Exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Wells Fargo CEO (C-SPAN)

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Task Force 131
Task Force 131 - 3 hours ago
She is so stupid lol like the rest of Democrats
David Taylor
David Taylor - 5 hours ago
Cortez is a Worthless Cunt.
Childofearth - 6 hours ago
In other words they payoff was worth the risk. They cared little for the environmental damage because the money they’ll make will outweigh the damages. Why put the environment in danger in the first place? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Childofearth - 6 hours ago
I know they hear “Cortez” and instantly fume 😂😂😂
The Death
The Death - 13 hours ago
Jennifer Gruber
Jennifer Gruber - Day ago
This proves anyone that can make vapor on a mirror can be a congressman. Not a god damned brain in her god damn head.
Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom - Day ago
This woman has lost her damn mind.
Freddy Again
Freddy Again - Day ago
Your guy lost his memory. AOC 2024!!!!!
Mr All About The U
Mr All About The U - Day ago
Why the fuck is she even up there man. This is the catch me outside kid as a politician.
iseeu1980 - 2 days ago
"The Corporate States of America"
Nathan Mosby
Nathan Mosby - 2 days ago
For all you people here that thinks she doesn't know what she's talking about...why don't you run for Congress and show her and the rest of us how it's done....this young lady is only going to get smarter, much smarter...she's right in the middle of things and I see her STANDING TALL
Nathan Mosby
Nathan Mosby - 13 hours ago
+Thomas Ford why don't you get elected and show her how it is done...or your just going to sit back and criticize?
Thomas Ford
Thomas Ford - 23 hours ago
she doesn't even know what a tax break is fam
Michelle Meyer
Michelle Meyer - 2 days ago
Typical white man elitist answer........."I'm not aware of that." They can twist it anyway they want but their disgusting pigs.
aynaz alaei
aynaz alaei - 2 days ago
All you guys mocking her and her "knowledge" .. she is proven again and again that she does her research and her questions are always punching to the line. I can't believe you guys would side with banks that clearly are financing harm to people and environment. You guys are probably the same pro-life assholes who are still missing the point and are just angry that this woman has been pursuing a path that other politicians were too scared to pursue. I salute you AOC!
Seized Noodle
Seized Noodle - 2 days ago
So if I crash my car and it’s financed the bank should have to pay for a new car right?
Doggo Unchained
Doggo Unchained - 2 days ago
We need a Charisma on Command video on her
Erebus2075 - 2 days ago
disgusting people, they are not even people but should be seen as monsters/demons... just kill them and be done with it... it's a disgusting joke to allow them to sit there and lie through omission and word-twisting... kill them, take the things they stole from everyone and give it back to the people and move on to a better future
Angus Darlin'
Angus Darlin' - 3 days ago
Entertainment isn't what it used to be. She is such a clown. The left hired a distraction. Nothing more.
Frank Morris
Frank Morris - 3 days ago
So hypothetically if AOC had any brains she would be a good politician. Hypothetically speaking.
Jake Jacob
Jake Jacob - 3 days ago
Mechanical Blurr
Mechanical Blurr - Day ago
Ikr fighting for human rights what a cunt
Survivor Turley
Survivor Turley - 4 days ago
She has no clue what she is doing. Wonder how she gets her head up her ass when she talks?
Mr. Canada
Mr. Canada - 4 days ago
Wow --- This is the famous OC ? You would think she would at the very least come prepared to research some basic facts on what WF actually financed...she looks horrible. She also needs to get some professional voice training on how to correctly annunciate her words, form proper sentence structure etc, and improve her overall nasally speaking capability beyond Grade 12. PS - do not to attend a committee hearing with questions written on the back of a cocktail napkin.
smallaxe - 4 days ago
My new favorite comedy. She's got that delusional social justice, nonsense spewing locked down. What's the name of this show? Can I get season one on DVD over at amazon?
