The real Kawhi Leonard | How Hungry Are You?

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Omario Omario
Omario Omario - Hour ago
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TheBest KeyboardWarrior
TheBest KeyboardWarrior - 6 hours ago
16:00 Leonard gave the hint, 3 months before playoff. LOL
Also at end, "Because I want you to eat penis."
Kahwi is like, that's the perfect reason why I don't wanna stay in Toronto next year.
It’s Me Koudiedji
It’s Me Koudiedji - 13 hours ago
14:02 😂😂🤣🤣
oozeman - 16 hours ago
"You think you cool huh?"
Anther site
Anther site - Day ago
Niagara falls is made up of 3 waterfalls and 2 of them are actually in america
ExE Studios
ExE Studios - Day ago
But you get the view from Canada
Queenster Agyapong
Queenster Agyapong - Day ago
Kawhi is too super chill
Elaine Hsieh
Elaine Hsieh - 2 days ago
This video is hilarious😂 gonna miss him...
Jamarl Chambliss
Jamarl Chambliss - 2 days ago
Serge celebrity crush was Keri Hilson
Ghada Karout
Ghada Karout - 2 days ago
Do a video about him leaving
Allaquan - 3 days ago
kiera W
kiera W - 3 days ago
Man, im gonna really miss kawhi. sigh. Wish him the best though. Whenever he comes back to toronto we gonna show him love.
ArabellaPoppy - 3 days ago
Wow his hands are huge imagine what else is big like his feet. Lol 😂😂😂
Mizuno Dori
Mizuno Dori - 4 days ago
2:28 Wow Kawhi had to keep the straightest face there to not give away his whole plan 😂
M Fernandez
M Fernandez - 4 days ago
I think we know now why he left...
Andrew Persaud
Andrew Persaud - 4 days ago
yooooo how they make this man eat beef penis during contract negotiations. no wonder he left. ran straight to chik-fil-a in the states
Vuk Babic
Vuk Babic - 4 days ago
Serge: The penis chewy?
Kawhi: *Goes to Clippers*
Dave Hackett
Dave Hackett - 5 days ago
I’ve watched this vid like 5x. Kawhi is so chill
The Decima
The Decima - 5 days ago
So if Popovich or a Kawhi hater tells him to eat a dick, Kawhi gonna be like: Already have, bro 😂😂😂😂😂
Steven - 5 days ago
Who here after Kawhi went to the Clippers....
Alexander VII
Alexander VII - 6 days ago
This is why kawhi left
Dhanu Parwito
Dhanu Parwito - 6 days ago
15:50 no
Jay Diesel
Jay Diesel - 6 days ago
What if kwahi’s celebrity crush was Keri hilson ? 👀 😂😂
Pac Fizzle
Pac Fizzle - 6 days ago
Serge made him eat penis and he bounced lol
Jacob Rivas
Jacob Rivas - 7 days ago
Kawhi real af lol
AJG ENT123 - 7 days ago
I’m a fun guy
Teneale Bender
Teneale Bender - 7 days ago
Both of them should be a guest on my show Dinner View
tht1funnykid - 7 days ago
The reason he left 😂
Jim Sereney
Jim Sereney - 7 days ago
No wonder he didn't come back to the Raptors!
Deborah Whyte
Deborah Whyte - 7 days ago
Bruh, he didn't even try and cut it into small pieces
OURSIS THEFURY - 7 days ago
who's here after he dipped.
james mancino
james mancino - 8 days ago
@16:10 "are you coming back?", kawhi couldn't even look at him in the face
Legion Prime
Legion Prime - 8 days ago
*Mission failed! We’ll get em next time*
Mauricio Molina Jr
Mauricio Molina Jr - 8 days ago
We love the fun guy !!!!!!!
MrPepe360 - 8 days ago
This is why he didn’t stay. Y’all fed him penis
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - 8 days ago
I don’t think Kawhi ever felt so uncomfortable when he kept talking about the penis. 😂
Angelisa L
Angelisa L - 8 days ago
best video
Abheyjit Khaira
Abheyjit Khaira - 8 days ago
Serge: It's so beautiful here in Toronto when it's summer its like u don't want to leave when ur here
kawhi: really
NBA: Kawhi Leonard is traded to the LA CLIPPERS
Gigaben2002 - 8 days ago
no wonder kawhi left to come to my clipps, cuz his teammates were out here cookin him penis pizza
abdikadir abdi
abdikadir abdi - 8 days ago
I hope they go to bana this year still 😭😭🤞🏾
SamuelD1 - 8 days ago
He never wanted to come back, at least he could have been more upfront about it.
Gwen A
Gwen A - 8 days ago
Now I'm really curious... Who ARE their celeb crushes? 😂
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali - 8 days ago
15:48 You can tell by the way Kawhi was so uncomfortable that he knew very well that he wasn't coming back. He had everything he could dream of on the Raptors, but he wanted to go home and nothing was going to convince him.
2018-2019 Kawhi Leonard
August Petrusek
August Petrusek - 9 days ago
Look at how serge man handles that massive dong
hellocrackers1 - 9 days ago
Serge is funny as fuck
Zayn Zayn
Zayn Zayn - 9 days ago
Ibaka: you will stay?
Kawhi: No i will go in LAC
mitch aus
mitch aus - 9 days ago
Something is so wholesome about a 6'9" NBA champion with a cooking show..
Matte - 9 days ago
My guy is out here eating dick with pizza 😂
beastbro - 9 days ago
Boardman leaves Toronto 😪😰
Harrison Kleinpeter
Harrison Kleinpeter - 10 days ago
No more penis Pizzas for Kawhi
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