Katie Goes Viral

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Still Waiting
Still Waiting - 9 hours ago
Clinic time?
Timmy Dirtyrat
Timmy Dirtyrat - Day ago
It's ironic that this video got more likes than her meme.
Dean Vukosav
Dean Vukosav - Day ago
I think I start falling in love with Katie...
Artty Madera
Artty Madera - Day ago
Sarah Schneider >>>>> Katie
Yyyyzyyy - Day ago
I once posted a comment on YouTube that got screen capped and it later made the front page of Reddit, Imgur and a bunch of sites. I went viral once, many days ago.
Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen - Day ago
I just noticed that the tweet on Katie’s phone is from a verified account 😂😂😂😂
Sandy Humphreys
Sandy Humphreys - 2 days ago
I hate Katie
Jose Flores
Jose Flores - 2 days ago
Second time watching this, I just realized that viral kid singing in Ross is a reference to yodel boy from walmart 😂
Jose Flores
Jose Flores - 2 days ago
That was your first DM ever? 😂😂
Sofaeces Chipettes
Sofaeces Chipettes - 2 days ago
Posts this comment, got a like
Goku Son
Goku Son - 3 days ago
I went viral then immediately went to the doctor
Elias - 4 days ago
Katie is acting great!

zombie fish
zombie fish - 4 days ago
Tf happened to Allys hair
tigerblink cat
tigerblink cat - 4 days ago
The video about Katie going viral, got viral! (#41 ON TRENDING)
10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
i swear to god this has been on trending for at least a week now
André Wolfson
André Wolfson - 4 days ago
Is that really their office? Looks nice. Stereotypical millennial but nice
fish and banana
fish and banana - 4 days ago
0:52 had me in stitches
muuly - 4 days ago
this is not funny at all
Jay Tamang
Jay Tamang - 4 days ago
she is going viral
Jay Tamang
Jay Tamang - 4 days ago
like ya
Lord Magnos δ
Lord Magnos δ - 5 days ago
Only Americans can be stupid enough to find this funny...
The Copper Terrablade
The Copper Terrablade - 5 days ago
Well done, have a cookie!
Gormy - 5 days ago
VeRy CoOl
Summer List
Summer List - 5 days ago
Me after recieving 1.2k on a YouTube comment I made
Pally Crawler
Pally Crawler - 5 days ago
If i were you i’d get that viral thing checked out. You probably have some sort of VD...
TheRandomTroll - 5 days ago
Who's Katie?
ĸ e l ѕ ι e
ĸ e l ѕ ι e - 5 days ago
Roman Wolujewicz
Roman Wolujewicz - 5 days ago
I swear this channel - and Katie - used to be way funnier. Guess this is why sketch comedy shows need a serious reshuffle from time to time. Otherwise, things get stale...
Mars - 5 days ago
Brendan is the best
Gainster - 5 days ago
Shit video. As expected from BuzzFeed.
Franklin Truby
Franklin Truby - 5 days ago
I like her, Go on Katie!!#
Juan Jose Caballero
Juan Jose Caballero - 5 days ago
STIs are no joke
Juan Jose Caballero
Juan Jose Caballero - 5 days ago
I think penicillin can cure that
Chazz Michael Michaels
Chazz Michael Michaels - 6 days ago
You ever Iron Lotus before you jizz
Chazz Michael Michaels
Chazz Michael Michaels - 6 days ago
I’m more turned on than stranz and Fairchild
Jared Tweed
Jared Tweed - 6 days ago
What did the librarian say to the child?