Mike Magnum
Mike Magnum - 4 days ago
I swear, AOC is the dumbest human on the planet. Listening to her questions is akin to kids playing superhero:
Kid 1: Ok, so pretend that I'm going to use my heat vision.
Kid 2: Yeah but if you did that I would "BJzzoot" you with my repulsor ray..
If only this idiot knew what a repulsor ray was...
Matthew Barnes
Matthew Barnes - 4 days ago
"I'm unsure as to how to answer your question," = Polite for you're so fucking stupid as well as hanging onto reality by a thread that's more thin tban the most teeny tiny of a soy boy's peepee and I'm not s psychiatrist.
Akoni Ah Yat
Akoni Ah Yat - 5 days ago
How dumb can 1 woman be
cold water
cold water - 5 days ago
stupid little girl !
kleiden diamond
kleiden diamond - 5 days ago
We should have 100 Latina senators
SuperiorHealthNC - 6 days ago
SuperiorHealthNC - 6 days ago
Dumb dumb...smdh
TG Leviathan
TG Leviathan - 6 days ago
haha crazy cat lady cortez just did a quick ICE is caging children and moved on. what a gem.
Apache Chief
Apache Chief - 7 days ago
So hypothetically..............
JJ Herndon
JJ Herndon - 8 days ago
what a fucking moron
Aggie Blondi
Aggie Blondi - 9 days ago
So, if you conclude that you are willing to invest in a risky business, why not be responsible when disaster happens?
Warner Bros
Warner Bros - Day ago
like when a bank finances a car n a car crash happens the bank should be responsible for the damage done by the car?
Micah Vogan
Micah Vogan - 9 days ago
This woman is looking for a headline. Some dumbass questions she is proposing. Holding a bank responsible for financing companies that choose to do whatever they please with their money. Maybe she should get into them financing cars to people that kill while drunk driving. So insane
Colt Todd
Colt Todd - 10 days ago
show us your tits. stop smiling . show us your ass .
K - 11 days ago
Not a fan of Wells Fargo, however, here is some food for thought: How do you get in office when you don't even know about 101Fact Checkin? Who financed her and will they finance the cleanup of clamorous conjecture?
GEOFF C - 11 days ago
What a joke...I can't believe people vote people like this in office. By her logic, every bank should be held liable for, well, everything... DUI = go after the bank who financed the car. House fire = go after the bank for funding the purchase. Bad senator = go after the bank for allowing AOC to have a credit card, car, house, etc.
James - 11 days ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez=Comic
smallaxe - 4 days ago
So true.. she's friggin hilarious. She is joking right?
Martin Rivera
Martin Rivera - 11 days ago
She studied political science from the school house rocks cartoons!
Jose Zuniga
Jose Zuniga - 11 days ago
The boss that lost 25000 jobs
Dyana S
Dyana S - 11 days ago
Final answer by Wells Fargo: "It was a risk we were willing to take."
F. - 6 days ago
And? Are investments risk free?
hisardo dagmar
hisardo dagmar - 11 days ago
She's not that sharp huh? For someone that has been hyped quite much
Killed_By_The_Architect -
Shes hyped because she's brown and has tits that's it. Stupid fucking feminists and race baiters dont care if she's dumb as a box of rocks, which she is, they just want a female president if its an ethnic one that's even better. This cunt or any of the other worthless unqualified bitches become president you can kiss this country goodbye.
Damian Caniglia
Damian Caniglia - 11 days ago
The bank was just financing. The question is why is American government allowing this huge pipe line in the first place to be built unsafely or at all and not putting into renewable energy
WILLY LYNCH - 11 days ago
If she didn't have the paper to read that some else wrote for her she would be 100X more retard.
WILLY LYNCH - 11 days ago
"Do you put profits over business". Yeah dumb ass it a damn bank. All they do it collect money, it's kinda they point.
niagra898 - 12 days ago
I feel dumber having listened to her.
