Word for Word: Sen. Schumer on Attorney General Barr (C-SPAN)

john mendoza
john mendoza - 28 days ago
DEATH? Maybe in a super-max like Colorado (with your buddy chaps. What is that 23-1. DAMN THATS A CHINGO OF A LONG DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, WHO.....(forgot you exist). THINK SUICIDE - YOU ___________________ 🖕
Ask for a kosher meal in GITMO, NOT like MAMA’s... and what will NOAH have to HIDE for the rest of his entire Life.
Michael Considine
Michael Considine - Month ago
Democrats today need to take a National Day of Mourning and find our safe spaces and heal from this this pile of stinking CaCa! Not since election night 2016 have I felt so helpless weak and psychoticly deranged!
Dennis Long
Dennis Long - Month ago
The report is out!!! President Trump is completely exonerated!!!
Chucky's compulsion for non stop lying is exposed. Lol
Peter - Month ago
Dems are mentally sick people! Chuck Schumer one of them!
Charlie Coggins
Charlie Coggins - Month ago
This guy is the biggest snake in our government. He is the poster child for term limits in DC.
jpmvidal - Month ago
When is Schumer going to register as a foreign agent for Israel?
Ray Liber Dumuzi
Ray Liber Dumuzi - Month ago
The story of Schumer is an old one. So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king's wrath pacified.
Marlene Walden
Marlene Walden - Month ago
Hey Schumer! Why you and yours so worried bout Barr investigating President Trumps campaign getting spied on for? On one hand, politican's of & for the people would want AG Barr to fully investigate what all took place to ensure no crimes were broken with it looking more likely than not that many were. On the other hand corrupt politican"s who's told one lie after another, leaked when ever they felt like it, broken one law after another, who does not work FOR the people as they should, but FOR themselves & other criminals, would be very worried exactly like you and yours are. Say hello to Karma ass holes
M Jackson
M Jackson - Month ago
All political parties Legislators...with all the bill, laws, and legislation you are responsible for reviewing...Why you should become righteous NOW?
2 Peter 2:4-9 (NIV) For if God did not spare
angels when they sinned, but sent them to HELL,
putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment;
if he did not spare the ancient world when he brought the flood
on its UNGODLY people, but protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness,
and seven others; if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by
BURNING THEM TO ASHES, and made them an example of WHAT IS GOING
TO HAPPEN TO THE UNGODLY; and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was
distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless (for that righteous man, living among
them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard)— if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the UNRIGHTEOUS for PUNISHMENT on the day of judgment. I know it is hard to do what is right all the time, but I want to warn you, so that you have time to change. Love ya!
u have to review...
TRUTH MATTERS - not greed
This is NOT about Rep vs Dem., but more into PEOPLE vs corrupt politicians !!! Schumer is NOT an exception, HE'S A CROOK AS WELL !!! ....... More to that, he got dual dual citizenship's ! ....... Politicians with multiple countries of citizenship's are NEVER been beneficial to the majority of us here in America .... American politicians should ONLY be citizens of ONE country - The United of America ........... NOWHERE ELSE .....
And this is NOT about "anti-Semitism" and other "anti-" BALONEY'S that these freaks are NOTORIOUS of abusing these terms against any of their oppositions ...... Most of the times, these terms are NO LONGER credible NOR intimidating !!!
And I eat FRIED RICE with pork bbq ribs, bacon, crabs, lobsters & shrimps while drinking dos equis 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
p m v
p m v - Month ago
Says the traitor wanted to impeach an elected president for known to shumer lies..he needs to resign.
Will K
Will K - Month ago
Nasty lib
lisa magrene
lisa magrene - Month ago
Give it up crying Chuck. Your all done. TRUMP2020 MAGA💪🏻🇺🇸
Red Storm
Red Storm - Month ago
F**k you Chuckie !!! You're talking s**t, buying time, trying to obtain pity by accusing innocent people of wrong doing. You're a God damned Democrat so you can't help yourself. You will destroy the reputation and character on anyone that exposes you for the maggot s**t you really are. I hope you die of rectal cancer, A**hole !!
