dresses 🥺 EVERYTHING is amazing. And the way they change instrumental in every performance.. the effort and creativeness is insane 👏🏼👏🏼 real artists. Chloe x Halle
ANEERZA IMIA - 2 days ago
The thumbnail looks like the spice girls.
Camill Abakumova
Camill Abakumova - 2 days ago
that was the point...
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 2 days ago
It's epically insane how much they both compliment each other. There's no picking one out at all!! They gel absolutely perfectly!! 😍 😍 😍 😍
xMourningStar - 2 days ago
VAANNNJIIIEEE! I fucking love her!
Kayla Mccray
Kayla Mccray - 2 days ago
They did this ❤️
Julia Joseph
Julia Joseph - 2 days ago
And niaomi smalls looking extra small
Lady Reign
Lady Reign - 3 days ago
I luv this song even more now (didnt think that was possible).....
Ladies..... another Flawless performance. Keep that 🔥 coming.
Lady Reign
Lady Reign - 2 days ago
​@bcvbb hyui i meant i loved this song b4 & now even MORE. They have arrived. Get used to it🤗
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 2 days ago
NICKI V - 3 days ago
I'm just gonna say it I wouldn't wanna be standing next to Naomi
Saint Thomas
Saint Thomas - 3 days ago
I wonder what inspired them to tribute Spice Girls
Starr Monique
Starr Monique - 3 days ago
OMG chloe got a whole different vibe. World watch out. She’s bout the only person who has any chance of over turning the Queen throne in the future. And that’s a platform that’s been untouchable since Bey stepped in the game. Im here for these girls. Both of them are nothing to play with.
Shubhi Barthwal
Shubhi Barthwal - 3 days ago
The way Chole movessss
Shubhi Barthwal
Shubhi Barthwal - 3 days ago
I'm rooting for these girls so hard!!
Cassandra Jade
Cassandra Jade - 3 days ago
They are so beautiful ♥︎
Chris Riley
Chris Riley - 3 days ago
Naomi was stiff and vanjie had no booty 🤣🤣🤣 wheres the lie tho? Still iconic tho! 🤣🤣💖
Chris10_ Productions
Chris10_ Productions - 3 days ago
1:43 best part yesss high note
Flakez_Dreyyy - 3 days ago
ParrisOTurner - 3 days ago
Omg is that Mayhemmmmmmmmm, Mayhem Miller , Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Naomi smalls. I never thought my 2 worlds would collide! 🏁
jane park
jane park - 3 days ago
im in love.
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