Unleash Your Inner Artist

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Melody Neu
Melody Neu - 2 hours ago
Cola is for Coca-Cola not Pepsi
Kayla Teekasingh
Kayla Teekasingh - 6 hours ago
14:33 is any one here when shister James is 16 MILLION SISTER STONG!!!! OMGGG CONGRATS😍🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
Mythical. Anchor
Mythical. Anchor - 9 hours ago
Honestly the intro makeup is so pretty I really want a tutorial
Horse World
Horse World - 12 hours ago
Omg James is using a fan brush 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Peachier - Day ago
Violeta 143
Violeta 143 - Day ago
"Your ears are part of your face"-james charles
Violeta 143
Violeta 143 - Day ago
Im not a makeup artist but i have like 200+brushes and liek a 50 of pallete and im gonna buy this pallete and tge brush set onaygash ahh so mannyyy brushes😂
Beep Beep
Beep Beep - Day ago
James Charles has Not Called you Sister

Like to Uno Reverse Card it.
sophia g
sophia g - Day ago
i got the pallet and tryed to do the look and flash back is not at all that pigmented i hate the pallet
Lidia Ferreira
Lidia Ferreira - 2 days ago
James can u do a how I made my intro
Xx Melissa xX
Xx Melissa xX - 2 days ago
Red is such a hard color to make bcs it can be to orange or to pink but this red is bombbbbbb💋
Mira Broussard
Mira Broussard - 3 days ago
Wow 6mil in 6 months so proud of you sister
Elizabeth Danelek
Elizabeth Danelek - 3 days ago
Is anyone else surprised that this was only 15 mins
aRi LaRiIiI
aRi LaRiIiI - 3 days ago
Panthi Patel
Panthi Patel - 3 days ago
Meloniee - 3 days ago
Mina Musemic
Mina Musemic - 4 days ago
I had to watch the video about a million times because I kept getting distracted by that PERFECT NOSE HIGHLIGHT
MEGAN GARCIA - 4 days ago
I like how he only does the one eye so then you don’t have to watch him do the second one
zulema sanchez
zulema sanchez - 4 days ago
6:50 whats the brush that he uses?
Jourie Aborghea
Jourie Aborghea - 5 days ago
James should come out with a lipstick 💄 line
Alondra Landa
Alondra Landa - 7 days ago
39 shades for 39 dollars?!?!!!!....... What a steal😂😌
IMakeCartoons - 7 days ago
When they said he couldnt get more white... And here we are...
Emily Lyn
Emily Lyn - 7 days ago
If James would ever do another collab with morphe it should be a "finishing touches" collection with like every color liner that you could use to create a creative look like white yellow brown etc etc and some chunky glitters like he uses a lot and just stuff that he uses to create his fun looks that isn't already in his pallete,,, just the extra stuff ya know
Sophie Luxton
Sophie Luxton - 8 days ago
You are the best youtuber ever I am obsessed with you best wishes in the future lots of luck the luxton family ❤️
Ms. Smiff
Ms. Smiff - 8 days ago
my inner artist is QUAKING
Mimi Hunter xo
Mimi Hunter xo - 8 days ago
How many siblings have you got?
16,017,222 sisters
1 brother
Yramy E. Gely
Yramy E. Gely - 9 days ago
I love you James Charles you have allways inspired me to be myself and I have allways wanted this palette since IT came out but my family doesnt hace Monet to but IT, but if I had enough money I would buy IT and but the brushes even tho I cant I Will still support you , watch you and believe in you.
Jayden Bush
Jayden Bush - 9 days ago
its named cola bc of Pepsi but cola makes me think of coca cola (cke) oh well luv ya
Mini Piggy
Mini Piggy - 9 days ago
Im not ur sister
Sara Aprea
Sara Aprea - 10 days ago
Your palette has finally arrived.
Since I love this look,
a brief I will try to make a tutorial in Italian.
Silena Moon is hungry
Silena Moon is hungry - 11 days ago
When you think about it, so much time, effort and eyeshadow went into making that ad, which shows how much dedication he has for this. That's pretty rare.
Just Lou’
Just Lou’ - 11 days ago
Wouahh I love your makeup😱😭💕
you have a very beautiful face and I like your eyebrows!
The Life Of Eden
The Life Of Eden - 11 days ago
James, how can I make sure as a sister that I don’t get a phony palette?
