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AntsCanada - 11 days ago
Hi AC Family, sorry for the late video again this week! It's been a mission to put this week's episode together, but I am thrilled to be able to show you guys this Wonderland for Ant Lovers - Antstore Berlin! It was amazing to chat with Marten about ant keeping and explore the ants they have! Which of the ant colonies did you like? I was inspired with new ideas for our ants in the Antiverse! Be sure to hit the LIKE button, if you enjoyed this week's episode, SHARE it with your friends, leave me a COMMENT, and of course SUBSCRIBE to this channel (hit the BELL for notifications) to join the AC Family! We're over 3 Million ant lovers strong, guys! Ant love forever!
Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez - 4 days ago
Quality over quantity. This was a great update
chamillion questions
chamillion questions - 4 days ago
What is happening with the chameleon
Pawel Szczepaniak
Pawel Szczepaniak - 5 days ago
Hi I love your channel it is any chance we can meet i am on holiday in Philippines
cringy gingy
cringy gingy - 5 days ago
It's fine you can take all the time you need
Augustine Jackson
Augustine Jackson - 6 days ago
I want the termites to come back
RLMAA Un - 7 hours ago
RLMAA Un - 8 hours ago
Tobit amaze
Tobit amaze - 10 hours ago
WOW THATS SO COOL I LOVE IT!! make More please
Where is the Antstores I wanna buy
TriHard - 14 hours ago
5:57 wtf? He said the n word.
Special_Bread - 16 hours ago
I love ants, I love Ants Canada, but you gotta admit people who keep ants look like ants.
Tanner Harvey
Tanner Harvey - Day ago
This was SUCH an interesting episode. It's always worth the wait Mikey. :)
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey - Day ago
Mewtu 51
Mewtu 51 - Day ago
Wait- Why didn't i know that there is an ant store in Berlin?!
I'm not living so far from Berlin... I should get there as soon as possible :3
The Wandering Rambler
Well when we Germans do something, we do it good and efficiently.
Krzysztof Słabon
Krzysztof Słabon - Day ago
I just catch my first Lasius Niger in Poland (we call them here Hurtnica Pospolita). I can't wait for first workers, and how will my first colony grow :)
Cisneros H
Cisneros H - Day ago
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Step 3. Enjoy!
ANTSTORE: World of Ants | An Ant Lover's Wonderland
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When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.
DraconiteDragon PE
DraconiteDragon PE - Day ago
I have a question are you a filipino? Pls heart the comment if you are cause I am
crazygame crafter
crazygame crafter - Day ago
get leafcutters?
WAR*SIGIL - Day ago
Have you ever watch zefrank1 about ant mutualism? Its funny trust me, you'll laugh very hard!
Roxanne Wilson
Roxanne Wilson - Day ago
how do i choose what species of ant to try and find when you have a lot of species native to your area? i live in KS and the list of Native species is so long i don't know where to begin.
Luis G.
Luis G. - Day ago
hehehe lmao he said niger
DaReal Vit0
DaReal Vit0 - 2 days ago
Lambo Tango
Lambo Tango - 2 days ago
Goes to the ant shop just to realise it’s his room
Gavatron80 bemongo
Gavatron80 bemongo - 2 days ago
u should use that leaf cutter ant idea for the fire nation
Gabs' Ameisen
Gabs' Ameisen - 2 days ago
Great Video!
One day, I will get there too... living in the same country Antstore ist located in should help, I guess...
The Pixel Key
The Pixel Key - 2 days ago
I actually got here from pouring molten aluminum in an ant hill
koekyfloekyboe official channel
From watching millions of ants die, to seeing someone own millions of ants must be a weird turn for you're day
Sid B
Sid B - 2 days ago
You speak as if you’re always constipated
Entranced Optics
Entranced Optics - 2 days ago
My favorite videos are the ones in which you make unique setups for each ant species that looks like its own miniature world for the ants, in which it is very clear that careful thought is being put into maintaining interspecies mingling, plants and foliage, security, population regulation, and it's all done naturally. For me, personally, I love it when you go into detail about every little creature you add into your ants colonies, from frogs to fish to plants and so on. Learning about why these different things fit together in a miniature world is interesting to me. It's a crazy wild and interesting concept you don't see anywhere else. Perhaps if you were to do it, a way to go about it is to build it underneath the miniature world, as if it were an extension of the underground, so your ants could nest deep below the surface there and pop up to scavenge in the miniature world as an outworld.
