Backstreet Boys - No Place (Official Video)

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Nancy Ishikawa
Nancy Ishikawa - 45 minutes ago
OMG all those kids
Elizibeth Dow
Elizibeth Dow - 3 hours ago
This warms my heart so much. Especially the when they end it with one of their members saying they want to hear the song again
Rocío Herrera Lareu
Rocío Herrera Lareu - 4 hours ago
Again! Again! Again! hahaha!
Layla Watts
Layla Watts - 4 hours ago
the ending is cute♥😉
pgillda - 5 hours ago
amazing song! and so nice to see them all with families!
HIPMI Doctor’s Club Sumsel
I just realize that brian’s voices is different than before? Something happen?
Adolfo Herrera Zobel De Ayala
Kristeen Maryanne Haw
Kristeen Maryanne Haw - 8 hours ago
The must be something wrong those who don't like this song.It catchy , sweet , beautiful & its about going back home to your Family
【26 YEARS】BSB - Best Selling Boyband
1993 〜 Still Together(26 Years)
Yon Yon
Yon Yon - 9 hours ago
1995 - 2019 ternyata ane sudah tua ya boss ,,, heh hhhhhh
Rose Pangilinan
Rose Pangilinan - 9 hours ago
See you soon guyz!!!! 😍😍😍
IdeBL Belarmino
IdeBL Belarmino - 10 hours ago
On repeat. Future BSB
Alia Ris
Alia Ris - 14 hours ago
Is it just me or Brian's son definitely look like a young version of Nick.. XD
Rafael Vinicius
Rafael Vinicius - 18 hours ago
Simplesmente a melhor banda de garotos, isso mesmo "garotos" pra mim eles sempre serão os garotos espetaculares!!! Deixe seu 👍
Karlina Sarwo
Karlina Sarwo - 18 hours ago
why only 18 million viewers ?
Rezzmari - 19 hours ago
Brian, your voice may not be the same as before but you're still rocking it. Keep on singing, guys! :)
Signed, a fan from the 90's till now
Desna Seets
Desna Seets - 19 hours ago
I have always been a bsb fan since they started and always will be
Marie Charles
Marie Charles - 22 hours ago
This song is really beautiful
Angie Nguyen17
Angie Nguyen17 - Day ago
Backstreet boys are gonna be seperated next year
Angie Nguyen17
Angie Nguyen17 - Day ago
Nick Carter is my favorite
MICK - Day ago
What a beautiful song and BOYS!
SunsetShadows1 - Day ago
Is Brian’s son really that old already !! Lol there’s just something about AJ and those girls ! Just being family oriented
béla Csonka
béla Csonka - Day ago
" Hungary" Ez is nagyon szép klipje ebben meg van a barátság,szülöi gondoskodás és ami fontos az össze tartás ami soknál nincs meg ök a Backstreet Boys én mindig is szerettem a zenéljüket a mai napig is gyűjtőm öket ök az egyik legjobb elöadok és kész...............
_LoveMyAnime_ - Day ago
Their kids look so adorable! They are such good dads and this song is stuck in my head now lol
Mike Blevins
Mike Blevins - Day ago
The good time Kidz
The good time Kidz - Day ago
You guys look good still!!!!
Becky Ramirez
Becky Ramirez - Day ago
"Again. Again. "
So cute!!! Made me cry! 😭
Brittany Wilds
Brittany Wilds - Day ago
Can I just say this is the cutest video ever?!
Marcelks Olahova
Marcelks Olahova - Day ago
Krásny rodiny klip aj pesnička páči sami
smootskin - Day ago
Being a fan since 1995 , and they keep on bringing it.