Peyton’s Meme shoo
Peyton’s Meme shoo - 11 days ago
This one is from *tHe CrAfT sToRe*
Isabela Cano
Isabela Cano - 12 days ago
No se q estoy asiendo aquí 😂😂 pero me encanto ❤👍
Isabela Cano
Isabela Cano - 12 days ago
No se q estoy asiendo aquí 😂😂 pero me encanto ❤👍
bubble line
bubble line - 12 days ago
this is one of my favorite video from james, love you sister
M Z - 13 days ago
Es ti musko il zensko ajmeee
мюслч - 13 days ago
This is so artistic
Kitty Kicks
Kitty Kicks - 13 days ago
OMG You really are a good sister

I only have sisters
Trivana l Burris
Trivana l Burris - 13 days ago
So im doing this look today. Pray for me! First time using my palette, which is crazy pigmented! Also so not good at shadows but perfect practice makes perfect
Lorena Oldford
Lorena Oldford - 14 days ago
I’m literally so mad, my mom just ordered the palette and she forgot to use code James for 10 percent off.😱😡😡😂😞
Evelyn da gymnast!!!
Evelyn da gymnast!!! - 14 days ago
5:21 BUT 🍑
BILLIE EILISH IS BAE - 14 days ago
What white concealer is james using??? ❤️😭
Sisters? Confused
James? Beautiful
Wig? Snatched
Best palette? James Charles
Hotel? Trivago
TUG- N - 14 days ago
I was hoping for a oOooOooOOOooO video for like literally 6 months
Brooke and Brendon
Brooke and Brendon - 14 days ago
I just talked my husband into bringing makeup to my ears. Maybe I can talk him into getting this next....
Hermiony 78
Hermiony 78 - 14 days ago
I really wish I could do makeup. Dramatic eyes and lips don't suit my eyes, but pale skin tones don't show up on my tanned skin. I've been watching you for a few months now, yet I still cannot get anywhere near as good as you. I'm going to keep trying, and maybe one day be able to afford your pallet, but for now, could you do a makeup look for a darker skin tone? Do you have any recommendations for colours that suit a suit amend look, but don't look absolutely ridic in public. Love u sister😍💕💕
Oryu _Min
Oryu _Min - 14 days ago
hEy Siblings.
Minty Monty
Minty Monty - 15 days ago
James: cola which is named after my favourite soda Pepsi
Me: *dying*
Isabel Middelkoop
Isabel Middelkoop - 16 days ago
my palette came in today and I made this look (turned out amazing, thanks for the turtorial) but can someone help me how to get the pink off?😂 idk I can get every color off with just make-up remover but the pink one won’t get off😂😂
Dulce Mendoza
Dulce Mendoza - 16 days ago
Bitch I'm a COW
Bitch I'm a COW - 16 days ago
Hi Sisters
Saving cats Community
Saving cats Community - 16 days ago
2019 apr 2 😂
Brittany Worthy
Brittany Worthy - 17 days ago
I love to see how excited you are for your palette James! I’m waiting for mine to come in the mail and I couldn’t be any more excited! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!
Ava Pacella
Ava Pacella - 17 days ago
Omg sister James every time I go to ulta when you get new palettes in they just all sold out lol 😂 I have been trying to get your palette fo a year not please replied and tell
Me when you are getting new palettes again❤️❤️❤️💓❤️😘
hanna jochems
hanna jochems - 17 days ago
3:35 best moment evah
Pauline Bong
Pauline Bong - 17 days ago
Can u do a half face of makeup challenge? Like if u agree
Lauren Selbie
Lauren Selbie - 17 days ago
You probably really didn’t want to take of that masterpiece of makeup it’s like pure art. You go sister xxx
Michael Jackson’s Girl
Michael Jackson’s Girl - 18 days ago
James: Obviously named after our sister Ian
Michael Jackson’s Girl
Michael Jackson’s Girl - 18 days ago
3:38 me when I first watched our Sister James’ tutorials!! Xxx lmao x ♥️😂😜😘
Devi Bear
Devi Bear - 18 days ago
I know this is gonna sound rude but James’s eyeshadow palette isn’t as good as he makes it out to be. The tester in morphe is so good and soft but once I bought a palette of my own a few days ago it was so hard to get colors to show up. (Yes I used primer not concealer) bee did not show up at all, flashback did not show up at all, and believe it or not you’re kidding does not show up at all. I’m gonna be honest tho spooky is such a good color
mackenzie Kramer
mackenzie Kramer - 18 days ago
But before I put on my makeup I put a sister base on
mackenzie Kramer
mackenzie Kramer - 18 days ago
I got one for my birthday and I cried
sophia rose
sophia rose - 19 days ago
I love yout palette i have iy myself but the 'bee' shade is jot that pigmented on darker skin tones, but i still love the palette and use it everyday! Ingluence everyone to getit it is literally a lifesaver on every look i have ever done
Tamara Bock
Tamara Bock - 19 days ago
“Your ears are part of your face”
-James Charles
I love that!
