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Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma - 7 hours ago
Glad you're finally stateside! Glad to have you! Welcome!
SuperDave - 10 hours ago
Alec, why dont you grind the bolt a lil bit?
CGagnon5 - 10 hours ago
hahahhah. they seriously didn't know the tape measure feature? that really is bad.
Connery Padilla
Connery Padilla - 2 days ago
Flat head screws will work.
aped3 - 2 days ago
Keeping the Old Trade alive !!!
foxrace0985 - 2 days ago
Lol, I knew that about tape measures...but someone told me, I didn't know for the longest time..
xios42 - 3 days ago
Did you make a video of the concrete pour?
Geffrei Maudeleyne
Geffrei Maudeleyne - 3 days ago
Excellent job guys.
RobSchneiderIsAStapler - 4 days ago
I happen to know for a fact that Will didn’t really get shocked other than it being an obvious good joke. I’ve gotten electrocuted by 110V and you can’t really immediately free yourself, you kind of freeze up for a good five seconds just shaking lol. I did it on a part which I didn’t think had any current going through it, and I swear I sat there with my arm shaking for a good ten seconds before I realized it was electricity doing it.
zonky85 - 4 days ago
Guys, Just flip that tank plate over. It'll still pivot to let you roll the tank on, just at a slightly higher slope!
Alpha Machina
Alpha Machina - 4 days ago
Those Fireball jigs really do take you a step in the right direction from fabricobbling to actual, honest-to-goodness fabricating.
GloomShroom - 4 days ago
Heard the crinkling of the wiring and cringed so hard...
shawn figueroa
shawn figueroa - 4 days ago
I'll be that guy. I love this series of videos alot more than the last sword you made. It was fun until the inlay videos became tedious.
Electric paisy
Electric paisy - 4 days ago
I didn't new the tape measure thing! 😲
ThomCat316 - 5 days ago
"Big" drill presses? I've got three of those Delta in the step-pulley version, two floor and one bench. All of them had the same wiring issue yours did, it's simply age...
The big drill press has to be moved with a forklift - Clausing 22V 20" with Reeves variable speed control (think it's the same as your VS (make sure to run the speeds every time you use it) and mechanical power downfeed.
PS - stick with aluminium; you're British, the American pronunciation sounds odd...
TEIS3210 - 5 days ago
Lol@ the measyring tape thing hahaha how did u work with steel for so long and not know this
ghost - 5 days ago
I really admire your work, I know myself that I would never be able to do anything you do in your videos, I respect your effort and the amount of work you took to get here. ALL WHILE ENTERTAINING EVERY VIEWER!!! You are a model person and I thank you very much
Derrick Rijksen
Derrick Rijksen - 5 days ago
he alec, wy don't you geys buy a forklift of your own, they arent exspansif ( atleest not here in holland) and......sorry for my bad englis
Dom Crooke
Dom Crooke - 5 days ago
Please please please pronounce aluminium how the proper way. The British way, the way you was taught 😉
MKS Custom Creations
MKS Custom Creations - 5 days ago
On the roll on cart just weld those carriage bolts in and grind the heads off so you have the clearance for the bottle.
Neko Rivera
Neko Rivera - 5 days ago
Spotweld the bolt and grind down the bolt heads and the tank will enter without having to carry it.
tin - 5 days ago
Don't say aluminum Alec, you're better than that.
I am squidward
I am squidward - 5 days ago
his hair it does not feel right when its down
Jordan D
Jordan D - 5 days ago
You could have just got a ZTFab cart.
Terry Kotschwar
Terry Kotschwar - 5 days ago
You have a Master Forge Guru from the UK and a Master Knife Guru from the US...can you make a hybrid Commando knife which is both US/UK related? Former Sgt. from the 4th Infantry Division (M). I think you have the make them work!
Tsunauticus III
Tsunauticus III - 5 days ago
You 16 or 43?
Can’t tell
Nathaniel Lavery
Nathaniel Lavery - 6 days ago
Omg the bus doesn't go where you live does it alex
skyler lehmkuhl
skyler lehmkuhl - 6 days ago
The music at 6:44 reminds me of the Futurama theme.
67fishbig - 6 days ago
I don't believe you didn't know that.....lmao
Charlotte - 6 days ago
Nice new haircut
Blake McBride
Blake McBride - 6 days ago
I have one very, very similar to the second (larger) one you have; it was a 1947 piece (Delta/Rockwell). I did a full restoration on it and it's a BEAST. Love it.