Mt man 1949
Mt man 1949 - Month ago
Could this man be more full of crap! Doubtful
READY POWER - Month ago
Chuck looks like George Soros
Sally Spiewakowski
Sally Spiewakowski - Month ago
Yes, lobbed “baseless” accusations like the Democrats did over the Trump collusion. You are lying Schumer and the sad thing is there are people who believe you.
Corey Deschamps
Corey Deschamps - Month ago
fuck chuck
Vincent Vendetta II
Vincent Vendetta II - Month ago
Your busted Mr S. Lolololol
Thomas Lasher
Thomas Lasher - Month ago
Has anyone ever noticed Chuck Schumer can't even speak unless is looks down and reads everything? Make a point to watch that slick carpet bagger.
Uwind Sprint
Uwind Sprint - Month ago
"The House can compel Barr to submit the non-redacted version. If he refuses to comply, the House can hold vote for a contempt of congress charge against Barr. If that vote passes, at the House's discretion, Barr can be held by the House Sergeant-at-Arms for up to a year or until the House's demand has been satisfied. And if Trump were to issue a pardon for Barr for the contempt charge, Congress may choose to ignore it as the charge against Barr would not have originated in the judicial system and would be outside the authority of the President to intervene. The best part - SCOTUS has repeatedly affirmed Congress' authority to do this in the past on the grounds that the judiciary has no authority to rule over the operations of the legislature due to separation of powers. Even if the current SCOTUS would accept to hear a case resulting from this circumstance Barr would still have to sit in jail due to prior precedent until SCOTUS can hear and rule on the case, which could still take months to do.
If Barr wants to hide the President's secrets, let him do so from a jail cell."
-TheBitingCtr, reddit
Bruce Alan
Bruce Alan - 25 days ago
Pull your head out of your ass - moron. Dem jailhouse lawyers will be doing hard time for their treasonous crimes and attempts to unseat an elected President. Attacking representative democracy is something only a Dem anarchist would try. Your thugs have been taking America down the drain far too long. Wait til Trump locks up those Dem criminals of yours - You'll be even more scared than you are now.
surfing4truth - Month ago
John R M
John R M - Month ago
This liar should be in prison.
Helder Roque Rod
Helder Roque Rod - Month ago
Barr is Rosted... Just watch !
Johnny Castagneto
Johnny Castagneto - Month ago
I have subscribed. I am requesting for closed captioning for the hearing impaired.
John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones - Month ago
Schumer and Pelosi are two of the best undead-vampire politicians in America today.
Helder Roque Rod
Helder Roque Rod - Month ago
Vampires Get Wiser as they Age.. So Yes! Gotto love'em !
INFOMANIA X - Month ago
Schumer and his moronic followers assuming again you would think after two years of assuming would be enough.. but that is why they are called morons
memikchik - Month ago
Finally darkness to light. Bring it on. Schumer talks of countless accusations, he should know.
AUDIOHOSTEM187 - Month ago
Richard Mitchell
Richard Mitchell - Month ago
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jeff fivel
jeff fivel - Month ago
Chuck shut the fck up you commie bastard. Just go away with your band of idiots POS.
Gordon Adams
Gordon Adams - Month ago
Having watched and listened to Barr testify, this was the obvious conclusion. Checking into Barr's history only underscores concerns.
Bruce Alan
Bruce Alan - 25 days ago
Who overwhelmingly confirmed Barr??? Barr's history is impeccable. He's one of the most admired legal minds in the Country. Moreover, he's found that our Justice Department is a den of anarchists who spied American citizens living in America - based on phony documents bought and paid for by Clinton & the DNC. The Dem den of treason including clinton & obama is headed for Jail. They are awful people.
Brandon F
Brandon F - Month ago
Hey chuck meme magic will bite you on the ass for this, barr is the man and his memes are epic!
