Impossible Egg & Spoon Water Slide Challenge!

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David von Klass
David von Klass - 30 minutes ago
nice pricing at 5:46
Giveaway Box
Giveaway Box - 2 days ago
This is fake Atlanta’s I been to the real one
Free Dom
Free Dom - 7 days ago
pistons by 7 points or nets by r or magic by 6 or thunder by 12 or warriors by 2 or heat by 9
GrooveHole - 10 days ago
Ah those were the days..
Richard Thompson jr
Richard Thompson jr - 12 days ago
This definitely my favorite video. I laughed so hard.
Cooper Smith
Cooper Smith - 12 days ago
Went on that ride when I was a kid, scary as hell. I can't even imagine doing it with an egg
Morrowfury Gaming
Morrowfury Gaming - 14 days ago
When you guys go through the first dark tunnel all I could think of was “mine. Mine. Mine” finding Nemo style
Seokie The Dutchie
Seokie The Dutchie - 15 days ago
Jack has such a cute smile X3
Theorelo Cappuccino
Theorelo Cappuccino - 17 days ago
Who else couldn’t stop laughing when haran almost fell out of the raft
Logan Nye
Logan Nye - 19 days ago
NBA game score
Rockets 119
Raptors 109
Marcus Martinez
Marcus Martinez - 20 days ago
Man You Guys Have Some Good Balance To Do That.. Great Job By The Way
Emily Auld
Emily Auld - 22 days ago
I love how no-one has gotten the commtest yet
also can i get a pin for doing this like 10 months later?
Noah Old-Orchard
Noah Old-Orchard - 23 days ago
I was so jealous watching this😩
Caleb Archer
Caleb Archer - 24 days ago
Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors. Warriors won. I know I'm super late, but I decided to give it a whirl.
Agent_ Oreobro
Agent_ Oreobro - 24 days ago
Asks Lifeguard: *Can I bring my unhatched birdy?*
KoalaCrazeXD 106
KoalaCrazeXD 106 - Month ago
try this while riding the abyss
Meme Team 69
Meme Team 69 - Month ago
James won
Mahdi Saifi
Mahdi Saifi - Month ago
I went there !!! Omg I actually went there
Mahdi Saifi
Mahdi Saifi - Month ago
Omg oh my fucking god u was actually there
Carter Foster
Carter Foster - Month ago
The nuggets won by 19
Byrd - Month ago
This is definitely scientific experimenting, not an excuse to water slide the entire day lolllll 😂❤️❤️❤️
Muweed - Month ago
Suns by 139
Muweed - Month ago
Nuggets by 129
Muweed - Month ago
Wizards by 119
Muweed - Month ago
Rockets by 119
karl measor
karl measor - Month ago
also how many eggs broke in the making of this video hahahah
karl measor
karl measor - Month ago
lakers won jazz by 25 so im guessing lakers as thats the team i like to follow
Jonay - Month ago
Anyone else shaking their head as if it were their ears full of water at the end? Just me? Okay
Sora Nai
Sora Nai - Month ago
Can yall stop screaming jeez
RFC Lee - Month ago
Mmmm nice tattoo Brett
Norm Hart
Norm Hart - Month ago
how early were you guys at the park before it opened to the public?
The Great Bean
The Great Bean - Month ago
The wizards beat the 76ers 119 to 113 lol
The Great Bean
The Great Bean - Month ago
When they went in the tunnel on the first slide herren could have held the egg on until they came out of the tunnel and we would never know
Douglas Ratliff
Douglas Ratliff - Month ago
Miami Heat and the Washington Wizards the heat won by 9
Zinc Frog
Zinc Frog - Month ago
The boys are looking for Nemo, I'm keeping an eye out for the Hash Pining Slasher from Spongebob. That is his name, right?
Shene Van Aller
Shene Van Aller - Month ago
water park employees:
why are there eggs in our pumps?
Chris Francis
Chris Francis - Month ago
Derek had the right approach with flipping the spoon, he just did it too soon. I think more testing of that strategy would have been successful.
Jalen Williams
Jalen Williams - Month ago
I was there on spring break its so fun
J Graves
J Graves - Month ago
Commtest: The Toronto Raptors won that NBA game by 20 points!
Lop Mop
Lop Mop - 2 months ago
Mike Condon
Mike Condon - 2 months ago
You guys make me feel soooo happy
Challenger SRT20
Challenger SRT20 - 2 months ago
These guys need to stop it with the impossible this and impossible that nothing is impossible to these guys they can do anything
Owen Popkowski-smith
Owen Popkowski-smith - 2 months ago
Atlantis in the Bahamas is better than the one in Dubai
Owen Popkowski-smith
Owen Popkowski-smith - 2 months ago
I go there every year
Aazib ABDULLAH - 2 months ago
Why isn't Rexy here?
Kukri187 - 2 months ago
Nimble Donut
Nimble Donut - 2 months ago
Lakers won by13
Icaro Emanuel Pereira Lima
whats heavier?
a kilogram of eggs?...
Heather Black-White
Heather Black-White - 2 months ago
the warriors by 12
Qaid Ismail
Qaid Ismail - 2 months ago
Hold your egg upside down if you are going down then it will not fall😉✌👍👌🤘
Harry Mckeown
Harry Mckeown - 2 months ago
Damn man I live in Dubai I missed you
Troy MacLean
Troy MacLean - 2 months ago
Heat over Raptors by 11 points? 121-110
Gabeツ - 2 months ago
9:11 his face tho 🤣
Malachai Cilliers Fernanades
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko - 2 months ago
I’m so jealous they get to experience a water park with no lines or crowds.