E c
E c - 13 days ago
Luca - 13 days ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should do porn, I bet she would be great at it with her big mouth she would be a star
shaun ford
shaun ford - 14 days ago
That woman is dumber than dumb
Jordan Tyler
Jordan Tyler - 14 days ago
“That was a risk we were willing to take”
-Wells Fargo
Jordan Tyler
Jordan Tyler - 2 days ago
Erebus2075 I feel you but.. destroyed..?
Erebus2075 - 2 days ago
and they are completely ignoring that is not their right to choose that for Everyone!.. they got no right to do so and should be destroyed for doing it
Michael Bonade
Michael Bonade - 14 days ago
Should I feel sorry for her
Wasn’t this girl in the movie version of RENT?!?.....she was a horny junkie or something
warrior 1972
warrior 1972 - 14 days ago
this moron should have gone into porn-lord knows she has the "mouth" for it!
usernamemaybe - 14 days ago
Whether they want it or not they hold part of the can't take choices based on your interests and then wash your hands
J m
J m - 15 days ago
Cortez Ocasio butt fumes, let’s take it in real time...
The Diamond Dimanian
The Diamond Dimanian - 15 days ago
i'm sorry but women should not be in ANY form of congress unless they know what the hell there doing. ( and yes i'm a women too ) i mean there are somethings you just need to leave to the men.
timluns - 15 days ago
Wells Fargo is on par with Monsanto, they are companies ready to roundup as much cash as they can at the citizens expense. And our Government does nothing to protect us from the crimes of these multi-billion dollar criminal organizations
Geoffrey Sakraida
Geoffrey Sakraida - 15 days ago
AOC is no Nancy Drew.
David Irwin
David Irwin - 15 days ago
What a ficktard like she knows anything about anything fucking joke
Dylaney - 15 days ago
This guy: "I have no recollection".... "I do not know"...... "I am not aware".
BeatleLoverification - 16 days ago
Everytime she talks my IQ dtops 3 points
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson - 16 days ago
The only thing worse than a stupid person in power is a stupid person who believes they are intelligent. She certainly fits the bill on this one.
Legion - 16 days ago
Hold wells Fargo responsible for climate change, They didn't finance the busted pipeline...where do they get these fucking people...hold Cortez responsible for the depletion of the ozone every time she farts fine her $100...get rid of these people already
dubi186 - 17 days ago
Is this lady sane?
Ryan A
Ryan A - 17 days ago
lol so wait, because someone FINANCED a company to do something with said money. That lender is now 100% liable for the mishaps or unpopular operations that company decides to do with said money?
Keystone pipeline leaking isn't Wells Fargo's fault because they agreed to giving a Business Loan....Pretty sure that is the fault of the COMPANY WHO BUILT AND MAINTAINS IT.
their all the way
their all the way - 17 days ago
Democrats want free healthcare but hates high tax...... Well "shitttttttt" how we gonna pay for it.
their all the way
their all the way - 13 days ago
+Msstyles165 why delete your comments
their all the way
their all the way - 13 days ago
+Msstyles165 28000 people in America die each year due to lack of health insurance.... The Medicare for all will triple the death count.
their all the way
their all the way - 13 days ago
+Msstyles165 Even more would be lost.... In England, to you know the waiting time. 62 days you'll have to wait till you can see a doctor..... Just imagine people with cancer having to wait 2 months just to see a doctor
Msstyles165 - 13 days ago
their all the way well guess what. millions of lives are CURRENTLY being lost. you tell me which is worse.
their all the way
their all the way - 13 days ago
+Msstyles165 yes it would do more harm than good. It is estimated that over a million jobs would be lost.
Jo el
Jo el - 17 days ago
Here is how wells fargo (as well as all other banks) financing works, they see an opportunity to make money off of loans, they then create the money ( based on the fractional reserve lending system) out of thin air, leaving you to pay back the entire amount plus interests...and if they get into trouble with bad lending practices the government (aka the taxpayers, aka you, us) bails them out. What AOC is doing is whats needed to fix this broken system, im glad she is getting her feet wet for 2028
Dumb games 7
Dumb games 7 - 17 days ago
Bahahaha...she is a moron and won't last long ...just like Kamala and Omar!!!