Susana Véliz Hernandez
Gusto de mierda de esta gente poner dislike a los videos se sentirán mejores personas al hacer eso? Aguante BSB mejor canción 2019 ♥
Melisa Malasquez Huanca
I love how you guys stay together '♥
fan de backstreet boys por siempre
😍 me encantan sus vídeos... Son muy talentosos, de los 7 años empecé a ver sus vídeos y ya tengo 13 años no me canso de verlos, los quiero muchísimo. de chile 💗💕👏
Aj walker Arpusa
Aj walker Arpusa - 2 days ago
BSB fan forever 😘😘😘
Bearded Spud
Bearded Spud - 2 days ago
Life goals.
Amber Daughtrey
Amber Daughtrey - 2 days ago
There needs to be a 💙 button.. Cause i love this song!!!!
The Griffin Brothers
The Griffin Brothers - 2 days ago
Didn’t you do a think with New kids in the block AKA NKOTBSB
Vincent Foronda
Vincent Foronda - 2 days ago
as long as you love me..
Hannah Hymas
Hannah Hymas - 2 days ago
* couldn’t care less
Rasshell Tabuena
Rasshell Tabuena - 2 days ago
Love it!! from '90s to 2019, you guys never failed us!
jessica lotha
jessica lotha - 2 days ago
I'm a 90s kid. I grew up eith BSB, Westside, Nsync, Boyzone etc. Seeing this song with d video makes me miss my childhood sooo much. They were and still are d best boy band ever! I don't think this new gen boy bands can ever live up to them!!!
Ram - 2 days ago
Yaass we stan legends
jed tix
jed tix - 2 days ago
Kit jah
Rula Al-Sadiq
Rula Al-Sadiq - 2 days ago
So warm and close to the heart words, music and video. Loved every single Sec of it 💕💕💕 BSB was and will always be my favourite in whatever they do.
Mike Animated
Mike Animated - 2 days ago
Good thing you didn't end up like other old channels dying like jayseanworldwide even his music is awesome his channel is dead :(
Paola Hernández
Paola Hernández - 2 days ago
This song deserves more views, it has a beautiful message :')
Sofy Gallegos S.
Sofy Gallegos S. - 2 days ago
Me encanta la música de estos chicos. Son fantásticos. Los amo ❤️ su músico tiene un sentido especial y hermoso .
nataly garcía
nataly garcía - 2 days ago
jertaker tv moreno
jertaker tv moreno - 2 days ago
Soy latina de Panamá y me acuerdo que éramos 5 de nosotras estábamos es VI grado y estábamos tan enamoradas de ese grupo y ya casadas con hijos y profesional y aún nos encantan y es hermoso verlos casados con familia y más unidos que nunca Dios los bendiga. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Dayanne Silva
Dayanne Silva - 2 days ago
Jenny Aque
Jenny Aque - 2 days ago
You're still the best ❤
Fabiola Dan Silva
Fabiola Dan Silva - 3 days ago
Anissa Sooknanan
Anissa Sooknanan - 3 days ago
Backstreet boys are back🙀🙀🙀😯😯😯😯😲❤❤❤

Or wait

Backstreet dads
Amina Ben
Amina Ben - 3 days ago
I just can't stop listening to this music 🎶
Magali - 3 days ago
I cried ! I really didn’t expect such a video ! This is the best mv in the world !!! I remember when each of them got married (especially when Brian did, since he was the first one) I remember the first time I saw his baby son, the first time he came on stage, and now look at him ! He’s a beautiful teenager ! So handsome, just like his dad ! I’m amazed ! It’s so beautiful to see them all with their little families. They sang about love, getting married and starting a family and look where they are now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
lz danser
lz danser - 3 days ago
Felicia Abbott
Felicia Abbott - 3 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️hashec sestrs
Damelys Silva
Damelys Silva - 3 days ago
Amo esta canción y aunque me recuerda lo lejos que estoy de mis padres mantengo la esperanza que algún día estaremos todos juntos #VenezuelaLibre
Deborah Oliveira
Deborah Oliveira - 3 days ago
Again Again
Deborah Oliveira
Deborah Oliveira - 3 days ago
Catalina Rozas
Catalina Rozas - 3 days ago
Wendytje - 3 days ago
Oh my god, why I see this in march for 1st time?