Vincetrucker - 2 days ago
I have three lasius Niger colonies in my Garden in germany
Eric M
Eric M - 2 days ago
I like both kinds of set ups but my favorite are when you have water creatures and ants :)
Ed Wilson
Ed Wilson - 2 days ago
just add a tube to your out world. connect it to a glass formicarium. 2 birds stoned at once.
Sophia chath
Sophia chath - 2 days ago
😀 What a great video.
xochitl silva
xochitl silva - 2 days ago
Get leaf cuter ants
Taastyy - 2 days ago
Jemand Deutsches hier? xD
Clash King
Clash King - 3 days ago
Heavy Fate
Heavy Fate - 3 days ago
Why not both let them choose it’s kinda like living in a mansion with lost of land and being kicked out and living in a trashy trailer
Elmer Balota
Elmer Balota - 3 days ago
...Ants in Berlin...
Oh my god, The prophecy is true, Look out for the Antzies
Brian Yach
Brian Yach - 3 days ago
Couldn't you have two colonies of one or more of the same species of ant. One setup where you can see inside the nest and the other setup just done as you normally keep them?
Ronin Nic
Ronin Nic - 3 days ago
I like your terrariums, it adds to the stories you tell.
Ed Tolleson Jr
Ed Tolleson Jr - 3 days ago
I think his reasoning for keeping non-native species was well thought out and very professional and also the reason he doesn't sell the more invasive species. Overall, the ant store was very awesome and impressive. My favorite ant keeper is still Mikey Bustos and #antscanada
Briony Hall
Briony Hall - 3 days ago
I think that, if you live in areas probe to earthquakes/tornados/etc then you should only have native ants.
CrypticSnow - 3 days ago
i thought the leaf cutter ant was pretty amazing. That fungus garden they made though, 10/10.
Jesse Chavez
Jesse Chavez - 3 days ago
Amazing..... leaf cutter ants are amazingly smart
The Great BOI
The Great BOI - 3 days ago
"Hey who else wants to go to the ANT store"
Jesse Haines
Jesse Haines - 3 days ago
Man I just got to say I’m not a huge ant buff but you sure know how to captivate an audience! Awesome channel and content. Thanks for sharing your passion.
TheJericho1123 - 3 days ago
fire your camera guy.
dangerkatz - 3 days ago
Two of my coworkers & I took time during our break to admire some queens that had just touched down in the parking lot at our job. Its great to see the ant love continue throughout the world.
Mark N.
Mark N. - 3 days ago
“I sell ants and ant accessories!”
Mark N.
Mark N. - 3 days ago
Is antscanada single?
Satori-kun - 3 days ago
I'm baffled how poorly he speaks english, he looks not so old. For you non germans: english teaching in germany back then was actually pretty bad so despite the fact that everyone had english in school most of them can't form even easy coherent sentences. I think the millennials are the first generation who overall are fluent in english, but he looks like he is in his 30s and he runs a business which operates internationally, he should be able to speak English better.
Especially the part starts at 14:36 make me cringe, it's not that hard dude please try harder to pronunciate the words correctly °~°
Amazing Gamer
Amazing Gamer - 3 days ago
They live in harmony unlike we do, we need to change that
Wolfy Bear
Wolfy Bear - 4 days ago
If i was to have ants as pets i would have ones that can't climb glass
IcedNinja - 4 days ago
Dieser typ8svje deutsch englosche akzent
jackylovescar - 4 days ago
i like weaver ant because they were orange cause i like orange
TheMarloupi - 4 days ago
Hey, please use a steadycam setup for interviews, i felt the shaking, in the beginning, really unpleasant..