CutSheet Charlie
CutSheet Charlie - Month ago
Every time I hear Shifty Chuck Schumer, I throw up a little in my mouth. What a waste of skin and oxygen.
jannmutube - Month ago
-- > Did Julian Assange really only act as a media source? Assange didn't just take in stolen information and publish it, he actively collaborated with the thieves in their crimes against our election. Does freedom of the press include soliciting an "information source" to rob the victim again, spread disinformation and propaganda?
-- > Trump didn't just use published information, he publicly solicited the thief to steal more saying, "Let's see if that happens." Trump didn't just use stolen information from Wikileaks, his October surprise was propaganda from the thieves, a Russian cutout. He knew that his political ally, Roger Stone, and others were actively seeking the stolen data in order to control the timing of the releases.
He tried to make it sound like legitimate "opposition research" but he knew Don Jr.'s June 9, 2016 meeting was illegal because he wrote a false statement to the press to cover it up.
  Trump Caught Quoting Russian Propaganda /watch?v=cBKdfJaPGaA
23 tweets from @TEN_GOP, one Russian-run Twitter account mentioned in Mueller’s new indictment (vox)
Trump dictated son's statement on Russia meeting: Sources  /watch?v=BypXJJRaCws
 President Donald Trump: Meeting With Russian Lawyer Was 'Opposition Research' | CNBC /watch?v=YT3GSLY23hQ
Google: Trump’s “Good Job” Call to Roger Stone (newyorker)
Google: EXCLUSIVE: Jerome Corsi Testified That Roger Stone Sought WikiLeaks’ Help To Rebut ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape (dailycaller)
 -- > Is it obvious or not that the stolen emails were a topic of discussion at the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting?
... June 14, Rod Goldstone emails his Russian contacts, Emin Agalarov and Ike Caveladza regarding a CNN report about the DNC email hack... saying "the report was eerily weird considering what they had discussed five days earlier."
Rob Goldstone also emailed senior members of Donald Trump's inner circle, including campaign aid Dan Skavino , about convincing candidate Trump to set up a social media site on a Russian website, saying, "Don and Paul were on board with creating a social media site on VK" Dan Skavino was Director of Social Media for the Trump campaign.
Google: Emails show the man who set up a meeting between the Trump
campaign and a Russian lawyer reportedly contacted a Trump staffer
afterward (businessinsider)
It's not believable that Trump and senior campaign officials were ALL unwitting since the FBI had been warning them that Russians were trying to infiltrate their campaign.. and they KNEW about the theft.
This may be circumstantial evidence of Trump's knowledge but circumstantial evidence is also evidence and it adds to other evidence that Trump knew about the June 9 meeting.
Trump teases Clinton speech on June 7, 2016 /watch?v=9FfkF3QhyVc
It adds to the likelihood that by June 7 or June 14, 2016,  Trump and senior members of the campaign knew about the stolen emails and were actively involved in a conspiracy.  And, it is before he publicly solicited Russia to perform a cyber attack on our government on July 27, 2016.
The Light in occult. GANGSTALKERS
Another disconcerning performance every single day of my life since 3 years old has been fucking disgrace you don't want me to say fuck why don't you come sit in this room why don't you come and be a physical baby why don't you come and sit here cuz I think I could sit in your cushy little plush environment whole lot happier you fucking fast take a fucking pay cut maybe you should have so many vacations maybe your doctor should suck dick maybe your doctor should rape you maybe your doctor should kill your first son may be your President should look at all the days with fours that the direct the fucking North Node is going to wet every single time the North Node goes Direct on a number that Obama doesn't like look at it in the book something major happens in my life are death somewhere else and what was 27 degrees North Node is the page it is faded on somebody needs to get over here and look at my evidence look at what I'm saying and listen to me not Candace Owens Candace Owens is great but she's not me President Trump is great but he's not me I want someone to come here and look at what I said look at what I've seen look at what is happening and make it fucking right make it right all I wanted was Social Security Disability $800 a month and you fucking faggets can't help that you want me to stop cuz he want me to act decent yeah that's going to happen
Yoself Niqua
Yoself Niqua - Month ago
Youtube is removing likes and saved videos. Just a heads up if your like me and value you like button!! Youtube needs to grow up already, get off my device. Its my account and i do what i please, geeees!
