HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" -(CLIP)-

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Gabe Timbers
Gabe Timbers - Day ago
or should I say no dick
The Female Devil
The Female Devil - 2 days ago
This show has no damn chill lol, name a clip from this show with no cursing or violent/inappropriate jokes.
Pau Nandz
Pau Nandz - 2 days ago
0:26 when at school we do a simple exam
On the final exam 0:48
Mystery - 2 days ago
İ want more of these two
Ray Longoria
Ray Longoria - 3 days ago
Tom Trench's face reminds me of Pyro from TF2
Beeple Deeple .-.
Beeple Deeple .-. - 3 days ago
Tom trench is the actual best
ForeverSugarCane :3
ForeverSugarCane :3 - 6 days ago
the text on the bottom tho
Lila Sing
Lila Sing - 7 days ago
.... To ma jakąś kolejność? Bo ja chyba oglądam nie pokoleji.
Ticonite - 8 days ago
Tom Trench is TF2 Pyro.
Iron Man
Iron Man - 10 days ago
hello daddy, hello mom. i'm your...
Mira Henry
Mira Henry - 10 days ago
i need more of this show and i need it now
Mineta - 10 days ago
All I can see in Trench is Pyro.
steelhead96 - 10 days ago
I get my news from a reliable source.
Guxie - 11 days ago
0:12 yo did krooked glasses make that?
party virus1220
party virus1220 - 11 days ago
📰📹📽Even hell has news📹📽📰
sirandrewmc - 11 days ago
I was suggested this by my cousin... why?
N J - 10 days ago
Okay? Well if you have any questions just ask
sirandrewmc - 10 days ago
N J yeah but... this series weirded me out
N J - 10 days ago
Well did you see the other clips too?
Zela Night - Phantom
Zela Night - Phantom - 11 days ago
Anyone read the test at the bottom of the screen? I want the rest of that story. What did he do after his wife told him to calm down about the monkey?
Suit - 12 days ago
Sir Pentious: Hello fellow kids
Cherry bomb: F off old man.
WoffyDoggy - 13 days ago
The fact with this series is that shows Hell like a place that I want to go XD
Ma Ko
Ma Ko - 14 days ago
Hello, your animation is fantastic, but... I can't understand nothing 😢 I'm Russian, and I don't speek English very vell. Can you make the Russian subtitles, pleeeaaaaze 🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇🙇
P.s. sorry for grammars
InkyChan Playz
InkyChan Playz - 14 days ago
Breaking news:Pewdiepie, and t-Series, are having war over the too YouTube channels,
carlos gonzalez
carlos gonzalez - 16 days ago
Did Tom said -Verga- is he a latino like vaggie?
N J - 10 days ago
Probably not with his blonde hair but when did he say verga?
Isabella Perez
Isabella Perez - 17 days ago
Am I seeing things or is Sir Pentious holding a skateboard at 00:11? How does that even work without legs? I am confusion.
God Of Telepathy
God Of Telepathy - 17 days ago
I flippin love the look of Tom Trench!!!
COOL fidget spinner streams!
*nO dIcK*
Stubby Sawnd
Stubby Sawnd - 18 days ago
I’m officially in love, I need dis, evry day, furever.
jjprs 306
jjprs 306 - 18 days ago
jjprs 306
jjprs 306 - 19 days ago
ok, why the faq is there always pikachu trailers on these hazbin hotel videos
Mike Dabz
Mike Dabz - 19 days ago
Is this show out yet
N J - 10 days ago
Not yet if it does it'll be on this channel btw
Mitzi Dabkins
Mitzi Dabkins - 19 days ago
Who voiced Tom?
EDIT: Nevermind it's some dude named Josh.
Adeline Moyer
Adeline Moyer - 20 days ago
Why the cleaning lady? #SaveMartha
8BIT Y - 21 day ago
I’d sure like to nail here hot spot
Me: shriveled and dead of cringe
Korb Borb The Dream Star
Korb Borb The Dream Star - 22 days ago
hey no swearing in my christian server
this is hell
oh hecc
*kinda copied another comment joke, dislike and unsub
StrangeMD Gaming
StrangeMD Gaming - 22 days ago
Tom trench
*is wearing a gas mask*
Bet he doesn’t like mustard huh
Anicole cobo 50
Anicole cobo 50 - 22 days ago
Okay how are we going for using hell. Crazy is born in Kelly Bond and you does he need my help they really need my help made the. Father knows my true name I need you and you sent me and whether he says I need your help doing with some enemy cause I can't wait be empty on my way with a wall my few friends good luck you better need it Afonzoicobo and boy 17 and that underneath is my mom's name
fooled bye raw man
fooled bye raw man - 22 days ago
Killjoys, trench , oh boy . do I smell mcr and tøp?