Gary Koite
Gary Koite - 6 days ago
You can remake that bottom plate for the tank and have the angle that attaches to the frame on the outside instead of the inside. That might give you enough room to roll the tank in.
Dan Reardon
Dan Reardon - 6 days ago
Al you mini um
9yr old freedom fighter
Aidan F
Aidan F - 6 days ago
Feel like a coming out the closet moment is coming.
Loïc Rebts
Loïc Rebts - 6 days ago
I only recently learned about that thing with tape measures, too... at 28. I understand the embarrassment ^^
Adam Král
Adam Král - 6 days ago
God damnit stay Brittish :D ALUMINIUM!
truly1676 - 6 days ago
Ummm... yes can we get an exact number on a HECK TON please hahaahhhhaaAAAHHaaa.
Jamie M
Jamie M - 6 days ago
I was going to mention the shim at the end of the measuring tape, but figured you knew already.
So, since you didn't know, I'll also mention that letting it snap back can loosen the shim by causing the rivets to tear into the tape, throwing your measurements off even more in the future. Next time I notice something I'll mention it right away. My bad, Alec!
Copenhagen King
Copenhagen King - 6 days ago
That definately came out of a woodshop 😂
abby ehrenstein
abby ehrenstein - 6 days ago
Your drill presses look like the only ones we have in our shop except ours have tons of drill bit craters. I still love them and they are always satisfying to to drill with. Just found your channel from the title of this video and am loving it.
Timber land
Timber land - 6 days ago
Fireball tools was not very original.. they allready existed in the 70's in germany
Kane Alan
Kane Alan - 6 days ago
Song on 4:40?!?! Any one!!?!
Benjamin Mellor
Benjamin Mellor - 6 days ago
Good job on Trending.
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson - 6 days ago
Need an Alec perfect blade soon sir, jonesing for some sharpe metal perfection..........
Geno Lucero
Geno Lucero - 6 days ago
Will is awesome always doing the grunt work, everyone needs a Will.
T wagner
T wagner - 6 days ago
Montana may be beautiful but not really known as an industrial area with a lot of machining equipment like there is around Detroit. I live about 100 miles away in Ohio and there is still a lot of auto manufacturing here.
Tanner Mack
Tanner Mack - 6 days ago
It's aluminium, not aluminum.
JolleyGreenGiant - 7 days ago
can you combine 3 types of metal?
Rogue Reaper
Rogue Reaper - 7 days ago
Hey Alec, do you ever forge off camera? And how did you get into it
Dill Wiggle
Dill Wiggle - 7 days ago
Hey you both got buzz cuts !
Claus Madsen
Claus Madsen - 7 days ago
Jeez. You didn’t know that about tape measures?? I’m lost for words. With the skills you have I would never have thought you hadn’t realized this 10 years ago
DENIS REEVES - 7 days ago
Starting to get fed up to yanky
James Woodrum
James Woodrum - 7 days ago
Have you looked at ribbon burner forges? Was thinking about building one. What are your thoughts?
Connor Bell
Connor Bell - 7 days ago
Spokane represent!!!!!! Fireball tools for the win!
Donovan Chaas
Donovan Chaas - 7 days ago
I remember when I bought my old delta dp220. I carried that heavy SOB 50 or so yards through my yard to my shop. I was only 14 at the time, it was brutal.
Andrea Berton
Andrea Berton - 7 days ago
Why don't you make a supersteel sword ? (Sorry if my English isn't perfect but i'm from Italy)
Elias Stenbråten
Elias Stenbråten - 7 days ago
Could you get a shop in Norway please?
Volvirth - 7 days ago
How many measuring tapes did you ruin by hammering rivets shut? :'D
Skymon Gaming
Skymon Gaming - 7 days ago
God I wish I had sceneries like that in Bradford 😒
nadnerb978 - 7 days ago
You guys didn't know how the hook on a tape works! Dude...dude...dude. Now you need to make a jig that allows you to test your push/pull measurement per tape. Every woodshop has one (usually tests at the 12" mark, at the primary edge not the leading one). Gotta standardize your metrology! LOL! keep up the good work! Rock on!
Kinu Grove
Kinu Grove - 7 days ago
Cool to see this video was at one point all the way up to #27 on Trending.
