FUNNY CURLY HAIR PROBLEMS || Girls With Curly Hair Struggles by 123 GO!

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Christopher Barksdale
Christopher Barksdale - 21 minute ago
To control
Christopher Barksdale
Christopher Barksdale - 21 minute ago
This my dad phone but I got curly hair I love it but it’s soooo hard
Sita Ale
Sita Ale - 4 hours ago
My hair is so silky
Chloe Lu
Chloe Lu - 5 hours ago
U should get a wig girl
The Walking Mila UwU
The Walking Mila UwU - 6 hours ago
I have curly hair! It's really long and curly (duh) and I can relate and don't worry I cut my hair every month and I brush it every time I getout if the shower
bubble_bash bubble bash
bubble_bash bubble bash - 7 hours ago
I'm so lucky that my hair is straight not curly!!!
Elsa Schweitzer
Elsa Schweitzer - 7 hours ago
Has this girl ever heard of the wonders called scrunchies
MILKEY - 9 hours ago
2:49 this bit is really funny😂😂
Nirmala Ragavan
Nirmala Ragavan - 10 hours ago
You are hairlarious
Sharon Dionisio
Sharon Dionisio - 10 hours ago
sandra arias
sandra arias - 13 hours ago
3:36 I want hair like that!!! It’s soooo cool!!
Etheleen Sims
Etheleen Sims - 13 hours ago
All!the time😤😡😠
dglaser18 - 14 hours ago
Why doesn't she staraigten her hair
Fey M
Fey M - 15 hours ago
I cut my hair because i was too lazy to brush them..
MiraJane Strassus
MiraJane Strassus - 15 hours ago
It's a challange keeping my curly hair in a pony tail
Sofiah Pascua
Sofiah Pascua - 15 hours ago
thats why olivia has frizzy hair beacause she doesnt wet her hair
Jordyn Lee
Jordyn Lee - 16 hours ago
I love your vids as video’s love your video'sreally really
Jordyn Lee
Jordyn Lee - 16 hours ago
Did you say me pinky
Dawn P
Dawn P - 18 hours ago
Literally everything in this video is what happens to my curls lol except it doesn’t bother me when ppl want to touch my hair especially when they’re nice enough to ask first😄😄
(P.S. Don’t let my pic fool you, I straightened my hair that day lol)
belkis gonell
belkis gonell - 20 hours ago
Vasi Ivanov
Vasi Ivanov - Day ago
Когда волосы намочены их легче расчёсывать
Ayesha riyan
Ayesha riyan - Day ago
No matter what but you look so cute
abdul shakoor sajid
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams - Day ago
Her earings changed
Fitor Gashi
Fitor Gashi - Day ago
You guys are Albanian I know that you guys are Albanian but you don't actually look like Albanian oh
Stacy Robinson
Stacy Robinson - Day ago
Who saw that there was no coffee in her cup
Celia Martin
Celia Martin - Day ago
Fgsjsi jajnsmajzmakmz123 Go
Celia Martin
Celia Martin - Day ago
Celia Martin
Celia Martin - Day ago
Celia Martin
Celia Martin - Day ago
Celia Martin
Celia Martin - Day ago
123 Go
Aima Khan
Aima Khan - Day ago
I (*6aaaaaaa
DorkdNeedTes !
DorkdNeedTes ! - Day ago
I have big curls :3
mani raheja
mani raheja - Day ago
I have hair like her it’s a bit different
cheylah Patton
cheylah Patton - Day ago
This is my sisters every day routine
re re
re re - Day ago
She has the ugliest hair I have ever seen. Sorry but wow. Very exaggerated video.
Larissa Scott
Larissa Scott - Day ago
Any hats for that because I have Curly hair
Glenroy Attwood
Glenroy Attwood - Day ago
C'mon....why the heat damage
Rae Lily
Rae Lily - Day ago
Wanda Lopez
Wanda Lopez - Day ago
Sooo Relatable..
4149 - Day ago
Question from a guy: What is heat damage?
Her hair is amazing 😍
•Gacha Gamer•
•Gacha Gamer• - Day ago
Girl you have huge heat damage problem in your hair.You need to go cut your hair ASAP.
Betty Dias
Betty Dias - Day ago
And i have LONG curly hair
Betty Dias
Betty Dias - Day ago
I hve locks and i know that the problem with the NO BRUSHING is not always the Problem and that one with had gear
B.E.B.S crews
B.E.B.S crews - Day ago
Very funny
Fluttershy Pegasus
Fluttershy Pegasus - 2 days ago
So relatable!
nuha hamyd
nuha hamyd - 2 days ago
The hair tie part always happens to me and the hair touch sooo much people
Helena Isabella
Helena Isabella - 2 days ago
Marilva Plein
Marilva Plein - 2 days ago
curly hair is a struggle but not for me even tho I have curly hair I wash it and braid it its easy
Laure Lacointe
Laure Lacointe - 2 days ago
I have curly hair and i knew all this things😂😂love you 123 GO! ❤️ ❤️
Gacha_ Wolf
Gacha_ Wolf - 2 days ago
My hair gets in all of situations. My hair can be wavy at times and curly at times
Mya Gibbons
Mya Gibbons - 2 days ago
I have major curl hair to and I have all of these as well people are always trying to touch my hair and I can’t brush my hair because it goes frissy
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Hi I play roblox - 2 days ago
Hi I play roblox
Hi I play roblox - 2 days ago
Hi I play roblox
Hi I play roblox - 2 days ago
I have long curly hair and have none of these fake “curly hair problems”
Rosemarie Namisato
Rosemarie Namisato - 2 days ago
And that’s why you always straighten your hair lol
Sam Lyons
Sam Lyons - 2 days ago
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Marina Pascacio
Marina Pascacio - 2 days ago
jro2095 - 2 days ago
Before watching this video: I want curly hair

