Peter buy a new mattress, so cool

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O-Dub07 Ps
O-Dub07 Ps - 9 hours ago
So much hate
SamPand HD
SamPand HD - 10 hours ago
The editing is probs so bad bc of copyright :P
Freedom Cobra
Freedom Cobra - 15 hours ago
The retardation of the person who made this is very impressive. Why would you remove the cutscenes, kinda what family guy is know for!
Vera Melnik
Vera Melnik - Day ago
Anybody realise how many groundbreaking inventions Stewie's destroyed?
xehava - Day ago
The word buy in the title of the video should be buys.
Jdogk4 - Day ago
litterly the WORST editing ever I mean it skipped like four times
Phoenix North
Phoenix North - Day ago
IT'S A TRAP!!!!!
Kimberly Zamudio
Kimberly Zamudio - Day ago
im tom tucker and this is the snooze!!!! lamoo!!!!!cannot stop laughing
Dan's - Day ago
Devin McGovern
Devin McGovern - Day ago
Brian, the king of dad jokes
ItsFK Sniper
ItsFK Sniper - Day ago
When brain sprays the robots with water the heads fall off but when there on the mattress there fine
Zac Hamilton
Zac Hamilton - 2 days ago
How does joe drive wtf
Nicholas Dobos
Nicholas Dobos - 2 days ago
Did they just play pretty much an entire episode of family guy without it getting taken off YouTube? OmG!
I was expecting one of those deceptive clickbait thumbnails with a compilation of scenes and the one in the thumbnail not until 3/4 of the way through...
Bravo, *clap-clap-clap*
Parlay Phresh
Parlay Phresh - 2 days ago
lol your friends with a negro and a cripple? lmao wow lol just wow classic fam guy
Danks_Noodles°°° - 2 days ago

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Preston Garrett Vlogs
Preston Garrett Vlogs - 2 days ago
Best ending
ShadowDragonAJ - 2 days ago
Get off the stage
Beatbox Hitman
Beatbox Hitman - 2 days ago
Why do you keep cutting certain parts? It's annoying
Jaronax - 2 days ago
Xpedia tron
Xpedia tron - 2 days ago
Aziz anzari sucks
Mariah Benetatos
Mariah Benetatos - 3 days ago
I’ll be honest, if Brian hadn’t sprayed the robots I’m sure whatever drink Stewie was gonna give them was gonna destroy them. 😂
Netijen - 3 days ago
Patrick Young
Patrick Young - 3 days ago
Cute Unicorn
Cute Unicorn - 3 days ago
Why do you skip it
BuhVuhGuh - 3 days ago
11:40 Niggas literally kicked you outta your own room, they stole that from you.
Bailey Cunningham
Bailey Cunningham - 3 days ago
Säüçë 777
Säüçë 777 - 4 days ago
0:58 😂😂💀
thaintriguing1 - 4 days ago
"How can this not be a trap?"
9000 - 4 days ago
god why is stewie a bitch now
slump god
slump god - 4 days ago
"A girl in Iowa asked me the same question. You know what I did? I flew her out here and fucked her in the face" 😂😂 savageeee
elusivemonk - 5 days ago
9:30 urban plan for a working Palestinian state
Arin Mercen
Arin Mercen - 5 days ago
If You don't like it, don't watch it
dj grainger daps
dj grainger daps - 5 days ago
Worst editing ever
dj grainger daps
dj grainger daps - 5 days ago
Worst editing evee
Sneak up ᴘʀᴏ ᎶLIᏆCHER
Song at 10:39-10:46
Xxxtentacion - 6 days ago
Lol I flew out here and fu*ked her face
Sadboy Caprice
Sadboy Caprice - 6 days ago
Aziz is not funny
wuts4dinner - 7 days ago
Porn lunch
Brett B.
Brett B. - 8 days ago
Great editing!
Nathaniel Wilson
Nathaniel Wilson - 8 days ago
Plz stop editing
Nexxyy - 8 days ago
peter buys a new mattress, so cool!
Therx YT
Therx YT - 8 days ago
I live in Iowa but I’m male
Fat Nut
Fat Nut - 9 days ago
0:56 fuckin savage
Erik Emerölduson
Erik Emerölduson - 9 days ago
I saw this back in Iceland...
I think the editing done to reduce the changes of copyright,
but just upload the stories by video rather than two in one...
Otherworld - 9 days ago
I don't know which is worse, the shithead who did the editing or family guy without the cut-away gags.
Malformedllama - 9 days ago
Whoever made this video needs to go before a firing squad... Which, by judging from the title, is most definitely a thing wherever they are.
Tanorok Q
Tanorok Q - 9 days ago
How not to troll someone I'm not trolling you the end!
Mad Mick
Mad Mick - 10 days ago
More crap editing
Juan Simón Primera
Juan Simón Primera - 10 days ago
What is the point of uploading a Family Guy episode if there's no reference at all, when that is the whole point of Family Guy. Thumbs down!