Lydia Nelson
Lydia Nelson - 2 months ago
Poor Rexi
Theophilus Jedediah
Theophilus Jedediah - 3 months ago
You know...that really must suck for the sharks...seeing tender yummy morsels all chewy on the outside and crunchy on the inside...shooting through a clear buffet line at high speed through their own living room!
Reinier Roon
Reinier Roon - 3 months ago
Phoenix Suns (139 pts) - New Orleans Pelicans (132 pts) OT was the game you were watching. So the answer of the commtest is: the Phoenix Suns won by 7 points
Mattthew.P - 3 months ago
Suns 139 vs pelicans 132
Mattthew.P - 3 months ago
Rockets 119 vs Raptors 109
Mattthew.P - 3 months ago
Nuggets 129 vs Knicks 92
Mattthew.P - 3 months ago
76ers vs wizards 113-119
Daniel Clairmonte
Daniel Clairmonte - 3 months ago
2:55 is it just me or did the eggs just glow in the dark
John Flahive
John Flahive - 3 months ago
I wonder what happens to the eggs or if the water park people would get mad and they would have to clean it up, and the next person to go down the slide, would be like I wonder why this slide is sticky from a egg and why the crazy person who held a egg on a spoon would go down a water slide
Theboys Yessir
Theboys Yessir - 3 months ago
Am I the only one who wants to know what happened to the eggs😂😂
Brody Wanta
Brody Wanta - 3 months ago
The Ultimate Tricker
The Ultimate Tricker - 3 months ago
Nuggets by 7
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins - 3 months ago
the egg is flying backwards towards your head so if you flip the spoon till it was sideways and with the bottom of the spoon towards your head then it would have held it in place possibly a little longer
Tony Beck
Tony Beck - 3 months ago
Gaunson in skintight pink is the stuff of my man-crush dreams 😍😂😍
How good!
Jay Callaghan
Jay Callaghan - 3 months ago
The best thing about this is having buddies like this that you can spend time with. Keep up the great work guys.
MYAH - 3 months ago
What are the park employees thinking about these idiots?
Victor Capote
Victor Capote - 3 months ago
Hey, Hey, Hey! He is Bokuto.
Rob Jeanbras
Rob Jeanbras - 3 months ago
Who cleaned the eggs out of the water filtration?
MyLifeAsSeth - 3 months ago
Who else How Ridiculous

Small youtuber here
missy dark
missy dark - 3 months ago
why are you doing this its sooooo!!!!! hard no one has done it before
SynergyPhoenix - 3 months ago
This was just a nonstop laugh-fest. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deagan Stinson
Deagan Stinson - 3 months ago
Get that bell on
Trevor Acton
Trevor Acton - 3 months ago
Hey y’all I think a basketball shot should be done from that big slide
Ryan Lockwood
Ryan Lockwood - 3 months ago
The turning the spoon over idea was the right call! but you have to wait until your body's velocity is higher than the eggs to move the spoon above it.
Derek B
Derek B - 4 months ago
The Dark Floyd
The Dark Floyd - 4 months ago
Did they close the park for them?
herc stall
herc stall - 4 months ago
Raptors won 102 to the grizzlies 97
Janet Hogan
Janet Hogan - 4 months ago
What is the music at 10.30 time stamp? Genuine
Keller Marchant
Keller Marchant - 4 months ago
I’ve been there
Gabe Puckett
Gabe Puckett - 4 months ago
I know I'm almost six months late, but I'm guessing you three watched the 76ers-Wizards game in which the 76ers won by 6 points. Guessing because of Ben Simmons.
Benjamin Lees
Benjamin Lees - 4 months ago
Me and the boys when she texts back: 3:00
ROHUN GUPTA - 2 months ago
“It was my kiss!”
ROHUN GUPTA - 2 months ago
“I’ve won! I’VE WON”
Mike D
Mike D - 4 months ago
I think they were using replica eggs with the same size and weight. You can still produce similar results and park maintenance wont have to worry about egg matter and shell pieces.
J Joyslin
J Joyslin - 4 months ago
I often have wondered what these three do besides YouTube as far as jobs. The personalities are just wild and makes my imagination run wild lol
ROHUN GUPTA - 2 months ago
USa-video is their job. They get money from ad revenue.
Elly belly
Elly belly - 4 months ago
It must've sucked to clean raw egg out of thewater, like they make everyone get out if theres poop in the water, but egg whites, you cant see that shit.
Wow Thats cool
Wow Thats cool - 4 months ago
For some reason I wasn’t scared while I was watching this and now I really want to do it
MAYENNE ADDISON - 4 months ago
HOW are we supposed to know what show you were watching?!
AzianDumbAss - 4 months ago
What if you held the spoon upsidedown so that it couldn't fly upwards? Hmm.
NN credible
NN credible - 4 months ago
Lakers by 12
Matthew DeSesa
Matthew DeSesa - 4 months ago
No pin yet. I'll guess Lakers
Cheri Tubbs
Cheri Tubbs - 4 months ago
and dude perfect
Chris Ainsworth
Chris Ainsworth - 4 months ago
The Toronto Raptors won that NBA game...
Melissa Carroll
Melissa Carroll - 4 months ago
I meant #44club you rule!
Melissa Carroll
Melissa Carroll - 4 months ago
#44 club you rule!
T. Van der kooij
T. Van der kooij - 4 months ago
Wait, if one egg breaks, the entire water basin gets contaminated.
budgiebreder - 4 months ago
Life as a ride operator must be really interesting
Edward Archer
Edward Archer - 4 months ago
The fact that you never made a cool runnings reference disappoints me
drmorq - 4 months ago
should go down the big slide face first...
Tyler Vest
Tyler Vest - 4 months ago
These have to be ceramic eggs or hard boiled.
Ryan McLennan
Ryan McLennan - 4 months ago
Raptors by 14
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