You wouldn’t expect that today’s video is called "The Life of Potato"! 你们都没想到这期的视频标题会叫“土豆的一生”吧!

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eliakim maravilla
eliakim maravilla - 18 seconds ago
I really admire this simple life living
joice Christina
joice Christina - 5 minutes ago
She must be living in heaven
eliakim maravilla
eliakim maravilla - 16 minutes ago
I hope someday can i live simple life like this.
I love organic foods.Awesome live living
grn_ appls7
grn_ appls7 - 39 minutes ago
How cute is her grandma~ she was watching baby elephants~ 💕 I think she wanted to wait to eat so she could finish watching? I’d like to think so~ 😄
Fatmi AKusuma
Fatmi AKusuma - 41 minute ago
This is my dream life. I feel so envious 😍😍
wendy wong
wendy wong - 50 minutes ago
Independent girl . Keep up your good job.
Sonu Bisht
Sonu Bisht - Hour ago
Itna sara khana kon khaega......
Hiep Ho
Hiep Ho - Hour ago
i wish you well and healthy Miss Li.
Elvira Mack
Elvira Mack - Hour ago
Translate in English
storm news
storm news - 2 hours ago
How beautiful to live
Bishorjit Khumanthem
Bishorjit Khumanthem - 2 hours ago
I'm a Meitei community from northeast India the flower that u pluck in 1:40 we called it kundo in our dialect and it is used in our wedding and guys mentioned this flowers name in your dialect 😎
Vera Braswell
Vera Braswell - 2 hours ago
Each meal is enough food to feed an entire village! True abundance. 😍
Martha Rodarte
Martha Rodarte - 3 hours ago
Woow esta chica es asombrosa, una inteligencia asombrosa de supervivencia, una gran inspiración ❤🌹🌻💗
Narxk 7
Narxk 7 - 3 hours ago
I love it💕
reyvlando rizal
reyvlando rizal - 3 hours ago
The garden, the house, the landscape, all of this video makes me feel so relax.
coco 1
coco 1 - 3 hours ago
coco 1
coco 1 - 3 hours ago
阿賢 - 5 hours ago
VeNkAtEsH - 5 hours ago
They hav purple potatoes
Elda Aravena
Elda Aravena - 5 hours ago
yummy, but not subtitles hard to follow the ingridents
akshaya malini
akshaya malini - 6 hours ago
How to make octopus
Albert Masangkay
Albert Masangkay - 6 hours ago
Your vlog is so amazing but you need to put some subtittle..😂🤗✌
Shook Ones
Shook Ones - 7 hours ago
Can someone name some of the cooking dishes she uses
Wilma Bueno
Wilma Bueno - 7 hours ago
Quanta lição de vida !!!
Yaseminin Örgüleri
Yaseminin Örgüleri - 8 hours ago
the torture is not tortured 😠😠😠😠
James li
James li - 9 hours ago
This girl is from the same province of mine, so I can understand what she talks with her grandma😄😄
Dianne R
Dianne R - 9 hours ago
What province of China does she live ?
YINGKS SHI - 5 hours ago
sichuan province 四川省。
Diana Amangeldyyeva
Diana Amangeldyyeva - 9 hours ago
❤❤❤Liziqi, can i live with you just to learn some skills at you😍😍😍Love you🙏
Ramón González
Ramón González - 10 hours ago
Amo ese rostro tan hermoso mi niña preciosa
Jenn!fer Chen
Jenn!fer Chen - 11 hours ago
don't let my mom see this.. she's gonna pick up her rant about how I should learn to cook right where she left it
Chodijah Hamdiyyah Makkiyyah
When you world like a paradise,,, then an angel come to you...
Simonetta Jasevoli
Simonetta Jasevoli - 12 hours ago
Che meraviglia. Una vita laboriosa e incantevole.
Miseralis yeeeh
Miseralis yeeeh - 12 hours ago
Whenever I watch this I laugh at how uncreative european cooks handle food
Gulagulagula Gulagulagula
Gulagulagula Gulagulagula - 14 hours ago
Ты прелесть, я восторге
Singrala Remmeikeishing
Singrala Remmeikeishing - 14 hours ago
Just imagine the hard work she put on every video,this makes her unique,such a wonderful woman
周東東 - 14 hours ago
MyFranchette - 14 hours ago
She has a lot of recipes, do other Chinese know what she cooks? How come they eat exotic and unusual food? They have a lot of natural resources.
