Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer

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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars - 10 days ago
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Nick Noodle
Nick Noodle - 4 days ago
This a release date
Titan Smash Games
Titan Smash Games - 7 days ago
For the love of everything holy I hope you all learned from the BF2 launch fiasco and know the only ok micro transactions is cosmetic items you know are what you are getting. Not P2W not loot boxes not battle passes and ESPECIALLY not P2P even after we already payed you for the game
Shamrock Shanks
Shamrock Shanks - 7 days ago
Single player no money grabber schemes right?
Reed Carless
Reed Carless - 7 days ago
Shit game
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards - 7 days ago
Are you going to ship an ENTIRE game this time? Or are we going to be $60 dollar beta testers and microtransaction guinea pigs AGAIN? Sorry EA... I can't trust you anymore.
RE4PER - Hour ago
Mason Kauv
Mason Kauv - Hour ago
Cameron Monaghan. Great actor.
_ƤƤ S҉σuᎮ ジ
_ƤƤ S҉σuᎮ ジ - Hour ago
How much yall wanna bet you are gonna have to pay for the story
dorpth - Hour ago
Execute Order $66 day one DLC
ThePuneShlanker - Hour ago
Looks kinda cool, but it’ll probably suck
Herpy Depth
Herpy Depth - 2 hours ago
I don’t trust EA but I hope they make it like a Star Wars Mirrors Edge
SyxToes - 3 hours ago
Don't worry EA if its a good game it will do good. If its trash its trash, not because MC is white. Fuck liberals
SyxToes - 3 hours ago
Everyone who isn't a soy milk drinking snow flake. *Like this video* show EA some love for finally puttin their foot down against *Anti-White* BS.
Calvin Orosa
Calvin Orosa - 3 hours ago
Dylan Saunders
Dylan Saunders - 3 hours ago
Is this a game?
Mr Wiggins
Mr Wiggins - 3 hours ago
man, these are some salty boys commenting on this. Guess what you don't have to buy.
HorribleHarry - 3 hours ago
how about more pro empire games. the rebels are just a bunch of terrorists.
JLinkshufflez - 3 hours ago
It should be illegal for EA to continue making star wars games
Meamcraft - 3 hours ago
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!I’V WANTED A GAME LIKE THIS FOREVER AND NOW IT’S HERE!COME ON EA DON’T MESS THIS UP!!!!But I’m going to wait until I see ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!I’m going to watch angry joes review on it and then if it’s good buy it.
Winged Hamster
Winged Hamster - 4 hours ago
please don't fuck this up EA
Alfredo Jimenez
Alfredo Jimenez - 4 hours ago
Que bueno un sobreviviente padawan ojala que se convierta un Gran Jedi mejor que Ray .
conworldus - 4 hours ago
Just make a movie instead. This feels like more like a movie trailer.
Alex Person
Alex Person - 4 hours ago
god I hope his is good. the star wars franchise really needs this to be good after the recent movies and games
Layk35 - 4 hours ago
1:48 They included shatterpoint. That's interesting
Mr. GoodBoi805
Mr. GoodBoi805 - 4 hours ago
Looks awesome, but dont forget that this IS EA, so im expecting its gon a suck
Zebedee Swanson
Zebedee Swanson - 5 hours ago
this looks dope. wish I had both money and a pc good enough to run it.
Randy Vidale
Randy Vidale - 5 hours ago
Is it coming out for ps5 ???????
Levi Huerta
Levi Huerta - 5 hours ago
EA, please don't let us down again. This looks so good! DON'T MAKE MY HYPE BE FOR NOTHING!
Michael Piretti
Michael Piretti - 5 hours ago
This is the music from adventures this is sooo fake 😂
Lord Cancer
Lord Cancer - 5 hours ago
Its got an EA logo? Automatic dislike.
Jrgamer Tv
Jrgamer Tv - 5 hours ago
I’m a master at star wars
JoJo F
JoJo F - 5 hours ago
get screwed by EA November 15 2019
Hannover Fisst
Hannover Fisst - 6 hours ago
I am so excited to steal this game! Payback for not giving me a refund for those POS Battlefront games. EA owes me big time. Yeah I said it.
