Backstreet Boys - No Place (Official Video)

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ayah masadepan
ayah masadepan - 21 minute ago
Goes to 10m viewers ❤👍
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith - 52 minutes ago
Wow 7 million it's getting higher and higher keep those views coming
Ana Belén Spadoni
Ana Belén Spadoni - 52 minutes ago
Que no muera esta música por favor!! Es HERMOSA!
Luis Javier Opazo
Luis Javier Opazo - 56 minutes ago
karen rio
karen rio - 58 minutes ago
Ok, so noone is gay?
Emerick Javier Alvarado Gonzalez
Esta buena la música Backstreet Boys soy admirador de ustedes
Mikey Esteban
Mikey Esteban - Hour ago
Growing up with your songs made me the better person that i am today. Thank you BSB for being an inspiration to people everywhere.
Paccione - Hour ago
Nossa que lindo
devas bhatt
devas bhatt - Hour ago
really ?
ambang febriyanto
ambang febriyanto - Hour ago
It’s has been 20 years after “i want it that way”, and they still amazing. Salut!
jodi - Hour ago
sweetest video ever!!
Elioenai Souza
Elioenai Souza - 2 hours ago
Que lindo 😍🔝 como não amalos 💓
frankboi08 - 2 hours ago
Bruhhhh.....this song😍
Brittany Emma
Brittany Emma - 2 hours ago
Kevin’s oldest son has rhythm! Future dancer there!
Benson Sebastian
Benson Sebastian - 2 hours ago
This video is addictive!
zelastjoker - 2 hours ago
Never clicked so fast on a Backstreet Boys link.
Elysee Ndunduyenge
Elysee Ndunduyenge - 2 hours ago
Really Really Staying Here Dallas Tx Hotel Over One J. Hersey
ppt 1
ppt 1 - 2 hours ago
They came long way. I remember them from about 1995/96. They used to be popular in continental Europe first before making it big back home in USA. Coming to US in '97 I found it weird they just started to play their songs as hits year or so later after they played them in Europe
Cheryl Roberts
Cheryl Roberts - 2 hours ago
Love it
ppt 1
ppt 1 - 3 hours ago
The best boy band ever matured and became the best grown men band ever. Period!
Michelle Padilla
Michelle Padilla - 3 hours ago
I absolutely love this song and the video is amazing!
Isabel Gutierrez
Isabel Gutierrez - 3 hours ago
2019 it's beautiful. BSB ♥️
Mea Pagayon
Mea Pagayon - 3 hours ago
😍😍very nice song, BSB, and westlife woohh heart eyes
Lubna Zzz
Lubna Zzz - 3 hours ago
Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva - 3 hours ago
A.J. ter duas meninas é muito legal.
Paul Path
Paul Path - 4 hours ago
"Again" can mean so much
Jess Cam
Jess Cam - 4 hours ago
Omg!! Their families!! I can't!! 😍😍😍❤❤❤😭😭😭
Anna Disco
Anna Disco - 4 hours ago
Si sono raffinati. Contorni country. Testo gradevole e groove soft. Welcome!
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes - 4 hours ago
Animegirl's channel
Animegirl's channel - 4 hours ago
Maynard LEGO Keenan
Maynard LEGO Keenan - 4 hours ago
Is it just me or is the editing for the audio dog shit?
shutt uppp
shutt uppp - 5 hours ago
Love you guys!!!! The music is always awesome and brings a good feel to the heart!!!! We need more music like not the trash on the radio about drugs ,cars and hooking up with random girls!!! So thank you sirs for coming back we needed you all!!!
Diana Cumbal
Diana Cumbal - 5 hours ago
🤗🤗🤗hermoso video desde 🇪🇨
Alejandria hernandez
Alejandria hernandez - 5 hours ago
its a great video i grew uo with them and to see that they are happy and healthy with beautiful families is a privilege
Amanda Hernandez
Amanda Hernandez - 5 hours ago
I think I just became a huge fan for the billionth time.
What a touching and loving video of you guys and your families.
Long live the 90’s and people with their feet on the ground, yet, always shooting for the stars.
Toi Sharae
Toi Sharae - 5 hours ago
this the cutest video ever love them!!