Mile high P
Mile high P - Month ago
You fck#en scared coward Schumer.
CatPower - Month ago
Save the taxpayers money build a Gallows Mall don't build a Wall.
Milton Bayne
Milton Bayne - Month ago
It is clear to "we the people" that you Chuck, are not after OUR best interests. Please resign, NOW!
Vito Antinarella
Vito Antinarella - Month ago
Hey, Chuck... Just so you know -- you're flirting quite dangerously close to Obstruction of Justice. We're watching you from the AG's office.
Josh Philips
Josh Philips - Month ago
Man.. we saw the Barr testimony right here on c-span and sen. Schumer is totally spinning it. Why is my party like this..
Kipp D
Kipp D - Month ago
Josh Philips because you still call them you’re party. Everyone needs to renounce the 2 party system and cum together! It’s going only right at this point. GOD BLESS
Steve Soke
Steve Soke - Month ago
Sooooo insulting how stupid he thinks we are to believe his dribble.
Randy Watson
Randy Watson - Month ago
Fuck you Chucky. You are an enormous piece of shit
Linkacide - Month ago
At least trump stooges go to jail
Sonia Ann Willard
Sonia Ann Willard - Month ago
This is very misleading I reported it.GOD SAVE US🙏💖👣✌🌠😇
Humpalumpy - Month ago
Barr is a fat puppet. Trumpsters are the dumbest losers
TRUMP 2020
TRUMP 2020 - Month ago
Its so obvious they spied on trump democrats are delusional
Renée - Month ago
Schumer2020! 🙋
Extremist - Month ago
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson - Month ago
Dumbass whiteness it’s not about that voters
adrian barahona
adrian barahona - Month ago
When will this alien demon die already all he has done it find ways to impeach trump when will this old fart stop what he keep trying to start!!!!
John Mendez
John Mendez - Month ago
The democrats will never be happy with any information they get. It will never be enough. It will never be what they want it to be because the truth is the truth.
Your busted Schumer and nothing you say will change anything, we know your just a habitual lier!
Mary Contrary
Mary Contrary - Month ago
Anyone else think the whole assange scenario will somehow get tied into this?
Harold Boy
Harold Boy - Month ago
Accused Barr of using the exact M.O. that the Clinton's have used since Arkansas...This guy need not be re-elected...
Kristi Gator
Kristi Gator - Month ago
Schmuck has every reason to fear now...all his party’s coup attempt is about to expose the demonrat wickedness
Donna - Month ago
Mr. Schumer obviously doesn’t care about national security.Edited to say that Mueller is working with Mr. Barr on the redactions.
Donna - Month ago
jannmutube Ok . Since we’re not flies on the wall - we’re both correct.
jannmutube - Month ago
-- > It doesn't mean Mueller agrees with the redactions. Barr is Mueller's boss. I expect Mueller would have already redacted any sensitive material in preparing the report. This is just a tactic by Barr to delay the publication of the report and create disputes over portions that he redacts. It's obvious that Barr shut the investigation down before it's natural conclusions. He's obstructing justice.
the russians HAAA ! 20 Million illegals funded with US tax payers money is the problem with US elections not the russians you Idiot
aaaaaw poor liddo cry baby schumer is mad because Barr follows LAWS not corrupt FKs like democrats
D G - Month ago
Democrats hate America... FORMER Democrat.
3 lap dog
3 lap dog - Month ago
Schumer really should have been smart enough to realize.... the jig is up. There's no stopping what's coming.... and now he's on the wrong side of that narrative. And when Trump declassified the evidence, and the truth is revealed, he won't be able to just ay stupid... everyone will know he was in on it.
At some point, even a criminal has to know when a ship is sinking... He just decided to stay on that ship, and scream, "THIS IS THE TITANIC!!!!" as it slowly falls to the bottom of the ocean.
John Calaway
John Calaway - Month ago
Barr is about to expose the democrats gross misdeeds. The major political election interference came from the democrats and not the Russians.
Kevin Snover
Kevin Snover - Month ago
He's really reaching now....bla>bla>bla.....Asswipe makes shit up as he goes.