Saad Merhebi
Saad Merhebi - 6 hours ago
He keeps saying trust no one but theres people in the trailer he is trusting lol wtf
James Craig
James Craig - 6 hours ago
Will Frank Gallagher turn up?
Chronorust - 6 hours ago
Some Time Ago, not too far way: "Aww sweet, a Star Wars game!"
TODAY: "So does it come with microtransactions, or naw?"
Corey Bailey
Corey Bailey - 6 hours ago
I wanna be a black Jedi 🤦🏾‍♂️
ForJustice1324 - 6 hours ago
If you don’t mind I’m gonna wait for Star Wars: Ep. 9- The Rise of Skywalker and The Clone Wars season 7.
Bob Parker
Bob Parker - 6 hours ago
Why couldn't this be the plot of the new movies?
CaramelMcNasty - 6 hours ago
I see this game in the xbox store and almost lost my shit... then I seen EA and yup, never mind....
RunUpOnMe - 6 hours ago
i was happy, till i saw the EA Logo
exowhite 05
exowhite 05 - 6 hours ago
Starkillers dad?
Brooklyn Headass
Brooklyn Headass - 7 hours ago
Never been more excited for a game
parkers23crazypeople - 7 hours ago
I just got an invoice for watching this.
Phi Nguyen
Phi Nguyen - 7 hours ago
That is before a new hope film.
DeInfiniteGaming - 7 hours ago
Press X to doubt
LARGEGRAPE - 8 hours ago
gave meh chills
Goku Mui
Goku Mui - 8 hours ago
Its an EA game it has potential dont screw it up like BF2
MONTEL - 8 hours ago
For those who haven't noticed yet that's Ian from Shameless
Tobias Pena
Tobias Pena - 8 hours ago
EA u better fucking read this,this game is going to be ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HORRIBLE Like all the other star war games I have played all them they are shit all of them and I am judging this one cuz I know it’s gonna be the same God damn thing every time Make another Madden or another MLB the show not another fucking Star Wars
ParagonPenguin - 8 hours ago
I feel like I've seen this shoulder chop scene before... *looks at jojo's*
BlackIt - 8 hours ago
Can't wait!
Please check out my Star Wars Episode 8 quiz and I would love to hear some feedback
Good Luck!
Nonya Bisnis
Nonya Bisnis - 9 hours ago
All this does is make me miss Starkiller.
Epzi - 9 hours ago
Damn make a moive too, like the quality.
The Gaming Cactus
The Gaming Cactus - 9 hours ago
Please don't screw this up...
Prisms - 9 hours ago
Please don't fuck this up.
justin V.
justin V. - 9 hours ago
Jerome is that you?!
I just fucking realised...😂
Marcelo83 - 9 hours ago
This looks great... but its ea so I'll hang on to see if it's shit or not upon release :).
soulseeker - 10 hours ago
I can't stop replaying it from 1:10. I get the urge to run.
NUKKAZADE - 10 hours ago
It's respawn guys chill... Played apex, t2 and modern warfare series and you'll no what I mean.
Jordan Brady
Jordan Brady - 10 hours ago
Yes love how it was rendered in unreal engine way to go guys !!!
CharmlessJewel9 - 10 hours ago
Everyone stfu about it being EA, it’s RESPAWN NOT EA STOP
neweravans4 - 10 hours ago
Why is EA stamped on like every new game I see now days? Gtfo, no one likes you.
PsychoticEntertainment - 11 hours ago
That trooper with the staff thing looks amazing
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - 11 hours ago
I don't want to play as a 16yr old kind of force user kid hero...
galaxydrewllum - 11 hours ago
apparently the joker has become a jedi
what in the world😂
Jerry Young
Jerry Young - 11 hours ago
Yes must have yes yes yes yes yes yes please now! I have to have something good like this star wars wise... we have suffered enough please make this good it has to be good! Don't fail us !!!!! Please
Александр Сергеевич
Again play Jedi.....#RETURNSTARWARSJEDIKNIGHTJEDIACADEMY with great singleplayer company and AWESOME and FUN multiplayer !!!
