Couple vs. Couple (Dominick & Spe'shell vs. Rebeka & Andrew) | Fear Pong | Cut

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Nicholas Pizzo
Nicholas Pizzo - Day ago
The beard guy on the left is very handsome
A22DNAL - Month ago
These two couples have been THE BEST thus far! I am dying!
ozamrani22 - 2 months ago
At least Andrew enjoys "the view" every time in the bedroom
MrOofYou - 3 months ago
More like babatunde and his wife discovering white people
John Scott
John Scott - 3 months ago
The black girl got some big ass feet!
Dance of the sugar plum fairy
The white girl was so rude , really didn't like her. Her bf was nice and she seemed off for no reason
ApplePieClub - 5 months ago
Why does the white dude look like Steve Jobs?
Pedro Jacob
Pedro Jacob - 6 months ago
the white dude... fuck me.
phoenix 333
phoenix 333 - 8 months ago
Everybody is harping on Rebeka for being rude when she was chill till her BJ game was dissed.
I am loving!
I am loving! - 8 months ago
the absolute chaotic bi energy of this
One Flower
One Flower - 9 months ago
Joannot - 9 months ago
01:23 This frame is priceless.
Josh Brophy
Josh Brophy - 9 months ago
Call them weak and lose. Learn something.
Easy Money Zone
Easy Money Zone - 10 months ago
5:10 Gotta give him respect for that one haha!
Mercy Solis
Mercy Solis - 11 months ago
“why are you guys enjoying this so much?”
Joe W.
Joe W. - 11 months ago
1:22 Rebecca's face. Priceless.
Tolga - 11 months ago
Spe'shell. Special.
Hasn't anyone else noticed one of the most ghetto names there could possibly be?
shroom consumer
shroom consumer - 11 months ago
HEr nAmE IS SPa'shEL?
Rahshane Wallace
Rahshane Wallace - Year ago
Them: Get in there! Deep tissue massage!
Producer: Why are you guy's enjoying this so much?
Them looking back with faces that clearly show signs of "we've done some shit".
Fanny Hercules
Fanny Hercules - Year ago
The feet part was unnecessary🤣but this whole thing was so fun to watch 😍😂
dephne the rat
dephne the rat - Year ago
Dominick is adorable prove me wrong
Liu Francis
Liu Francis - Year ago
1:44 That ASS
Катя Нечаева
The girl’s underwear was mad nice tho
sizz - Year ago
1:20 had me laughing 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Citizen Mike
Citizen Mike - Year ago
1:48 fuckin hell I nearly fell off my chair xD
Carmen Lang
Carmen Lang - Year ago
TheFreeGreenChannel - Year ago
This white girl is a bit rude and too rectilinear, you know...
Kadeem Malik
Kadeem Malik - Year ago
The European girl was so stush off rip lmao
Rosumisorimu - Year ago
What the heck is wrong with people nowadays...where are all the nice, polite and dignified people at nowadays??? This show is ridiculous...
love is fake
love is fake - Year ago
You was at the club, bottoms up
Timophey Konnov
Timophey Konnov - Year ago
This couple on the left side is sooo toxic :c
Tamara Tamaraa
Tamara Tamaraa - Year ago
Hania P
Hania P - Year ago
damn that whit girl's thick af
mersaedeze - Year ago
3:04 his face tho 😂
ExSelice -_-
ExSelice -_- - Year ago
1:23 that so true it wasn’t post to be a good thing
Mateo Colón
Mateo Colón - Year ago
Hol up this bitch named ... Spe’Shell 😭😭😭😭
littlesteps - Year ago
Blaine’s voice, “why are you guys enjoying this so much”. Lol that was great I had the same thing in my mind 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Naked Explanation
I love every bodies faces when he ask why they enjoying it so much
Tokki Tokki
Tokki Tokki - Year ago
Bro i feel like the black couple tought the white couple some new stuff haha.
