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Mike Bosisto
Mike Bosisto - 20 days ago
This Truck is that I phone moment. Almost everyone said they will never want or need a smart phone.... till the I phone.
Not only will they KILL the big three truck makers because they have really lived off the truck sales. The cyber truck will be the vehicle that takes EV to the next level... the I phone of transportation.
OJ Simpson
OJ Simpson - 22 days ago
6:35 good point
J P - 26 days ago
While other motor companies' focus is only changing their headlight design shape year after year and copying each other into a homogenous inbred limited DNA primordial soup, tesla's new revolutionary cybertruck gives the others a fresh plate of advanced superhuman DNA that'll keep their heads turning for the next 4 or 5 years.
Naughty Goat Farm
Naughty Goat Farm - Month ago
I love that it won't rust.
Radicool Gaming
Radicool Gaming - Month ago
Desperately needs a wider stance and bigger wheels. Then it would look sweet!
sibanda Agness
sibanda Agness - Month ago
Telsa with a great cool design I will buy this when I grow up
TheGamingBros3304 - Month ago
It does not rival the diesels most diesels nowadays unless your talking about ford chevy and dodge’s mini diesels can tow upwards of 30,000 pounds
khalid qureshi
khalid qureshi - 2 months ago
The more people hated at first look, they end up reserving CT and most likely will be buying CT with full zeal, and that is pretty awesome 👏
Дио Леев
Дио Леев - 2 months ago
People will buy it for the performance and the looks are a great PR move.
Дио Леев
Дио Леев - 2 months ago
It looks like something Robocop would drive.
mac berry
mac berry - 2 months ago
Need more Tesla content
Venom Animation
Venom Animation - 3 months ago
Yo, this guy is 6'4, how am I gonna drive this with 5'2 height? T~T
Robert Ray
Robert Ray - 3 months ago
Who cares
Dan Hall
Dan Hall - 3 months ago
I was on the fence. I now love it. When I bought my new F250 in 2016 I quickly learned that I would not take it to parts of my property. I didn’t want to drive trough brush and branches. My old truck it was no problem because they were already scratched. However, driving a $70k truck through branches was something I wasn’t willing to do.
CJ JENSON - 3 months ago
I work in construction,cement to be exact!
So the fact I can carry 100 bags of cement and all my tools I'm in love.
Now to get all the supplies out so insanely easy without killing my self lifting all that weight...
Now I'm in drooling!!!
Yup my name will be on that list as soon as it is a reality.
Their Teammate
Their Teammate - 4 months ago
The dashboard was literally made of paper, but it’s solid as rock.
Their Teammate
Their Teammate - 4 months ago
I like how the Tesla coil affected the camera XD
Fintech - 4 months ago
Looks fucken sick
Bilpleier Atle Berven
Bilpleier Atle Berven - 4 months ago
You talk to much!
Delain124 - 4 months ago
The high end is priced in the high end range of an F250, F350, and F450. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 If I'm going to spend that kind of money then I will just buy a high end F250 which can tow far more then the Cyber truck.
kelly51757 - 4 months ago
I don’t know but it looks ugly 😂
Jonathan Alcocer
Jonathan Alcocer - 4 months ago
Wonder if hitting a deer with this would do any damage to the car
Gs Chadalavada
Gs Chadalavada - 4 months ago
Now I’m waiting for all the people who are gonna polish the steel and make it just a big ole mirror on the road
JD_Kreeper - 4 months ago
I've had 5 months to stare at it and I love it.
VIKING N - 4 months ago
Orlando Roebuck
Orlando Roebuck - 5 months ago
I want one. The design is cool. The wedge shape reminds me of a Lamborghini before being chiseled down and refined.
Jakob Miller
Jakob Miller - 5 months ago
I get weird dystopian mad max or blade runner vibes from this truck and I love it.
Gabe theBabe
Gabe theBabe - 5 months ago
I wonder how safe this truck in terms of crumple zones and such, because the things look like a tank and can take a hit but its not worth it if your organs are all sloshed around
David Birkes
David Birkes - 5 months ago
So it's a unibody?
Dashiell Garvin
Dashiell Garvin - 5 months ago
Tesla needs to create like a more rugged car for off-roading and camping with lots of miles and more storage features
Maynard Vannatta
Maynard Vannatta - 5 months ago
It’s more expensive than 1/2 ton trucks with a little more towing capacity and as expensive as 3/4 ton trucks but with less towing capacity. To me it’s not a good deal and if you tow anything your gonna lose a bunch of range unlike gas trucks and diesel trucks.
Stuff Squad
Stuff Squad - 5 months ago
7:32 anyone else think that was funny? (Watched 100 times: still laughing)
Apollo Vanron
Apollo Vanron - 5 months ago
I love it. Not the price.
TJR aka Beatrawstein Blastinghousemedia
Hopefully as soon as I get one.. paint it Black .🤣. Hopefully some kinda way.