Juggernogger64 - 11 hours ago
wait, isn't the lady at 1:37 that played that hilarious character with the afro from *WOLFENSTEIN 2* *THE NEW COLOSSUS*
Mafr0 - 12 hours ago
Just make this a movie please! Looks way better than Skywalker Rises or whatever its called
Uhtred Ragnerson
Uhtred Ragnerson - 12 hours ago
You fooled me twice with Battlefront 1 and 2. I’m going to wait to see if you’re telling the truth before buying.
Świat i Polacy
Świat i Polacy - 12 hours ago
Leo Dante
Leo Dante - 12 hours ago
The guy is rigth, trust is important. Never trust EA
Mitchell McCallum
Mitchell McCallum - 13 hours ago
There are 3 rules to survive
1. Don't criticize colonization by followers of the religion of peace
2. Criticize {them} or attempt to thrwart their attempts to subvert western society
3. Don't dare criticize the promotion degeneracy and paedophilia.
Jean Roux
Jean Roux - 13 hours ago
I want it to be good... Please
SHARP1382 - 13 hours ago
That shadow airborne Trooper...
David - 13 hours ago
People are really really fucking stupid.... EA is a PUBLISHER. Not a fucking DEVELOPER for making these games... if y'all actually stopped jumping on peoples dicks and bandwagons you would know... AS IT SAID.. RESPAWN IS MAKING IT. The people who made TF1 And 2 along with Apex Legends.. grow up niggas.
David - 11 hours ago
+Josh Alexander and i really don't think people know EA is a publisher. Heck im pretty sure you recently just discovered this as well. EA Sports are the only developing crew that DEVELOP games. ALOT of people think EA publish every game they release. Read the comments.
Josh Alexander
Josh Alexander - 11 hours ago
David I believe most people know EA is a publisher... but if you think that EA hasn’t set the guidelines in the past for developers and have screwed several companies because of this, then go back and do your homework. This is what makes us nervous because we know EA has pushed releases, we know they have forced micro transactions. We have high hopes for Respawn, I really do. But! I would not preorder! And we love giving EA shit for the crap they done in the past any chance we get..🤣😂. All that aside I’m hoping for a badass Star Wars game, something like the first Unleashed/ KOTOR.
nuke7 - 13 hours ago
this look like an ESRB rating of pre-teens...
Kyle Elliott
Kyle Elliott - 15 hours ago
need this in my life
Adrian Denzel Macayan
Adrian Denzel Macayan - 15 hours ago
They just made this for Star Wars IX. It’s the last movie in the saga so extra bucks for EA?
DJBrandywines Music
DJBrandywines Music - 15 hours ago
If I'm not mistaken this game actually was canceled a while back when Disney took over Star wars and if this is that same game I'm thinking of I can't wait to play this
Amandeep Kaur
Amandeep Kaur - 16 hours ago
Looks very pretty
CeyhanCeyhan - 16 hours ago
Better than episode 9 trailer
Divad Kellny
Divad Kellny - 16 hours ago
Promethiel - 16 hours ago
If they mess this up, Disney might pull the plug....
Guillermo Garcia
Guillermo Garcia - 17 hours ago
This will be better than the Rise of Skywalker
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper - 15 hours ago
That is pretty offensive to the team Even Jar Jar's adventure would be better than Ep.9
dorpth - 17 hours ago
So you play Magneto in hiding from X-Men Apocalypse before blowing your cover by reflexively saving a coworker during an accident at your industrial job?
LetsGoGetUm - 17 hours ago
Adam Zimnicki
Adam Zimnicki - 19 hours ago
If this game will turn out to be a disaster, please don't blame Respawn. They are one of the greatest game dev companies in industry, but we all know what EA do with good companies( visceral and now bioware). For the first time in my life I hope I'm wrong. However using UE4 instead of Frostbite is promising.
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper - 10 hours ago
+Josh Alexander Yeah, former employees like Karpishin are long gone! Other problem is that Bioware doesn't want to make SP first games! I don't know if you heard about it but Dragon Age 4 got rebooted and now it is Live Service shit apparently!
Josh Alexander
Josh Alexander - 11 hours ago
Czech Paratrooper oh I’m not arguing BioWare did drop the ball. Just saying BioWare best talent walked long ago. I’m also saying EA isn’t my favorite publisher because they should of known its problems and instead they still sold us on it. I think the best lesson is not to preorder based on trailers.