Hell I love you
Manoj Poddar
Manoj Poddar - 15 hours ago
Hey it's Corona time
Farida Aryanti
Farida Aryanti - 15 hours ago
I'm from Indonesia, I like to watch your videos
LifeSkills DN
LifeSkills DN - 15 hours ago
Smart women👍
Евгения Куприянова
Какое нежное и бережное отношение к возрасту. И во всём красота...
Syakilla Khaira
Syakilla Khaira - 16 hours ago
ih syg bgt,, pdhl msih bnyak kentank kentang kecilll,,, biarkan beberapa mingguan lgi gitu kek
Lumvise Ruty
Lumvise Ruty - 16 hours ago
Wow I'm enjoying watching ...oooo
Sathya Tamilselvan
Sathya Tamilselvan - 16 hours ago
Wow super 🏠
Mounia Gaya
Mounia Gaya - 16 hours ago
Milk&Honey - 16 hours ago
Lovely and so peaceful and relaxing 🙏🏼❤️🥰😊
lovely lovely
lovely lovely - 16 hours ago
Madam sir madam anthe
Ervan Audryn
Ervan Audryn - 17 hours ago
Your husband is the most luckiest man in the univers...
Estephany De Luna
Estephany De Luna - 17 hours ago
What does she cover the potato slices in the beginning with? Ash? Dirt?
ام غمازة
ام غمازة - 17 hours ago
Nikolai Blashenkov
Nikolai Blashenkov - 17 hours ago
Найду - женюсь)))
Reshma Pillai
Reshma Pillai - 18 hours ago
Wow it's so beautiful 😍
wondering mind
wondering mind - 18 hours ago
Such a lovely woman and taking care of every little thing
Annisa Fitri Aqim
Annisa Fitri Aqim - 18 hours ago
May i visit your home?
77 7
77 7 - 18 hours ago
She wrote a lot of creative notes for each video. I'm not surprised that she immediately became a writer!
Meltem çömlek
Meltem çömlek - 18 hours ago
Kendimi cennete hissettim. .hayran kaldım
Meo Meo
Meo Meo - 18 hours ago
i am eating instance noodle while watching her cooking food TT
Kamal mal
Kamal mal - 19 hours ago
Omg,, i love her🥰😍🤩😘😘😘😘👍
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran - 20 hours ago
Dahlia Albargi
Dahlia Albargi - 20 hours ago
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran - 20 hours ago
Mian Saeed
Mian Saeed - 21 hour ago
I really appreciate your skill and love ❤️. Towards nature your granny is such a lucky. Lady to have you as her grand daughter ❤️ may Allah bless 😇 you and your family
erwin dumalhin
erwin dumalhin - 21 hour ago
she really was a complete package of an ideal wife...i wish i will met someone like her in the future
Nuray Yönel
Nuray Yönel - 22 hours ago
Zevkle izliyorum sizi ayrıca çok becereklisiniz👏👏👏
Dhiran Senggol
Dhiran Senggol - 23 hours ago
Mbaknya cantik banget sih
Yab Anu comdir
Yab Anu comdir - 23 hours ago
This channel gives me a peace of mind . It's music picture quality moral everything is aesthetic.
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur - 23 hours ago
From where she is?
古庄朱李 - Day ago
Dipa Debnath
Dipa Debnath - Day ago
Plzz make a video of your home tour
Phu Cong
Phu Cong - Day ago
Em là người Việt Nam em rất thích video của chị 💟
Francisco Eroles
Francisco Eroles - Day ago
We call that small white flowers as Sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines then...
Nadir Voice
Nadir Voice - Day ago
krisyan ren
krisyan ren - Day ago
This woman needs a child to inherit and take care of their land in the future while she will be just laid back and chilling like her grandma
Tyo - Day ago
jadi pengen hidup di desa
Evos Afin
Evos Afin - Day ago
Komen ah siapa tau ada org indo😁
Meggy Letlora
Meggy Letlora - Day ago
小敏 - Day ago
Frankie Yao
Frankie Yao - Day ago
Frankie Yao
Frankie Yao - Day ago
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