Alessia Cara - Not Today

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regina jones
regina jones - 7 hours ago
2:11 definitely would be me! 😂
Mariaaa! - 7 hours ago
This video is just one big mood.
π先生 - 8 hours ago
Danne XD
Danne XD - 8 hours ago
I love all your music Alessia, you're a Queen 😘💛
단야 - 8 hours ago
Her voice is amazing ❤
Julia Fernanda
Julia Fernanda - 9 hours ago
Julia Fernanda
Julia Fernanda - 9 hours ago
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews - 9 hours ago
I wish i could make good music like this
waiting for you anpanman
waiting for you anpanman - 10 hours ago
HEY BAEPSAEDEURA DA HANDS UP- oh wait wrong Not Today
Brian Westlake
Brian Westlake - 10 hours ago
Thank you, and your welcome good luck it gets easier in my opinion.
Ruby Red
Ruby Red - 15 hours ago
why doesn't this pas on the radio...
Natalia Khan
Natalia Khan - 17 hours ago
The words are taken from my heart!
Shamar Brown
Shamar Brown - Day ago
She's beautiful and this song is to great😘
Bacta Work
Bacta Work - Day ago
Anyone who doesn't like this is a NAZI!
Corey Smith
Corey Smith - Day ago
Corey Smith
Corey Smith - Day ago
Corey Smith
Corey Smith - Day ago
Neala Ortega
Neala Ortega - Day ago
[Verse 1]
Someday I won't be afraid of my head
Someday I will not be chained to my bed
Someday I’ll forget the day he left
But surely not today
One day I won't need a PhD
To sit me down and tell me what it all means
Maybe one day it'll be a breeze, ah
But surely not today, but surely not today
Oh, you don’t know what sadness means
'Til you're too sad to fall asleep
One day I'll be snoozing peacefully
But surely not today, surely not today
[Verse 2]
One day I'll swear the pain will be a blip
I'll have the hardest time recalling it
I'll be the king of misery management
But surely not today
One day that song won't make me cry anymore (Oh no no)
One day I’ll get up off the bathroom floor (Hey, yeah)
Oh, piece by piece I’ll be restored
But surely not today, surely not
Eh, not today
Oh, you don't know what happy means
If it’s only in your dreams
I'll be acquainted with my jollities
But surely not today, yeah, surely not today
Surely not-, surely, surely not-
Surely not-, surely not today
One day the thought of him won't hurt the same
Won't need distractions to get through the day
I guess I hope I’m gonna be okay
'Cause I'm not today
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - Day ago
I hate all these fucking Post divorced or post break up songs that blow up, But I respect the grind
Comelook playlist
Comelook playlist - Day ago
sii today..I burst that thought bubble 😁
TheRaquel2588 - Day ago
Dollar tree jaja
MiLouD Ahmidi
MiLouD Ahmidi - Day ago
Zoggy - Day ago
gay af stupid faggotry song!
Reinaldo Telles
Reinaldo Telles - Day ago
mulherão da Glória
Jimmy D
Jimmy D - Day ago
Gold - Day ago
I love her
Adham Fathi
Adham Fathi - Day ago
This song touch me so much cuz iam in love with someone who don't know my feelings and I am afraid to tell her how much her
BTS Army
BTS Army - 2 days ago
I❤️alessia but any other armys apart from me see this and be like “BTS”!!!!!!
Apenas um Canal
Apenas um Canal - 2 days ago
Surely not today
Laurie Burke
Laurie Burke - 2 days ago
its so simple but sooooo effective!!
Ghalbane Khadija
Ghalbane Khadija - 2 days ago
not today
Mariane Souza
Mariane Souza - 2 days ago
Minha música
Poison ivy
Poison ivy - 2 days ago
anyone else reminded of bts not today?
or is it just me?

ok its just me
DANIEL FANNY - 3 days ago
maybe one day i might no longer be a alessia fan but surely... NOT TODAY#SKYLER;S DESTINY
Cornelius Charles
Cornelius Charles - 3 days ago
So fucking relatable
Ariana Skinny Legend
Ariana Skinny Legend - 3 days ago
You are the only artist that I relate to! Like I love Ariana a lot and she is my top fav artist but you have something in the way to write and express yourself that I can relate to.....
Camile VITÓRIA - 3 days ago
i can relate to this in a level i didnt even know i could, thank you for making this song, its wonderful
Víctor Arribas Martinez
most underated video-song of this year. Incredible music, lyrics and visuals!
Legolas Gets It
Legolas Gets It - 3 days ago
I adore your music!!
