Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

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shahminhajuddin - Hour ago
Lol some fehminazi fantasy, no thanks
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts - Hour ago
This looks...horrible
Jon K.
Jon K. - Hour ago
Just had to.
tom leach
tom leach - Hour ago
This film would put a huge plot hole in this mcu , in the first avengers film , fury and the team are arguing and captain America asks why shield is making hydra weapons , and fury points to thor and says its because of him we are outgunned , as though thor was the first alien contact with humans , so if fury had contact with cap marvel and possibly the skrulls why not mention in the first avengers film that Loki's army wasn't the first , seems important to mention before sending everyone against the chitarie (I know I misspelled but don't know how to spell the name of the top of my head)
Stogie2112 - Hour ago
Based just on this trailer, Fury is apparently meeting Danvers for the first time. We don't know how much he knows about her. All we see is them riding in a car and flying off in a fighter jet. He does see her doing amazing things on the train. He may not totally believe what she's telling him. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
cmgbfbmp - Hour ago
a woman ? jesus the feminists are taking over
Wahn Cologne
Wahn Cologne - 2 hours ago
make you superior!! shes already white??
Miles Carpio
Miles Carpio - 2 hours ago
Reddington: Where the hell is Elizabeth?
Marvel: *She’s busy saving the world*
Cloe Rivra Boknegra
Cloe Rivra Boknegra - 2 hours ago
So you're telling me that captain marvel used to be part of the green lanterns?wow... lol just kidding... btw where's Rogue?
Steve White
Steve White - 2 hours ago
Hmm. My only critique is that silly helmet of hers.
Keith Murray
Keith Murray - 2 hours ago
Hmmmm not feeling it! Acting feels and looks corny!
Kekistani Help Desk
Kekistani Help Desk - 2 hours ago
Awww this is gonna be bad :(
TomeOfBattle - 3 hours ago
Ahhh, garbage on a stick, piping hot, right out of the oven. I see that Di$ney is shooting for TWO flops next year, not just Soy Wars Episode 9.
Makayla Reid
Makayla Reid - 3 hours ago
If there isn’t a ms.marvel Easter egg what’s the point
Noelle Carmody
Noelle Carmody - 3 hours ago
To all those who say that she never smiles go to 0.25. And wow you’ll see her smile!
Muizz Alaradi
Muizz Alaradi - 3 hours ago
Landon Jones
Landon Jones - 4 hours ago
Brie Larsen for Captain Marvel? Really?
Foster - 4 hours ago
I mean, a female superhero? The feminists are taking over.

*I'm an adult virgin*
Lil Pupper
Lil Pupper - 4 hours ago
LMAO Mrs. Marvel
Furkan IŞIK
Furkan IŞIK - 5 hours ago
Kaptan marvel filminin müziğini bir türk kadın yapmıştır.
Dkerby1 - 5 hours ago
Did anyone else notice Ronin from Guardians of the Galaxy is in this movie. 1:45
B TB - 5 hours ago
Uh Oh, looks like the Green Lantern movie with a chick, mono emotion acting, and Samuel L as a creepy cat person. Well they all can't be winners Marvel Studios.
catdaddy1118 - 5 hours ago
Impervious to everything except peroxide
BlackwellGaming - 5 hours ago
I think we can all agree this trailer is better than the first one
George Patilis
George Patilis - 6 hours ago
The feminazism is strong with this one
W Lee
W Lee - 6 hours ago
So when Captain Marvel meets Captain America on the battle field against Thanos which one in going to be the officer in charge?
Noipros - 6 hours ago
Superior legendary noble warrior gardian heroes
Sam Samson
Sam Samson - 6 hours ago
Who here is watching the new DreamWorks SHE-RA on Netflix? :)
Brothe GatorsFL643
Brothe GatorsFL643 - 6 hours ago
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J.D Archangelzd
J.D Archangelzd - 6 hours ago
Marvel getting out of ideas..
Kay_J - 6 hours ago
Le' Dektarey
Le' Dektarey - 7 hours ago
Too bad the Thanossnap hit her.
pa Hs
pa Hs - 7 hours ago
This... Doesn't look bad
tmcmurra63 - 7 hours ago
LOL - Hard Pass.
jahzeel ortiz
jahzeel ortiz - 7 hours ago
Captain marvel will be the mass effect andromeda of marvel
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry - 7 hours ago
A movie made for little girls to love, pass.
