Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One

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MrBeast - 6 days ago
subscribe or you'll have bad luck for a year!
Fortune _Hero28
Fortune _Hero28 - 5 days ago
MrBeast what if we don’t
Lavos - 5 days ago
Spartanmammal 84
Spartanmammal 84 - 6 days ago
But how I'm already subbed
Uno Reverse card
Uno Reverse card - 6 days ago
MrBeast can u plz do a vid with ty again
berting labo
berting labo - 3 hours ago
i want to invite you to my country in the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Antonella Contreras
Antonella Contreras - 3 hours ago
Come to Miami and gimme 10k to spend
Mr I got Dubs
Mr I got Dubs - 3 hours ago
Mr Beast : I'm gonna be destroying the earth and moving everybody to Mars...
Yayis - 3 hours ago
69 , nice
Magic Wand Studios
Magic Wand Studios - 3 hours ago
first world problems :p
Ronin tv
Ronin tv - 3 hours ago
i just wondering.. you always donate people from Europe side.. im from malaysia can you donate some money for me? anyway its 0.01% gonna read my comments.. and next thing we know some europe dude get 10k usd.. 😅
josh butts
josh butts - 4 hours ago
But I want @MrBeast to smash my car
Troy Tia
Troy Tia - 4 hours ago
Im sick at your breaking friends car we want something new destroy your house
Lacon McLeod
Lacon McLeod - 4 hours ago
I hope you smash mine
TheFilipino - 4 hours ago
Sooo Mr. Beast is a certified car smasher! Can you smash mine to get a Tesla?
ZahranPlays - 4 hours ago
MrBeast: subscribe or i will smash your car
Me: I don't have a car
zuldo - 4 hours ago
you just happened to have their car keys?
Distance and Time
Distance and Time - 4 hours ago
I have mustang car how much will you pay lol !?
Noe Alamina
Noe Alamina - 4 hours ago
Where does he get all that money?!But I love his vids!
Kobi Collins
Kobi Collins - 4 hours ago
Get a loan shark
u copued jake paul
Memame - 5 hours ago
Aim Gaming
Aim Gaming - 5 hours ago
I don't have a car 😭😭😭😭
Krazy Kittu Shenanigans
Krazy Kittu Shenanigans - 5 hours ago
Obviously he didn't go to college because he doesn't worry about student loans
Djwar Ali
Djwar Ali - 5 hours ago
your jealuas and you have a bmw i8 really
Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell - 5 hours ago
*You know I wouldn't mind having 10K.*
Rayden Rose
Rayden Rose - 5 hours ago
Mr beast is one of those people who does the acuall title
Ben_YT Gaming
Ben_YT Gaming - 5 hours ago
I’m only 9
No Name
No Name - 5 hours ago
Idk who these new ppl are lol
Gamer Marium Rocks
Gamer Marium Rocks - 5 hours ago
Mr beast:first one to replace the universe with the heaven win 10K
24savage45 Gaming
24savage45 Gaming - 5 hours ago
I don’t hav a car
bhgyutr Master
bhgyutr Master - 5 hours ago
Now try to do this to random Detroit civilian
aileen mahusay
aileen mahusay - 5 hours ago
EDI wow
Keyiondre Walker
Keyiondre Walker - 5 hours ago
smash my car i want a dodge charger
Noah Austin
Noah Austin - 6 hours ago
Good god beastly
LuckyCharm Fishing Tube
LuckyCharm Fishing Tube - 6 hours ago
Hi I am Khmer👍👍👍👍👍💛💛💛💛
The yeeter H
The yeeter H - 6 hours ago
Daddy Beast
Frane Kapić
Frane Kapić - 6 hours ago
😂😂😂😂 Gooood one
Blue Sky
Blue Sky - 6 hours ago
A meteor discoverer:i will never give anybody my meteor! MrBeast: hmm how about 10k for it? The meteor discoverer: YES SIR!!!!
Fro27y - 6 hours ago
You can smash my bicycle with a meteor if you want
Original Noah Show
Original Noah Show - 6 hours ago
Ryan Ed Remis
Ryan Ed Remis - 6 hours ago
10:29 that face bruh
Rexy'sLegend - 6 hours ago
i dont have a minecradf account lol
Julubwin - 6 hours ago
hey mr. beast u can smash my car but i still can’t afford to buy it so maybe next time
Arikuun owo
Arikuun owo - 6 hours ago
how does he have the key if its a prank
Delaney W Weber
Delaney W Weber - 7 hours ago
By the amount of money he’s spent on videos he could of had 10 mansions
Silay Leang
Silay Leang - 7 hours ago
“Subscribe or I’ll smash ur car with a meteor”
Have fun cause I don’t have one
Caleena YT
Caleena YT - 7 hours ago
I don’t have a car...
barnaby leonard
barnaby leonard - 7 hours ago
You should've filled Chandlers car with pickles
Hoss Clark
Hoss Clark - 7 hours ago
To bad 9 year olds can’t drive
Sage Ahlan Husky
Sage Ahlan Husky - 7 hours ago
marcus is such a child, someone broke his toy car, he was hella mad. he got new toy car, he giggly and excited
marcus mum: dont forget to say thank you!
marcus: hehehe thank you mister beast!!!
Tristan Couves
Tristan Couves - 8 hours ago
You can smash my car with a meteor.... but I still subbed!!!!!
Itz Shayyy
Itz Shayyy - 8 hours ago
Wow Marcus looked PISSED when he walked out that car 😭 probably something I’d never think I’ll see LOL
Usman Mushtaq
Usman Mushtaq - 8 hours ago
Smash my car plz 😂
Critical ops Boss
Critical ops Boss - 8 hours ago
Destroy your friends house next
Kaye Cee Vlogs
Kaye Cee Vlogs - 8 hours ago
Mr. Beast : A cute little toy
Me: Domuuuu 😍😂
Joshua Solomon
Joshua Solomon - 8 hours ago
Oh, come on! As if he didn't know that he'd be getting a new car!
Jack McGee
Jack McGee - 8 hours ago
Your the best beast out there
Zach Adams
Zach Adams - 8 hours ago
Beat song at 2:53 ????
ACE_Evil_YT diaz
ACE_Evil_YT diaz - 9 hours ago
Mr beast: i subscribe or ill smash your car with a meator
Me: im only eleveven i dont have a car and im subbed so im in the clear😊🤠
Thanos - 9 hours ago
I could’ve taken one of those cars 💔🤢
Alexander Massih
Alexander Massih - 9 hours ago
Noor Navi
Noor Navi - 9 hours ago
Your a fudu 👊
Gamerality - 9 hours ago
MrBeast: get the tools boys!
Me: Jake is gonna get the little one isn't he?
MrBeast: Jake you get the little one
Venca BigL
Venca BigL - 9 hours ago
what means "pirate package" for 250 in receipt? :)
Jarno Schwarze
Jarno Schwarze - 9 hours ago
What car is that black one?
Fratty James
Fratty James - 9 hours ago
Hope you give the subscribers 10k so we can all enjoy it👌🤘
TTV Kice
TTV Kice - 10 hours ago
marcus bought my dream car
Colatzz XP
Colatzz XP - 10 hours ago
Wait but @itsjusta6 did this with his girlfriend
Ian Landgraf
Ian Landgraf - 10 hours ago
MrBeast’s first words to his dad



