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KieferSkunk - 23 hours ago
One thing I'm curious about with that supposedly indestructible glass: Assuming that it really is indestructible (and the shattering at the unveil event was just a fluke), how are you supposed to get out of the truck if you drive it off a bridge into a lake?
sherzoid - 3 days ago
it'll be the coolest car ever
Mix King
Mix King - 5 days ago
TüV sagt nein
Terry Keep
Terry Keep - 5 days ago
Love it. Ordered one!
X-Plane Time
X-Plane Time - 6 days ago
It’s beautiful and amazing and cool NOT ugly
T W - 7 days ago
insurance costs will be too high for the avg middle class or less person
xXBBB2003Xx - 8 days ago
Hell yeah this is my style, and my wallet agrees too! Lara Croft: The Truck for the win
Johnnyhitman411 - 9 days ago
I love weird stuff, i like the idea of electric vehicles, and it's pretty cheap for a Tesla let alone on price with most other trucks in it's class. So i think that my first "New" vehicle since i've gotten used thus far might be a certain door stop.
But_Its_Broken - 9 days ago
Oh, I went to take a ride in a helicopter at Hawthorne!
GLEN JOHNSON - 9 days ago
I am going to buy 10 for the construction business I own!!
Troy Fred
Troy Fred - 11 days ago
The window breaks were because the staff were throwing shit at it literally all day before the unveil, just to make sure it wouldn't on stage. The irony is hilarious.
Brent Newman
Brent Newman - 11 days ago
I think the front seat passenger is Tim Stevens, editor-in-chief of Road Show.
KGB - 11 days ago
dashlane sucks go with lastpass
Bill Williams
Bill Williams - 12 days ago
I was looking forward to seeing the unveiling: what a total disappointment! Looks like a grade three drew a truck and the grade eight shop class built it! Someone must have been tapping into De”Lorean’s old coke stash when they dreamed this abortion up!
DJA 67
DJA 67 - 14 days ago
I think you got that right! Its the cyber punk truck!
DJA 67
DJA 67 - 14 days ago
I want one!
Milcu Robert
Milcu Robert - 14 days ago
A final product :) no doubt about it! well if u take away the tablet from the cab the only thing you have left is that steering/joy pad controller :))! FUCK air vents and climate control that shit takes amps away from the battery! Don't even think the windows go down in this one :))...and why not, if some of u buy 1000$ chinesium stand for a monitor, appeasing electro Jesus is no problem at all:))! Don't forget to drink you COOL AID and buy tesla stock!!!
Konstantin Popov
Konstantin Popov - 15 days ago
It's like they wanted to build this truck for the "Storm Chasers" :)
Poke Russ
Poke Russ - 15 days ago
This truck is so sexy. Almost Every other vehicle on the market is just another painted cookie cutter turd.
Edit: the word almost
companyoflosers - 15 days ago
meh i think the takeaway with the window thing is, yeah the windows broke. they will probably need to work on that to achieve the full desired durability, but did nobody notice that eve though they cracked, they didnt fully break. and they stopped the projectile from getting inside. this suggests to me, that even if the windows break, they will still do an adequate job doing what they were first and foremost designed to do, protect the passengers and driver. a ordinary window would have completely shattered and even sent shards of glass at those inside, this one did not. its already much safer than conventional vehicle windows.
Thndr_ - 16 days ago
I bet in 2022 or however long it gets delayed, the design will eventually grow on me. But for now I'm really conflicted, especially on that steering wheel.
robert J
robert J - 16 days ago
So I feel like how the suspension holds up in real world working scenarios is what will make or break the truck.
When you look at it's ride height , distance from tire to bumper ., weight and air suspension. it has the tools to be the best towing and off road truck in it's class.
Melinda Green
Melinda Green - 16 days ago
Flat windows?!?! That will make you the biggest asshole on the road by reflecting the full sun into other vehicles. There used to be some cars like this and I hated them. Thankfully they're all gone now, and it pisses me off that they might come back.
John Carter
John Carter - 17 days ago
I don't need a truck, but make one for SUV or a car out of this stuff and i'll buy it! A car that don't rust, don't have to worry about if it sit in garage or not! Dent resistance and you won't have to worry about if someone will ding, bump or scratch it after parking at the mall! Elon, make one and you can take all my money!! I want one in SUV or car size!!
Hiku Ofek
Hiku Ofek - 17 days ago
It’s like the simpsons episode with homers brother
K9 388
K9 388 - 17 days ago
Stupidest ever....
Casper Svendsen
Casper Svendsen - 18 days ago
I freaking love it
SourStrawberrys - 18 days ago
Is no one going to ask about safety? This truck seems like it would be a bitch if you crash in it. All I saw was sharp corners. Were are the airbags located and how many are there?
roshglock - 18 days ago
Its fucking ugly.
NickRivers - 18 days ago
Missed an opportunity to reference the more appropriate Blade Runner photo enhancement scene. 7/10
HUNDER10hunder10 - 19 days ago
7:50 ...62mph in a 35mph zone on a city street, brilliant idea!
Honcho555 - 16 days ago
HUNDER10hunder10 stfu pussy
Joey Beaulieu
Joey Beaulieu - 19 days ago
those who think this truck is ugly, is closed minded and don't have any artistic point of view. This is probably the sexiest vehicle I ever seen. A trend setter. A head turner, an aerodynamic truck? are you serious? this is amazing! It will never rust scratch or dent. bullet proof... most of all affordable!!! wake up. This is a beautiful futuristik Art Statement!