Deauntaye Morgan
Deauntaye Morgan - Year ago
Who else thought she was cuter with a fake beard lol
Tia Fayed
Tia Fayed - Year ago
She has a really athletic body
Ashish Prasai
Ashish Prasai - Year ago
Why are you guys enjoying this so much. 😂😂😂
ZeBoK Half
ZeBoK Half - Year ago
Dang these two couples got beef
Sophtie - Year ago
It was rude not to respond to special when she complimented her bra
Emma Petrus
Emma Petrus - Year ago
That dudes eyes are HUGE
333mendo - Year ago
1:22 watch her going no look
21kDrae - Year ago
The white girl is such a bitch at times
MR. Moody
MR. Moody - Year ago
I love that white girl but i like how open minded the black couple are
Imbangela - Year ago
Rebecca is a cutieee
shoobadoo123 - Year ago
Spe’shell. That is the stupidest most ghetto fucking name on the planet. HR probably sees her resume, roasts the fuck out of her, then just moves on to the next one. Btw before you comment, just know that I’m looking down upon her ignorant parents and not her.
Speshell Jolly-Sampson
Speshell Jolly-Sampson - 9 months ago
shoobadoo123 Both my parents are college educated despite them naming me this stupid ass shit they’re far from fucking ignorant
Daniel O
Daniel O - Year ago
whats rebekas insta
Travis De
Travis De - Year ago
Andrew is daddy af
DJ mc'CK
DJ mc'CK - Year ago
Some shots are First lol :'D
Melissa M
Melissa M - Year ago
anybody sense that...
jaap ten dijk
jaap ten dijk - Year ago
Am I the only one who felt like the girl was foreign because of her accent? I couldn't place where she was from exactly...
Kori Jones
Kori Jones - Year ago
I paused on 1:24 and laughed to hard
coolz2334 - Year ago
LOL the black couple are total banter! i would hang with them
You're My Only Hope
You're My Only Hope - Year ago
Oh my gohd 😭😭
MaxXx United
MaxXx United - Year ago
1:22 LOL
Reina - Year ago
" Why are you guys enjoying this..? " 😂😂😂
Tiarra Peoples
Tiarra Peoples - Year ago
Right after she gets naked "have you guys ever thought about adding people to the Bedroom" 😂😂
Dylan - Year ago
1:23 might even the funniest single frame ive ever seen
John-Adrian Coker
John-Adrian Coker - Year ago
J - Year ago
The only thing bad about this game is the beer is warm as fuck by the time they get finished...
DavidFiggs - Year ago
That last shot was art
kyrstyn yocum
kyrstyn yocum - Year ago
What did they write on her face?
Major Depressive Disorder - Treatment Resistant
why couldn't she turn around at least once? she looked like she had some nice cakes, i wanted to see them
Mieke Hermans
Mieke Hermans - Year ago
*Next video* : Exes. Vs. Exes Fear pong
MAXIMUS - Year ago
Those white people are annoying af
MAXIMUS - Year ago
They really finna fight
MAXIMUS - Year ago
Spe’shell. Oh lordt
Elisa Martinez
Elisa Martinez - Year ago
I want to meet a couple like a black couple they seem so fun!!! Not even cringed they're very comfortable
Alethea Loz
Alethea Loz - Year ago
I saw the thumbnail and was so excited cuz I thought it was lesbians against gays.
Ungrazed - Year ago
1:24 He straight killed the vibe.Had me Sleeep 😂😂😂
Bella lizter
Bella lizter - Year ago
"Omg I'm a cat"
"Babe I'm just like you"
"You're a cat?!?"
"No I'm a beard guy"
*leaves the room
Keep It Movin'
Keep It Movin' - Year ago
The fact they asked when they last took a shower tells me how gross some people are.
Bye ǝʎq
Bye ǝʎq - Year ago
I feel bad for the boyfriends both girls seem rude especially Rebeka
The Mystery
The Mystery - Year ago
Do they have this game translated in French ....asking for a friend 🙄
Surf Kauai
Surf Kauai - Year ago
What happened to the winning horn?
Maeve Kuzma
Maeve Kuzma - Year ago
1:24 that moment when mom walks in the door....
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