Also Great Video,
and Ant Love from Germany!
mary dorothy prestoza
mary dorothy prestoza - 4 days ago
wow thahts mikey bustos
Marysol Deeley
Marysol Deeley - 4 days ago
Amazing! Thank you for this!
Therese Paula Cantor
Therese Paula Cantor - 4 days ago
ANOOO???!!! why is it only know that ants canada is mikey bustos 😓😭😬
Shin Chan
Shin Chan - 4 days ago
Lasius Niger. Here in Cologne (Germany) I've my Queen Ashara indoor and also in my garden a huge colony. I love to see them figting wasps, to defend their honeywater and the meat I give them.
LookCloser - 4 days ago
Hello antscanada! I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to keep and care for ants. I am 12 years old and have had a fascination with ants for my whole life, but until about half a year ago, keeping them was only a fantasy. Around that time, I first saw your channel and it opened my eyes to a new world. And since then, I have bought a hybrid nest gear pack and am now caring for 3 young, happy, healthy ant colonies. You have changed my life, and opened my eyes to a world I thought I would never see. You are an inspiration to everyone in the world to care for life, and appreciate its miracles and beauty. Thank you!
Ant love forever! ❤️🐜❤️
lordbores22 - 4 days ago
I wish I could name a ant colony I love your channel
cool kid
cool kid - 4 days ago
that lasius ants colleny is tiny in europe on my back ally there all uder the wall wich is about 12 foot there not poisonious and cant bite threw skin i fed the a live daddy longlegs and they all stretched each limb then 1 ant stated biting its head
Sten Stabo
Sten Stabo - 4 days ago
Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez - 4 days ago
I love these videos. Thank you for showcasing the lives of these amazing animals. Since some ants are photosensitive, I think it would be awesome to have a clear border for the underground that you could keep covered during the day, but open up when you wanted to see what they were doing in low-light conditions. I wish we could follow one ant in each colony throughout their day too.
alfredo cervantes
alfredo cervantes - 4 days ago
hey antscanada maybe you can do a tutorial how to start a ant youtube channel
Relics Gaming
Relics Gaming - 4 days ago
This ants looks like the ant nest that I moved my chair after years and I found a colony of them both larvae and pupae. But the queen escaped
palacio amer
palacio amer - 4 days ago
palacio amer
palacio amer - 4 days ago
I hope you ant leaf cutter ant i love those ants
Hamster Squeakery
Hamster Squeakery - 4 days ago
I just watched a few vids and realized having ants is like having a hamster. Make sure they don’t escape , make sure they have food and water , and they have cages and burrows
HamJokes - 4 days ago
Coulten D'Arnall
Coulten D'Arnall - 4 days ago
I prefer to see ants in a bio-active terrarium, or palludarium/vivarium. (which ever one you call them)
Bean W
Bean W - 4 days ago
I love how ~DRAMATIC~ everything has to be in the antiverse
LB Sonic
LB Sonic - 4 days ago
Antman into the antverse
Lewis Moore
Lewis Moore - 4 days ago
Alejandra Juarez
Alejandra Juarez - 4 days ago
i loveeeeeeeeee your videos
Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross - 4 days ago
Does anyone know if tetramorium queens can make more queen alaits and then the males mate in the nest? Like European fire ants
Bean W
Bean W - 4 days ago
not a clue
Demistr - 4 days ago
I dont even like ants that much but i am still watching these....
Killian Caprice
Killian Caprice - 4 days ago
logen619 - 4 days ago
his english was so bad damn haha
Bean W
Bean W - 4 days ago
not funny
Tolo games
Tolo games - 4 days ago
We don't have ants where i live
Tolo games
Tolo games - 4 days ago
@Bean W well maybe its better having no ants where i live guess i will never know
Bean W
Bean W - 4 days ago
is it heaven? (sorry I'm allergic to a lot of ant species, but they really are incredible creatures)
Backonja - 4 days ago
My condolences.
Unpopular Games
Unpopular Games - 4 days ago
Keep it
Issac Lin
Issac Lin - 5 days ago
And Camila
daniel 12345
daniel 12345 - 5 days ago
So you live in Canada but your from the Philippines
MrFanboy24 - 3 days ago
Other way around.
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