Luh Kel - Y.O.U. (Official Music Video)

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Luh Kel
Luh Kel - 7 months ago
where should I tour next? Comment your city📍
Audrey Berko
Audrey Berko - Month ago
New Jersey
Eddie Ruiz
Eddie Ruiz - 2 months ago
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ethan - 2 months ago
Laray Chavez
Laray Chavez - 3 months ago
😀Thank you
Asahel Ibarra
Asahel Ibarra - 4 months ago
Oxnard, California
Jessica Flores
Jessica Flores - 55 minutes ago
this song be hittin different no cap👣
angvee 09
angvee 09 - 3 hours ago
angvee 09
angvee 09 - 3 hours ago
O lov
angvee 09
angvee 09 - 3 hours ago
love you voice
andrew gordon
andrew gordon - 4 hours ago
Dx I'm x axxmxmk and I'm d,$$$$$$$$$$%$$%$$$$$$$$%$$‰%%%%
Genuinely96 Roro
Genuinely96 Roro - 6 hours ago
Jar'Mani Smith
Jar'Mani Smith - 6 hours ago
WR_ clixzy
WR_ clixzy - 10 hours ago
7 mouths later
World: simp
Kids: ye
Jineen Muhanna
Jineen Muhanna - 11 hours ago
new jersey
Alayna Scott
Alayna Scott - 12 hours ago
Orangeburg Sc.
Haden Keith
Haden Keith - 12 hours ago
Haden Keith
Haden Keith - 12 hours ago
this song is good
Natalie Grimaldo
Natalie Grimaldo - 14 hours ago
those used to be the clicks cheerleaders jocks nerds now its mexicans black white and asians
David Danso
David Danso - 15 hours ago
Bittu Biebz Dutta
Bittu Biebz Dutta - 16 hours ago
Rebeka Mawemuko
Rebeka Mawemuko - 16 hours ago
Lynn MA
Bilal Tucker
Bilal Tucker - 17 hours ago
Twiggy Makitla
Twiggy Makitla - 19 hours ago on the comment section for likes
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez - Day ago
who is watching this in quar
dominic1230 - Day ago
every one sub to my channel isaac guzman i only have 11 there should be to 10ish kids for the vids
Jalisa Winston
Jalisa Winston - Day ago
Nico Pacheco
Nico Pacheco - Day ago
This is fire
Danesha Cummings
Danesha Cummings - Day ago
I know all your songs and can sing them you need to get to me for reaaaal
Mia Nelson
Mia Nelson - Day ago
is she your grilfrend
Mia Nelson
Mia Nelson - Day ago
so cut
LaDonna Reese
LaDonna Reese - Day ago
He has great videographers and producers behind his music videos 🔥 destined for greatness
yo nisch
yo nisch - 2 days ago 🛑🛑🛑 Likes commentaire
Editz TV
Editz TV - 2 days ago
No cap this is the stuff right here
Mikayla Whatley
Mikayla Whatley - 2 days ago
BBEJ Vlogs
BBEJ Vlogs - 2 days ago
It’s stuck in my head
teyvonne gamer
teyvonne gamer - 2 days ago
its super gooo[oood. Not capping
Makando Michael Kuyonisa
Sambyu In Namibia in Africa.... Pull up whatttttttttta
Alante Claxton
Alante Claxton - 2 days ago
For real no cap
Alante Claxton
Alante Claxton - 2 days ago
Apongla Annar
Apongla Annar - 2 days ago
How people dislike his songs yar. His vioce is wow n y guess jealous of him. But me I like it.
it's me Jhandro Montarial
Beautiful song bro♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🙈
Raven Toogood
Raven Toogood - 3 days ago
Epps Fam
Epps Fam - 3 days ago
Is that your girl
Aniyah Thomas
Aniyah Thomas - 3 days ago
Atl luh kel I love this song
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 3 days ago
I can't stop omg I love this song
Kanisha Moore
Kanisha Moore - 3 days ago
ik one thing luh kel is a good dude bc if that white boy pushed me ................
Contrell Reed
Contrell Reed - 3 days ago
My girl cheated on me she was a Golddigger
dad 4123
dad 4123 - 3 days ago
Keep ur head up king
Contrell Reed
Contrell Reed - 3 days ago
Me too
Lissette Guzman
Lissette Guzman - 3 days ago
I love this song 😍
Bell Geeday
Bell Geeday - 3 days ago
Damn, what high school is this!?!
Queen samiyah
Queen samiyah - 4 days ago
Love this boy ❤️💙😍💙😍❤️💙😍😍🤩🌷🌺😀😘😍🤩❤️❤️😍🤩❤️😍💙😍💙😍😍😍🤩💙💙😍💙
Noah S Beaubiah
Noah S Beaubiah - 4 days ago
deez nuts
Cathy Forde
Cathy Forde - 4 days ago
Carolyn Janice
Carolyn Janice - 4 days ago
Love y’all
Badkid Aji
Badkid Aji - 4 days ago
Destiny Williams
Destiny Williams - 4 days ago
Sooo, this isn’t giving anyone else “All American” vibes???