After watching this video:Nvm I’m good with straight
Ormie Ledlon
Ormie Ledlon - 2 days ago
I could relate to this videoLOL😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Danika Reese
Danika Reese - 2 days ago
Curly haired people I'm surprised when we wake up in the morning and our hair is a mess. We're also not surprised that stuff is caught in it and we find weird stuff in it
_awe_dree_ - 2 days ago
Random person: “Ooh I love your curly hair, can I touch it?”
Me: “actually-”
Random person: *touches it before I can say no*
Me: “......... ugh.....”
Random person: “What was that?”
Me: *pulls hard on their stringy straight hair* “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT BOBA?!”
Fey M
Fey M - 15 hours ago
Ariahn Baker
Ariahn Baker - 2 days ago
The struggles of having curly hair is real lol
Vanessa Carrillo
Vanessa Carrillo - 2 days ago
I'm wondering what's ur real voice can u do a live
Ink Ber
Ink Ber - 2 days ago
I found a noodle in my hair a time
abby roberts
abby roberts - 2 days ago
im crying dont judge people on there looks

like if u aggre
Samantha Serrano
Samantha Serrano - 2 days ago
She needs to cut off all that heat damage fr
Prissy Pranksters
Prissy Pranksters - 2 days ago
My hair is wavey ish curly
Every time I try to straighten my hair, it works for 2 minutes, and then *POOF*
just like that
Wada abdulqayyum
Wada abdulqayyum - 3 days ago
123 G
123 GO
123 GO!
Aseel Hosam
Aseel Hosam - 3 days ago
I love curly hair so much...and u too 123Go😍😘💕💛💚💙❤️💜😃
NKKhan - 3 days ago
And thing happened to me but I am silky straight hair ❓❓❓❓
FlipzFN Yeah boi
FlipzFN Yeah boi - 3 days ago
blackpink jennie momoland ahin
Im like that because im curly
KeksAHHU - 3 days ago
Shwetzzz Creative
Shwetzzz Creative - 3 days ago
Shwetzzz Creative
Shwetzzz Creative - 3 days ago
If you really like 123 go subscribe to my channel
Sara_Gymnastics - 3 days ago
My hair is curly too l have those problems too
Maria Guerfi
Maria Guerfi - 3 days ago
Oh yeah my hair like this 🙆I say don't touch my hair 💆
Also my sister has long curly hair and she has hair just fine :p

meaning she can put on long hats and helmets.
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