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Loyal 1872
Loyal 1872 - 2 months ago
These 2 young men have restored my faith in the youth of today.
Aric Eff
Aric Eff - 4 months ago
The hook on the end of the tape measure, the amount it moves is the same as the thickness of the hook
Sean Gere
Sean Gere - 4 months ago
Alec did you also know that the red numbers on the tape measure is the center of studs in the wall?
Jes Colman
Jes Colman - 5 months ago
I've honestly gone my whole life thinking the same thing about the measuring tape.
Kevin Gracey
Kevin Gracey - 5 months ago
Man just back the truck into your shop you have tons of room lmao
Edson Bojorquez
Edson Bojorquez - 5 months ago
Yea I knew that haha
Anyhow Films - by Boyet
Anyhow Films - by Boyet - 5 months ago
damn! if only I could work in your workshop. I feel like I could learn alot from you guys.
Gabriel Davidson
Gabriel Davidson - 5 months ago
Hey guys...Use Liquid Teflon...It's fantastic for lubrication, rust removal and as a rust inhibitor...I use it on guns and knives...It'll work great on all those machines, especially in Montana...Btw, use powdered graphite for moving parts esp in the winter...
Tyger Potter
Tyger Potter - 5 months ago
HOLY @#$*!!! That dust-filled drillpress was my grandfather's!! He used it for woodworking starting back in the 70s!! Papa, your drillpress will work on! (just in a different medium).
Thom - 5 months ago
I do not believe you ever explained the exact reason you moved to the U.S.
Josh H
Josh H - 5 months ago
the second you said measuring tape i knew you were gonna say that lol, didnt learn that until i was 16
Becon O'Light
Becon O'Light - 5 months ago
Ohhh...I know I'm a bit behind on the videos but it looks like you could have just ground the heads of the bolts on the inside of your Argon holder a little to make up that space. Pretty sure your measurements were correct...just didn't account for those pesky bold heads. =o)~
CR3W1SH03S - 6 months ago
Delta is good stuff. Especially of it's older. It'll just need some TLC and it'll last a lifetime.
Brian Coolman
Brian Coolman - 6 months ago
After fabricating a whole smoker out of sheet metal and mitered angle iron I would of loved to of had the fireball tool squares because it was so much of a hassle to get anything even remotely square.
Bryan Elliott
Bryan Elliott - 6 months ago
From the close-up of that seat, for the argon bottle, it looks like you have enough clearance to fix the problem by clipping off and moving the pivot, no?
Carl Burton
Carl Burton - 6 months ago
Bring back sam! this new guy just doesn't cut it.
Noah L
Noah L - 6 months ago
We have one of those exact drill presses in the shop I work at but I’m not a fan of it
Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma - 6 months ago
Glad you're finally stateside! Glad to have you! Welcome!
SuperDave - 6 months ago
Alec, why dont you grind the bolt a lil bit?
CGagnon5 - 6 months ago
hahahhah. they seriously didn't know the tape measure feature? that really is bad.
Connery Padilla
Connery Padilla - 6 months ago
Flat head screws will work.
aped3 - 6 months ago
Keeping the Old Trade alive !!!
foxrace0985 - 6 months ago
Lol, I knew that about tape measures...but someone told me, I didn't know for the longest time..
xios42 - 6 months ago
Did you make a video of the concrete pour?
Geffrei Maudeleyne
Geffrei Maudeleyne - 6 months ago
Excellent job guys.
RobSchneiderIsAStapler - 6 months ago
I happen to know for a fact that Will didn’t really get shocked other than it being an obvious good joke. I’ve gotten electrocuted by 110V and you can’t really immediately free yourself, you kind of freeze up for a good five seconds just shaking lol. I did it on a part which I didn’t think had any current going through it, and I swear I sat there with my arm shaking for a good ten seconds before I realized it was electricity doing it.
zonky85 - 6 months ago
Guys, Just flip that tank plate over. It'll still pivot to let you roll the tank on, just at a slightly higher slope!
Alpha Machina
Alpha Machina - 6 months ago
Those Fireball jigs really do take you a step in the right direction from fabricobbling to actual, honest-to-goodness fabricating.
GloomShroom - 6 months ago
Heard the crinkling of the wiring and cringed so hard...
Mr. Sinister
Mr. Sinister - 6 months ago
I'll be that guy. I love this series of videos alot more than the last sword you made. It was fun until the inlay videos became tedious.
Electric paisy
Electric paisy - 6 months ago
I didn't new the tape measure thing! 😲
ThomCat316 - 6 months ago
"Big" drill presses? I've got three of those Delta in the step-pulley version, two floor and one bench. All of them had the same wiring issue yours did, it's simply age...
The big drill press has to be moved with a forklift - Clausing 22V 20" with Reeves variable speed control (think it's the same as your VS (make sure to run the speeds every time you use it) and mechanical power downfeed.
PS - stick with aluminium; you're British, the American pronunciation sounds odd...
TEIS3210 - 6 months ago
Lol@ the measyring tape thing hahaha how did u work with steel for so long and not know this
ghost - 6 months ago
I really admire your work, I know myself that I would never be able to do anything you do in your videos, I respect your effort and the amount of work you took to get here. ALL WHILE ENTERTAINING EVERY VIEWER!!! You are a model person and I thank you very much
Derrick Rijksen
Derrick Rijksen - 6 months ago
he alec, wy don't you geys buy a forklift of your own, they arent exspansif ( atleest not here in holland) and......sorry for my bad englis
Dom Crooke
Dom Crooke - 6 months ago
Please please please pronounce aluminium how the proper way. The British way, the way you was taught 😉
MKS Custom Creations
MKS Custom Creations - 6 months ago
On the roll on cart just weld those carriage bolts in and grind the heads off so you have the clearance for the bottle.
Neko Rivera
Neko Rivera - 6 months ago
Spotweld the bolt and grind down the bolt heads and the tank will enter without having to carry it.
tin - 6 months ago
Don't say aluminum Alec, you're better than that.
I am squidward
I am squidward - 6 months ago
his hair it does not feel right when its down
Jordan D
Jordan D - 6 months ago
You could have just got a ZTFab cart.
Terry Kotschwar
Terry Kotschwar - 6 months ago
You have a Master Forge Guru from the UK and a Master Knife Guru from the US...can you make a hybrid Commando knife which is both US/UK related? Former Sgt. from the 4th Infantry Division (M). I think you have the make them work!
Tsunauticus III
Tsunauticus III - 6 months ago
You 16 or 43?
Can’t tell
Nathaniel Lavery
Nathaniel Lavery - 6 months ago
Omg the bus doesn't go where you live does it alex
skyler lehmkuhl
skyler lehmkuhl - 6 months ago
The music at 6:44 reminds me of the Futurama theme.
67fishbig - 6 months ago
I don't believe you didn't know that.....lmao
Charlotte - 6 months ago
Nice new haircut
Blake McBride
Blake McBride - 6 months ago
I have one very, very similar to the second (larger) one you have; it was a 1947 piece (Delta/Rockwell). I did a full restoration on it and it's a BEAST. Love it.
Chicago Dan
Chicago Dan - 6 months ago
Al you mini um
datguy 999
datguy 999 - 6 months ago
Next videos