Cecília Lins
Cecília Lins - 5 hours ago
Meu dels, lembro desse menino de Brian pequenininho :O
Arthur Alesso
Arthur Alesso - 5 hours ago
Son unos grandes!! Craks!! Los sigo desde niño y su música sigue siendo genial 👏👏👏
Gary Lawrence
Gary Lawrence - 5 hours ago
Wait, huh!?😳😋
Chandra Mohan Jha
Chandra Mohan Jha - 5 hours ago
Awesome song. love from India
Mitchell Pennings
Mitchell Pennings - 5 hours ago
Been a fan since I was younger and I haven’t changed one bit
Beautiful Mess
Beautiful Mess - 5 hours ago
backstreet boys and westlife forever 😌☺️ it brings back memories from 90’s 😉
Asia Selwa
Asia Selwa - 6 hours ago
Michelle roberta
Michelle roberta - 6 hours ago
Amei a caçulinha do clipe, a filha do AJ ! Chamando o papai !!! Enfim todos os filhos dos votos são fofos. Família é isso: união, carinho, brincadeira, risos, dores de cabeça, insônia e respeito!!!
Michelle roberta
Michelle roberta - 6 hours ago
Que lindo!!!!! Cada BSB com sua respectiva família ! Isso que eu chamo de juntar família com o trabalho, todavia de uma forma linda e pura !!!
Nazifa Dodly
Nazifa Dodly - 6 hours ago
BSB ❤️
Jay Jagtap
Jay Jagtap - 6 hours ago
Still love em
Brooklyn - 6 hours ago
I like these guys and there music but they must be broke to try and make a come back in my opinion
The Secret History
The Secret History - 5 hours ago
*BSB never broke up. They've been together over 25 years.* BSB have enough money to retire it they want to with BSB's networth over $200 millions. They do it for the love of music and their fans around the world. They're not much on the mainstream radio, but they been working in the Las Vegas Residency for about 2 years now and ending it on April to start their new world tour. They are releasing their 9th studio album, DNA on the 25th this month.
Oskars Deigelis
Oskars Deigelis - 5 hours ago
Brooklyn they never broke up, so it’s not a comrback. And their net worth is 200 million. FYI.
Casie Price
Casie Price - 6 hours ago
I just want to know how they stole my hubby and wifey coffee cups. haha
Felipe Iglesias
Felipe Iglesias - 6 hours ago
Dan rodrigo Saldana Reategui
los unicos en el mundo los kiero mucho eternamente siempre en mi corazon nadie como ustedes
Wiwi Mya
Wiwi Mya - 6 hours ago
Most beautiful song ever!
imti247 - 6 hours ago
i don't recognize who these guys are
Marim EXO
Marim EXO - 6 hours ago
Hello 2019?
Porsche Neale
Porsche Neale - 7 hours ago
Tears. I love the Backstreet Boys. Forever.
Ania Kościuczuk
Ania Kościuczuk - 7 hours ago
Fajne , takie amerykańskie
Lola Milano
Lola Milano - 7 hours ago
Didnt know i could love them even more until i saw this little heartwarming masterpiece
Neyzita R Ch
Neyzita R Ch - 7 hours ago
Q hermoso tema si pudiera darle un me gusta cada q lo veo ufff sería un montón me encanta AMO este tema como todo de BACKSTREET BOYS 😘 😘 😘
Caleb Haokip
Caleb Haokip - 7 hours ago
Very beautiful video. M glad my boys who made my childhood awesome are back. Miss those days listening to BSB songs and thinking about my then GF ♥️
The Last Renacentist
The Last Renacentist - 7 hours ago
Shit...these guys made me the happiest when I was a young lad. Dreaming 24/7. It's amazing watching them grow older at the same time.
