Arizona Zervas - ROXANNE (Official Video)

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Agamveer Singh
Agamveer Singh - 4 hours ago
Seems like Roxanne is a big Karen
Nikolcic BS
Nikolcic BS - 4 hours ago
Minecraft:*Respawn every time you die*

Arizona Zervas:Hold my bae
Emilia 12
Emilia 12 - 4 hours ago
One Word:Bitch!
JoeOnYT - 4 hours ago
"Rock Sand"
DonnyHerr - 6 hours ago
September still watch this??
ray macharia
ray macharia - 6 hours ago
7 months later and you are inlove with the song..i think we should be friends or something ..ig @_.king.masha.a
Ravindra Aditya
Ravindra Aditya - 6 hours ago
This song is boring for me I hear it everyday. Every where. Literally.
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma - 6 hours ago
I searched Rock sand. Thn my friend corrected
กว่าง เด็กดี
Monika navel
Monika navel - 8 hours ago
People who came here after tiktok 😁
Owen Barrow
Owen Barrow - 9 hours ago
Best song of ALL TIME!
1k subscribers whith 1 FUNNY VIDEO CHALLENGE
Good song, But why does it sound like a gangster Christmas song😂
Gamer play
Gamer play - 10 hours ago
100 миллионов просмотров и 783 тысячи подписчиков
Dawt Hlei Sung Hrang NAWL
Dawt Hlei Sung Hrang NAWL - 10 hours ago
Who is roxxane?
MC FINEST KYLE - 10 hours ago
I love your music I'm a big fan, can I pls get a heart Bro?🤣
Sven Zurich
Sven Zurich - 11 hours ago
Never guessed this guy was white
Emma's Rainbow101!
Emma's Rainbow101! - 11 hours ago
my whole life I thought a black person sang the song. Wow
(It joke)
Squier Player
Squier Player - 12 hours ago
Did tiktok make and simultaneously kill this artist?
kody - 12 hours ago
I liked the song more when I imagined it in my head.
itssunny - 14 hours ago
rock sand
Boombox! - 14 hours ago
suc do do
Aditya Thakur
Aditya Thakur - 15 hours ago
Starting of the year now it's abt to end I atleast come back atleast once
no hay nadie que hable epañol
Muh Gufron
Muh Gufron - 16 hours ago
Punya berapa nyawa guys
Viterman Revelo
Viterman Revelo - 17 hours ago
ynw gill
ynw gill - 19 hours ago
Damian Cervantes
Damian Cervantes - 19 hours ago
No one:
Pigeons at the bus stop: 0:11
pommes döner
pommes döner - 20 hours ago
Okay so this apparently is the Live Action of Diavolos Death loop.
Ray Whitmill
Ray Whitmill - 20 hours ago
I swear
Hayden Giorlando
Hayden Giorlando - 22 hours ago
75.0 is FIRE
Vivek - 22 hours ago
Arizona spawns back like this is a MARIO game.
Vivek - 22 hours ago
I love this dialogue
Zoando____ Menguinho
Zoando____ Menguinho - 22 hours ago
Fut paródias monstro demais
Christopher Cadle
Christopher Cadle - 22 hours ago
Girls like that r just too crazy and too much for any man to deal with we shouldn't have to put up with irritating women like that
Tela Ayline Burshtain
Tela Ayline Burshtain - 23 hours ago


ronnie delisle
ronnie delisle - 23 hours ago
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Your FBI agent
Your FBI agent - Day ago
sad times: If a grizzly bear has a single cub, the mother will sometimes abandon the baby. They would prefer to have multiple cubs in a litter, and try again to mate the following year...
Kaan Cebeci
Kaan Cebeci - Day ago
it reminds me someone ;)
Astrid Cruz
Astrid Cruz - Day ago
Can someone pls tell me who plays Roxanne?
Cinco de Sam
Cinco de Sam - Day ago
This Was Premiered Two Days Before My Birthday
RnQ Official
RnQ Official - Day ago
PES Song 😁
Cheese Rainbows
Cheese Rainbows - Day ago
Can we go back to when this was out
Angelo - Day ago
Este hombre tiene un spawnpoint en su cama xd
Sketrick - Day ago

