Exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Wells Fargo CEO (C-SPAN)

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Steve Klein
Steve Klein - 4 hours ago
Wearing glasses doesn't mean your smart
M R - 5 hours ago
Everything ends in "Caging the children'... started by Obama... c'mon, AOC, change the track already!
738polarbear - 16 hours ago
2:15 I'll move on . Of course she will move on because almost every statement she makes is either ,twisted ,an outright lie or simply wrong .Woman's an IDIOT,much akin to that other moron Ilhan Nur Elmi , AKA Omar and that is a fake name .
Пацантрэ ВащеРебята
The duck? They can finance anything they want as long as it's legal. Why is govt trying to get it's hands on economy? Last time I heard we had "free market economy", not regulated centralized socialist economy
Scottie Patterson
Scottie Patterson - 17 hours ago
I'm an independent! I don't believe in voting for a party. If she is the face of dems, then they will be embarrassed again and lose to a business man.
sxc673 - Day ago
Imagine being this old guy, doing his job for 40+ years and having to answer questions from a 20-something moron who only got her job because it was impossible to lose in her blue district. Unbelievable. Fuck her.
sxc673 - Day ago
Accomplishing nothing. Just a bunch of posturing. Go do Kimmel again you grandstanding attention whore.
sxc673 - Day ago
Shout out to lib guys who support this dingbat: She’s not gonna date you. And she’s retarded.
sxc673 - Day ago
I’ll take a gin & tonic, dummy.
sxc673 - Day ago
Keep reading your cue cards ya ditz. Useless.
TheGillenium - 2 days ago
Asks a question and cuts off the answer like a snarky know it all bitch. She doesnt listen to a word of the response, she just thinks she has it all figured out...when in fact she a total idiot.
Chris Gridley
Chris Gridley - 2 days ago
Where is the socialist outrage at the parents dragging their children across the desert and illegally entering a sovereign nation?
J Good
J Good - 2 days ago
To cast aspersions against AOC is not fair. The idiots that voter for her should be the focus the stupidity
Amarvir Johal
Amarvir Johal - 2 days ago
AOC is an idiot.
Geoff Chapman
Geoff Chapman - 2 days ago
She is so stupid that I am not going to coment on her.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - 3 days ago
SERIOUSLY HOW IS THIS DUMBASS WOMEN IN CONGRESS!!! So if you lend me $100 and then later on I fall and break my leg I think you should have to pay my medical bills
John Morgan
John Morgan - 3 days ago
I’m losing brain cells listening to AOC. Jesus she’s a fucking moron.
Arguably - 3 days ago
“Is that my flamethrower over there?”
joshua ellis
joshua ellis - 3 days ago
This is the dumbest woman alive.
bru - 3 days ago
She is really good
TheViperHD - 3 days ago
Shes very good at complaining about absolutely nothing 🤦🏻‍♂️ does she pull this shit out her ass🤷🏻‍♂️
Nazgul 7
Nazgul 7 - 3 days ago
If you’re a leftist and think she got ANYTHING accomplished with this you’re so far from reality it’s hard to comprehend. WF couldn’t give two shits about a C rate congresswomen that throws accusations and poorly worded “questions” at them while also trying to stem guilt by association. No shit a multi billion dollar bank will invest in private prisons at some point, what the hell else are they gonna do? And if you think “oh maybe they could help pay off student debt” well would you give someone a loan and then pay off that loan you gave them so they don’t have to pay it back? That’s reverse logic.
Erica Moore
Erica Moore - 3 days ago
She is the destroyer and I want to marry her!
Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin - 3 days ago
What a dumbass bitch
ezweez pleez
ezweez pleez - 3 days ago
She's the dumbest woman on the planet lol
Honeybee Fields
Honeybee Fields - 4 days ago
So if Bank of America mortgages (funds) a house I cook meth in, does that mean Bank of America should be held accountable for funding a meth lab?
randy trachsler
randy trachsler - 4 days ago
Aoc doesn't know how money lending works.
skydragonroar fire
skydragonroar fire - 4 days ago
AOC looks smart but she really is just dumb lol
Jeff Galletta
Jeff Galletta - 4 days ago
AOC is an idiot. I hope she really enjoys the small amount of time she has left in Congress because her days in office are coming to end with the very next mid-terms. (Hey East Bronx and North-Central's that new Amazon HQ thing working out for you? You guys having a fun and clocking serious coin working for Bezos? What? Too soon? Fucking schmucks.)
bullet - 5 days ago
Look at all those empty seats
twilliams842 - 5 days ago
She true so hard to sound smart smh
Zorba420Man - 5 days ago
Can she shut the fuck up I hate that bitch
spport spport
spport spport - 5 days ago
"A risk we were willing to take." That's why they need to be legally accountable by law. They didn't take the risk. they put that on the American people.
Max Life
Max Life - 6 days ago
God shes dumb...
Chad Martin
Chad Martin - 6 days ago
AOC has no idea what Wells Fargo is or what business they are in. They're in the banking and lending business dumbass She is the most unqualified person to be talking about anything really. This try to "embarress" the CEO of one of the oldest companies in the US is pathetic and she should try to read about the company first vs reading the Guardian... She is so stupid, trying to look and sound smart but she just comes off completely ignorant. They're a bank, lending company moron!! Goodness AOC
TRaViS DoMiNGueZ - 6 days ago
The USA government has been taking kids from parents since the "Declaration of independence" was signed and prior to that. Immigration taking kids is nothing compared to the bogus "drug war" or getting locked up for anything. When one commits a crime the kids get taken and like the man said, they were crossing at illegal points instead of doing things right. So, boo fricken Hoo.
dr rd
dr rd - 3 days ago
Parents should be responsible. They pare breaking the law, they know they are breaking the law but they still do it knowing they have children in their care. When do we take into account of individual responsibility.
Blue BLACK - 6 days ago
She’s smaaaaaaart
Franz Huber
Franz Huber - 6 days ago
Why don’t you remove this personality disordered person?
learn2 farm
learn2 farm - 6 days ago
AOC is a dumb bitch
Valentino Garcia
Valentino Garcia - 6 days ago
Hey isn’t that are bartender? Why is she in court😂🤣😂
Drew Jenkins
Drew Jenkins - 6 days ago
So ... a Congresswoman who legislates the actions of ICE ... is attacking Wells Fargo for lending money to ICE ... because it's evil ... even though congress control's ICE ... and Well Fargo was just lending money to the government ?? WHAT ?? *WHAT ??*
No I’m not a troll Promise
I'm normally 100% against abortion but This Woman's mother should have made that tough choice for us all
RejectedSpiritX - 6 days ago
No I’m not a troll Promise in your case, I would not have been against abortion at all. The world would have been spared one less tRUMPtard.
MrNettoon - 6 days ago
"When were you financing the caging of children"
"I wasnt sure about that question being asked cause we werent"
"You financed the companies that did that?"
Fucking idiots, lying only to reaffirm it later.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 6 days ago
She’s so stupid my ears are bleeding.
Jim Sedd
Jim Sedd - 6 days ago
If her logic (if you can call it that) stands then Chevy and Ford and Dodge are all to be help responsible for evey auto accident. She just likes stirring up shit and doesn't even know how to do that properly. How did this postergirl for a condom commercial get elected?
Radek Woj
Radek Woj - 7 days ago
Cortez destroying America from the inside.. or at least attempting to.
MrNettoon - 6 days ago
*supports Republicans and trump*
Jewels inSD
Jewels inSD - 7 days ago
“Caging children”, fuck you AOC, you’re an IDIOT.
Billy Mettlen
Billy Mettlen - 7 days ago
She's beautiful.
MadeInTheUSA305 - 7 days ago
Less we forgot this idiot was a bartender a couple years ago.
MadeInTheUSA305 - 7 days ago
Veronica Hernandez maybe strong enough to take a dick caus that guy just shoved it down her throat.
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez - 7 days ago
MadeInTheUSA305 so what?? Makes her even stronger so she can tolerate things like you.
Joe King
Joe King - 7 days ago
Hey America,
This is a woman that herself declares, with pride, she was waiting tables a year ago.
You are a joke.
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