Theo Jackson
Theo Jackson - Month ago
Schumer and Pelosi are stonewalling progress. Guilty of treason by:Impeding USA on growth with the economy, foreign countries that are democratic compliance and fabricating an imaginary collusion on the American tax paying dollars. Making fools of law abiding citizens. Making fools of patriotic Americans. Making Congress a house of thieves.
justcary - Month ago
Sorry to let you know Schumer, the American people will believe the evidence.. You said there was tons of evidence for collusion, but nothing was brought forth, now its time to see the evidence on the other side..Its called EVIDENCE...
Tami Stone
Tami Stone - Month ago
What's the matter chuckle? You scared? You should be! You are one of the ones with an indictment on you head! You also hav a 1st class ticket to Gitmo!
titoizdaman3 - Month ago
Chuckie the Shoe is mad...
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth - Month ago
When they didn't get what they want from Mueller or Barr, they go after Mueller and Barr, Democrat's credibility far exceeds the National Debt.
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth - Month ago
+jannmutube: And when they don't get the answer they want from Mueller then what? This isn't an Isolated incident, numerous occasions when Trump was supposed to be "Taken down". Every time it's a big fat failure.
jannmutube - Month ago
They are going after the truth. We haven't heard from Mueller yet.
Don't get it Twisted
Don't get it Twisted - Month ago
Truth SMACKS them in the face and they still don't care.. They better get with it.. Cz 2020 TRUMP WILL BE YOUR PRESIDENT AGAIN.. Tired of all this BS these people are doing in congress.. THEY ALL PLAYING WITH OUR LIVES...
diana rose
diana rose - Month ago
Schmoozer stfu
Narcissistectomy - Month ago
Barr answered their questions! And they want to say HE hurled baseless accusations? Where has Schumer been the last two years??
Boxmix - Month ago
If Barr was honest, he would give a copy to the Dems behind close doors. They would then work on damage control (think prevent stock market to go into free fall - like what happened with Nixon).
David Poynter
David Poynter - Month ago
We don’t trust you dirt bag.
Kevin Downes
Kevin Downes - Month ago
I trust Barr far more than you slimy Chuck!
Christian Harrison
Christian Harrison - Month ago
Am I the onlyone who’s 21 watching cpan
Brandon F
Brandon F - Month ago
I'm 27 :)
Narcissistectomy - Month ago
Christian Harrison yes
Apollo's Vader
Apollo's Vader - Month ago
Lol, looks like all republican or pro Trump comments here, proof again leftist only follow msm.
Apollo's Vader
Apollo's Vader - Month ago
C-span peddles a lot of Schumer, where is the Republican rebuttal clip?
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker - Month ago
Barr reputation has just been flushed down the drain.
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth - Month ago
How is that? Oh yeh....he doesn't say what you want to hear, gotta hate those facts.
Jessica Owen
Jessica Owen - Month ago
Straight from the mouth of one of the biggest Liars ever!!!!!
D S - Month ago
Obama let Russia attack our democracy and Barr is fixing Obama's bullshit. These socialist are just afraid that Barr is going to take down the crooked Dems that hatched a spying ring into Trump's campaign. We finally have a attorney general that is going to look into the Dems bullshit. It's only fair since they've been doing whatever it takes to take down our President.
Nicola W
Nicola W - Month ago
OH WOW! Desperado!