okow tina
okow tina - 9 hours ago
Can you Destroy my House ??
bob ross
bob ross - 10 hours ago
Ha I don't have a dog
okow tina
okow tina - 9 hours ago
7:15 This reminds me of how Egypt used to be only that Mr.Beast is the pharaoh and the rest of the crew are the slaves that built all of his desires lol
VA Gost
VA Gost - 10 hours ago
I wish I could do this but 😭😭😭
NotYourFriendlyNeighborhood SpiderMan
Marcus:*Buys a cool car
Mr. Beast:I think I'm jealous
Also Mr. Beast:buys a Lamborghini*
KRAZY Uploads
KRAZY Uploads - 10 hours ago
I feel bad that he bought a dodge they are garbage
Lane Christenson
Lane Christenson - 11 hours ago
Me and the boys out spending mr beasts money
Eldrin Ramos
Eldrin Ramos - 11 hours ago
I want to be mrbeast friend 😂 😂
eclipse magic
eclipse magic - 11 hours ago
Mr beast : subscribe or I Will destroy your car
Me : I don't have a car
Consumer - 11 hours ago
You should give their smashed car to someone who bought merch
SUBSCRIBE TO THE EGG - 11 hours ago
Only Og fans remember

“Does Chris Moisturize”
Your Boss
Your Boss - 11 hours ago
Here goes enus bastur COPYSTRIKE!
Kano Flixer
Kano Flixer - 12 hours ago
I havn't minecraft account😭😭😭
Benjamin Meyer
Benjamin Meyer - 12 hours ago
Will you buy me a dirtbike please
Terminator h280
Terminator h280 - 12 hours ago
2030 Mrbeast gives 1M $ to everything
Aaron Jonas Arca
Aaron Jonas Arca - 12 hours ago
Omy i wont subscribe. I wanna let him smash my car by meteor or hammered or flip it upside down i dont care as long as its mrbeast
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