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Toaster Head
Toaster Head - 5 days ago
Leo Gallagher
Leo Gallagher - 5 days ago
Who else saw Jordi in d mirror
Rosedits _
Rosedits _ - 10 days ago
2:38 When you name is Leia and u remember that’s u asked your dad why he named u Leia and he said “because I like star wars “
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl - 12 days ago
*"the playplen"*
Azzy 2019
chimera ndubuisi
chimera ndubuisi - 23 days ago
Why is Jordi always in the background???
Amanda Stetler
Amanda Stetler - 24 days ago
Azzy, there is someone in the mirror behind u
Amanda Stetler
Amanda Stetler - 24 days ago
Oh it jordi
Lucas Sponsler
Lucas Sponsler - 25 days ago
The Ariccs
The Ariccs - 26 days ago
The dude in the mirror though
Maisie O'Connor
Maisie O'Connor - Month ago
I have the same starry jansport bag, but WAYYYY bigger!
SteinFamily AndAJGroves
eBay is the worst
Fomo Dumuae
Fomo Dumuae - Month ago
When I ordered something online that I really wonted but it never Came
Safwatplayz - Month ago
Road to 100 subs pls sub to me and azzy 😊😊😊
Eden Hockney
Eden Hockney - 2 months ago
lol you can see jordy in the back...😅
V1PE4 Gaming
V1PE4 Gaming - 2 months ago
Do you noticed jordi in that mirror
Jikisha Patel
Jikisha Patel - 2 months ago
Azzy. -267500 points
Gloom -34567000 points
Pietiepie -0 points
Samsung Duos1
Samsung Duos1 - 2 months ago
About the teddy bear I want it it looks cute to me😀😊😄
Tamara Crain
Tamara Crain - 2 months ago
In the backround in the mirror u see someone
Avery Allira
Avery Allira - 2 months ago
do you know why she’s always in different houses
Avery Allira
Avery Allira - 2 months ago
Luna Yueer Wang
Luna Yueer Wang - 2 months ago
90% of ppl : I SaW HeR bF iN ThE baCKgrOUnd
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat - 2 months ago
Ugh she’s gorgeous
Earnestine Green
Earnestine Green - 2 months ago
80% of people comment : did you see jordi doing his hair 25% is about the video
D R - 2 months ago
Her bf just chilling in the bed
ethan brandt
ethan brandt - 2 months ago
Hi I can see jordi
Scout About
Scout About - 3 months ago
“You...You not”
-azzyland 2019
Chance Lawrence
Chance Lawrence - 3 months ago
The lollipop could have been a jumbo lollipop so it could a normal size backpack
adam peters
adam peters - 3 months ago
I saw your boyfriend in the room
MadyTTV - 3 months ago
Who’s the person in the mirror
Jay Charles
Jay Charles - 3 months ago
did any one see azzys by
Kay Kay B.
Kay Kay B. - 3 months ago
I see Jordi in the mirror
Oona Lazer
Oona Lazer - 3 months ago
my parents actually have those wine glasses and theyre supposed to be that size
Danny - 3 months ago
I'm also lazy and don't want to leave my house
Alayna and Kobe Dogs for life
XD the person in the back 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🧑🏽🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Carrie Potenza
Carrie Potenza - 3 months ago
0:41 it has pockets it even has pockets
Kimberly Muniz
Kimberly Muniz - 3 months ago
Anybody see Jordie in the mirror? 😂
Art - Gatcha
Art - Gatcha - 3 months ago
2:17 I bet it's from a brand for tall people... they exist because extra tall people don't fit in normal people pants ;-;
Hannah Wade
Hannah Wade - 3 months ago
wow i need that big dust pan bc my dog sheds so much
Hargun Ghotra
Hargun Ghotra - 3 months ago
Was that jordi in the mirror 😂😂🤭🤔🤫
Daahir kooreeye10
Daahir kooreeye10 - 3 months ago
who's the person right behind you😐😐
Space 25 I1234 lps and more
That’s why you need to get outside and go to the place and get the stuff u need instead of shopping 🛍online
Cookiie Kat
Cookiie Kat - 3 months ago
I actually have the bigger version of the tiny space backpack 😂😂
Meškinas B
Meškinas B - 3 months ago
Behind azzy sitting Jordi .Good luck azzy
Sandra Guillen
Sandra Guillen - 3 months ago
Ad ten even i could do it better than that ! Side note I’m eleven now lol
Corgi Club
Corgi Club - 3 months ago
Why is Jordi always in the backround?🤣
Also complely spelled Jordie's name wrong
Jack Rollason
Jack Rollason - 3 months ago
Dude azzy you're bf is in the background mirror😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Animal Player
Animal Player - 3 months ago its much deeper and more serious
ivsh 07
ivsh 07 - 3 months ago
WHO's that in the mirror behind you 😂
ItsMagica - 3 months ago
I have that galaxy backpack but it’s bigger XD
GamingWithKaia !
GamingWithKaia ! - 3 months ago
Jullian Donohue
Jullian Donohue - 3 months ago
Did anyone else notice that kewbblecop was in the moire thing how do you spell it but u get the point
Gg_foreva21 Heyday
Gg_foreva21 Heyday - 3 months ago
I’m 10 #ofended
Jawii Fan
Jawii Fan - 3 months ago
I can see jordi in the back round
Leigh Giroux
Leigh Giroux - 3 months ago
Jordi in the backround is dead 😂
GirlAlissaYT Playz
GirlAlissaYT Playz - 3 months ago
Did someone see azzys bf in the backrond in tge mirror

Live you azzy
Queen_ KawaiiLover
Queen_ KawaiiLover - 3 months ago
Lol my sister's 22 and has the EXACT same teddy bear at 6:39🤣
Francisco Belman
Francisco Belman - 3 months ago
Pancho is my name
Kendra Belisle
Kendra Belisle - 3 months ago
Who is that person in the back round
Maxine Barnes
Maxine Barnes - 3 months ago
Who else sees azzys boyfriend in the mirror
Wolfie Cookie :3
Wolfie Cookie :3 - 3 months ago
Did anyone see Jordi in the mirror?
Honey Dew
Honey Dew - 3 months ago
*Sits down on da floor*
*Makes legs straight*
*One knee is further down than the other*
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