ChingWooWang - Month ago
cryin' chuck
cheryl knlght
cheryl knlght - Month ago
Schumer is a jackass! And that is true because that is what their Democratic party is a bunch of jackasses. He is lying to the public again. Attorney general Barr can't giveaway information that is in another investigation. There are reasons why the Attorney General did and said why he did and these Democrats are just too f****** stupid and they won't listen as to why he did it there are legal reasons why like I said they're bunch of jackasses they're supposed to know the law and they obviously don't know Jack schitt. Again I say we don't need the Democratic jackass party we need to just vote them out completely or have them step down, fire them I don't know what we need to due to get rid of them we don't need trouble makers and that's all they do always causing a problem and the American people if you believe these jackasses then you're stupid as well and you're dumb enough to believe them and that's a real shame because you're not intelligent enough to get the real information everybody knows the jackasses have been lying to the American people about our president for 2 years and there was no collusion just a lot of Jackass bulshit just like Candace Owens straight up and speaking the truth people can't handle the truth and the truth is the jackasses hate Trump so bad that they'll create problems every day it's a lie to the public just because they hate Trump because he's stomping out the pedophiles. 1500 pedophile rings and or trafficking of children we're busted the first month of President Trump's being in the office and the Democrat jackasses hate it that's their money supply that President Trump is stopping , jackasses don't care for children at all they want to kill them when they take their first breath of life. and they refused to work with our president who is trying to protect the children on the border from The traffickers Who rape these children and sell them for their blood their body parts so that people can consume them. Our precious children and the jackasses don't have any compassion for our children they want the borders open so they can have their money. that's what it all boils down to. they want pedophilia to be normal. they can kiss my lily white tush on that one! God help our children! Lord Jesus please keep him in your hands where no one can pluck them out of. Thank you Jesus in your holy name amen.
2479patrick - Month ago
D U - Month ago
F*ck you schumer! you're a piece of $hit , and nothing more then an obstructionist democ-rat/communist/socialist hack!!!
al jbug
al jbug - Month ago
Attention all libshits !!! Now ! Go get your popcorn !
greenwahine - Month ago
Both hearings w Barr had a lot of "WoW" moments.
Any hope I had of Barr upholding his oath & career at Doj was obliterated by his own words at the 1St hearing w appropriations committee. That hearing had at least 5 "WOW" moments usually followed w ackward silence.
The 2nd hearing where Barr used the words "spying" to describre his own justice Dept even after Admitting multiple times:
The 2nd hearing had abt 3 "WoW" moments including this 1.
It was just as drunk w power when Barr said he had better judgment than The Court of the grand jury to determine which 6e material should be redacted or released to the public. WOW.
Barr like Mitch McConnell is drunk w power.
Paul Ryan & Nunes in Gop controlled house voted to ReNew the Exact Same FISA Warrant requirents 3Weeks before "Nunes's cow's Memo" w a midnight to WH was "declassified"
Then Suddenly Sarah Sanders announces the WH login sheet is NOW private from public.
Why? She said it was for the greater benefit of all of US. #hypocrites & #liars
al jbug
al jbug - Month ago
Lol ! The FBI colluded with the DNC to unseat an elected president . Democrats keep lying about the truth . James Comey to be indicted soon !
al jbug
al jbug - Month ago
Chuck and Amy Schumer are disgusting PIGS !
Chuck Johnson
Chuck Johnson - Month ago
Pretty strong talk from someone who works for the DEEP STATE!!!
JagerMain12 - Month ago
He’s a scumbag!!
Invinovari - Month ago
Schumer lies as easy as breathing. Barr never released a summary it was the legal advisements that Mueller gave him. These people are nuts.
tinnin fran
tinnin fran - Month ago
This man needs to be removed from office.
Destination Paradise
Destination Paradise - Month ago
Maine_Life_ 207
Maine_Life_ 207 - Month ago
These libtards are going off the rails. Physiological warfare on the minds of the Americans. Schumer practices such word play in order to manipulate.
Suzy Q
Suzy Q - Month ago
They had to come in with mops and clean piss off the floor when Barr finished with them
Suzy Q
Suzy Q - Month ago
They had to come in with mops and clean piss off the floor when Barr finished with them
Suzy Q
Suzy Q - Month ago
Shmukie lie
mama mari
mama mari - Month ago
hhahahahahahahahahah this guy lies better than pelosi!
Suzy Q
Suzy Q - Month ago
Shmukie lie
V. Lee Walker
V. Lee Walker - Month ago
Schumer must be on to something; trump/Putin trolls are activated.
Brandon F
Brandon F - Month ago
Seriously if you wanted to see the trolls you shoulda been reading about julian Assange
Extremist - Month ago
This Russia hysteria is played out!
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