7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React

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REACT - 7 months ago
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Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez - 28 days ago
Simpson’s always predicts stuff correctly dude is dumb
The stat Kid
The stat Kid - 4 months ago
Awesome vid
Dra Lynne
Dra Lynne - 5 months ago
FBE I love your vids❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
dani williams
dani williams - 6 months ago
yes i love it
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox - 6 months ago
What about the movie titles that were predicted in zootopia
The Gamedog
The Gamedog - 2 hours ago
The Simpson's creators use witchcraft
Fenriswolf LP - Verlieren mit Stil
Don´t forget how Star Trek predicted some of the technological things we have now. At the time The Original Series with Kirk came out, mobile communicators were a big thing in the series, even if nobody would have thought that they even could be real, and now we have mobile phones. And when The Next Generation came out, Picard and his crew used Data-Pads that are kind of similar to the tablets of nowadays.
FOREVER7 AG - 10 hours ago
6 moths later damn covid 19 is still here :/
nithila vimalan
nithila vimalan - 3 days ago
I was mostly suprised by the bin laden one
G Nooby
G Nooby - 5 days ago
Shakira is literally the gazelle
Anon H
Anon H - 6 days ago
Wtf!! I mean all the sci-fi movies aren’t real today but someday it might happen. And what then? Time travel? BS
Jake Roberts
Jake Roberts - 6 days ago
Me watching the next episode of the sipsons:
The simpsons: America is nuked and enter a nuclear fallout including springfield.
Me: aight Imma head out... If the country.
Evy Alley
Evy Alley - 6 days ago
0:37 OMG that guy has a jiu jitsu sweatshirt on AND he likes The Beatles?! Best dude ever!
Chan Thorn
Chan Thorn - 7 days ago
Um you guys are aware that Harry Shearer is a open bohemian club member, even on their newsletter 2x. If you know anything about that club, and psychology 101 you'll see predictive programming. If anyone has worked in behavioral field, it's called conditioning. If you're not aware of club Google it, and enjoy, images are great too
Faridah Ramy
Faridah Ramy - 8 days ago
What about Kobe Bryant's death????!!!!
nancy munoz
nancy munoz - 11 days ago
I mean shakira was in zootopia like does that make sense
Giulian Santoyo
Giulian Santoyo - 11 days ago
You know that the Coronavirus came from China near japan
BTWs China created it with science and technology
Moonbyul blinkarmy
Moonbyul blinkarmy - 12 days ago
Why are people shocked? It's simple
The simpsons don't know the future, they make it
You know that it's more than a cartoon because it's too popular, nothing special about it so why it's very popular like that? It's simple it's not just a random cartoon
Moonbyul blinkarmy
Moonbyul blinkarmy - 12 days ago
But Coronavirus came from China not Japan-
Tings2Do Studios
Tings2Do Studios - 13 days ago
I predicted the coronavirus with my do it yourself book. Diary of a Wimpy kid
The sister Bananasquad
The sister Bananasquad - 13 days ago
I remember when I was watching back to the future it was like the future in 2017 and I was like I’m still waiting on my actual hover board and a cool jacket
slate warrior minecraft pe
I think its creepy when Tom was a kid he had the same head no offence
ProGamerDude - 15 days ago
3:35 asmr
Alice Price
Alice Price - 16 days ago
BeastgameR - 16 days ago
Instead of japan it should be China😂
It's 4aron
It's 4aron - 16 days ago
what if these inspired the real thing?
SWIRL Logan - 16 days ago
U hit 20 m
Davorin Jurišić
Davorin Jurišić - 17 days ago
there was an xbox360 commercial predicting Cubs!
გიო ცომა
გიო ცომა - 18 days ago
Drei Obsitue
Drei Obsitue - 18 days ago
I havent watched that much simpsons. Sorry for the people out there. But I do know some stuff from my friends
Tommie TwT
Tommie TwT - 19 days ago
My dad loved scrubs but I never see him watch it anymore very said
Shubhi M
Shubhi M - 19 days ago
Last one is quite stupid!! Everybody knows PAK is a breeding ground indeed.
Sillyworm101 Star
Sillyworm101 Star - 22 days ago
Sorry zootopia was realeasd in 2017
Missy Maxham
Missy Maxham - 22 days ago
Self-fulfilling prophecy...and coincidence. That's all that is
chris bowling
chris bowling - 23 days ago
Cleveland people man f*#k cubs
Chicago people GG
Mario Carbajal
Mario Carbajal - 23 days ago
Pepper Mint Patty :3
Pepper Mint Patty :3 - 23 days ago
"It's just germs and stuff."