pls sub my channel if you like this song
Goom - 14 hours ago
MehrinPlayzRoblox - Day ago
This song should be name “Gold Digger”
Elijaahh .G
Elijaahh .G - Day ago
I was expecting this video to be made in a club or sum😭
heather hawkins
heather hawkins - Day ago
those japanese captions kinda tight
King plays
King plays - Day ago
Ahhaha lol carryminaty rap have more wivea than u ahha lol
Gitahi Baiya
Gitahi Baiya - Day ago
was that evan
white_ T7under
white_ T7under - Day ago
im omani but i listen only arizon zervas who is same like
Imperial Emperor
Imperial Emperor - Day ago
When I first heard this song, I thought Arizona was black.
Imperial Emperor
Imperial Emperor - Day ago
I pray whoever reads this becomes successful.
Gabriel lorens
Gabriel lorens - Day ago
THE KK BOY - Day ago
hit like if you still hear this song
Eazy Me
Eazy Me - Day ago
I AM OTAKU - Day ago
Roxanne Roxanne
10,000 subscribers with 2 videos
lmao i forgot about this song
10,000 subscribers with 2 videos
@ritvik gadikota ur nan
ritvik gadikota
ritvik gadikota - 8 hours ago
what is lame in that lmao
Paras Kushwaha
Paras Kushwaha - Day ago
Its like minecraft respawn in the bed
Danny Editez
Danny Editez - Day ago
Only people who dident come from tik tok can like this
Navy - Day ago
This guy definitely play fortnite death run when he die he respwans again in bed
Pøké FreaX
Pøké FreaX - Day ago
I don't know that why I keep on listening to this song??
Bruce Gaming
Bruce Gaming - Day ago
Damnnnn theres a gap in his beddd
Cindy Mosqueda
Cindy Mosqueda - Day ago
i luve musk
Luis Almeida
Luis Almeida - Day ago
I link to think that that's the prologue from The Police's song also named Roxanne
Venom - Day ago
anybody realize he look like blackbear
Allyson Calhoun
Allyson Calhoun - Day ago
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya
ComicHero - Day ago
I stop playing this song.but inside my mind its still playing .
Hezzy Guy
Hezzy Guy - Day ago
Random comments get likes... right? hint hint, nudge nudge. :)(:
Erica Brasilino
Erica Brasilino - Day ago
Ok ok Billy from stranger things is different
D3serted - Day ago
Fun fact: nobody cares when your watching this
night. - Day ago
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia - Day ago
Who else didnt know he was white till they watched this vid i thought he was black
Taze Chompercaller
Taze Chompercaller - Day ago
Sam R
Sam R - Day ago
Ticktock ruined this song
MadeMan _AyeYo
MadeMan _AyeYo - Day ago
This song fire 🔥🔥🔥
֊Всё Лучшее֊
wow frappe sucks mad framing
this dude is the human equivalent to a period
Jessica M
Jessica M - Day ago
William Walsh
William Walsh - Day ago
Fun fact: the girl with bangs in this video is Logan Paul’s old assistant
Lola Butterfly
Lola Butterfly - 16 hours ago
Which girl? LMAO
NAna Qwesi
NAna Qwesi - Day ago U will love this cover, ❤️❤️
Sean Subando
Sean Subando - Day ago
Regina Munguia Gonzalez
😘 i love Roxxáne
Regina Munguia Gonzalez
Regina Munguia Gonzalez - 20 hours ago
I love
֊Всё Лучшее֊
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter - Day ago
I think I am at the wrong Roxanne....
this song is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackson Cassell
Jackson Cassell - Day ago
The dislikes are from gold diggers
Guilherme dos Santos Gomes
Mela o c** kkkkkk
The VooDoo Child
The VooDoo Child - Day ago
This has more views than one of the greatest songs ever that shares the title of this. That’s crazy.
super bendy andrej
super bendy andrej - Day ago
I rember seing this when it had 20 mil views
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall - Day ago
Only people who didn't come from tik tok are worthy of liking this
Murali B
Murali B - 10 hours ago
im WORTHY!..
TheDopeyPotato - 10 hours ago
Just curious, why do you hate tik tok. I understand you hate the dancing and the political side. But most of it is just comedy and there's some good content on there.
Neal Malik
Neal Malik - Day ago
Vishal Farma
Vishal Farma - Day ago
Why does she actually look like a "Roxanne" lmao
TheUKNutter - 7 hours ago
Placebo effect.
viviana garcia rodriguez
music yes
stormy beauchamp
stormy beauchamp - Day ago
When you have more views then subs
nikola rimac
nikola rimac - Day ago
he died more times then xxx
isabella García
isabella García - Day ago
֊Всё Лучшее֊
Sagar Sahu
Sagar Sahu - 2 days ago
Frankly, i only like singing roxanne word in this song
vrudant shivankar
vrudant shivankar - 2 days ago
0:53 she's cute ❤❤❤
Joebel Bartolome
Joebel Bartolome - 2 days ago
CashPlays! -Roblox and more.
Yay, a play on groundhogs day. I enjoy this they did a decent job.
Alexander Darrell
Alexander Darrell - 2 days ago
You dont have to put on the red light
Utkarsh Rai
Utkarsh Rai - 2 days ago
Why does the video remind me of Netflix's Russian Doll ?
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The shitty Roxanne
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0:42 Evannnnnn
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