Justin Erickson
Justin Erickson - 20 days ago
The specs are extremely impressive. I just couldn't bring myself to drive something that looked like that. I'm not Max HeadRoom. And with that much towing capacity, if you were towing a travel trailer, what is the range? If you had to recharge before heading home it could take awhile unless you were at a campsite with superchargers. Really roughing it then. Those cargo groves make sense for aviation but who keeps their truck beds as clean as they would keep their airplane? I immediately see those groves just collecting dirt and rocks that are impossible to get out. The side L channel is good though. Boy, talk about mixed feelings.
The Fish
The Fish - 21 day ago
I hated it for a week or so. Now I can’t wait to get one.
Mike Potter
Mike Potter - 22 days ago
Sorry, I can't get over the design. To me it is a clown truck and I don't see many traditional truck owners going for this (I won't be myself). Now to all the haters and Tesla fan people who will jump to Elon's defence and call me backward and not forward thinking, hey this is my opinion, I am not wrong, this is just my opinion. I have seen so many comments from others on all the web sites that say that "When I first saw it, I hated it but now I love it." or "When I first saw it, I hated it but now it's growing on me." that I am starting to think there is a concerted effort to seed social media with this idea. Conspiracies aside, I still hate the design which makes me very disappointed as I have a 10 year old truck now that I really, really wanted to change for an electric truck. Now I have to wait for either the electric Chevy truck in 2021 or the electric Ford in 2022 but neither of those vehicles will have Tesla's brilliant autonomous driving features. I hate that we burn so much gas and diesel in trucks in north America and I guess the thing that bothers me most about the CyberTruck is that while many of you think it is cool and Blade Runner like, it's outlandish looks is actually going to set back Elon's goal of moving some of the biggest gas guzzlers to sustainable energy vehicles. Honestly, I don't know if the planet can wait.
Gavin Powell
Gavin Powell - 22 days ago

This is the definition of a douchebag laugh.
Ricardo Gomes
Ricardo Gomes - 22 days ago
Patriot Coin Rings
Patriot Coin Rings - 23 days ago
I preordered the tri-motor as well sometime back but after watching this review I have a bit of a concern. Snazzy expresses the trucks "overwhelming size" so how does this fair in standard sized parking spot like we see in most shops, malls, etc? Is it so big I'm going to have other testing out it's ding resistance by slamming their doors into it and will the length be longer than the average truck making a perfect target for a side swipe? Anyone know?
Muhammad hiari
Muhammad hiari - 23 days ago
I'm so thankful the steering thingy won't get approved because in my opinion a traditional wheel is so much more comfortable
at this price tag and these features I'm definitely gonna buy a used one 2025
Official Rho
Official Rho - 23 days ago
There are anchor points on the front and back of the bed near the floor, those little square holes with the line in the middle.
Trouble Trouble
Trouble Trouble - 24 days ago
It's still ugly to me I just love futurist shit lol!
Damian Hale
Damian Hale - 24 days ago
Bruh it looks boring on the inside like for real
K12dave - 25 days ago
What a spectacular piece of Musk shit!
rope - 25 days ago
The suspension making the truck incline under acceleration will make it into production, since it's work of the adaptive air suspension and the architecture of the truck. It's adaptive to make the truck feel even faster than it is, while making it turn well for corners in track conditions, and comfortable on bumps.
This thing is the ultimate vehicle.
Ruminator - 25 days ago
It is growing on me because it is badass and so different that you can drive into any high class event and it will get more looks than anything.
Pieces - 25 days ago
At first I joked at it I still do but it honestly grew on. me I love it
Ghana Mafia
Ghana Mafia - 25 days ago
This car will sell like crazy....Death to Range Rovers and Escalades. It looks like it came straight of the movie Prometheus.
Albert Kelemen
Albert Kelemen - 26 days ago
3:08 that's what made the demo the most viral thing of the year, it was very likely intentional to make it even more interesting
Laurentiu Trifan
Laurentiu Trifan - 26 days ago
Gabriel Ackah Yanzu
Gabriel Ackah Yanzu - 26 days ago
What about side mirror?
Scottslookingabout - 27 days ago
has huge forward facing blind spots behind the front pillars, great, never done before "body is structure", huge blind spots, largest in the world, ever. don't have to worry running over curbs or anything else, except your neighbors. emergency responders are going to have to be able to get into that truck. I own a 1982 Ford F250 4x4, all i need in the future is an drop-in electric conversion, please someone make one, tesla?
tobber08 - 27 days ago
One door ding in the side of that truck, and its history...... whole door or panel replacement....... huge $....
Estate - 27 days ago
ronaldxyz1001 - 28 days ago
I love the “marble”top I hope it makes it into production. Also it’s made of paper which is pretty cool and sustainable..
Retro - 26 days ago
This is something many people just ignored, or just jumped to disliking because its “fake“. But it is cool that they even thought of that for an early prototype like this.
beyazsir - 28 days ago
Unfortunately it's doesn't fit in my garbage. Ugly 👎
Gerard Glancy
Gerard Glancy - 29 days ago
I love Everything about this machine
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - Month ago
Dashboard believe it or not is made of paper
Louis bx
Louis bx - Month ago
Listen I hate trucks but this Tesla truck I love and honestly as soon as it comes out I thinking about buying one
Lee - Month ago
Crash test rating not talked about?
Tom McLaughlin
Tom McLaughlin - Month ago
what is the reflection rate on the truck to other drivers? reminds me of the aluminum planes in the 90's that reflected a lot of light and heat to ground crews who didn't appreciate it.
BaronZ - 29 days ago
Fun fact: You can mirror polish SS. This will be the cheapest and easiest car to make Saudi golden Lamborghini owners jealous with how shiny you can make it.
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