Karla Mccormack
Karla Mccormack - 10 days ago
Fathe G
Fathe G - 10 days ago
Puns aren’t funny Brian
Limey Figdet
Limey Figdet - 10 days ago
Wow, and I thought my editing was rough. I'd have to really try to achieve this unnaturally filleted kind of video. Does it have something to do with copyright? Anyway, thanks for uploading EZ Cartoons. It's better than nothing.
HollywoodCreeper - 10 days ago
That was a good one. Hahahaha
S V - 11 days ago
i swear these titles are made by a 5 year old
Darnell Alex
Darnell Alex - 11 days ago
Joe is disabled but yeah he could drive a car
Comic Book Guy
Comic Book Guy - 11 days ago
Worst editing ever
three boys gamers
three boys gamers - 11 days ago
2:32 when you are messy at asmr
jairo Sanchez
jairo Sanchez - 11 days ago
that was funny ass fuck doing math on glass, he ment meth
GDmITE , - 11 days ago
Jake DaSnake
Jake DaSnake - 11 days ago
“so cool”
Luke Holland
Luke Holland - 11 days ago
Absolutely shit editing. Unsubscribed.
Ashling McCarthy
Ashling McCarthy - 12 days ago
Rod and podge
Thegamingcactus - 12 days ago
I didn't know Peter could read
Eamon Treanor
Eamon Treanor - 12 days ago
Garbage editing.
Septic Steak
Septic Steak - 12 days ago
Subscribe to PewDiePie
Mitchell Clancy
Mitchell Clancy - 12 days ago
Just got a mattress ad
Small Cilantro
Small Cilantro - 12 days ago
Did Peter edit this?
XYTV Viperzz
XYTV Viperzz - 12 days ago
choirboy25 - 13 days ago
Why is Iowa the shorthand for middle of nowhere?
dbgrfdg - 13 days ago
Top 10 people who should be banned from youtube
Jake Christensen
Jake Christensen - 13 days ago
That’s where the smurfs is...are. Smurves
Lol TV
Lol TV - 13 days ago
Soooooooooo cool
Specialized 29er
Specialized 29er - 13 days ago
you never see fatty at work, whats he do?
Yamy Turuiac
Yamy Turuiac - 13 days ago
If you all hate the editing so much then how about ya stop being cheap and purchase a Netflix account
the rabbit hopertiest
the rabbit hopertiest - 13 days ago
P.g. what is that?
Anna X
Anna X - 13 days ago
Thumbs down for cutting it up so bad
LetrellDisney Games
LetrellDisney Games - 13 days ago
Your editing sucks
Mike's Big Mouth
Mike's Big Mouth - 14 days ago
Consuela needs her own spin off show
Big Guy Little Girl
Big Guy Little Girl - 14 days ago
"So yeah, Twitter"
Yonatan Astary
Yonatan Astary - 14 days ago
Dodgyasdf - 15 days ago
Whats the point of this shit? Are people so lazy they can't figure out how to use a vpn and torrent client? Piracy in 2018 is gonna be shitty edited episodes missing 7-8 minutes and then uploaded to youtube? Go fuck yourself.
It's ok to be gay
It's ok to be gay - 15 days ago
Stop doing those cuts
Erebus - 15 days ago
Why are there so many bad cuts in this?
BEPIS - 15 days ago
fumomo fumosarum
fumomo fumosarum - 16 days ago
you edited out all the jokes. now it sucks. congratulations.
Kmoy Hodge
Kmoy Hodge - 16 days ago
Wah Typa fuck!!!!! The old meaty plunge?!?!?
Piddler On The Roof
Piddler On The Roof - 16 days ago
Aziz Ansari is basically : "Blablablabla Uberrrr, blablablabla Whole Foooods, blablabla Instagraaaam uhmmmm am I right gurrrrrls? I am the straight gay friend you all wish you had and it's impossible to picture me hanging out with other guys aaaaaaaahahahaah"
Forest Finn
Forest Finn - 16 days ago
Watermelon Girls
Watermelon Girls - 17 days ago
Why the frick is the editing so bad they put their watermark on it and they get money for it they can definitely do better
Super_Bunny_ Girl
Super_Bunny_ Girl - 17 days ago
Just change it...
Roger the White Tiger
Roger the White Tiger - 17 days ago
Who wrote the title? Like seriously you need to learn better English.
Dave Max's
Dave Max's - 17 days ago
Trash. Not worth the time to watch.
Osumanjin - 18 days ago
how can i block this channel
Osumanjin - 18 days ago
You should rename your videos and your whole channel to "i mess you up and waste your time with my bad editing you idiots"
William Pryor
William Pryor - 18 days ago
Shane Cheatham
Shane Cheatham - 18 days ago
Fake, Stewie saying he fucked a girl in the face?
ForbiddenFateGaming - 18 days ago
Next time I'm in bed with a girl I'll be sure to tell her " I want to do you where the porn food was "
R. R
R. R - 18 days ago
3:20. Was he trying to moonwalk?
mhand besani
mhand besani - 18 days ago
0:53 😂😂😂😂😂
Lealah Rotea
Lealah Rotea - 19 days ago
Damn Stewie said he drove her over and f$$$## in her face lol
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