Nina Bogart
Nina Bogart - 3 days ago
Su musica, te hace sentir en calma, y sientes que alguien esta pasando por los mismos problemas que tu.❤
Annoyingmous - 3 days ago
Roses are red underrated songs playlist?
Hamilton mixtape lover
Hamilton mixtape lover - 3 days ago
Y she sooo sad
Healer Hmar
Healer Hmar - 4 days ago
I love these , these is so real 😭😭😭😭
Shantelle C
Shantelle C - 4 days ago
why is Alessia Cara still underrated??? Her songs are so inspiring and she deserves more views on her vids
~ Shantelle 2069
C Thomas
C Thomas - 4 days ago
Not Today Satan!
Barbara Evans
Barbara Evans - 4 days ago
James Ntuli
James Ntuli - 4 days ago
Dear Alessia Cara ,
I just love your music it really is inspiring to listen to your songs .
(I know you won't see this) But you're my inspiration. 💜
Kira Tale Gacha
Kira Tale Gacha - 4 days ago
You’re the master of music! Your voice is too good! I literally think that you’re one of my favorite singers
AkaSeras - 4 days ago
This makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time because I feel like this all the time not just after a breakup.
Razzan Sehar
Razzan Sehar - 4 days ago
She’s still underrated
•I'mTrabz - JK.
•I'mTrabz - JK. - 5 days ago
*Na na tudei :v*
Bri an
Bri an - 5 days ago
❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏 very nice
LeeJayce Howard
LeeJayce Howard - 5 days ago
i really love this girl music man its so crazy
Pug Life
Pug Life - 5 days ago
She stole the title of bts NOT TODAY wow not nice job her 2018 BTS 2017
Pepper Productions
Pepper Productions - 4 days ago
Pug Life shut up
Alien Demon Cat
Alien Demon Cat - 5 days ago
2:03 doesn’t it look like the puzzle is made to have a figure of her holding her head
PAVAROTI SALINO 13 - 5 days ago
PAVAROTI SALINO 13 - 5 days ago
I've been listening to you for years now. Wow just awesome your style Thank you. Do you enough spoken word.
Chiamaka Nora
Chiamaka Nora - 5 days ago
So nice
Shar T_1
Shar T_1 - 5 days ago
Whoever broke Alessia's heart, she did not deserve it.
Nobody deserves to have their heart broken.
Samantha Foley
Samantha Foley - 5 days ago
so much love for this song and this album! you did amazing!!
Talia Seays
Talia Seays - 5 days ago
Alessia. Is. Petty. 👀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. All she. 🎵😁
Malu Okram
Malu Okram - 5 days ago
One day I will be Mentally stable but surely not today
Malu Okram
Malu Okram - 5 days ago
One day I will be happy but surely not today.
Gehendra Dhakal
Gehendra Dhakal - 5 days ago
I am bit confused how she know what i am going through, most of the song lyrics resemble to my life story. I am in ❤ with Alessia Cara. ❤ u lot and thanx girl
Ifeanyi Victor
Ifeanyi Victor - 5 days ago
ivy great singer in hiding
I love your voice
Wesley Meredith
Wesley Meredith - 6 days ago
I’m in love❤️😩
Elinor Bidgilin
Elinor Bidgilin - 6 days ago
You r freaking killed it.