*Read more*
Frangotino - 6 days ago
Likes? Tsss. Your meme isn't funny unless it's got to hot on 9GAG
AthkoreProductions - 6 days ago
When I get 100 likes on a comment this is how I feel.
It's too much power for one person.
AN5137 - 6 days ago
When this become the top comment, I will quit my job because I will be a famous youtube commenter.
Bengali Haters
Bengali Haters - 6 days ago
I went school
The420Turtle - 6 days ago
Katie just got banned from fiver for that joke at the end
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat - 6 days ago
No you didn't
T0p Catt33
T0p Catt33 - 6 days ago
Goes viral again
Mining Trout
Mining Trout - 7 days ago
Katie goes viral goes viral
Yazmin Stubbs
Yazmin Stubbs - 7 days ago
Katie looks like a female Keith from try guys
Klint Kratzer
Klint Kratzer - 7 days ago
I peed this video.
amacm69 - 7 days ago
This channel had not been relevant or virsl since jske snd s quuer left
arad shahbazi
arad shahbazi - 7 days ago
Weird flex but ok
Smit Shah
Smit Shah - 7 days ago
Its kind of lame
Naszty - 7 days ago
Like my video for 10 years goodluck
Manolo Tusca
Manolo Tusca - 7 days ago
This snow flake needs a real orgasm or just shove it up the poo shut.
Ryan N
Ryan N - 7 days ago
Didn’t think this channel was still going
Pourthatlean69 - 7 days ago
Dat ass
Dallasonlinetv - 7 days ago
Very good, thump up. ❤️❤️❤️
DallasOnlineTV (Home of healthy, future millionaire, billionaire)
Noah Voller
Noah Voller - 7 days ago
Meanwhile she works at a company with 13000000 subs
Rel - 7 days ago
wierdflex but ok
Fashionista 360
Fashionista 360 - 7 days ago
She’s trending #5 trending in the UK so she predicted it 😱😅
DELTAGUN7674 - 7 days ago
Seeing ally's hair is still jarring
Simply Soryan
Simply Soryan - 7 days ago
Katie and Layla
Katie and Layla - 7 days ago
This channel inspired me to start my own youtube channel :)
Ceul Gai
Ceul Gai - 7 days ago
I don't think that's the uncensored Katie I want to see, description-writer-guy^/s
Kris Gardner
Kris Gardner - 7 days ago
Anonymous 42
Anonymous 42 - 7 days ago
SIN: 134765987
Name: Alexander Davis
Mother’s maiden name is Anderson
Marcela sancha
Marcela sancha - 7 days ago
I never get likes cus I post comment on post after a month it gets viral..
brekn - 7 days ago
*meet my bodyguards*
I died lmao so funny lmao lmfao lol rofl lmao
Nathan King
Nathan King - 7 days ago
An awful reminder this channel exists 😶
A - 7 days ago
*The meme wasn’t even of her. You can’t get famous off of a meme unless you are actually in it in some way just ftr*
A - 7 days ago
*0:58** 100% me when I blow up*
C Bridges
C Bridges - 7 days ago
Katie cancelled everything because she didn’t want to get fired by Sam for being an a**
Lemon Sheep
Lemon Sheep - 7 days ago
How do I private message you the info?
that damn john
that damn john - 7 days ago
Can we get some skits making fun of sjws, feminists, Antifacist liberals in general Yenno?
Rainbow Guevara
Rainbow Guevara - 7 days ago
I love how this is trending rn 🤣
Cameron Vince
Cameron Vince - 7 days ago
CH got much worse
HellStorm - 7 days ago
will jf
will jf - 7 days ago
This channel is cancer
Robert Aulenback
Robert Aulenback - 7 days ago
13 milli subs wont be needing me thx
usernamesare irrelevant
Trending lmaoo
# Izzytopia
# Izzytopia - 7 days ago
#5 on trending rn .....katie goes viral again!!
MashySob - 7 days ago
I clicked on this video because I thought she was that Tik Tok girl.
THE_KrazyCouch2 '
THE_KrazyCouch2 ' - 7 days ago
I found this video "Katie Went Viral" on trending.

I never look at trending btw.
El Salvador
El Salvador - 8 days ago
U better get that looked at!
A Russian Person
A Russian Person - 8 days ago
Finally! Something on trending that isn't FortNite or roblox! Also it's good content.
Natelelouch - 8 days ago
I like everything with katie in it
zindi1138 - 8 days ago
Black tar heroin viral OD
Kevin Jennissen
Kevin Jennissen - 8 days ago
This music is from Wizard of Legend.
Left Twix
Left Twix - 8 days ago
Katie don’t be a turd Pocket
Terence Brown
Terence Brown - 8 days ago
Abhinav Cheedella
Abhinav Cheedella - 8 days ago
Why would this be trending and pewdiepie’s videos need like five million to get trending
AAG 23
AAG 23 - 8 days ago
If I were trending I would feel like a G but hide from today's society until I hit 1000 subs then XD
MIST - 8 days ago
Sips Tea
Sips Tea - 8 days ago
Next: “I went viral pt2,, trending version” btw congrats on being on trending
Peter Clive
Peter Clive - 8 days ago
Fire Katie
Blanca Star
Blanca Star - 8 days ago
Don’t give up, you still have a chance to be very popular in Hollywood 😀
Meme Person
Meme Person - 8 days ago
Please don’t like this comment
Sophia Aloyah
Sophia Aloyah - 8 days ago
MamaBear Gina
MamaBear Gina - 8 days ago
So funny 😂 😂😅
wow thats wild
wow thats wild - 8 days ago
I feel like when she said "buy me a $80 backpack" she meant "buy me a Fjällräven Kånken" lol
juicebox - 8 days ago
maybe shell finally get verified
Zlay One
Zlay One - 8 days ago
When your friend get a 1 kill solo win
C A - 8 days ago
You like penises
Blue Dog
Blue Dog - 8 days ago
Garbage clickbait. Sad...
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