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper - 11 hours ago
+Josh Alexander But EA didn't really do anything to tamper with the development! Except the fake E3 trailer I'm sorry but I have to defend EA here. It isn't their fault that they wanted to see results after 5+ years of development
Josh Alexander
Josh Alexander - 11 hours ago
I’m thinking they buckled under the pressure. BioWare needs to leave EA. Maybe then the could get their shit together. Most the good people from BioWare left already, not sure what’s going to be left. I still blame EA for killing another company.
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper - 15 hours ago
Surprisingly Anthem really wasn't ruined by EA but by BioWare's own incompetence!
Rich As F*ck
Rich As F*ck - 19 hours ago
Can I shoot a reaction vid to this awesome trailer? Or am I gon' get copyright strike?? (Ugh)
Владислав Онучин
Nice jedi
Mr LovelyPancake Boy
Mr LovelyPancake Boy - 19 hours ago
High school in a nut shell
ACE - 20 hours ago
Do you think you can draw and "store" the lightsaber as you wish?
BadGamer LP
BadGamer LP - 20 hours ago
Please don't fuck this up like battlefront. PLEASE cause I'm hyped now
Liam Epae
Liam Epae - 20 hours ago
Looks cool
Numble Nuts
Numble Nuts - 20 hours ago
To make battlefront 2 “good” watch these youtubers to get ideas for battlefront so it doesn’t get dead 1. Fireguygaming 2. Battlefront knight 3. The twisted Jedi ( he has hero concepts what you can watch to get ideas for new hero’s)
The hero’s I think the game should have. 1. Greedo and pancake face in number 1. 2. Mace Windu and savage o press. 3. Asoka and ventress. 4. Padme and jango ( everyone doesn’t want another boba fett so make his jet pack a Ariel jet pack except a longer radius) 5. Revan and another old republic guy. 6. Darth jar jar and normal jar jar. Bonuses: del and hask. Akbar and another general. Cody and cad Bain. Rex and a clone wars villain.Kal and the 2nd sister
The skins for hero’s. 1. Old Ben ( obi wan ) legendary . 2. X-wing pilot ( Luke skywalker ) epic. 3. Farmboy ( Luke skywalker ) epic.4. General skywalker ( anakin skywalker ) epic. 5. Old Luke ( for fully levelling up him ) ( Luke skywalker )legendary. 6. Old Han ( for fully levelling him up ) ( Han Solo) legendary. 7. Old leia ( for fully levelling up her up ) legendary. 8. Hoodless ( for finishing Champaign) ( kylo REN) epic. 9. Endor Luke ( Luke skywalker ) epic. 10. Repaired mask. ( different voice to the normal default mask) ( kylo REN) legendary. 11. Rouge one. ( vader ) common. 12. Red robe ( palpatine ) epic. Bonuses: Senator ( different voice ) ( palpatine ) legendary. 13. Solo ( different lightsaber ) ( different voice ) ( robotic legs ) ( maul ) legendary. Shirtless ( maul ) epic. Han and Luke storm trooper. Princess Leia.
Emotes. 1. The high ground ( obi wan ). 2. Laugh ( palpatine ) 3. Fear leads to anger anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering. ( yoda ) 4. Activate ray shields ( grevious ) 5. You underestimate my power. ( anakin ) 6. The dark side doesn’t rule you ( Luke ).
Anything about reinforcements 1.Purge troopers infiltrator from Jedi fallen order. 2. Leias reinforcements in number 1 for the rebel infiltrators . 3. Red fury infiltrators. 4. Leias reinforcements from number 1 for the resistance infiltrators. 5. Where are those droidicors!? 6. Death trooper skin from number one shadow trooper.
Trooper skin
Imperials: gold troopers for reaching max rank. Shock troopers.
Rebels: bespin guard
Maps. 1. Courscant 2. The yoda swamp planet 3. The city of bespin 4. Death Star 1. 5. Indoor starkiller base for HvV. 6. Any star destroyer. 7. Death Star 2: throne room. 8. The place where anakin said I don’t like sand. 9. Geonosis arena in HvV.