Longam Tomba
Longam Tomba - 7 hours ago
Captain DC
Jake Graham
Jake Graham - 7 hours ago
I think they should make a Stan lee movie just for him
kot07111 - 7 hours ago
She turns super saiyan at 1:49
kot07111 - 7 hours ago
I sure hope they step up the action level for this movie, because if what they showed in the trailer is a glimpse of what to come...............I'm worried. Story better be on point if the action is lame.
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry - 7 hours ago
That i am not going to flight your war am going to end it was like a school girl reading a line how lame, then the crap cartoon CGI suit how lame as well, are Marvel being as half arsed as Brie Larson because they know most people will still go and watch it because of the tie into Avengers 4!
BẾCH TV - 7 hours ago
caption marvel vs superman who mmore power?
Raijin Corvo
Raijin Corvo - 7 hours ago
*WARNING* You will lose all faith in humanity going to the YouTube comment section. You have been warned. God have mercy on your soul.
faaiz mumtaz
faaiz mumtaz - 7 hours ago
Brie larson is an average actress and she is not even that pretty..she doesn't have a mean face..her dialog delivery is awful..why is she in this huge marvel movie?maybe to ruin it
Vova Vakus
Vova Vakus - 8 hours ago
yeah feminism сасать
easath mohamed
easath mohamed - 8 hours ago
Its look like a green lantern movie remake
vesa 900
vesa 900 - 8 hours ago
Green lanter is that you?!😂🤣
TeachMe4Free - 8 hours ago
A lot of elderly people complained about the granny punch in the first trailer.
Now we have granny doing back-flips in the second trailer lmao.
ForeRunner For Christ
ForeRunner For Christ - 8 hours ago
With these graphics now a days, can somebody make a good human actor portrayed Dragon Ball Z...
Joltzda XYZ.
Joltzda XYZ. - 8 hours ago
Oh no why am i getting green lantern vibes....
Soundwave 84
Soundwave 84 - 8 hours ago
I really hope in the end credits Deadpool shows up and be like, “Guys I told u the CGI suit was a terrible idea! Didn’t u learn anything from Green Lantern.”
black panther marvel forever
The best captain marvel tralier period
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry - 7 hours ago
Brie looks like she is on her period! all of the time.
Nick X
Nick X - 8 hours ago
Mark VanDreal
Mark VanDreal - 8 hours ago
Why bring in Captain Marvel when they can defeat Thanos by pulling up his homophobic tweets from 2009..
DuckDodgers2350 - 8 hours ago
DC: look at us empower women with wonder woman.
MARVEL: hold my beer.
Jena Gom
Jena Gom - 8 hours ago
king Singh
king Singh - 9 hours ago
Boobs are getting bigger ...🤩🤩
MatthewTB - 9 hours ago
This looks pretty good I’ll watch it prob a few weeks after release
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores - 9 hours ago
ASMR Voilet
ASMR Voilet - 9 hours ago
*green lantern is shaking*
MountainDew MLG
MountainDew MLG - 9 hours ago
t h i c c bottom
Jason Perry
Jason Perry - 10 hours ago
Fury likes the cat till the cat changes to a skrull then furry craps himself
Chase - 10 hours ago
Why Brie......she can never fit in that role.
Mathan Thas
Mathan Thas - 10 hours ago
Fury sent a signal to captain marvel in infinity war
Fabled Thunder
Fabled Thunder - 10 hours ago
Let’s see if she smiles in this trailer.
Gekkouga - 10 hours ago
Everyone who left a scummy comment about this movie is going to come back running to delete them when this movie turns out to be amazing
Gekkouga - 6 hours ago
welp. it's pretty much the same thing that went on for Black Panther, Infinity War, and Homecoming. it's how the MCU gained a bunch of bandwagon fans who don't really know anything about Marvel.
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry - 7 hours ago
lol me thinks not.
KING asrafull alom
KING asrafull alom - 10 hours ago
how come that black guy has both of his eays
HOBGOBLIN - 11 hours ago
Collin Anderson
Collin Anderson - 11 hours ago
The first line marvel says is kinda lame
PhineusGWobblebottom - 11 hours ago
Really? I thought a hero is one who goes above and beyond to help others regardless of the consequences. You cannot be a race of noble warrior heroes as that would mean your 'heroic work' is expected of you and is part of your racial and social identity. Sorry, not a hero.
Tia Aaron
Tia Aaron - 4 hours ago
+PhineusGWobblebottom Meh,she thinks she's Kree and she worships her 'race'. But obviously she'll learn the truth.
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry - 7 hours ago
+PhineusGWobblebottom Good point, agree with you.