Taronsia Horton
Taronsia Horton - 4 days ago
Favorite song.
Alexis Cassaday
Alexis Cassaday - 4 days ago
i love you
Moustafa Diab
Moustafa Diab - 4 days ago
Sydney, castle hill, 173 excelsior ave is my house lol
B Dur
B Dur - 5 days ago
Your voicr is look like a kofi
But enjoy with your songs too
Godlike Noah
Godlike Noah - 5 days ago
Australia Melbourne
Angela Chappelle
Angela Chappelle - 5 days ago
Y.O.U 👑💖
Cathy colondres
Cathy colondres - 5 days ago
Louise Kollie
Louise Kollie - 5 days ago
Europe 🥰🥰
Marcos Balan
Marcos Balan - 5 days ago
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puleng maragelo
puleng maragelo - 5 days ago
South Africa
puleng maragelo
puleng maragelo - 6 days ago
I can't stop listening to this song
Nana Mamona
Nana Mamona - 6 days ago
Hi omg
sherryc - 6 days ago
i think it should have been him and the quiet girl
Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira - 6 days ago
Chave do bagulho
Vunga - 6 days ago
Stafan Castorena
Stafan Castorena - 6 days ago
the guy in the camero he got jealous that was funny
Stafan Castorena
Stafan Castorena - 6 days ago
The guy to the right i am talking about the guy in the hat
Stafan Castorena
Stafan Castorena - 6 days ago
That guys wright next to Luh Kel in the photo to the right he is funny the way he looked
Stafan Castorena
Stafan Castorena - 6 days ago
Luh Kel did you actually like her?
Alexia Kenton
Alexia Kenton - 6 days ago
Like to see it if yo no add to see if yo
L i t L y r i c s
L i t L y r i c s - 6 days ago
High school is nothin'' like this
Dont give them hope
Janay'sia Henderson
Janay'sia Henderson - 7 days ago
Cincinnati, ohio.
Trppy - 7 days ago
Like if Luh Kel and Lil Tecca should collab
an Lopez
an Lopez - 7 days ago
Kffkadh kboci
Cvkc BBC gfjcy
Isabella Goodlett
Isabella Goodlett - 7 days ago
That bitch aint even that cute to race for foh!!!!
Toochie Marzett
Toochie Marzett - 7 days ago
So sexy
Nazma Mohamed
Nazma Mohamed - 7 days ago
Looney tunes in your area
Luminathi Mpetsheni
Luminathi Mpetsheni - 7 days ago
Ny'asia Neil
Ny'asia Neil - 7 days ago
i like this song and me and my family can not stop listening to it good job Luh Kel
Dorcas Nyawira
Dorcas Nyawira - 7 days ago
Love this song so fucking much 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 can't stop replaying it🥰🥰
Vibe Gamer
Vibe Gamer - 8 days ago
Yo Kel this song is straight heat 🔥 but the haircut ain’t it brotha
Dayani Zeron
Dayani Zeron - 8 days ago
Love Loy♥️
RAYKIELL C.A - 8 days ago
Soy el único que hablo español
Knijah West
Knijah West - 8 days ago
you take all my pain
Ethan Loks
Ethan Loks - 8 days ago
I love your songs wen I am sad I put in and o dance
azaliahp5 Phillip
azaliahp5 Phillip - 8 days ago
Omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯
myzlovelygirl Sammi
myzlovelygirl Sammi - 8 days ago
Shout out to everyone listening to this in 2020
Hugh Russel Sanariz
Hugh Russel Sanariz - 9 days ago
This song is crazy lit 🔥
A'Narria Johnson
A'Narria Johnson - 9 days ago
And dallas tx plz or carrolton tx
A'Narria Johnson
A'Narria Johnson - 9 days ago
# Legacies comment and like if watching
A'Narria Johnson
A'Narria Johnson - 9 days ago
I have a bf and when he plays this song it makes me feel speacial thanks luh kel
Jose VERA - 9 days ago
Alysia Garza
Alysia Garza - 9 days ago
Missing TX
Festival of farts 2
Festival of farts 2 - 10 days ago
Goshen Indiana
Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown - 10 days ago
Levs, 😊💋❤
Neva Miya
Neva Miya - 10 days ago
You would tour my house
pedrinatico sz
pedrinatico sz - 10 days ago
te amo!🤞🏻❤🇧🇷
Giselle Michiyo
Giselle Michiyo - 10 days ago
yassss boii 😭😭✊🏻💓
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