Insane Deal or No Deal! *Luckiest Winner Ever*

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Braxton Briley
Braxton Briley - Day ago
We all know James was mad inside
chloe m
chloe m - 2 days ago
james is such a baby
chris - 3 days ago
That mean was funny as hell
Jonathan Klein
Jonathan Klein - 3 days ago
Mopi we shouldn't shake hands

Mopi a few seconds later try's to shake hands
Poo Snif123
Poo Snif123 - 4 days ago
Read the title in a morgz voice
Dan Humphrey
Dan Humphrey - 4 days ago
dragon thewhite
dragon thewhite - 5 days ago
Ian Spencer Cortez
Ian Spencer Cortez - 7 days ago
Mopi really said go home or go big last game wtf bro
Jordan Boisse-Cote
Jordan Boisse-Cote - 7 days ago
Flix CRiSPy
Flix CRiSPy - 9 days ago
Santino gavin Dela rosa
Santino gavin Dela rosa - 10 days ago
jesser bragging and toxic
no hate tho..
Ricko Bob
Ricko Bob - 11 days ago
39:43 mans had a 0.01 cent case but ended up walking away with 2 racks
Birdman Supreme
Birdman Supreme - 17 days ago
Can someone tell me what the quarantine games is?
EXS 540 2018
EXS 540 2018 - 18 days ago
You mean second 10 for 10
Tobi Adisa
Tobi Adisa - 20 days ago
Jesser is the luckiest in 2hype
Jonathan Pless
Jonathan Pless - 25 days ago
James stays salty bro smh
Ryan Rediger
Ryan Rediger - 25 days ago
Wtf is Jesse wearing bro
Zakaria Sidat
Zakaria Sidat - 25 days ago
Who else was going with jesser
DAT BOI kakarotcake
DAT BOI kakarotcake - 25 days ago
i was sitting at the edge of my seat, kris is carrying this quarantine
ztbtw - 26 days ago
I would love to just spend a day with jesser it would be the most entertaining day of my life😂
Manix - 27 days ago
Bro when he said 24 for Kobe that hit different
Noah Varga
Noah Varga - 27 days ago
let's go Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conner Bauers
Conner Bauers - 27 days ago
Let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
King g
King g - 28 days ago
jesser: my case has the 2k

also jesser: i want to swap my case
Gus Mills
Gus Mills - 28 days ago
Who noticed that Mopi dapped JSR but Did not shake kris hand

Lemon Pack
Lemon Pack - 28 days ago
Lemon Pack
Lemon Pack - 28 days ago
Why does Jiedel only care about winning? What about our entertainment? You can’t possibly be fiending for whatever prize is at the end
CUTIE RUE - 28 days ago
i did exactly what jesser did and one the 1,000,000 dollars picked 14 and swapped it for 24
Tako Fall
Tako Fall - 29 days ago
Welcome to the quarantine game... ssss
Bailey Currie
Bailey Currie - 29 days ago
James shut up please
GeorgePlusRobert - 29 days ago
Go to 28:10 then listen to James at 28:15🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Rietzen
Ryan Rietzen - Month ago
alex engrav
alex engrav - Month ago
the end was insane
Tyler Gaylor
Tyler Gaylor - Month ago
Mopi got screwed over for going 1st
Carter Joyce
Carter Joyce - Month ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this game
Byron Bistro
Byron Bistro - Month ago
Where does one buy the shirt Jessie is wearing
Nick Farley
Nick Farley - Month ago
2:50 mopi picks 9 and 11 and jiedel says wow the god is in the building🤣🤣
Deondre Walker
Deondre Walker - Month ago
2k big dubs jesser
Leeann Overstreet
Leeann Overstreet - Month ago
evan13goat - Month ago
Monkey8883 - Month ago
When r u gonna announce moochie joining 2hype
Mydeva Donnell
Mydeva Donnell - Month ago
what does mooshie mean some plz tell me
Brian Wesolowski
Brian Wesolowski - Month ago
Started crying tears of joy when Jesser won with box #24 cause Kobe won that for him.
Gordon Lockett
Gordon Lockett - Month ago
Aayush Gautam
Aayush Gautam - Month ago
Mopi removes case:
Case: 400
2HYPE: NOT BAD not bad.
Me: BOI THATS ALOT HOW IS it not bad
MTS Iverson
MTS Iverson - Month ago
Sign my petition "Help get Moochie in 2HYPE"
Tang Gualnam
Tang Gualnam - Month ago
Can someone link the game he is using
Nothing But Net
Nothing But Net - Month ago
Jesser is a white boy
Shrimplicia - Month ago
Whats wrong with that??
Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions
Me and kris literally said 21 at the same time
Shrimplicia - Month ago
Yooo thats crazy
Stxcky_Rogue - Month ago
Does anybody else notice that it says 2hype quarantine games and Moochie is involved?🤷‍♂️
Shrimplicia - Month ago
Bc moochi is 2hypes step brother lmao
TMTrey 30
TMTrey 30 - Month ago
37:52 broooo jesser killed me when he got deep in his bag to roast tf out of James 😂😂😂😂 then the way he said no deal was hilarious too 😂😂😂
Hashcash - Month ago
GOAT ending holy moly
Kaiden Lockard
Kaiden Lockard - Month ago
My parents aren't home and when this happened I screamed with Jesse

Also this is the Jesse I know and remember
sandra wright
sandra wright - Month ago
Kobe was in that case I bet
SKAB - Month ago
Anthony C
Anthony C - Month ago
poor Jidel
FiRe StAr995
FiRe StAr995 - Month ago
I hate james salty reaction
Cw A
Cw A - Month ago
Then don’t watch
Zander Harrison
Zander Harrison - Month ago
jesse the goat
Dom Marano
Dom Marano - Month ago
I can’t stand jeidel he’s such a child
Shawn Hagan
Shawn Hagan - Month ago
Jiedel was salty as hell
Shrimplicia - Month ago
No homo
Fresh Nation
Fresh Nation - Month ago
rip James
yoza bailie
yoza bailie - Month ago
Fucken aye jesse ✊🏽✊🏽😍
Tristan Creative
Tristan Creative - Month ago
Jesser was super Sayian this whole vid 😂 telling James to shut up lmaoooo
David Reynolds
David Reynolds - Month ago
Budhu II
Budhu II - Month ago
Kobe lookin out for jesse.. rip 24
christian TV
christian TV - Month ago
I know everyone in 2hype is scared of June flight
Bel_n Turner
Bel_n Turner - Month ago
Bel_n Turner
Bel_n Turner - Month ago
Your my favorite YouTube in history love y’all
Jack Hart
Jack Hart - Month ago
This was 🔥
Fabcasso - Month ago
Overrated_lg - Month ago
Tell em to bring me my money
Mathew Hira
Mathew Hira - Month ago
Bruh I’m happy James didn’t win
Jayden Hernandez
Jayden Hernandez - Month ago
james salty asf lmaoo
HYP3 - Month ago
Jesse tells mopi to pick 12... 12 ends up being 1$
cDELAYED - Month ago
Jesser made a epic comeback
Little Razz
Little Razz - Month ago
Jesse is fucking goated
Turner J
Turner J - Month ago
The lsk deals r dumb
Peter Moore
Peter Moore - Month ago
Jesse was not dealing with James at ALL
Cam TGoat
Cam TGoat - Month ago
Jessers a god
Kng Pen
Kng Pen - Month ago
Bro who else smelt stink scent at 11:43-11:53
Shrimplicia - Month ago
Ha no one did
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