PhineusGWobblebottom - 7 hours ago
+Gekkouga same thing. Protector is in his job description. Not a hero. Tony Stark is a hero. Nobody would expect a billionaire who has it all to risk his life. Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch... all heroes.
Gekkouga - 10 hours ago
"I'm a bit of a hero" - Thor
Danyo Life
Danyo Life - 11 hours ago
Ahhh now I know why she hit the old lady
Candy Crushers
Candy Crushers - 11 hours ago
Can Elon save Tony? 🤔
Anttum 24
Anttum 24 - 8 hours ago
Elon Musk can
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider - 11 hours ago
Did DC and Marvel switch roles? Aquman looks to be good fun this however seems to be you're run in the milk superhero movie with a "bit" of feminism in it...
No thanks!
Amith kumar
Amith kumar - 11 hours ago
I think at last part of this video she is flying to save iron Man..😆
Heron Cortizo
Heron Cortizo - 12 hours ago
Agent_Scorpion - 12 hours ago
00:40-00:46 old lay says "We made you one of us so you could live longer" Thats the key word she lives longer and she won't be old in 2018 because here DNA was fused with the Kree.
Live2Shred - 12 hours ago
Why does this look so much like Green Lantern?
iera - 12 hours ago
we've gone off the deep end and I´m just wondering how far we'll fall
Mateo - 12 hours ago
So even Captain Marvel's a chick now.... geez, the 'wingers are right, PC has run amok.
Gekkouga - 10 hours ago
she has always been a girl
Ami Hoosin
Ami Hoosin - 12 hours ago
is this related to avengers and Thanos ? or this is a completely different series
Melvin Brennan III
Melvin Brennan III - 12 hours ago
Jude Law should smile more
Gekkouga - 4 hours ago
oh thank god
Tia Aaron
Tia Aaron - 4 hours ago
+Gekkouga He's mocking the people who say Brie should smile more in the trailers.
Gekkouga - 10 hours ago
Melvin Brennan III
Melvin Brennan III - 10 hours ago
+Gekkouga woosh
Gekkouga - 10 hours ago
uh he had two appearances in this trailer and both of them were supposed to be serious
Nitisha Sharma
Nitisha Sharma - 12 hours ago
Nick Fury looks so cheerful in this movie, while he is so serious in other Marvel movies
Brandon Waldo
Brandon Waldo - 12 hours ago
Her and Thor should bone.
Sampragya Agarwal
Sampragya Agarwal - 12 hours ago
I'm not feeling it, that's new because I love MCU.😕😟
catherine muturi
catherine muturi - 12 hours ago
i dont think she matches the role.. marvel, please dont turn into DC
Magnuz Gamez
Magnuz Gamez - 12 hours ago
Atleast Nick Fury kept Both Eyes Open in the 19s
Jay Man
Jay Man - 13 hours ago
I'm not going to fight your war.. I'm going to end it. I feel this will be worth watching
Akshatha m
Akshatha m - 13 hours ago
Kill thanos
Zboy 115
Zboy 115 - 13 hours ago
Gotta say Marvel, you are the true CAPTAIN.

ok I'll leave
Vince C
Vince C - 13 hours ago
looks like the God's Killer just been upgraded...
Parademics Turkey
Parademics Turkey - 13 hours ago
A HERO💪🏻👩🏼
TheAnthor - 13 hours ago
Why didnt Nick Fury call captain marvel when he was about to be killed by Loki in 'The Avengers?'
Sócrates the GOAT
Sócrates the GOAT - 13 hours ago
Don't know about this one, looks very cliché
arykaas - 13 hours ago
Not gonna lie ... I don't care a single second about Captain Marvel.
More Nick Fury/Samuel L. *muthafuckin* Jackson on the other hand ? All of my yes.
Gial Ackbar
Gial Ackbar - 14 hours ago
God has joined the server!
Roberto Bayra
Roberto Bayra - 14 hours ago
and we have a new girl super saiyan to defeat thanos.
Phumudzo Bele
Phumudzo Bele - 14 hours ago
First trailer was better, first trailer background music was better
Veil Lord
Veil Lord - 14 hours ago
Nick Fury being a cat lover makes my day! 🤣😂
Markus Bryan
Markus Bryan - 14 hours ago
this is should be a first avenger
Dab Man
Dab Man - 14 hours ago
"I'm gonna end it."
(Accuses Thanos of Sexual Assault)
Abhay Agarwal
Abhay Agarwal - 14 hours ago
I really didn't liked it ,many liked it too tho
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