GACHA Evie - 19 days ago
Did anyone see the pease of hair that probably triggers ocd
Melana Benavides
Melana Benavides - 19 days ago
3:36 he uses like 5 of the names of the eyeshadows
magisterjin - 19 days ago
*Alguém Veio pelo luba?*
Ducky Dolan
Ducky Dolan - 19 days ago
Guys, do you have any ideas of how to ask sister James out???
Tamara Jenye
Tamara Jenye - 21 day ago
Falar ligeiro cá bixiga, vala Deus kkkkkk
Tamara Jenye
Tamara Jenye - 21 day ago
Vindo diretamente do Victor Nogueira, assistam ficou TOP
TLee F
TLee F - 21 day ago
I'm a boy but my family hates me watching you
Izzah Roslan
Izzah Roslan - 21 day ago
I really love this looks 😍😍😍😍😍
Angelica Jimmy
Angelica Jimmy - 22 days ago
Inspired 😍😍😍
Ava Mcevoy
Ava Mcevoy - 23 days ago
I have the palette I loveeee it
Emily Pacheco
Emily Pacheco - 23 days ago
Wait games chargles is a boy????
Nan Enzali
Nan Enzali - 23 days ago
I love this makeup 💄 😍
Nan Enzali
Nan Enzali - 23 days ago
And artist
Party Inspirations
Party Inspirations - 23 days ago
OMG JAMES I AM SISTER SHOOK!! My mum is literally letting me get the x morphe palette I'm 11 and I've always loved makeup and to have your palette means the world to me!!!❤️❤️❤️
M m
M m - 24 days ago
James you are so talened. I wish I had half the makeup skills you had.
kaiya - 24 days ago
Hold up I think I missed something cause why did he say he named cola after Pepsi??? Im so confused help me!!!
Chris a
Chris a - 23 days ago
Pepsi is a cola drink, and pepsi is his favourite
GodzillaETZ - 24 days ago
Someone get rid of the baby powder again...
Beth Shanti
Beth Shanti - 24 days ago
Tried doing this look. But with the morphe 35B. Can’t relate to James’s look oml
Beth Shanti
Beth Shanti - 24 days ago
But I ordered the James Charles x Morphe palette on Friday and it’s arriving this weeeeek
Caroline Crisafulli-Vargas
you're obsessed with all of the colours in your palate
wherearetheavocados - 24 days ago
I love the comercial
leah sav
leah sav - 25 days ago
who else always sings the intro🤗
Royal Goddess
Royal Goddess - 25 days ago
Who else sees the red as pink?
Cicilia Flores
Cicilia Flores - 25 days ago
Hi James😎 What color is on your lips? My daughter is waiting on your pallette to come out so I can go Ulta and hunt one down..Any idea when it will be back in stock?❤💗
Jen Mercado
Jen Mercado - 24 days ago
It actually just restocked a couple days ago, but unfortunately it might be sold out now
Lucy's Lane
Lucy's Lane - 26 days ago
peep him wearing the ear piece gray always wears!!
Ethanlishcous Fabs
Ethanlishcous Fabs - 26 days ago
Love how James is fangirling on his own palette
Bella N
Bella N - 26 days ago
i wish james’s brush set had a version with no duplicates for a sister on a budget
Random Videos
Random Videos - 27 days ago
I love you so much!!
You're amazing
Malik J
Malik J - 27 days ago
Unleash ur inner lawsuit
LIISU TV - 27 days ago
Im gonna get the palette, but where can i write the code? :)
Eysten Martin
Eysten Martin - 29 days ago
Wait wait wait!
The shade COLA as in COKE A COLA
Is named after PEPSI your fav sofa
I don’t understand
Lily Grace
Lily Grace - 26 days ago
Omg me too
Satan - 29 days ago
Like no.
I want
Reign Dimond
Reign Dimond - Month ago
Lloyd Crazy
Lloyd Crazy - Month ago
what is the music? intro ? pleaseeeee
Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jackson - Month ago
Like *litteraly* ? *Your kidding* me?!
ELAINE OLSON - Month ago
What does cut the cress mean?
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