Couple vs. Couple (Dominick & Spe'shell vs. Rebeka & Andrew) | Fear Pong | Cut

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Катя Нечаева
Катя Нечаева - 5 hours ago
The girl’s underwear was mad nice tho
sizz - 3 days ago
1:20 had me laughing 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Citizen Mike
Citizen Mike - 8 days ago
1:48 fuckin hell I nearly fell off my chair xD
Carmen Lang
Carmen Lang - 9 days ago
TheFreeGreenChannel - 10 days ago
This white girl is a bit rude and too rectilinear, you know...
Kadeem Malik
Kadeem Malik - 11 days ago
The European girl was so stush off rip lmao
Rosumisorimu - 13 days ago
What the heck is wrong with people nowadays...where are all the nice, polite and dignified people at nowadays??? This show is ridiculous...
love is fake
love is fake - 18 days ago
You was at the club, bottoms up
Тимофей Коннов
This couple on the left side is sooo toxic :c
Tamara Tamara
Tamara Tamara - 20 days ago
Hania P
Hania P - 20 days ago
damn that whit girl's thick af
mersaedeze - 21 day ago
3:04 his face tho 😂
Retro Is good
Retro Is good - 23 days ago
1:23 that so true it wasn’t post to be a good thing
Mateo Colón
Mateo Colón - 24 days ago
Hol up this bitch named ... Spe’Shell 😭😭😭😭
littlesteps - 27 days ago
Blaine’s voice, “why are you guys enjoying this so much”. Lol that was great I had the same thing in my mind 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Naked Explanation
The Naked Explanation - 29 days ago
I love every bodies faces when he ask why they enjoying it so much
Tokki Tokki
Tokki Tokki - 29 days ago
Bro i feel like the black couple tought the white couple some new stuff haha.
Easy on the ears
Easy on the ears - Month ago
Who else thought she was cuter with a fake beard lol
Tia Fayed
Tia Fayed - Month ago
She has a really athletic body
Ashish Prasai
Ashish Prasai - Month ago
Why are you guys enjoying this so much. 😂😂😂
Danny J
Danny J - Month ago
Dang these two couples got beef
Milk&Honey - Month ago
It was rude not to respond to special when she complimented her bra
Emma Petrus
Emma Petrus - Month ago
That dudes eyes are HUGE
333mendo - Month ago
1:22 watch her going no look
Trxll.Rxlph - Month ago
The white girl is such a bitch at times
MR. Moody
MR. Moody - Month ago
I love that white girl but i like how open minded the black couple are
Imbangela - Month ago
Rebecca is a cutieee
shoobadoo123 - Month ago
Spe’shell. That is the stupidest most ghetto fucking name on the planet. HR probably sees her resume, roasts the fuck out of her, then just moves on to the next one. Btw before you comment, just know that I’m looking down upon her ignorant parents and not her.
Daniel O
Daniel O - Month ago
whats rebekas insta
Travis DeBary
Travis DeBary - Month ago
Andrew is daddy af
DJ mc'CK
DJ mc'CK - Month ago
Some shots are First lol :'D
Melissa M.
Melissa M. - Month ago
anybody sense that...
jaap ten dijk
jaap ten dijk - Month ago
Am I the only one who felt like the girl was foreign because of her accent? I couldn't place where she was from exactly...
Kori Jones
Kori Jones - Month ago
I paused on 1:24 and laughed to hard
coolz2334 - Month ago
LOL the black couple are total banter! i would hang with them
Your My Only Hope
Your My Only Hope - Month ago
Oh my gohd 😭😭
MaxXx United
MaxXx United - Month ago
1:22 LOL
Reina - Month ago
" Why are you guys enjoying this..? " 😂😂😂
Tiarra Peoples
Tiarra Peoples - Month ago
Right after she gets naked "have you guys ever thought about adding people to the Bedroom" 😂😂
Dylan - Month ago
1:23 might even the funniest single frame ive ever seen
John-Adrian Coker
John-Adrian Coker - Month ago
The Man X0
The Man X0 - Month ago
The only thing bad about this game is the beer is warm as fuck by the time they get finished...
DavidFiggs - Month ago
That last shot was art
crystal & raven forever
What did they write on her face?
Major Depressive Disorder - Treatment Resistant
why couldn't she turn around at least once? she looked like she had some nice cakes, i wanted to see them
Mieke Hermans
Mieke Hermans - Month ago
*Next video* : Exes. Vs. Exes Fear pong
Max Allen
Max Allen - Month ago
Those white people are annoying af
Max Allen
Max Allen - Month ago
They really finna fight
Max Allen
Max Allen - Month ago
Spe’shell. Oh lordt
Elisa Martinez
Elisa Martinez - Month ago
I want to meet a couple like a black couple they seem so fun!!! Not even cringed they're very comfortable
Alethea Loz
Alethea Loz - Month ago
I saw the thumbnail and was so excited cuz I thought it was lesbians against gays.
