Thomas Lin
Thomas Lin - 3 hours ago
Wait I’m confuse now, isn’t pescado like a fish that’s already dead or cooked? A live fish should pescar right? Can any Spanish speakers here help me with this?
ElLobus - 5 hours ago
I liked this video. Greetings from Mexico
Maria Ines Pedreira
Maria Ines Pedreira - 6 hours ago
Aguante uruguay carajo
danny vera
danny vera - 7 hours ago
Yo soy español
Life with Mason
Life with Mason - 13 hours ago
Je ne parle pas l’espagnol, je parle le français et l’anglais, mais c’était une bonne vidéo!
Irene 02
Irene 02 - 13 hours ago
I just can't stop thinking about gloria from modern family when she speaks
Angelica Chavenia
Angelica Chavenia - 15 hours ago
Here in Philippines we speak many spanish words
glenda bagley
glenda bagley - 22 hours ago
que suidad es mama bee
Sors - Day ago
1:41 when you add (a) is for a place, like where are you going? "A" dónde vas
tomasfreeman Демонетизация
Speak Italian next
Gooser - Day ago
They are an important part of YouTube :)
Swirling Fizz
Swirling Fizz - Day ago
I don’t even know a lot of Spanish 😆
Mafe Correia
Mafe Correia - Day ago
Agora da pra ter uma noção do que ela tá falando kkkkk
Andres Caceres
Andres Caceres - Day ago
Tiene caca en el mentón el niño :v
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez - Day ago
Su español es mas fácil de entender que el parchís.
YourTrueHijabi - Day ago
Guys .. I know so many Spanish words, I know how to form sentences and conjugate infinitive..
So how do I improve this? :)
Locoporelfutbol Futbol
Uruguay the best countr
Locoporelfutbol Futbol
Y si tenía q ser uruguaya una genia
Daphne Paoleen Soriano
Spanish is like Tagalog is the language of Filipino
Felicia TheGamer
Felicia TheGamer - Day ago
qué me gusta te quiero?
Aureo Candare
Aureo Candare - Day ago
Do French!!!!
El MeKo :V
El MeKo :V - 2 days ago
4:07 those are from Mexico
4:10 and those too
Mestark - 2 days ago
Samir Ribera
Samir Ribera - 2 days ago
*Boca yo te amo starts playing*
sniper pro
sniper pro - 2 days ago
Sono italiano
Derek Hoxto
Derek Hoxto - 2 days ago
Buen video
Junkoud - 3 days ago
Soy Haitiano vivo en chile hace dos años
Yo entiendo cuando hablan francés,español,y inglés
Hillary Yau
Hillary Yau - 3 days ago
I am a Chinese girl who is born and raised in Canada 🇨🇦 and I can understand Spanish since I learned it here in Panama since I first got here and I’m half fluent in it
Alex H.
Alex H. - 3 days ago
Oh my God my mom is from Uruguay too!!! I also love the food from there, haven't been back in a while!!
Holaquenohace - Roblox
Holaquenohace - Roblox - 3 days ago
no tengo i la menor idea de como llegue aqui :v
Si tu t’appelles Vincent Tu seras béni
Please speak french
Jules Rules
Jules Rules - 3 days ago
Miss bee look just like charli damelio
Чилийский герой
Between the Chilean and Uruguayan picardy you do wonders or not almost 9 million where else. They made her big family hugging.
Entre la picardia Chilena y Uruguaya te hacen maravillas o no casi 9 millones de donde mas. La hicieron gran familia abrazos.
Leo The Tuber
Leo The Tuber - 4 days ago
I’am half Mexican and Texan
Super Bot
Super Bot - 4 days ago
Your kid:what in the world is happening
Whatever Whatever
Whatever Whatever - 5 days ago
I love being able to speak Spanish
SARAI KITTY - 5 days ago
La señora habla argentina
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel - 5 days ago
How’s possible that she didn’t teach em Spanish !! Even if u r American knowing a second language is a must ! No puedo creerlo !, yo también soy de US pero se 4 idiomas (ruso e italiano) . No podemos quedarnos en el limbo y creer que por ser americanos no debemos saber otros idiomas while people from
Other countries know 2 or more languages !
Mark Lance
Mark Lance - 5 days ago
I want momma bee😍
Hunter G
Hunter G - 5 days ago
Wtf is on that kid’s face
Gisell Correa
Gisell Correa - 5 days ago
Algo que jamás entendí es xq cuando hacen videos preguntándole a la gente cuanto saben de ingles si no saben nda se ríen o se burlan pero con los ingleses es lo contrario solo se ríen. Cm si el español fuese un idioma estupido que no hay que estudiar que bronca me da
Ευτυχία !!!
Ευτυχία !!! - 5 days ago
You realize that you have grown when all youtube has grown with you😐
Carlos Velasco
Carlos Velasco - 5 days ago
De Uruguay? :0
Zander Lee
Zander Lee - 5 days ago
LOL this is like modern family 🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣
Jose Tomás Acuña
Jose Tomás Acuña - 5 days ago
I’m from chileeee!!!!!!🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱
gamerxgamer 2
gamerxgamer 2 - 5 days ago
Mi mama me dijo eso 2:34
Emicorn - 5 days ago
Hey the bright side everone learned some spanish
Jada's Gacha Life
Jada's Gacha Life - 5 days ago
Who else saw gabby behind their parents at the end 😂
nusaiba nusaiba Hossain Raya
I learnt to speak four and a half languages when I was 10.
lucasm - 5 days ago
cuando los niños dicen empañadas :V
Elvis Natal
Elvis Natal - 5 days ago
Y solo tengo 9 años, una niña pequeña.
Elvis Natal
Elvis Natal - 5 days ago
Sé hablar español solo un poco, pero estoy usando el traductor de Google y, como si alguien estuviera viendo en 2020.
Trung Mach
Trung Mach - 5 days ago
Did u see the girl behind their mums and dad at 10:04 (sorry I have only started watching your vids recently so I don’t know much)
Dark Circle
Dark Circle - 6 days ago
So everyone is a gringo but the mom
Nathaly Segovia Lagos
Nathaly Segovia Lagos - 6 days ago
Holaaa ,q tal chicos???♥️🇵🇪
Creative L.N.L
Creative L.N.L - 6 days ago
When me and my siblings were growing up, we only knew English, my parents are Mexican and so is my background, they only spoke English to us because they felt comfortable, my dad's side and my mom's side of the family were upset because they realized that me and my siblings didn't know how to speak spanish, I've been trying to learn Spanish ever since I was 10, now I'm 13 and now I know how to speak Spanish because of "Doulingo," the only thing I'm struggling on is saying big words. My parents don't know that I can speak Spanish now, the only time I speak Spanish is when my parents aren't around, to my friends, or when we go to Guanajuato to visit family but again, not around my parents because I'm shy and not confident enough😅 but I'll get there😁😂👍
l-T4AL4DR0-l - 6 days ago
no entiendo nada amigo
Darío Saviotti
Darío Saviotti - 6 days ago
Hahah es uruguaya!! ✌😅
prophet 47
prophet 47 - 6 days ago
No sé si solo soy yo pero aveces suena como venezolana
Mauro ObSon
Mauro ObSon - 6 days ago
1:15 jajaja eso fue muy gracioso...
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