How to Look Good for Back to School! *advice from a college dropout

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Maryclaire MCCarthy
"go hoosiers" YES finally my state is recognized!!!!
Riley Mathews
Riley Mathews - 5 days ago
Question of the day: A falcon. - 5 days ago
Minion Maniac
Minion Maniac - 5 days ago
One back to school video
Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings - 7 days ago
Our school mascot is an Eagle 🦅
Pink Spark Ag
Pink Spark Ag - 7 days ago
Lots of people wear uniforms so I was hoping this was hair and makeup
Laney Gelarden
Laney Gelarden - 7 days ago
Alisha: It takes two seconds!
Me: It takes two hours!
Meenalika Singh
Meenalika Singh - 8 days ago
*dresscode left the chat*
Sisi Knight
Sisi Knight - 9 days ago
My mascot is a
Vivace Bourne
Vivace Bourne - 10 days ago
The first black skirt was 2 dollars?!
Vendela h
Vendela h - 10 days ago
I love how happy she seems
Attractive Geek
Attractive Geek - 12 days ago
dress code: am i a joke to you?
Isabella Payne
Isabella Payne - 13 days ago
Wilson Warriors!!!!
Stephanie Macias
Stephanie Macias - 13 days ago
Holly Courter
Holly Courter - 13 days ago
my school mascot is literally a squirrel HAHAH
Taylor King
Taylor King - 13 days ago
Camryn Olivia
Camryn Olivia - 15 days ago
My school mascot is a freaking owl 😂
Emily Jones
Emily Jones - 15 days ago
95%: super cute clothes
97%: i can't buy
96%: i wont look cute in
99%: against dresscode
Lea Lahoud
Lea Lahoud - 15 days ago
I'm 10 years old plus I should wear my school uniform.
iman playz roblox
iman playz roblox - 15 days ago
What about dress code?
Keira Slayyys
Keira Slayyys - 15 days ago
When you have a school uniform
Tahli 0-0
Tahli 0-0 - 16 days ago
Well..... I have a uniform, soo... don't know why I'm watching but.....
kiwi and strawberry yt
kiwi and strawberry yt - 16 days ago
Mountain loin
charlotte studle
charlotte studle - 16 days ago
What's up INDIANA gang!🤣😂
-WoLFy -
-WoLFy - - 18 days ago
Can you do more schoolisha colabs????
Jessica Gowans
Jessica Gowans - 18 days ago
Half this video is about cute outfit ideas...
**cries in school uniform**
Angelina Troupe
Angelina Troupe - 19 days ago
A dolphin 🐬
Edith Chloe
Edith Chloe - 19 days ago
Ayyy wearing the Indiana sweater ❤️‼️‼️
Savannah Venter
Savannah Venter - 19 days ago
I live in Indiana! I feel so cool haha
SOUL QUEEN - 19 days ago
Seahawks 💙
vanessa brandy
vanessa brandy - 20 days ago
We r not allowed to wear sweatpants :(
Mariam Boussi
Mariam Boussi - 20 days ago
Hello dress codes
Avakin Forever
Avakin Forever - 20 days ago
I have a uniform and i am watching this 😂😂😂
Piercy Brown
Piercy Brown - 20 days ago
Ummm.... this is for collage and I don’t think they have dress codes correct me if I’m wrong tho
Piercy Brown
Piercy Brown - 20 days ago
My dress code is pretty strict and I’m aloud to wear braletts like geez I’m sorry for those who aren’t
Guacamole Girl
Guacamole Girl - 20 days ago
My mascot is a coyote
Deeksha Kallur
Deeksha Kallur - 20 days ago
My school mascot is a mustang
taylor delores
taylor delores - 20 days ago
i love u but what dress code did ur school have ? damn. 😂
Viltė Audickaitė
Viltė Audickaitė - 20 days ago
well i have uniform 😒😫
Mayuren Seeneevassen
Mayuren Seeneevassen - 20 days ago
But the second one is so so cool
Mayuren Seeneevassen
Mayuren Seeneevassen - 20 days ago
Your firts oufite is so cool

Lauren Minderhout
Lauren Minderhout - 20 days ago
Omg I love this videoo!!! I’m starting my own YouTube channel with the same kind of stuff because I get so inspired by Alisha!!! I love you ALISHHHAAAA you have changed my lifeee!!!
Jaro Jaric
Jaro Jaric - 21 day ago
This is the most uselles back to school video it was like how to be hot for bts? Step 1: be hot
Step 2: theres no step 2
I am a Swiftie
I am a Swiftie - 21 day ago
I miss 2016/2017/2018 Alisha
I am a Swiftie
I am a Swiftie - 21 day ago
I can’t relate to these dress code comments my school has no dress code😘🤪
Niamh Grace
Niamh Grace - 21 day ago
Ma school mascot is a squirrel Ik pretty pathetic right
Valentina Espinoza
Valentina Espinoza - 21 day ago
My school mascot is a llama 😂
SavageCabbage - 21 day ago
How to look hot for school
1- get a sexy body
2- walk naked around the lunchroom
Esther Saintil
Esther Saintil - 21 day ago
5:52 love that school look and the other one with off the shoulder jacket look 💙
Kamiah C
Kamiah C - 21 day ago
“ lip jelly mhmhmhm lip jelly “ 😂😂
Olivia the unicorn
Olivia the unicorn - 21 day ago
A puma
Skye Ridler
Skye Ridler - 21 day ago
I am starting secondary school in a couple days so I hope this helps also you don’t get to choose what you wear to school you have school code like a school blazer and skirt
Megan Elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth - 21 day ago
Answer of the day: My school mascot is a mustang
Jacqueline Crisostomo
Jacqueline Crisostomo - 21 day ago
"it's $74" UMMMM- HOW??!! IIIIII- I'M BROKE
Ella Jane
Ella Jane - 21 day ago
Tiddles Jr
Tiddles Jr - 21 day ago
Thank youuuuuuuuuuu♥️♥️♥️😂
Lemon Playz
Lemon Playz - 21 day ago
idk why im watching this mainly bc i hve uniform UGH english people
lyrikheavnly - 22 days ago
I have uniform and y’all complaining about dress code😪
Cream Cheeto
Cream Cheeto - 22 days ago
*me wears something totally acceptable*
*maybe a one bracelet is good*
Teacher : dress coded!
Luloo Aara
Luloo Aara - 22 days ago
Alisha you are so beautiful .. you the best and you remind me of my bff ❤️😘😘🥰
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