How to Look Good for Back to School! *advice from a college dropout

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City Cowgirl4
City Cowgirl4 - 14 hours ago
How do you make this vid and your not even in school
Alexa Tiu
Alexa Tiu - 5 days ago
I finished college already at 21. I wish I found this video sooner instead of looking like a potato every single day!!!
Yashashvi Patel
Yashashvi Patel - 8 days ago
Girl:ohh my mascot is a eagle
Boy :ohh my mascot is a lion
Me:my mascot is a

M - 13 days ago
Annie - 26 days ago
No One:
Alisha: Buying outfits that in total costs my house
Lucy J
Lucy J - Month ago
4:29 no hate but your not really allowed to just not wear a shirt to school lol
Aoife Carty
Aoife Carty - Month ago
Joelle Lee
Joelle Lee - Month ago
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl - Month ago
My mascot is an eagle 🦅
Daphne Gene Bercades
Daphne Gene Bercades - Month ago
you can't-
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson - Month ago
my mom went to IU also

go hoosiers!!!!
Mother Forkin' roomies BIGGEST fan!!!
4:20 she literally just said sorry to a clothes rack lol
Bella Borg
Bella Borg - Month ago
Omg Alisha these outfits are amazing but in Australia we have uniforms so it sucks that we can’t wear casual clothes! Your mercy is also amazing but it’s such a shame that I can’t afford it otherwise I would but everything on the website. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Stephanie Thompson
Stephanie Thompson - Month ago
I wish she removed her makeup and did the last hack.... Seriously alisha we have something called a dress code. ...
sxcky. editz
sxcky. editz - Month ago
my school mascot is a longhorn but next year it’ll be a shamrock
Taylor Worlds
Taylor Worlds - 2 months ago
The Thing is that I’m from Indiana and She is wearing the same sweatshirt I have. AAAHHHHH
ఌSunset Chanꨄ
ఌSunset Chanꨄ - 2 months ago
Is it just me or does most people can’t do most of the outfit things because they have a uniform? 😂😅
Panda Life
Panda Life - 2 months ago
I don’t think you can wear a bra let to school
Every thing else is boom though
Lily Unicorns
Lily Unicorns - 2 months ago
My school mascot is a wolverine
Kathryn Handal
Kathryn Handal - 2 months ago
My mascot is a literal star 😑
Kitty Ayres
Kitty Ayres - 2 months ago
***cough cough**** dress code haha
Rebecca M
Rebecca M - 2 months ago
I literally have to wear uniform for school so ya ! Xxx
Maycee Ellis
Maycee Ellis - 2 months ago
Tony the Tiger
Paw Savers
Paw Savers - 2 months ago
I want old alisha content backkkkk!
Richard W
Richard W - 2 months ago
she has a great laugh/charm. checking to see what the hype was about. see y she`s good.
Caitlyn Rogers
Caitlyn Rogers - 2 months ago
Everyone talking about dresscode, while at my highschool you could wear all of this
JoJo Lee
JoJo Lee - 2 months ago
*laughs in uniform*
Erika Wiedenfeld
Erika Wiedenfeld - 2 months ago
My school mascot is a Mustang
Rosa Guti
Rosa Guti - 3 months ago
Dress code
Aubrey Burk
Aubrey Burk - 3 months ago
You do know what a dress code is, right?
Cailyn Allebasi
Cailyn Allebasi - 3 months ago
The “Average college outfit” is the type of thing I always wear to school
Jessica 123
Jessica 123 - 3 months ago
My school mascot is an eagle
kenzie anecito
kenzie anecito - 4 months ago
Can you do more back to school videos
cookies and cream
cookies and cream - 4 months ago
Can we just say no of this is in dress code
Cupcake Hollis
Cupcake Hollis - 4 months ago
Anybody notice the phone was on a hair style vid