Ungrazed - Month ago
1:24 He straight killed the vibe.Had me Sleeep 😂😂😂
Bella lizter
Bella lizter - Month ago
"Omg I'm a cat"
"Babe I'm just like you"
"You're a cat?!?"
"No I'm a beard guy"
*leaves the room
Keep It Movin'
Keep It Movin' - Month ago
The fact they asked when they last took a shower tells me how gross some people are.
I’m getting bored Because I am
I feel bad for the boyfriends both girls seem rude especially Rebeka
The Mystery
The Mystery - Month ago
Do they have this game translated in French ....asking for a friend 🙄
Surf Kauai
Surf Kauai - Month ago
What happened to the winning horn?
Maeve Kuzma
Maeve Kuzma - Month ago
1:24 that moment when mom walks in the door....
Professional anime watcher I am watching Cht at 1:50 AM
JJ Boi
JJ Boi - Month ago
1:19 why his toe look mutated
Beyonca swart
Beyonca swart - Month ago
omg that is my cousin
Mallo Hennig
Mallo Hennig - 2 months ago
I would really like to order the game, but 40$ for ship is just to much :(
ASZNEE - 2 months ago
Mario Tanujaya
Mario Tanujaya - 2 months ago
the black couple and the white dude was super chill and cool, the white girl not so much tho
Honeysuckles In winter
Honeysuckles In winter - 4 days ago
Mario Tanujaya she was fun
Jhoan Belliard
Jhoan Belliard - 2 months ago
Fearpong are sold out!!! wotttt.
Milla Maxwell
Milla Maxwell - 2 months ago
YouTube Watcher
YouTube Watcher - 2 months ago
Does anyone know where the girl’s underwear is from? It’s cute
Agustín Molina
Agustín Molina - 2 months ago
that white girl is kinda outta the guy's league. kudos to her for the catch.
Lea Marye
Lea Marye - 2 months ago
okay where did she get that bra
Kpop plus Yaoi
Kpop plus Yaoi - 2 months ago
“Why are you guys enjoying this so much?” 😂😂
Dylan Benedict
Dylan Benedict - 2 months ago
The white chick was so hot
Adam Korba
Adam Korba - 2 months ago
Sola_ R
Sola_ R - 2 months ago
Watch this with your parents and ur ded 😂
Jinx the Skeletøn
Jinx the Skeletøn - 2 months ago
The beard and the fact that they have no pants on 😕😂
TheMolash - 2 months ago
wtf is the music though?
KevinShinwoo - 2 months ago
I ship the girls lol especially when the black girl lowkey wanted to have a foursome
Meme Gtfo
Meme Gtfo - 2 months ago
dang that ass
Nicolette Ingram
Nicolette Ingram - 2 months ago
F the white couple
lena monae
lena monae - 2 months ago
1:22 "why are you guys enjoying this so much"
*stops laughing and realizes oh shit* 😂😂
Cora Close
Cora Close - 2 months ago
You should have asked her to link that bra and panty set because it's so fucking cute
KOBK MANGO - 2 months ago
Two door coupe hoppin out like jack n the box
I’m gon shoot, if this .30’s all that I got.
theAppleWizz - 2 months ago
4:12 They where asking if they wanted to do a four way hahahahahahahaha It got turned down hard.
Stephanie Wademan
Stephanie Wademan - 2 months ago
Can we get the link for her underwear set please???????
Alton - 2 months ago
Brewer Fan
Brewer Fan - 2 months ago
the Portuguese chick has such a cute accent
The100ark - 2 months ago
That girl has the perfect body 😭😍
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry - 29 days ago
I've been scrolling for centuries trying to see if anyone has her insta 😞
Irene - 2 months ago
1:44 ok..right into it
RAM BILL - 2 months ago
This video was fun & funny but way too short. The matching undies couple( 🖐️to them on matching) looks like it needed to another round to loosen up.
Carol Y
Carol Y - 2 months ago
This video broke me out
BLACK BIRD - 2 months ago
3:08 f*ck that, don't do it any more loool
Katie_Noelani91 - 2 months ago
Swingers vs swingers!!!! Or sub vs dom
Ded Pihto
Ded Pihto - 2 months ago
Did they do "White face"?
Toufik Elhossami
Toufik Elhossami - 2 months ago
“Why are you guys enjoying this so much?”
*uncomfortable silence*
Edith Noriega
Edith Noriega - 2 months ago
Shout out to all the top dog's!
JO MANGEEE - 2 months ago
anyone else think that the dares in the black couple cups were ..... lets say MILD compared to the white couple????
jkl1110 - 2 months ago
lol they were totes suggesting a 4 way
Emil Elander
Emil Elander - 2 months ago
SyllasJax - 2 months ago
The guy's face when the girl said ''we don't need that shit' tells everything XD
Olivea Rodriguez
Olivea Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Chase Adams
Chase Adams - 2 months ago
Definitely the best pair of couples. They were so comfortable with each other
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