Evan Hollandsworth
Evan Hollandsworth - 7 days ago
please do the big enough meme (cowboy screaming in the sky) for the intro one day
Kurt Lee
Kurt Lee - 7 days ago
electrician here been in the building trade about 15 years and i definitely of course absolutely did know about that with the tapes
Mark O'Connell
Mark O'Connell - 7 days ago
Just pronounce aluminum the way you normally would. Your accent is fun to hear.. also say zed instead of zero. Say atall instead of at all.
Mark O'Connell
Mark O'Connell - 7 days ago
Have him replace all the wires
thisoneisforcommenting ok
220 in murica
Mark O'Connell
Mark O'Connell - 7 days ago
It’s been 2 days, I need a new video from you on what things you did since the last video..
mehmetali ateş
mehmetali ateş - 7 days ago
Can u forge a Obsidian?
DARKKSLAYER - 7 days ago
Try making a gun
Rainbow Nation
Rainbow Nation - 7 days ago
Do you plan on doing any forging in 2019?
katy kern
katy kern - 7 days ago
Good progress on your shop man. Keep cracking on! I was wondering if you were ever going to start selling those forge burners from Australia again?
Magne Polden
Magne Polden - 7 days ago
Hi. congrats on two good machines. It seems as you are doing well. But at 2 min 35 one can see at the left in the image, an extension cord on a selfwinding drum. Be careful, using such equiepment, as the cable get hot on the drum when electric loaded, and can possibly melt the cable, or worse, catch fire.
BENJAMIN DE JONGE - 7 days ago
Seen Devils Tower yet, a must see
Michael-James Breslin
Michael-James Breslin - 7 days ago
You need to put some real blue wheels and casters on that cart
Toby Hughes
Toby Hughes - 7 days ago
I miss the old Alec. Hurry up and start smashing out sweet knives!
Shawn Paulson
Shawn Paulson - 7 days ago
Anyone know what happened with Alec hiring a videographer / editor? 
Also - I've got a filler video concept - make a few forges. One for small stock and another for swords. Thoughts?
Corey Chapman
Corey Chapman - 7 days ago
i would love to know how you got into black smithing in the uk, i live down in dorset and this would be something id love to take up as a career. :)
AnonAdept - 7 days ago
When you get sick of winter come on over to Oregon, think you'd be a good fit.
Slavik Cher
Slavik Cher - 7 days ago
I want to see a Damascus steel axe or hatchet. Would be amazing and very useful tool
Will Marcum
Will Marcum - 7 days ago
hey Alec I was rewatching your chef's knife build from last year, and I noticed you have one of the Grimsmo pens! How do you like the canadian cnc engineering?
Alex - 7 days ago
Nice to know he can say Spokane right
John Souza
John Souza - 7 days ago
So tape measures, I knew that. Also, because of the flexibility of that tip it's important to not let the tape retract all the way in. Stop it just before the tip hits home so as to keep that tip from breaking off.
нαкυ Valadéz
нαкυ Valadéz - 7 days ago
Yesss my fav YouTuber finally uploaded 🌹🔥🔥🔥
Earthenfist - 7 days ago
pi57105 Hi
pi57105 Hi - 7 days ago
@Alec Steele do you have any first hand Experience with Sonic Tools
ATV maddness
ATV maddness - 7 days ago
Alec you should come to wisconsin
DarthRevan - 7 days ago
Don’t you mean fabcobling lol
Hinanolaulii22 - 7 days ago
Lol 😂. I knew that!
J Lee
J Lee - 7 days ago
Fire Ball tools, not FiBull, speak American Alec
besteversaw - 7 days ago
#35 ON TRENDING! Congrats Alec on making the trending page.
ibeat theleaves
ibeat theleaves - 7 days ago
I didn't know the tape measure thing
MOSES350 - 7 days ago
Everybody is on about the slab. And here I sit wondering about that mailbox.
Cam P
Cam P - 7 days ago
You should try and make a knife out of metal shavings (idea from green beetle).
Christopher Sexton
Christopher Sexton - 7 days ago
Nice video keep em rolling
Saiahzion - 7 days ago
Alec will you hang up my Alaskan flag in the workshop????????
Barry Lochridge
Barry Lochridge - 7 days ago
Cut the heads off your bolts and weld them through with a thinner plate. Should still hold and you get your fancy schmancy bottle foot back!
dakotamax2 - 7 days ago
I almost miss the Viking Sword build. Gone are the daily posts from the Barker St. days.
Barry Smith
Barry Smith - 7 days ago
For the welding cart, use plow bolts to fix your space issue.
FuriousHydra252 - 7 days ago
Yeah... You have ear protection but we don’t I plan to sue.
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