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slade-joseph- Wilson
Should have tried to turn the spoon and keep the egg below it of the moment of decent then try to flip it back i think that would keep it the longest when done right
Edit: swear to god i said this before it was tried 😂 turns out i was wrong but still think it would work the most
GManandPorkey !
GManandPorkey ! - 2 days ago
9:06 the face
Joe Dygert
Joe Dygert - 8 days ago
suns by 7
Joe Dygert
Joe Dygert - 8 days ago
nuggets by 37
Joe Dygert
Joe Dygert - 8 days ago
wizards by 6
Joe Dygert
Joe Dygert - 8 days ago
rockets by 10
The Orangutan
The Orangutan - 9 days ago
Los Angeles Lakers VS Portland Trail Blazers, Lakers won by 23, 136-113
wadupstephofficial - 11 days ago
#Commtest: NBA: Raptors vs Heat, Heats won by 11 points (121-110)
Nathan Brosh
Nathan Brosh - 11 days ago
I just left the Atlantis on the 24th if December got there the 19 it was amazing!
kees paten
kees paten - 14 days ago
How do they get in early
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith - 17 days ago
Commtest: The Bucks.
KingCave-Man 42
KingCave-Man 42 - 18 days ago
So did they like rent the park out or what?
Niclonghead - 18 days ago
If you play with the eggs in what you to
Unconventional Gaming
Unconventional Gaming - 19 days ago
I think the Mavericks won
Brody Jans
Brody Jans - 19 days ago
at 9:06 his face was priceless
LACEY - 20 days ago
It was wizards by 6 points against 76ers
Zhakary Thornburg
Zhakary Thornburg - 23 days ago
You should have tried to tilt and drop on your decent
Mario Kasper
Mario Kasper - 23 days ago
Was seit ihr auch für drei "betreute" Selbstdarsteller !
lil zxzxx
lil zxzxx - 23 days ago
A team won and they won by alot
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger - 23 days ago
Scotts first run was definitely the best.
O Pasquali
O Pasquali - 24 days ago
Plz post more viddies
Danniel21K - 24 days ago
This is so unique and I love it, great job boys keep up the great work.
Joe Guilfoyle
Joe Guilfoyle - 24 days ago
Going in to work in a pink shirt you would be called a lot of names,not good ones
Akira Wilkins
Akira Wilkins - 25 days ago
I guess no one figured out the NBA game.
Baseball Piggie
Baseball Piggie - 25 days ago
Rockets by 10
Grant Elzweig
Grant Elzweig - 25 days ago
Craft Bob
Craft Bob - 26 days ago
I think the most ridiculous part was that when the egg fell off the spoon, and rolled down the slide instead of gettting smashed.
Maddison Bice
Maddison Bice - 26 days ago
Robbie Guldi
Robbie Guldi - 26 days ago
Larry Keene
Larry Keene - 27 days ago
Looks like the river where they hold the Red Bull Air Races.
Taylor Morton II Wander the World
Lakers by 14
Rjay Cenevil
Rjay Cenevil - 28 days ago
Honestly who wants to see more vids like this in 2020. Can yall do more vids like this please
Leore Nates
Leore Nates - 29 days ago
This is literally the funniest video I’ve ever seen 😂 please do more things like thissss
Sergei 22
Sergei 22 - 29 days ago
Hey. Who is watching the video from which country? * LIKE * write in the comments.
Valcone - 29 days ago
the most awful sponsored video shortly followed by another heavily sponsored video. while not as bad. i cant see where this channel is going, and it fuckin sucks.
Lea - Month ago
I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂 glad I found this channel
John Brownridge
John Brownridge - Month ago
#comtest clippers
John Brownridge
John Brownridge - Month ago
#comtest 76ers
John Brownridge
John Brownridge - Month ago
@comtest warriors
HOT TOPIC - Month ago
Help me reach 100 subz
AiR Fresco
AiR Fresco - Month ago
Rockets Vs Raptors Rockies by 10.. Pinnn Meeee
Logan Moyer
Logan Moyer - Month ago
That’s crazy! I work for the software company that does Atlantis the Palms tickets! So cool!
Honey Poll
Honey Poll - Month ago
instead of a spoon. Just use Rexi's mouth
- Spacedog -
- Spacedog - - Month ago
Did they use hard boiled eggs?
Ryan CAMPBELL - Month ago
Philadelphia 76ers by 16 points
J_laubster - Month ago
People had to have been hard judging these men screaming on a water slide
WOOFWOOF - Month ago
damn Guance was getting to good at that last alide.
Bcat09 - Month ago
No assistants there how
Dimitur Petrov
Dimitur Petrov - Month ago
Thanks for very good video
Dimitur Petrov
Dimitur Petrov - Month ago
This is very good video.
Tokin - Month ago
The eco between 5 mics is horrible.
Eskimo - Month ago
Celtics by 13. Sub if I am pinned!
Abdulla Higazy
Abdulla Higazy - Month ago
I've been to Atlantis a lot of times because I live in the uae
Amethyst - Month ago
1:50 I'm absolutely loving it
Drew Stevenson
Drew Stevenson - Month ago
Your mouth was open bigger than Rexies surgically assisted scream.
Drew Stevenson
Drew Stevenson - Month ago
No glue... instant cutaway.
Vincent Rivellese
Vincent Rivellese - Month ago
I’ve been on a lot of these slides and they are intense I don’t know how you balance an egg through them
Izean Hammimi
Izean Hammimi - Month ago
in dubai is cool water slide
MJliverpool08 - Month ago
Where do the eggs go
Hunnybee - Month ago
MJliverpool08 the pool at the bottom of the slide 😂😂😂
steven universe
steven universe - Month ago
Heat won by 3 points
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