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul - 17 days ago
AOC is so dumb. This shows how much Progressives love regulations and red tape. If she is implying banks will now be responsible for the operational integrity of any organization they lend money to - I guess we can skyrocketing interest rates in the future! So if an entrepreneur wants to open a restaurant and a customer gets food poisoning, the restaurant owner AND the bank is responsible? Does that mean the banks have to get subject matter experts to oversee operational measures on a daily basis to any organizations they lend money to?

This lack of foresight and logic is why the Green New Deal is written the way it is - like a letter to Santa Claus.
Vaishnav Pande *_*
Vaishnav Pande *_* - 17 days ago
Triggered replies in 3... 2... 1....
Ryan Grider
Ryan Grider - 17 days ago
If it was a risk they were willing to take, then they should be a party to the damages done.
Uniquascaper - 17 days ago
Geo Group literally wrote the legislation to keep children in cages indefinitely- then built the cages
scott douglas
scott douglas - 18 days ago
She’s just upset because they turned down her loans because of her credit score
Tati - 19 days ago
I’ve never been so interested in politics before 😳😳
Alex N
Alex N - 2 hours ago
+Brutus Tan if you can't see the point she's trying to make you're mad ignorant. The fact is corruption is pretty much legal in this country and it shouldnt be.
Childofearth - 6 hours ago
Tati Women are a powerful force and even stronger in politics 😈!
Subversively Surreal
Brutus Tan : Angry much? Ever experienced an Oil Spill? Right! Hey, I went Scuba Diving, I have lived in the Caribbean...but you, what are you ( or your Grandchildren! ) going to do??
Subversively Surreal
Tati : Warning ⚠️ It gets painful. Suggestion : Watch DemocracyNow and read The Intercept!❤️ Then find someone from Sam Seder & Michael Brooks to David Doel or Mike Figueroa, with whom you can enjoy these moments together! #Bernie2020 ✌🏾
Brutus Tan
Brutus Tan - 5 days ago
+Well Yea if you can't understand simple accountability and logic, then it's not my fucking fault you're so stupid that you support AO fucking C
KOHF34 - 19 days ago
Those glasses do not do her justice.
J Neuman
J Neuman - 20 days ago
A not-built yet pipeline has already leaked 5 times. Not good when Congress turns into a social experiment. I'm super excited that she gets to vote on tax policy and a plethora of other things that affect my family and I. What a dummy.
DiDi Nwabude
DiDi Nwabude - 20 days ago
I'm confused...
blank face
blank face - 20 days ago
Go back to bar tending
Barry Lincoln
Barry Lincoln - 20 days ago
What happens when you allow people with Down syndrome to Congress. Perhaps the dumbest women in power. Media builds her up for our entertainment. Hilarious
Tawnia Baze
Tawnia Baze - 20 days ago
She has no idea what she’s talking about and has no idea how the world works. Go back to bartending little girl!! One term was enough for us to realize just how dumb she really is!
Lui V
Lui V - 21 day ago
Is it just me or is C-span purposely putting their logo in front of AOC's name. Typical move. Its 2019 ,you can move the logo to to left.
Brian Cook
Brian Cook - 21 day ago
AOC is brain dead.
Ace Drummer
Ace Drummer - 21 day ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is wasting americas time and money
The Last Rebel Show
The Last Rebel Show - 22 days ago
She’s one term, She will be gone Nov 3 2020! Thank God! 👍
Tink Ertime
Tink Ertime - 22 days ago
How is it a banks fault that a pipeline leaks? If I borrow money from Fargo to buy a car I don't get to assign blame to a bank when the car breaks down! This girl needs a law degree to understand liabilities and contributory negligence which in this senecio does not apply! If you want to nail Fargo to a wall then perhaps focus on the direct involvement with predatory lending before the "financial crash" of 2008. I'm sure however they would argue statutory issues as default protection from prosecution. Doesn't matter in the long run, banks will never be held to account for their actions!