Matt Frankel
Matt Frankel - 24 days ago
Yes shakira did it on propose just JLo had her hustlers moment
J Alejandro Buitrago Pinilla
the simpsons predicted kobe bryant´s death, coronavirus and the lebanese explotion, that´s insane!!
William Eckman
William Eckman - 25 days ago
The writers for scrubs apparently never wrote lines for the janitor, as the actor was just good enough on making them up on his own. That prescription was all on his own not the writers
KRX Vlogs / Streams
KRX Vlogs / Streams - 26 days ago
Simpsons predicted Sars and Covid
Barchienothanks - 27 days ago
Please let the Simpsons be right about august 27
Timmy Killer
Timmy Killer - 28 days ago
What about the Simpsons predicting Trump Presidency
Internet plug TV
Internet plug TV - 28 days ago
[Stella Clouds]
[Stella Clouds] - Month ago
..I'm from iraq
Midori Ochako
Midori Ochako - Month ago
I live in Pakistan
Nico Morga
Nico Morga - Month ago
3:28 LMAO
"iT's jUsT gErMs"
He's so dumb
Eva - Month ago
oof this was *before* quarantine
Ninjaiceboy Frost
Ninjaiceboy Frost - Month ago
Back in the 80s the "future future" that we think of now is what they thought was going to happen in the 2000s.
It'sMoonlight Studios!
Simpsons are the new future news
expensivefakes - Month ago
please do a college kids react to tierra whack
Icky - Month ago
They predicted corona
The Answers
The Answers - Month ago
The Simpsons aren't predicting the future.
The future so crazy it's like a tv show
Extra D̶o̶m̶i̶n̶a̶t̶o̶r̶
What happen if all of this is from the future and got change because it was expose too early
Francisco Sández
Francisco Sández - Month ago
Before Facebook there was MySpace and before that, there was some kind of social media in Messenger were you can upload pics and people could actually comment and before was ICQ like back in 2000
Ana Loreto
Ana Loreto - Month ago
Most things are inspired, some are creepily specific an accurate to be just made up.
I mean the flip-phones were inspired on Star Trek, the had those and it was years after that they really came up, but definitely inspired, people have to get their ideas from somewhere and if it's a movie, Tv show or someone else's minds or creativity, who cares
The Meme Mom
The Meme Mom - Month ago
The Jetsons is so funny because it predicted all sorts of technological stuff but was still so backward in so many other ways. Like I remember a few years ago watching one episode where the wife wants to get her driver's license and the husband literally says "what do you need a driver's license for, you're a woman" LOL
dyuloose - Month ago
When you're making shit up over 20 years, like the Simpsons, something is bound to hit. It's simple Math! What a bunch of IDIOTS.
Amzar nuqman
Amzar nuqman - Month ago
I think they already planned all of this like if you agree
Özgün ÜNLÜ
Özgün ÜNLÜ - Month ago
Will please talk less..
yowzah gaming
yowzah gaming - Month ago
Carlos Matias
Carlos Matias - 2 months ago
You guys clearly pick people who are uninformed just to spice up your videos lmao a ton of these are just inspirations again for the "tea" and the covid one is obvious even from 93' because the 19 in covid is the number of it, there's several Corona viruses like SARS in the early 2000s
Sonido astro
Sonido astro - 2 months ago
Welp- that's just great I should start watching simpsons also I don't think they know Shakira voiced the character...
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 2 months ago
"the future future"... um the films set now
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 2 months ago
Those alumni websites all existed back then, and then when the episodes were out , the internet was reasonably common
Navi Satar
Navi Satar - 2 months ago
I call bs on all of them.Facebook was not the start of idiot (social) media.Friendster then My Space do your research.People get amnesia.Ebola, Sika,Influenza (Flu)Black plaque need I go on.Viruses have been going on since the beginning of time.No prediction required.Look at Shakira's wardrobe choices.I'm just sayi'...I'm just sayin'.😁😎👍
Shelly Mansell
Shelly Mansell - 2 months ago
So today is July 14 and COVID is out of control. The Simpsons did a show about it>
An Unknown Burrito
An Unknown Burrito - 2 months ago
this episode predicted ZOOM lmao @7:15
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones - 2 months ago
the cubs clip hurt me deep down as a Cleveland Indians fan
anameon - 2 months ago
Scrubs janitor had no lines written for him
Chuck Earls
Chuck Earls - 2 months ago
The Shakira one isn’t really predicting the future she was the one who played gazelle and they got inspiration from the outfit in the film
Amy-Lee Havea
Amy-Lee Havea - 2 months ago
the shakira one didn't look the same
Herowebcomics - 2 months ago
these predictions were crazily accurate!