ADT - 22 days ago
how do I find full episodes of the show it is so funny and I would really like to know to watch a whole episode or like you know episode 1 2 3 4 5
ADT - 21 day ago
fletnia pana oh ok do you know if there will be later
fletnia pana
fletnia pana - 21 day ago
there aren't full episodes yet xd
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant - 25 days ago
I wanna see Sam and dean in this hell, like if you’ve seen supernatural.
Luлå Тнæ dемøл сhוןd
not again? you know what, i’m not never surprised
Jeryn Dave Lauan
Jeryn Dave Lauan - 26 days ago
Tom Trench is look like a gopnik wear a mask gas that he died in cyrnobyl
circa 19th century USSR: colorized
Cruz Animatics
Cruz Animatics - 28 days ago
0:07 "Holy shit is that the Pyro from Team Fortress 2 thats amaz-, oh wait it's not?"


**Cries internally**
Kamilla Silverio- Flete (2021)
If you watch brandon rogers , Killjoy should remind you of the lady from the CEO
RJ De Guzman
RJ De Guzman - 29 days ago
Wait, so did she manage to grab the tooth and nail out of her coffee without spilling any or is this not live or what
Sailor Darty
Sailor Darty - 29 days ago
I would tune in every morning.
Derian De Grey
Derian De Grey - Month ago
Maybe publish already Russian subtitles? Everything is ok there. Enrages that on YouTube so disregard refer to not the most popular languages. There are 250 million of us here. 50 millions is your audience.
KC Webb
KC Webb - Month ago
u need to sign up with netflix i want full episodes!
Marianna Siegel
Marianna Siegel - Month ago
Sofia Nort Soap653
Sofia Nort Soap653 - Month ago
Formation Wolf
Formation Wolf - Month ago
0:48. And. 0:34 when some one wants you to shut up this is what you do XD
Toon Boy
Toon Boy - Month ago
Yeesh, if news stations are like this in Hell, imagine what fast food restaurants are like there. (The taxes cost more than the meal you ordered)
Daniela Lopez
Daniela Lopez - Month ago
I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂🤣😁😀😁😂🤣
DaWeirdOne - Month ago
"Suck it up you little bitch" is what i would said if i wasn't a wimp who can't even talk to an employee at Game Stop to ask about a game we wanted.
krazy kitten
krazy kitten - Month ago
Am I the only one who read the words on the bottom? 🤣
El Jefe
El Jefe - Month ago
I'm so sorry Martha.
Fiddley Fox8991
Fiddley Fox8991 - Month ago
not sure if this is relevant, but I once saw a clip or two of a Doctor Who episode where a race of zombies were created and they all had gas masks for faces, more or less like your Tom Trench character, except I don't recall them having hair. I hope this is not troubling to you, I just wanted to mention this little bit of info. also, to the maker of this clip, and (and series) you are an inspiration. truly an inspiration. thank you.
justin white
justin white - Month ago
This has an almost Invader Zim vibe
The Drumming Vulture
The Drumming Vulture - Month ago
0:29 me too, Tom. Me too
Entidade 302
Entidade 302 - Month ago
just me though that they were angel's parents
N J - 23 days ago
No Angel's dad is also a spider just like his brother and sister
32201JA - Month ago
This is funnier and better than any news show will ever be.