That is so good , and I love the lyrics. Love you 👑❤
linford nyathi
linford nyathi - 6 days ago
Your music heals babe continue flourishing ILY Alessia
Phuny Pheedbax
Phuny Pheedbax - 6 days ago
I got my music on rerun. Woman trying to attain freedom. We attain deep love.  I got people in sing above. She throws her ring custom. Woman hate me upfront even though people need some drums. Love bleeds blood plus emotions have a man on a lifeline. Woman kill us before the right time. People hate us on the blindside. I don't know what she sees inside my eyes. All feelings lost in our time. Love electrify me as I take strikes about to die. I hope you throw my music over my grave. I remember her name. What's love without us? I hope trust me when love gets tough. I hope she snipes me to end my life. I hope a bullet will make love cry when I die. Man and wife my funeral design. I will let my love decline. I hope you kill me with a device because woman never relize love they deny. When love replies, Angels fly.  The prize of secrets woman shine. I hope your special enough to catch emotions inside. Love letters and pressure when woman are a real treasure. Man faces love kept censored. Love is only forever if claimed by faith. Woman break my face as my time fades. My bodybag will hide like a briefcase. My music on replay because your mind delay. I hope hate catch a grenade. I drink Gatorade. Even if I die, the microphone and my sound will stay alive. Love in your mind. I am sorry I couldn't be a better man. Blood from my arteries fall from my hand. I am alway slapped by woman I am used to it. You could hear her in my music. Woman want to be famous. Man loosing patience. Love needs changes. Love is dangerous. The audience chases my music with relizing phases. This is my real life and situations. I will let the people see pain in this picture I painted. You take my love for granted. I take hit from gadgets. Woman kill me over passion. Man in a casket. Time passes. A lost woman reaction. It's tragic to see woman kill a guys love before we become magic. People are always looking for that hope. I rather take bullets into my skull when woman lose control on trying to find her own soul. I know people take photos. I rather be solo because woman take my love for granted so cold. The world in slow mo because they never had females trying to kill them when love unfolds.  Man upholds the damage. Woman think true love forever lasted. When you pass this thought in my finish, the entire image was love from the opposite vision. I mean male and female collide at unexpected times. People hate my uneffective rhymes. Love is all hate intill somebody dies. People are all fake when I am alive. I hope y'all kill me for your benefits. This is evidence. Love kills. My blood spills. People will riot me real. I will say intill people go on loves battlefield people will fill my ammo still. That last bullet that kills me real. I hope people throw music over my tombstone. If people really knew gold, I hope you let the youth told my story you know. Life is messed up intill you die. I hope you stick a knife into my spine because you couldn't hold the weight of my love even when I was alive. Goodbye!
Jessy Guyette
Jessy Guyette - 6 days ago
This is such a real and amazing song...much love
divine.feminine777 - 6 days ago
These lyrics are very relatable.
Unicorn Barf
Unicorn Barf - 6 days ago
Her voice
Estefany Suárez
Estefany Suárez - 6 days ago
Elif Okumus
Elif Okumus - 6 days ago
maybe someday i'll stop listening to Alessia Cara...but surely not today

...or anytime soon
2708 LLC
2708 LLC - 13 hours ago
Bianca LaSalle
Bianca LaSalle - 5 days ago
Or ever. Who knows
Emily Worel
Emily Worel - 6 days ago
Ima see you one day,
Makayla Solomon
Makayla Solomon - 6 days ago
Shout out to all my Cancers
Lily K
Lily K - 6 days ago
real music with real meaning, don’t know what i’d do with out alessia.
Rushali Desai
Rushali Desai - 6 days ago
Why does this video have only 2 million views it should have 200m
kamal kumar
kamal kumar - 6 days ago
joe pio
joe pio - 6 days ago
Pierra B
Pierra B - 6 days ago
Every album is heaven to SENT TO MY ears💙💙💙
mia lohan
mia lohan - 6 days ago
can't wait to see kaycee and sean dancing to this 😍😍
Gerrix Junior Oxiano
Gerrix Junior Oxiano - 6 days ago
She deserves to be on top 1
unicornlover lover
unicornlover lover - 6 days ago
love you you're amazing😍💕😘
jennybobeeny - 7 days ago
This song deserves more recognition
Kelicia Johnson
Kelicia Johnson - 7 days ago
Can y'all not make a reference of BTS to this song? It's really meaningful and other songs have same titles. Sighs
Lucca Lourencini
Lucca Lourencini - 7 days ago
Totally relatable - 7 days ago
Her voice is already so perfect I wish they didnt retouch it in post editing, i know its how it's done but the cracks and peaks make it real
Eliana Spizzirri
Eliana Spizzirri - 7 days ago
check out pussy gangs first single!! “GANG” instagram/SoundCloud:@pxssygang
Unboxing News
Unboxing News - 7 days ago
Gladddd to have u again😍😍
Roz Giselle
Roz Giselle - 7 days ago
y does this give me old sia's music vibes.
Noah Brown
Noah Brown - 7 days ago
Is that really your house🙋🏾
Charlene Moody
Charlene Moody - 7 days ago
Very versatile & free spirited a big far every song is 🔥 🔥
S a d n e s s
S a d n e s s - 7 days ago
This is trash
Lady Brøwn
Lady Brøwn - 7 days ago
Scarlett vcq
Scarlett vcq - 7 days ago
Just give her another grammy
Riea Davis
Riea Davis - 7 days ago
Definitely felt this 🥵💗
Tsetsi - 7 days ago
Dang, that's a lot of makeup!
Sarah Everhart
Sarah Everhart - 7 days ago
So minus the boy part this song describes depression and anxiety perfectly 🤞😘💋😍❤️
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