And speaking of babies, baby Elijah Wood was SO cute!
Iestyn Phillips
Iestyn Phillips - 2 months ago
You should've included the book, "the wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility", which was released in 1898 and basically tells the story of the Titanic 14 years earlier, its about a ship called the Titan that was seen as unsinkable and sinks on its maiden voyage in April 1912 by hitting an iceberg with a significant amount of death.
Adrian Abrajan
Adrian Abrajan - 2 months ago
4:25 is so funny
Nana Aforo
Nana Aforo - 2 months ago
Fairly-Odd Parents also predicted the cubs winning the world series.
Lenard Saji
Lenard Saji - 2 months ago
The writers of simpsons are mathematicians. They are experts on the topic probability.
It's Land 37
It's Land 37 - 2 months ago
The simpsons predicted the word simp, SIMPsons, crazy huh
Junbooty A R M Y
Junbooty A R M Y - 2 months ago
Mmmm wathcha sayyyyyy
yama’s fries
yama’s fries - 2 months ago
What if the Simpson’s aren’t predicting the future they just have control of it.
mike - 2 months ago
And not a single mention of verne
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley - 2 months ago
The Movie "Back To The Future Pt. 2" was also very close in predicting the Cubs' World Series win-just a year off, though!
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley - 2 months ago
Also-The little kid in the red shirt is none other than Frodo Baggins aka Elijah Wood!
Sam Grubb
Sam Grubb - 2 months ago
where is bunked???
Hasan bsas
Hasan bsas - 2 months ago
Ross Geller.
Ross Geller. - 3 months ago
That brown skin girl, if she puts on glasses, she'll look exactly like someone I'm familiar with.
Joshua Weimar
Joshua Weimar - 3 months ago
Where is star trek
Andreas Kristensen
Andreas Kristensen - 3 months ago
The janitor was the easiest one to predict. Usama bin Ladin worked out of Pakistan during the Soviet wars. The whole al qaeda did. So... no surprise there.
Mantra Ganapathy
Mantra Ganapathy - 3 months ago
Mark Zuckerberg could have watched that episode of friends and thought hey thats an amazing idea and did it like again doesnt mean friends predicted the future.
Mantra Ganapathy
Mantra Ganapathy - 3 months ago
They didnt predict the Cubs winning they just said it because maybe the writers liked the Cubs. It doesnt mean that they predicted the future
Anna-Rose De wet
Anna-Rose De wet - 3 months ago
Can I have a shout out please!? I love your show!
Zoonzons - 3 months ago
Them 3 months ago: Is this about the coronavirus. Me: in June 2020
Lani Lexander
Lani Lexander - 3 months ago
I wonder whether Earth has happened before with all this going on and there is one person on this planet who has time travelled to Earth to produce all this movies....
Eric Ni
Eric Ni - 3 months ago
The Simpsons don't tell the future, it's just that are world is becoming so stupid that it's just like a cartoon.
Skylah Rolleston
Skylah Rolleston - 3 months ago
Shakira played the deer so she probably just like the outfit so she decided to wear it that's common knowledge.
Colleen Googoo
Colleen Googoo - 3 months ago
Simpson's predicted a lot
claudia hernandez
claudia hernandez - 3 months ago
5:28 I love her hoodie it looks great on her
ardf -
ardf - - 3 months ago
Where was the scene in Simpsons where Trump get‘s president? That‘s the best one, you should have included it aswell 😋
Richard Reed
Richard Reed - 3 months ago
Did anyone else notice that the Simpsons predicted how Kobe Bryant died
Meghan Larsen
Meghan Larsen - 3 months ago
Wasn't the "Back to the Future" clip a reference to the duck game from Nintendo where you shoot the ducks with fake guns on the tv?
Jodie Zapatier
Jodie Zapatier - 3 months ago
tom “ok that’s good me too!” *folds hands under chin* you are just totes adorbs!
ya know
ya know - 3 months ago
I'm sorry everybody here has a pea brain
Le'ah K
Le'ah K - 3 months ago
100% on the comment that yes, I do believe that the writers of Simpsons van timetravel.
Napostriouf - 3 months ago
5:55 Actually everything that he's talking about already happened before and it's was at the era of Phone BBS in the early 90's, where we could do all of these stuff. But it was only possible with one person at the time per node, which is why that wasn't yet globalized. It needed internet to make it globally possible and that's simply the revival of an old idea there.
Tamara Asiwe
Tamara Asiwe - 3 months ago
And this is why my dad watches the Simpsons
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