Billie Eilish - WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio)

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Emily Mac
Emily Mac - Hour ago
you'd sympathize with all the bad guys
everyone: DUH
Kayden Kidd
Kayden Kidd - 2 hours ago
The only video that uses autotune
Halvatica - 7 hours ago
Actually this is my fav💓
Fernand In Meza
Fernand In Meza - Day ago
No me gusto la canción por el autotune me gusta mas la vos de billie normal que con autotune
Robert Logan
Robert Logan - 2 days ago
First time hearing it a while ago and fell in love with it
Emma Jones
Emma Jones - 4 days ago
this song deserves a video.
Sofi Gacha
Sofi Gacha - 4 days ago
Todas as músicas que eu conheço da Billie são ótimas skmskskasslak
Davy Anilhaq
Davy Anilhaq - 4 days ago
Fun fact: Billie's ex Brandon is actually a huge Yeezus fan, an album that inspires the production of this song and also the song bury a friend.
Also Billie is known to pick The College Dropout as her favorite Kanye album in a video where she bought vinyls in the New Zealand. Maybe this has to do with her already knew the trend of auto tune that Kanye used in 808s & Heartbreak era so there's that.
Sanae El Azzouzi
Sanae El Azzouzi - 4 days ago
أحبك بيلي
JCarlitos 3
JCarlitos 3 - 4 days ago
One of the best actual movies + one of the best actual singers= masterpiece
Ejiil - 4 days ago
♪ When I was older

I was a sailor ♪ on an open sea
But now I'm underwater
And my skin is paler than it should ever be
I'm on my back again
Dreaming of a time and place
Where you and I remain the best of friends
Even after all this ends
Can we pretend?
I'm on my, I'm on my back again
It's seeming more and more
Like all we ever do is see how far it bends
Before it breaks in half and then
We bend it back again
Guess I got caught in the middle of it
Yes I've been taught, got a little of it
In my blood, in my blood
Memories burn like a forest fire
Heavy rain turns any funeral pyre to mud
In the flood
When I was older
I was a sailor on an open sea
But now I'm underwater
And my skin is paler than it should ever be
I'm watching movies back to back in black and white, I never
Seen anybody do it like I do it any better
I'm goin' over you, I'm overdue for new endeavors
Nobody lonely like I'm lonely and I don't know whether
You'd really like it in the limelight
You'd sympathize with all the bad guys
I'm still a victim in my own right
But I'm the villain in my own eyes, yeah
When I was older
♪ I was a sailor on an open sea
♪ ♫
Failariel 7
Failariel 7 - 5 days ago
My favorite song ❤️
Sophie Louise
Sophie Louise - 5 days ago
3:30 best part
أسد الصحراء
أسد الصحراء - 6 days ago
ما سبب قوة الاجانب دوماً ؟؟
Niki Bones
Niki Bones - 6 days ago
Y'all really slept on this song
Hashki Taragya
Hashki Taragya - 6 days ago
this is rare.
Atel - 6 days ago
UUes - 6 days ago
i was high high on nitrous when i heard the echoes of this before i was born.
juana gomez
juana gomez - 6 days ago
My part favorite 2:47
juana gomez
juana gomez - 6 days ago
+ music billie
Christy Lamm
Christy Lamm - 7 days ago
I love you Billie
K'abyth - 8 days ago
This song remember Massive Attack music
Comet XXXVII - 8 days ago
This song is so deep and dark, by far one of her most beautiful and underrated songs. People need to hear the tune and not just the auto.
Finno Minno
Finno Minno - 9 days ago
Never heard this song
m S
m S - 9 days ago
Billie has the best voice EVERRR
Ivana Lalusic
Ivana Lalusic - 9 days ago
This is by far her most poetic song
Geologia ifpb
Geologia ifpb - 9 days ago
I'll watch that movie right now
llegnarx games
llegnarx games - 10 days ago
Y love you billie❤️❤️❤️
Tam Bek
Tam Bek - 11 days ago
At first I couldn’t stand this song. Now I cannot understand how I could not like it, it’s fucking awesome dude
Lazer Kuzenler
Lazer Kuzenler - 12 days ago
its not auto tune!!
its called a vocoder ya know. its supposed to make the voice sound robotic.
shiraz abisdid
shiraz abisdid - 12 days ago
Ignat Skobel
Ignat Skobel - 12 days ago
Chayenne Tikai
Chayenne Tikai - 12 days ago
lydie NGAMASANA - 12 days ago
i love you billie i love this song if you arent an hater reply billie is awsome
Д С - 12 days ago
Lol, very nice
Patetra - 13 days ago
marcelo araujo
marcelo araujo - 13 days ago
I love you billie you are and always you will be the best
Madziebeer - 13 days ago
Omg what a beautiful music. Additionally to angelic voice of Billie it also have eargasmic music arrangment. Best wishes to Finneas!!!!
michel vansteenberge
michel vansteenberge - 14 days ago
très belle musique douce
Gingery Bread
Gingery Bread - 14 days ago
some artists just have some good songs in their album the rest are crap but billie puts her heart into each song and makes it perfection.
connect with nature and peace
Any one ever imagined that who is this girl in the picture of this video🤔
Niya Tan
Niya Tan - 12 days ago
character from roma
Erikson Dos Santos
Erikson Dos Santos - 14 days ago
She's great!
J - 15 days ago
such a beautiful song
I'm Sad.
I'm Sad. - 15 days ago
Why Billie used 'autotune' for this song.
1. It's not autotune, it's a vocoder.
2. It's used for a more eerie, melancholic effect.
3. It gives more energy and emotion to the background music and lyrics.
Edit: She doesn't use autotune on any of her other songs, she doesn't rely on it.
Isobel Mickelson
Isobel Mickelson - 15 days ago
Why does this song have so many dislikes?
get this channel to 10,000 subs without any vids
I get an oxenfree vibe from this song
Офицерские Джоны
O M G!
Nina Moore
Nina Moore - 16 days ago
I’m watching movies back to back in black and white, I never
Seen anybody do it like I do it any better,
Im going over you
I’m overdue for new endeavors,
Nobody lonley like I’m lonely
And I don’t know whether,
You’d really like it in the limelight
You’d sympathize with all the bad guys,
I’m still a victim in my own right
But I’m the villain in my own eyes, Yeah
Zzeta Potato
Zzeta Potato - 16 days ago
I love it like this! But I would really love to hear her voice in this song without the effect.
ItzLucasPlayz - 16 days ago
I've been dealing with depression for the past six months, and the lyrics:
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