Sir D
Sir D - 5 months ago
Does the door open like Tesla X and S or more like model 3?
Solomon Ralpheek
Solomon Ralpheek - 5 months ago
Normal glass would have shattered you moron lol
Soldier505420 eddie
Soldier505420 eddie - 6 months ago
And hope they fix Tesla problem like there other car list of issue
Soldier505420 eddie
Soldier505420 eddie - 6 months ago
And wonder how much it will be to fix cause most people won’t be able to fix anything maybe change a tire lol unless u have electric exp.
Seb C
Seb C - 5 months ago
I would say that fixing a Tesla is more simple than fixing a car with an ICE. Mostly because teslas is build like computers, so its just basic Lego to assemble it.
Soldier505420 eddie
Soldier505420 eddie - 6 months ago
Yea dnt paint the metal which protect it from rust so hope u dnt leave it outside allot lol
xxXTheDestroyerXxx - 6 months ago
Tesla should make a bobble head
Lian- Shrillexioum.
Lian- Shrillexioum. - 6 months ago
This is a good apocalypse car
Chief Grizzy
Chief Grizzy - 6 months ago
misleading title, this was made possible by my sponsor lol
John Bravo
John Bravo - 6 months ago
🇺🇸I really like the Cyber Truck 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ryno van der Merwe
Ryno van der Merwe - 6 months ago
As a South-African, I trust Elon can design a good bakkie
Morris Huang
Morris Huang - 6 months ago
5:47 Avicii!!!!!!!
the backyard junker scientist
To bad if you wanted to carry load of pee rock in the back it would be hard to get them out the groves
LLIOD 96 - 6 months ago
We’ve got a status quo to burn.
- Elon Musk
Michael Irvine
Michael Irvine - 6 months ago
Ahem .... Roof Racks. ? .....Like ... what about roof racks ? 
I can't see how I can put my canoes and kayaks on the top of a pyramid.
Seb C
Seb C - 5 months ago
You can buy/install a roof rack for the cybertruck. There are mounting point not shown in the video.
jean-marc lamothe
jean-marc lamothe - 6 months ago
Weird look but..I want one?
Stephen Fasciani
Stephen Fasciani - 6 months ago
Liquid Crystal Display Display... LCD DISPLAY>>>>>>
Joey Metz
Joey Metz - 6 months ago
100 years ahead in style and performance.
SuperBad - 6 months ago
Dystopia shyte.
LaserFalcon - 6 months ago
Demo fail i believe orchestrated
Joseph Crews
Joseph Crews - 6 months ago
I don’t understand all the hate for the design blahhhh. I need one so bad
Allan Wade
Allan Wade - 7 months ago
Tesla will have the first flying car, then all the highways will have gum trees growing out of them...roll on the future...
And now they have an Aussie running the show...yeh...she will let the world know how we do things over here...go girl...
From The Land Of The Kangaroo:
Syncronizemysynthesis - 7 months ago
It's a truck!! Can't handle the long-range towing heavy loads as the power consumption rate is massive. TFL Truck showed an electric SUV towing only 2000 lbs and it needed charging after an hour and a half. Cannot compair to a piston power vehicle,..like all electric vehicle....no range!! It will never be able to do what a diesel truck can. Sad 😐
Amano Yuuji
Amano Yuuji - 7 months ago
Stamping a stainless steel would cost more to sell like the base 39.9k can go as high as 42k+
Bill Baker
Bill Baker - 7 months ago
Can't wait. Plenty of interior space and no more range anxiety. And finally, no more paint issues!
Undre Drawn
Undre Drawn - 7 months ago
Don't care for it. There are a small handful of new EV trucks on the market or will be hitting the market soon that get great distance on a single charge and actually look like trucks. I'm loving the look of his cars so far and I'm split on the look and functionality of the Model X.
R - 7 months ago
Tesla stock has almost tripled since this truck was unveiled, absolutely insane!
RogueKash50 - 7 months ago
Very good video! Super detailed and answers all my questions!
Adyan’s Bizarre Account
Adyan’s Bizarre Account - 7 months ago
I actually love the design, it reminds me of the Warthog from Halo.
Im 24K
Im 24K - 7 months ago
ł ĐØ₦'₮ ₭₦Ø₩ ₩ⱧɎ ɆVɆⱤɎØ₦Ɇ Ⱨ₳₮Ɇ₴ ł₮, ł₮ ł₴ ₥Ɏ ĐⱤɆ₳₥ ₵₳Ɽ
Vikram Kasinathan
Vikram Kasinathan - 7 months ago
What about self driving? Is it included?
DomDom - 6 months ago
Regular Autopilot comes standard. FSD will cost extra.
jim Engert
jim Engert - 7 months ago
It's just not a work truck.
DomDom - 6 months ago
It’s purely a work truck.
