Luh Kel - Y.O.U. (Official Music Video)

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Luh Kel
Luh Kel - 6 days ago
where should I tour next? Comment your city📍
Jabriel Abdille
Jabriel Abdille - 5 days ago
Edmonton alberya canada
Bad Boyb2g music
Bad Boyb2g music - 5 days ago
Luh Kel Wichita ks
Jack Mart
Jack Mart - 5 days ago
Nj union city
Natalie Kurtz
Natalie Kurtz - 5 days ago
@Ariii_ pLaYz ohh that's not that far but it's still far
Britney Cole
Britney Cole - 5 days ago
Houston Texas
Angel Baby 101 love
Angel Baby 101 love - 11 hours ago
He reminds me of Sean Kingston.
Peter Angelo
Peter Angelo - 11 hours ago
The Video doesn't match what I'm hearing, The pacing of the story is off :(
Kaz - 11 hours ago
The one day you’re sick and everything’s lit
kylea cruz
kylea cruz - 11 hours ago
Houston! We love ur music it is fire bro!!
Many Maxking
Many Maxking - 11 hours ago
Luh kel tour brooklyn,new york
Mathias Hansen
Mathias Hansen - 12 hours ago
Jhainella Ribesois
Jhainella Ribesois - 12 hours ago
J. Miller
J. Miller - 12 hours ago
Luh Kel and Swae Lee are the best young artists
Astropuff_liyliy - 12 hours ago
Bruh come to Mississippi
Team Xeco
Team Xeco - 13 hours ago
i live in iraq,kurdistan @Luh Kel
Tiplebaconboy 38
Tiplebaconboy 38 - 13 hours ago
The racing part reminds of the first race in Tokyo drift 😂🤣
Autumn Long
Autumn Long - 13 hours ago
you should come to the school called jh hull middle school
Deemi 501
Deemi 501 - 13 hours ago
That one freestyle that turn into your biggest hit. 💯
Deemi 501
Deemi 501 - 13 hours ago
The only problem is that it ends. ❤️🙌🏽🥺🔐
Yhenten Gyatso bhutia
Yhenten Gyatso bhutia - 15 hours ago
LIL Reach
LIL Reach - 15 hours ago
I love it man
PlayBoii- Jayy
PlayBoii- Jayy - 15 hours ago
It’s all fun and games until the white guy starts _recording_ a music video for *“pumped up kicks”*
Freddie King
Freddie King - 16 hours ago
When iheard the ah ah that had me laughing love music
Juan Perales
Juan Perales - 16 hours ago
who’s here before 100 million views 🤔
Gilbert Blue•skittle
Gilbert Blue•skittle - 16 hours ago
Itz Mais
Itz Mais - 16 hours ago
He’s cuteeee
team of princesse Brook
team of princesse Brook - 16 hours ago
Am needing u
Itz Mais
Itz Mais - 16 hours ago
Mi’kiyn Cacilhas
Mi’kiyn Cacilhas - 17 hours ago
Tyrese Dobbs
Tyrese Dobbs - 17 hours ago
Rochester Ny
Janelle Ruffin
Janelle Ruffin - 18 hours ago
I love love the song
CallMeRaimond - 18 hours ago
Thats the most gayest song i have Ever heard execpt tiktok ones.
Nisha&Me - 18 hours ago
Omgz lol
Berry From the moon
Berry From the moon - 19 hours ago
0:30 rihanna?
Baedin Huth
Baedin Huth - 19 hours ago
I love your music luh kel...💙🙏please reply🙏💙
AFB ALFA - 20 hours ago
Pure talent🔥
Mind meng .
Mind meng . - 20 hours ago
I'm need the you♡
Zanyia Bruton
Zanyia Bruton - 20 hours ago
Luh kel music videos is soooo lit no cap u go luh kel
Ramon Douglas
Ramon Douglas - 20 hours ago
u should’ve shot this in ucity high
Jona-Marie Poppe
Jona-Marie Poppe - 21 hour ago
Omg deam i Love it bro
Mrskillbtw Nelson
Mrskillbtw Nelson - 21 hour ago
I mean if ur tryna come out to Yokota Japan
Elie Rabe
Elie Rabe - 21 hour ago
Good job bro
Elie Rabe
Elie Rabe - 21 hour ago
France Toulouse brooo
Hello-its Me
Hello-its Me - 21 hour ago
Is this what light skin sounds like
A 007PIXIESTICK - 22 hours ago
I kinda forget luh kel exists. Then YouTube pops him in my recommended?
S I C K - 22 hours ago
0:29 who's dat hoodie girl
Daevonna Smith
Daevonna Smith - 23 hours ago
Look at my boyfriend ❤️
Winnie da pooo
Winnie da pooo - 23 hours ago
Hsin Hua
Hsin Hua - 23 hours ago
Liltjay v2
YummyMemes69 - 23 hours ago
Brenden Cooper
Brenden Cooper - 23 hours ago
Nevada Las Vegas
Trxgic Clan
Trxgic Clan - 23 hours ago
Jerel Asuncion
Jerel Asuncion - 23 hours ago
been waiting for this song to drop for like 3 months
NightMare 357
NightMare 357 - Day ago
@Luh Kel. Your next tour should be in Seattle🔥💯
Legend - Day ago
Pls dont die jung😔🥺
dasantae tateishi
dasantae tateishi - Day ago
I am a big fan omg 😱 ahhhhhhhh
SRC Skittery
SRC Skittery - Day ago
Fast and furious headass😂
aulii kanoa
aulii kanoa - Day ago
Bruh when u get a girl u cheat lie detector test
lamar lee
lamar lee - Day ago
Why this remind me of all the theme
Annie Parker Parker
Pensacola florida
IsoFam23 - Day ago
Dereion Scott
Dereion Scott - Day ago
In my Opinion this is the best song you ever made keep it up
Fluid Jeffrey
Fluid Jeffrey - Day ago
The ending should've been him with the quiet girl, who agrees
Oneft - Day ago
careful it might be a gold digger P_P
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