Jeff Shingleton
Jeff Shingleton - 22 days ago
So if I get into a car accident it is the banks responsibility for the clean up of the accident. To her they are at fault since the bank loaned me the money to buy my truck.
hono_ hi
hono_ hi - 23 days ago
I don’t understand how, but I got a headache after listening to this shit.
Patrick Parker
Patrick Parker - 23 days ago
Your precious Obama was caging children, you loud mouth twat.
Jade Hogan
Jade Hogan - 23 days ago
Ford sells a car to a man. Said man drives drunk and kills a family. SHOULD FORD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?!?!?!
shreeji patel
shreeji patel - 20 days ago
Leo Kvxch nice response!! Some people obviously don’t understand👌🏽
Leo Kvxch
Leo Kvxch - 20 days ago
that’s not what is happening here (at least from my understanding). To correct your comparison: Ford is gifting a car to a man that is known to drive drunk. They still give him the car for free and encourage him to drive. Are they responsible now? (Of course the man is the main one to be responsible, but shouldn’t be Ford held responsible too?)
Jade Hogan
Jade Hogan - 23 days ago
exstazius - 23 days ago
She does not even ask real questions. What if this happens ? I really dont understand her. She is smart (i see that) but she is so not prepared and does not know basic things that is problematic
exstazius - 23 days ago
She is asking stupid questions. He is clear. It is like she does not even know how things function
melodymaker - 23 days ago
IMpeach AOC!!!!
Matthew Edstrom
Matthew Edstrom - 24 days ago
The leak was a test for integrity of the pipe line. Just water people... I'll have what she's smoking.
Messages from me
Messages from me - 24 days ago
he does not know how to behave - don't let your kids watch her talk,its more damaging than porn
Messages from me
Messages from me - 23 days ago
+YaNastyPotato you won't have an environment to have poisoned by Cortez without trump's economy. Just to let you know people come to America for the dam money not for Cortez or the environment
YaNastyPotato - 23 days ago
Messages from me Why because she exposes the truth? Far too many Americans have rose-colored glasses on when it comes to our environment. You can literally learn this in a basic environmental sociology class.
Lonny Brickey
Lonny Brickey - 24 days ago
Who would vote for this dumb anti America racist..democrats
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 24 days ago
Im not fan of Cortez, but Wells Fargo needs to be grilled and ceo's thrown in jail.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 23 days ago
+M yell Huh ? foreclosed on over 500 homes because of a "computer glitch" opened over two million accounts without the customers consent.
M yell
M yell - 23 days ago
On what basis? Should Wells Fargo be held responsible for someone who finances their car through them and gets a DUI? Absurd.
Elliot Carter
Elliot Carter - 25 days ago
She is a fucking joke! As well as Omar. Both complete jokes that need to be kicked out of office
Azerty Qwerty
Azerty Qwerty - 25 days ago
AOC doesn't understand banking at all
Healthy FIRE
Healthy FIRE - 25 days ago
I would call her a stupid b****, but I'm trying to keep it professional - Conservative Twins.
Devoney Taylor
Devoney Taylor - 26 days ago
They’re guilty shits and she called them out and had evidence and he said I don’t know and that’s it? And we pretend not to have leniency to masculinity
Devoney Taylor
Devoney Taylor - 26 days ago
Okay so how can she be so articulate and precise and have evidence and they just blunder and nothing happens is it my right to be misinformed and to get away with crimes by claiming to be ignorant to the actions of my own company...
Rito Tron
Rito Tron - 24 days ago
If I loan you $100 and you take that $100 and 6 months later buy a gun and murder someone, that doesn't make me a murderer you dumb fuck.
Fintastrophe - 26 days ago
Jesus christ🙄🙄 this bitch
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