Beatriz cruz de morais Beatriz
Lindas famílias ❤️ Esse grupo capta muito o amor de todas as formas ❤️❤️
Nurika Carlina
Nurika Carlina - 8 hours ago
makin tua malah makin keren 😍
sttv music bd
sttv music bd - 8 hours ago
very nice song 🎶😊❤️✅
Joao Henrique
Joao Henrique - 8 hours ago
Absolutely amazing! So beautiful wifes and children, congrats BSB!
onetouchspark - 8 hours ago
I'm not crying you're crying
ZYBER GAMING - 8 hours ago
ZYBER GAMING - 8 hours ago
My Chanel Have NIGHTCORE Mode of This Song
Theo G
Theo G - 8 hours ago
i just played this song for the first time and WOW. JUST WOW. I was 5 when I Fell in love with "IWITW" I love this song too
Senda Fantástica
Senda Fantástica - 8 hours ago
Wonderful song 💞♥ BSB 4ever
Michael - 8 hours ago
25 years of deep love of music and ageing like fine wine. Thank you BSB.
Kwakyewa Akuamoah
Kwakyewa Akuamoah - 8 hours ago
after 20 years you guys drop an album......and from this single, this album was well worth the wait
F V - 8 hours ago
What????After 20 years ??? Wow you missed a lot!!! November 2000- Album " Black and Blue" 2005- Album " Never gone" 2007-Album " Unbreakable" 2009- Album " This is us" 2013-Album "In a world like this" 2018 - two singles "Don't go breaking my heart" in May ( which is Grammy nominee 2019) And "Chances" in November 2019-Album "DNA"
Narchi Narviak
Narchi Narviak - 8 hours ago
Lots of happiness to all of you and your family, you deserve the world
Randy Savage
Randy Savage - 8 hours ago
Doesnt this sound like colder weather by zac brown band?
黒豆三昧 - 8 hours ago
I love this song from Japan!!
Andie Rachman
Andie Rachman - 8 hours ago
Love from Indonesia... My Childhood is Back 👏👏
Luis Fernando Torres Zapata
es muy bello el convivir con nuestros pequeños 👶 niños son muy bellos ellos👌🏻👱‍♀️👶👰😜❤️💕❤️👄👄
Thành Công
Thành Công - 9 hours ago
Well, we should call them Backstreet Men!
Orsolya Pászti
Orsolya Pászti - 9 hours ago
RAKESH P - 9 hours ago
Song resembles viz khalifa & Charlie puch see you again...
Rosa Castillo
Rosa Castillo - 9 hours ago
Hermoso!!! saludos desde VENEZUELA...
Patrik Přihunkovsky
Patrik Přihunkovsky - 9 hours ago
I love you forever amazing song :)
Midori Gurin
Midori Gurin - 9 hours ago
i really love this song, i'm cryin'
Asmita Dhawale
Asmita Dhawale - 9 hours ago
Katie 131
Katie 131 - 9 hours ago
It's 2019.... and I've just watched a new Westlife video and a new Backstreet Boys video... the 90s is back! 😍
Jerez Photos
Jerez Photos - 9 hours ago
waoo que cancion mas chula se pasaron
Rhayscilla Brito
Rhayscilla Brito - 9 hours ago
Hamilton Trindade
Hamilton Trindade - 9 hours ago
Assy Bah
Assy Bah - 9 hours ago
Beautiful melody ♥️
andre maimora
andre maimora - 9 hours ago
Oowww... i love this song...!!
carol oliveira
carol oliveira - 9 hours ago
Filho mais velho do Bryan é meu novo crush❤❤❤
Tal pai, tal filho😍
carol oliveira
carol oliveira - 9 hours ago
As unhas do A.J😂
Não mudou nada....
WHITE SC - 9 hours ago
Hermosa canción ♥
【26 YEARS】BSB - Best Selling Boyband
Keep Stream 😉 7 million Views Soon!!!
Vanii Barreto
Vanii Barreto - 10 hours ago
Still love them all ♥️ they ages so well and have beautiful families ♥️
Carmen Hereg
Carmen Hereg - 10 hours ago
Uwie Tom
Uwie Tom - 10 hours ago
Micchi Susane
Micchi Susane - 10 hours ago
Awww... AJ's baby girl is so cute. XD
Cute Homemaking
Cute Homemaking - 10 hours ago
Hiep T Vu
Hiep T Vu - 10 hours ago
True music is always with them.
Forgetgigi Forgetgigi
Forgetgigi Forgetgigi - 10 hours ago -- take a look on their very first song and compare with this. lol.. So proud of themmm
deadscorpion77 - 10 hours ago
Real Song. Very Beautiful Song.
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