Damn.. I love this song!
Tutorial Gameplay2019
Tutorial Gameplay2019 - 3 days ago
Tutorial Gameplay2019
Tutorial Gameplay2019 - 3 days ago
Deiziane Viana
Deiziane Viana - 3 days ago
horray for lome
horray for lome - 3 days ago
2:00 his son is so cute
horray for lome
horray for lome - 3 days ago
Ken Leong
Ken Leong - 3 days ago
really nice video!
lucy lagamayo
lucy lagamayo - 3 days ago
I dedicate this to my husband, my new home. I love you.❤️
Angy - 3 days ago
Que viejos que estan mis idolos igual los sigo queriendo❤
Renee Jones
Renee Jones - 3 days ago
Edwin Han
Edwin Han - 3 days ago
jeremy tunney
jeremy tunney - 3 days ago
This is dope !🔥
Zizi Macedo
Zizi Macedo - 3 days ago
Lindo, lindo,lindo, família, A BASE DE TUDO.
Adria Moreno
Adria Moreno - 4 days ago
Rosa Santos
Rosa Santos - 4 days ago
Lola McPherson
Lola McPherson - 4 days ago
There ain’t no place ain’t no place Like you 🤗
Horse love Legolas
Horse love Legolas - 4 days ago
Sophia Jimenez
Sophia Jimenez - 4 days ago
Nice I love
Juvanna Bäßmann
Juvanna Bäßmann - 4 days ago
amazing love this song soooo much :)
S T - 4 days ago
i dont have special one
but i LOVE this song very much☺️
heal my MIND
cure ane FIX my thinking way☺️
full of LOVE inside
make me SMILE❤️
かえぴょ - 4 days ago
Tube You
Tube You - 4 days ago
Thomas - 4 days ago
I am sure all three have special moments away in the woods away from their family's.
Pinay Dreamer
Pinay Dreamer - 4 days ago
They all have beautiful kids.I wonder if there will be a new generation of Backstreet Boys.It gives tears in my eyes knowing this video.They never gets old.I always love them.
Martina Moya
Martina Moya - 4 days ago
Este video me pone sad yo tengo una relacion horrible con mi papa😔😔😔😔😔
mandyjw6 - 4 days ago
That song gave me the feels
Carey nguyen
Carey nguyen - 4 days ago
I love this song so much! #FAMILY😍
Lauren Niemi
Lauren Niemi - 4 days ago
As a 90s baby, this makes my heart SO HAPPY
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........................... que hermoso ver a mis bebés con sus familias es perfecto
Kim Patterson
Kim Patterson - 4 days ago
will always love them! beautiful song and video! keep singing boys!
sanaz z
sanaz z - 5 days ago
I think I got something in my eyes *cries*
Pillow Case
Pillow Case - 5 days ago
Who’s here at 2019 this is a great song
Llama Eats
Llama Eats - 5 days ago
Somehow these guys still impress me even though they've been around for decades
Salimata Traore
Salimata Traore - 5 days ago
So sweet
Yulia Ublinskykh
Yulia Ublinskykh - 5 days ago
Голоса не изменились! Они такие же классные, как в мои школьные годы! Я помню это классное время, беззаботную юность))
Claudia S.
Claudia S. - 5 days ago
Such a beautiful song and video with their families and showing us a glimps of their private life. Keeping it simple, yet very meaningful. 😍❤🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 Love it. I am so getting their DNA Album.
Claudia S.
Claudia S. - 5 days ago
BSB Any day, any time. So awesome they are making great music again! 😍❤ They get better and better. Love this song.
mary horton
mary horton - 5 days ago
1:55 baylee singin along
sweetrose ann
sweetrose ann - 5 days ago
love how y"all got the family in here. Hard to belive my first concert to see y"all was with my best friend rachel at fox theater belive was 1996 when we were 16 and then ga phillip arena right after they open and damit im making shure I am going month b4 I hit 40 always been a fan
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