The Dark Master The Dark Master
wow that lady is a douche to her coworker
Savannah Baddeley
Savannah Baddeley - Month ago
"You are a lipdick jackass tom, or should I say, no dick"

Tom "not again-"
ellaAngel smith
ellaAngel smith - Month ago
Are you my mummy
bubble_pop creations
bubble_pop creations - Month ago
I always wanted to know if hazbin hotel have there own them song intro and outtro
Waffles Waffles
Waffles Waffles - Month ago
*”suck it up you little bitch”*
Darren 0613
Darren 0613 - Month ago
I swear she must’ve been drinking some kind of brown acid cause that apparently burnt him so bad he’s still complaining
Ясик Ясень
Ясик Ясень - Month ago
0:10 "Hell" it's when you try to SPELL HIS NAME
Sr. Pepe
Sr. Pepe - Month ago
0:11 that's Crooked Glasses's drawing :00
circus baby the original
Tom: not again
Cake Isalie
Cake Isalie - Month ago
Riku 70X
Riku 70X - Month ago
The story at the bottom in text is hella deppressing.
Darren 0613
Darren 0613 - Month ago
0:47 JESUS she cold! I wanna watch this when it comes out
Ben Kenobi _uwu
Ben Kenobi _uwu - Month ago
Where is satan?
Abel Binyam
Abel Binyam - Month ago
The text at the bottom seems cool
MAK3X7 - Month ago
wet side best side
Daisy Perez
Daisy Perez - Month ago
Suck it up you little
HeustinDeBoi 1
HeustinDeBoi 1 - Month ago
Goodness Cherri bomb, I know its hell and everything but like damn, RIP egg boi death by knee
NeCtOyA {VikaC}
NeCtOyA {VikaC} - Month ago
Нету русских субритов 😭
Meme Maid
Meme Maid - Month ago
Sir Pentious is basically a old man who is trying to be hip lol
Alexia Rojas
Alexia Rojas - Month ago
Katie *Killjoy* and Tom *Trench*
Me: *Are these emo band references?*
Black Craft
Black Craft - Month ago
I have a question is there's a "princess of hell".who had sex with Satan and also if Satan somehow stop being king of hell Buer most became the next king..?¿
N J - Month ago
hazbinhotel.fandom.com/wiki/Lilith Lilith and Satan with their daughter Charlie in a photo
Rodrigo 11226
Rodrigo 11226 - Month ago
Once shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask- wait, wrong place
Elise Lomeli
Elise Lomeli - Month ago
Gatty Croc
Gatty Croc - Month ago
why dose tom trench sounds like tom tucker ?
Dakota Carver
Dakota Carver - Month ago
You guys noice the fast yellow text at the bottom someone be cheating
Samantha Daley
Samantha Daley - Month ago
Omg when is this coming out!? Is it already out online!?? I need to knoooowwwwwww!
Dino’s rule Comic
Dino’s rule Comic - Month ago
Suck it up bitch
Mishii Mashuu
Mishii Mashuu - Month ago
I’ve just noticed.... the lil message thing on the bottom of the screen...nice touch I love it!
•Clover Playz•
•Clover Playz• - Month ago
I was literally reading the bit that was zooming at the bottom and it literally made me cry my ass out (tears of laughter ok)
Mr. DomInuS
Mr. DomInuS - Month ago
Tom Trench hmm im guessing he was killed in WW1
PopularRPG - Month ago
pyro what are u doing in the news???
shouldnt you be in tf2 burning ppl?
(ik he is not pyro but i had to do it since pyro is kinda a meme now)
G.A.M Central
G.A.M Central - Month ago
Well that was an interesting report 😐
SuperSticiousSnek QoQ
SuperSticiousSnek QoQ - Month ago
0:49 I say that to my brothers when they get hurt-
Artist Heart
Artist Heart - Month ago
This is my second favorite clip to "Your fault". I can't wait till this comes out, it's hellarious! (Get it?)
pyromaniacc! - Month ago
*Katie I'm scared*
groovy's dowich
groovy's dowich - Month ago
C'est une new d'enfer xD
Mark Heath
Mark Heath - Month ago
Lol love that they don't hold back on anything.
kace_ gacha
kace_ gacha - Month ago
I love how it’s “666 news”
SaphyrInk - Month ago
I'm your ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB!
Hello world! I'm your wild girl.
I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
ʟᴜᴄʏ ڿڰۣڿᴋσяυ - ѕнɪ ڿڰۣڿ
was anyone reading the bottom quotes at the bottome of the screen? i was dying😂😂😂😂
becky clark
becky clark - Month ago
I would actually watch the news of it was like this 😂💙
DerpHaven - Month ago
0:09 How do you do, fellow kids?
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