Nerfs and buffs. 1. Anakin goes back to his launch version of him. 2. Yoda has a fast lightsaber swing. 3. Yoda can jump way higher. 4. Yoda can run faster . 5. Anakin does less damage. 6. Anakin can run faster. 7. Grevious has way more stamina. 8. Leia does way more damage. 9. Grevious does about as much damage as count dooku. 10. Grevious gets a 4th ability where he has all his four lightsabers out what does as much damage as dooku’s duel ability. 11. Luke gets a remake on his force push where the more you charge his push up it does more damage and the more you get hurt while charging it up the more knock back it does ( let’s face it he is the son of the chosen one ) 12. Leia loses her flash grenade and gets a mini force push’s what’s similar to the dashes. You can have 2 at a time. 13. Vader can do the punishing grip to not just heal himself but others around him. 14. Vader’s punishing grip gives less health to himself.
14. Vader’s punishing grip doesn’t give him bonus stamina. 15. His punishing grip pushes his enemies to the ground for a slite second.
Normal changes. 1. Their is a non dead whatever that brown monster is called in jabbas palace. 2. Jabba is in jabbas palace. 3. Their are random Tusken raiders you can kill in mos on HvV and blast. 4. You can play as geonosians as reinforcements on every geonosis map.
Campain. 1.Their is a campain in the game what’s got to do with the movies. Say if it’s the start of revenge of the sith you will have to fly anakin or obi wans ship its your choice then when you fly into the ship you get to choose who you want to be anakin or obi wan. When you have chosen the character you fight a ton of droids when you have done that you go to palpatines chamber when your their an AI dooku will show up then you have to fight him then you can choose your character and so on. This can be a 2 player Champaign at times so one person can be anakin and another person could be obi wan or someone could be Han and someone could be Luke

What you could add to battlefront 3 or add to battlefront 2. 1. I would love a 4 player split screen battlefront so that could be something. 2. Make it so you could do maps on different eras what I mean by that is you could do rebels on kamino or first order on Tatooine.
On arcade. 1. Make it so you can do 50 vs 50 instead of 1-10 that’s just boring. 2. Make ai’s hero’s to make it more exciting. 3. Make a ai HvV or a ai GA or even a capital supremacy.
My ideas on modes 1. The original version of HvV from battlefront 1. 2. Battle royale.
Please respond ea to this comment it took me all day to make
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu - 11 hours ago
+Czech Paratrooper Alright!
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper - 11 hours ago
+Kerim Gürsu I didn't even know they are there! Good to know I guess!
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu - 11 hours ago
+Czech Paratrooper No I mean in the ep.9 Trailer
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper - 12 hours ago
+Kerim Gürsu You mean the Ep. 7 dream sequence? That was 12 seconds
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu - 12 hours ago
+Czech Paratrooper We dont saw the Knights of Ren in the trailer but in the movie, yes
Gregory Miranda
Gregory Miranda - 21 hour ago
Even though I'm not a star wars fan in the slightest I'm hyped wtf. And Cameron is the protagonist what more could anymore want?
galaxydrewllum - 11 hours ago
Me too, I came here for Cameron but stayed for the cool stuff 😂😂
eeeMan.rg Rori
eeeMan.rg Rori - 21 hour ago
че это за параша?
anonymousgamer - 21 hour ago
EA:Pre-order now just for a low price of $1,999
me: 😖🔫
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez - 21 hour ago
Cinematic no sheer gameplay, bad trailer.
fevGames - 22 hours ago
Only trust in the force, not in EA. Never.
e3musicmanAK - 22 hours ago
I dont know if you guys noticed but he looks like he could be Palpatine's son. They both have red'ish hair and the actor who plays him is known to be a good villan type character. I'm not saying that hes gonna be a bad guy, though I'm sure he'll be similar to Asoka and Qui-gon.
The Drunk Phoenix
The Drunk Phoenix - 22 hours ago
Respawn: *developing a really good game and about to complete it*
EA: "I'll take it from here gentleman"
Star Wars Jedi:Fallen Order: *Becomes mangled clusterfuck of a game*
Saman Mustafa
Saman Mustafa - 22 hours ago
3 Ultimate rules to survive
1- Don't trust EA
2- Wait review before buy that
3- Don't Forget Anthem
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