Ben Mitkoff
Ben Mitkoff - 7 months ago
Stop flexing
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz - 7 months ago
I use to think it was ugly, but it grew on me and I’m thinking about putting a preorder on it 👍
Nitish Bansal
Nitish Bansal - 7 months ago
This truck design has written military and commercial applications all over it!!
babyaquino sal
babyaquino sal - 7 months ago
Ooowwss...not a hell...it's so majestic excellent inventions ever...my toy truck..made of wooden is like that...created by my late Father...omg.
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor - 7 months ago
I would paint it matte black
mort low
mort low - 7 months ago
Its the perfect army vehicle: fast, cheap and solid....
HMA Hisham
HMA Hisham - 7 months ago
ok i understand the outside look is to make it strong and without dents but the inside is so boooooring , no decoration what so ever , i don't want to feel depressed every time i drive it , not that its specs aren't amazing but come on , there should be a touch of beauty , we are not robots
HMA Hisham
HMA Hisham - 7 months ago
look at me driving inside my tuna can
Chick Hicks
Chick Hicks - 7 months ago
5:35 pulls ♾
Someone please explain that to me
DomDom - 6 months ago
Towing means that it can for example tow a horse trailer with regular speeds and distance. Pulling basically means that this thing could pull an airplane, just not fast or over long distance,
avada - 7 months ago
Another garbage "truck" that will never be used as a truck...
ROMA - 7 months ago
blah! blah! blah!
awesomeferret - 7 months ago
You are so much more objective and nuanced than MKBHD these days. Thank you for picking up where he left off. Honestly though, pretending that 45k is cheap for a truck is a bit out of touch. Ever notice how most trucks on the road are not brand new? There's something to be said for buying a used truck a few years old for 8 grand and not having to care about getting tiny (or large) scratches or dents on it when you put rocks in the back.
Danny C
Danny C - 7 months ago
Normal people don't understand the design. All engineers will appreciate the design.
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs - 7 months ago
Turns out there’s more to design than just engineering for many people.
Pycanthus De Rossi
Pycanthus De Rossi - 7 months ago
What happens if you have a company and you want this truck used by drivers on 3 shifts, how much downtime for charging? What happens with the battery in winter, does it even have half the autonomy it has in summer time? Why would someone pay the extra money if he wants to use this to make money, not to brag with having a Cybertruck?
Why is it environmentally friendly if the extra electric current needed to power this cars when enough of them will be on the streets will be made using fossil fuels and disposing of the battery's toxic components is a problem in itself?
Pycanthus De Rossi
Pycanthus De Rossi - 7 months ago
Does this thing have crumple zones to absorb the impact of a crash or is it a rigid structure that would be used as a fake safety feature in advertisements?
Pycanthus De Rossi
Pycanthus De Rossi - 7 months ago
When they hit the tesla with the sledgehammer, you can see how he goes much slower and even pulls back just before the hit.
DavVicSie - 7 months ago
That was great! Thanks for the video.
reefbreaksurfer - 7 months ago
how do I put my surfboards on the roof?
russell UK
russell UK - 7 months ago
70 mph on LA city street??? - should you be saying this?
charlesjmcdaniel - 7 months ago
Love it, will buy one as long as it will tow my bass boat, long live Elon, finally someone who is not afraid to step into the future.
The Boeing Kid
The Boeing Kid - 7 months ago
Me: *makes fun of Cybertruck
Also me: this is an excellent vehicle
E Hop
E Hop - 6 months ago
When new technology comes out that I think is weird at first, but then consider the real utility, I think of one of my heroes. "TOM PUT ALL MY RECORDS INTO THIS RECTANGLE! This is an excellent rectangle!" -Ron Swanson
michael francis
michael francis - 7 months ago
I'm more interested in it's performance, how does it do in 4ft of snow, or how well will it track in deep mud, in the hills or flats?
Arnaud Fortier
Arnaud Fortier - 7 months ago
Shut up and take my money 💰🤤thanks
jr harlow
jr harlow - 7 months ago
Towing compared to diesel trucks with 8ft beds ummm missed that one, where did the info come from? Squats when accelerating, it sounds like rear wheel drive I'm just guessing
Red Robot
Red Robot - 7 months ago
Next thing you know Honda figures out a way to make a car that is a sport car with have those types of doors that come out, fold them seats to make more room and a design which has an eye catch to it.
Bills Johansen
Bills Johansen - 7 months ago
Garbage Knight
Garbage Knight - 7 months ago
i like it, wish i could afford it.
Senori Tae12
Senori Tae12 - 7 months ago
Prince - 7 months ago
Most thorough review I’ve come across. I preordered the standard base model.
SandW6384 - 8 months ago
sherzoid - 8 months ago
it'll be the coolest car ever
Maga - 8 months ago
TüV sagt nein
Terry Keep
Terry Keep - 8 months ago
Love it. Ordered one!
RAPPEDup - 8 months ago
It’s beautiful and amazing and cool NOT ugly
T W - 8 months ago
insurance costs will be too high for the avg middle class or less person
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