Me ummm sis that ain't a mirror
Chlo b
Chlo b - 4 months ago
lowkey miss vids like these like the how to look expensive one and this too like i need them lmao
dalia - 4 months ago
My school mascot is a 🐻
Niayla Curley
Niayla Curley - 4 months ago
Love the outfits only DRESS CODE!! Alisha honestly do u even read these?? My school mascot is a Falcon
Shelby - 4 months ago
guys she’s talking about college...not high school hence the not dress code friendly outfits
Jocilyn Hart
Jocilyn Hart - 4 months ago
I go into 6th grade soon
Mia Crump
Mia Crump - 4 months ago
Aimee Munoz
Aimee Munoz - 4 months ago
My mascot is a chipmunk
Sophia Moran
Sophia Moran - 4 months ago
q of the d:falcon 😂😂
Delaney Burns
Delaney Burns - 5 months ago
My school mascot is an eagle
Lorna Gilligan
Lorna Gilligan - 5 months ago
RIP highlighter lol
Chris Tallman
Chris Tallman - 5 months ago
My school mascot is a dragon!
G Squad
G Squad - 5 months ago
when Alisha said that she ain't just saying this because they sponsered her I'm like some people don't believe her but me she ain't lien
Cubsgirl Joy
Cubsgirl Joy - 5 months ago
I would get dress coded with pretty much any of these outfits
Rebecca Ryan
Rebecca Ryan - 5 months ago
My school mascot is a Wolverine :(
Olena Lapina
Olena Lapina - 5 months ago
My school mascot is a hedge hog
hana liang
hana liang - 6 months ago
does anyone know where that one bralette is from. (the one w the green jacket)
hana liang
hana liang - 6 months ago
am i the only girl here that doesn’t have a dress code so i can wear these
kinley dibernardi
kinley dibernardi - 6 months ago
i like how you have a no cells in the background
emma tatyana
emma tatyana - 6 months ago
this is how many people where uniform
Caitlin Berry
Caitlin Berry - 6 months ago
i think she meant that the black skirt is $26 not $2!!
McKenna Johannesen
McKenna Johannesen - 6 months ago
I just realized the follow me on the white board
Bella Denson
Bella Denson - 6 months ago
2.not practical. In one outfit, she was like I would wear this to a party. Why would you wear this to school?
3. She was just wearing a bra lette in one.
4. What if you got hot, and took you jacket off. You would just be wearing a bra.
5. You wouldn’t wear expensive sneakers and not white ones.
Me: WHAT!?!?
TINA KANE - 6 months ago
Brigita_Bliujūtė - 6 months ago
Good thing. There is no dress code in my school
mils - 6 months ago
cries in Australian private school
Japneet Walia
Japneet Walia - 6 months ago
Summer 😆
Summe 😄
Summ 😇
Sum 😊
Su 😃
S 😀
Sc 😐
Sch 😑
Scho 😯
Schoo 😩
School 😨
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy - 6 months ago
Good deeds 🙌💯
browarek9 DOG LOVER
browarek9 DOG LOVER - 6 months ago
8:50 the metal straw gave me VSCO girl vibes XD
maddie nagan
maddie nagan - 6 months ago
my school mascotis an owl coz its a school for sMarT kIdS
Elliana Nielsen
Elliana Nielsen - 6 months ago
my schools mascot is a panther
HannahSmith Vlogs
HannahSmith Vlogs - 6 months ago
My schools mascot is a colt. Our volleyball team is the lady colts.
Gloria Solis
Gloria Solis - 7 months ago
My school mascot is eagles
Plumkin - 7 months ago
My School mascot is Raccoon and then this one time when it was my first year at my elementary school with the raccoon as a mascot I saw a dead raccoon outside of the window
hooly neelson
hooly neelson - 7 months ago
Okay people she is talking about college not middle or high school
Liv Grgic47
Liv Grgic47 - 7 months ago
I never get to wear free clothes at school
Sunflower Izzy!
Sunflower Izzy! - 7 months ago
My Mascot is Jesus T^T in my school
No Name
No Name - 7 months ago
Didn’t Alisha finish college tho....?
Louela lafuente
Louela lafuente - 7 months ago
Love you Alisha Marie
Drake White
Drake White - 7 months ago
the fact that Alisha dropped out of college just makes me dislike her a little less and like ashley a little more
okthen - 7 months ago
Alisha, I support whatever decisions you make as long as you are happy with them ❤️❤️❤️
Dhanaya Kumar
Dhanaya Kumar - 7 months ago
Those who are saying that the price is expensive, u think that you should check the site, chose a selection that you want and sort it for the price to be low to high. The ones that Alisha got were expensive and she could afford it. But there are also cute and awesome clothes for lower price points.
Kendall Seward
Kendall Seward - 7 months ago
my school mascot is a huskie
The Squad
The Squad - 7 months ago
I’m going to middle school next year
Chloe Mohr
Chloe Mohr - 7 months ago
My school mascot is jets
Gi's Life
Gi's Life - 7 months ago
Next videos